Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Sometimes Katara is a bit annoying... but I don't know why I keep thinking this. Anyone have any ideas?

And while everyone focuses on Kataang or Zutara (I'm a Kataang supporter, sorry. :) what are your pairings for the rest of the cast?

I know this forum is just for Kataang and Zutara, but we can discuss other things too, right??

2/7/2010 #1

Yes, Katara has a tendency to grate on my nerves...I think it's just her moral loftiness that annoys me, that holier-than-thou attitude she takes up with other characters. I don't know though, that's just my interpretation.

Apart from the Kataang/Zutara ships, I don't actually ship anyone else. I don't really mind who ends up with who. I tend to have an OTP and the rest of the characters just don't matter. In fact, I think some of the characters are better off single. For example, I can't really see Azula having much romance going on...

2/7/2010 #2

Hello! I'm an "oldie" coming back to see what has become of this forum. Some may remember me as h*** Zutara shipper: "Lady Padfoot21". I've discovered I actually miss debating this stuff... there's nothing like a good old "Zutara/Kataang" battle to bring back memories! But don't let my nostalgia get to you... hahaha. :)

I remember my friends hate Katara... but I like her. I can see how she can be seen as annoying, however. She never annoyed me, though. It's hard for people to annoy me.

Other ships... hmmm... Sokka and Suki. Yeah!

2/8/2010 #3

I found Katara annoying from the first episode I saw her in. I respect her morals, but I hate the way she goes about expressing them. She does have a tendency to look down upon others, especially those who don't agree with her and she's so quick to do it. She's got a really difficult time listening to ideas that conflict with her personal opinions. I personally felt that she treated Sokka and Aang like s*** at times. Sometimes they deserved it, other times she was just being snarky.

Mind you, Mai is my favorite female character on that show, followed closely by Toph. Toph can be difficult and annoying at times too, but she is pretty good about seeing past emotions to get to the facts when it's important...

2/10/2010 #4

I agree with all of the above. I think it's Katara's better-than-you attitude that gets on my nerves. I find her similar to Sakura on Naruto (I'm gonna get into it) but it's really irksome how she's this generic 'anime-girl' character sometimes. Now, other times there are moments when I do think she's OK, but for the most part she's just a frustrating character!

Toph is also one of my favorite characters, second to Sokka the Idea/Cactus Juice guy :D

Everyone I talked to before this seemed to love Katara, and even though she has just as many redeeming characters as the rest of the cast, she still has a 2-D personality that makes her seem flat and uninteresting unless she's fighting.

The fight scenes on Avatar are AMAZING by the way... (As if you didn't already know that, pffft)

2/11/2010 #5

I haven't actually watched any anime (besides Hetalia: Axis Powers) so this generic-anime-girl idea intrigues me. I want to do a character comparison now, just to see if Katara is a cookie cutter of generalised anime females.

Oh, if we're picking our favourite characters, I'd have to go with Foam Guy. He's an inspiration to us all :P. Sokka's a close second; he sort of anchors the rest of the characters to reality. He's awesome as Cactus Juice guy but I think I love it the most when he gets out his beard for a counselling session/parent-teacher interview XD

2/11/2010 #6

My favorite character... I've gotta say either Toph, just because she's a kick-a** character, and Iroh... because he's like a giant yet vicious-at-times teddy bear. Katara used to be my favorite character, just because I've always *secretly* wanted to be a waterbender.

2/12/2010 #7
Azula's Favorite Prisoner

Katara annoys me. She's pretty and stuff, but I have more basis in liking a character than deciding if they look good or not. I like her, but people portray her as some sort sex god, s***. She's a gentle being, why make her appear a floozie. Oh, and she lets her emotions run her decisions and actions a tad too much sometimes (ref. Painted Lady). That's why Sokka's my favorite character—every other character is so driven by emotions that rationality flies right past them.

2/12/2010 #8
Bilinda Sorkin

For me, Katara got a lot less annoying after she learnt how to bloodbend. She got angrier and angrier, instead of tearful. Perticulary towards Zuko.

2/16/2010 #9

|people portray her as some sort sex god

Oh, I hate that in fanfics. Hate it with an undying passion -_-

|She got angrier and angrier, instead of tearful. Particularly towards Zuko.

She did get a lot more angry, but I'd say she got more angry at Zuko because she put emotional investment in him during their respective captures in Ba Sing Se and he ended up joining Azula anyway. I don't think she ever got over that.

2/16/2010 #10
Bilinda Sorkin

^I suppose. But I think she got over it. "But I forgive you."

2/16/2010 #11

Katar does get annoying at times. Idk why, but there are times when I think she's pretty cool, and then there are times when I just wanna jump into my TV and slap her in the face.

2/28/2010 #12
Azula's Favorite Prisoner

I agree. Although Toph annoys me to the core, Katara will always...ugh...

3/1/2010 #13
The Smash Artist

I didn't used to give two sniffs about the Sokka/Azula pairing. But now actually I think it is kind of cool. There is the whole fire/water opposites dynamic. Both are meticulous planners. Both share a common pain in the loss of their mothers: but while Sokka forged ahead with determination, Azula suffered the ultimate case of Stockholm Syndrome. He didn't let the tragedy destroy him, while it just swallowed her up completely. He could help her heal and cope if she let him. Azula would not be intimidated by an emotionally expressive man, and Sokka would not be shy about trying to keep her on the straight-and-narrow. Azula needs someone to boss around, and Sokka is accustomed to a younger bossy female in his life. He would need to figure out how to contain her fire bending. Plus, it is really a shadow side of the Katara pairing, which automatically makes it compelling.

Toph annoyed me at first (like early on when she threw the tantrum about helping the group when Katara called her out on it) but she matured and mellowed quite a bit as the series expanded. I still don't see a romantic pairing in the cards with Zuko, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Suki, Mai, Azula, Jet, or even Ty Lee. Her best match personality-wise is at least a little weird and at worst very perverted: Iroh. She'd need a partner clever enough to make her think she's dominant all the time and he seems to be the cleverest of the major characters. Azula would be second, but her ego won't let another person get the glory.

3/1/2010 #14
The Smash Artist

And to keep on the thread topic, I never found Katara annoying. Bossy at times, but never annoying. But as time has gone on, I have realized that she shares a whole freaking lot of personality traits with my mother. So, I've conditioned myself to discount some of Katara's more irritating traits.

3/1/2010 #15
Amira Elizabeth

Katara never really annoyed me. The series sort of explained why she was the way she was and it gave some nice tension and some good emotional moments. The only character I ever found annoying was Zuko. Just irritates me.

3/1/2010 #16
Azula's Favorite Prisoner

He irritates me too. Whiny much?

Heh, she's more tolerable than Zuko. Anyone but him.

3/8/2010 #17
The Smash Artist

I never found Zuko annoying... Here was a kid that was raised and conditioned to have a highly imperialistic view of the world; he and his people were the ones to bring culture to the other nations. His banishment made him see the rest of the world, and he was thrown into a serious paradigm shift. How do you think you'd react if one day you found out that everything you know is wrong? On top of that, he's having to deal with the fact that half his nuclear family is evil personified and his mother is MIA; very likely KIA. He's not going to throw that all off in a day, or a month, or even a year. It will take him several years to adjust to the new way of thinking, and to come to terms with the fact that he will probably never see his mother again. But as he does, the caring, responsible side (his mother's influence) will emerge. If anything, Zuzu's going to become a workaholic because work will be the perfect thing to take his mind off his personal problems; he'll turn into Batman. And who finds Batman annoying?

3/8/2010 #18

At first I liked Katara because I also share a strong motherly instinct. I assumed she would be the level-headed, benevolent, patient person a strong maternal instinct usually accompanies. So I was taken aback and disappointed she had such a short temper and was quite snobby. They made her the mother of the group: that was implied VERY strongly. So why was she so childish? If she was the mommy character, give her more maturity.

7/15/2010 #19
Marius Prime

In absolute terms, yes, Katara was a bit irritating at times. But then, when put in the context that she was a teenage girl in a very emotionally demanding situation for the duration of the entire series, a lot of her behavior is very justified. She's never TOO bad. Just human, and young. Relatively speaking, she's very mature and tolerable.

That's one of the things I like about the series. Even Zuko, the most annoying character, is annoying for a reason. His whining and issues with his mommy and daddy are perfectly justified. Doesn't mean it doesn't get under the skin, of course; just that it's understandable.

Iroh, of course, is awesome.

7/16/2010 #20
Azula's Favorite Prisoner

I found Katara tolerable before she went all PMS on Zuko. I don't like Zuko, but the guy has a good heart and proved himself. And the way she b*** to Sokka in the Southern Raiders ("Well you didn't love her the same way I did blah blah blah!") irritated me because I completely agreed with Sokka. Oh, and 'cause he's my favorite character.

7/17/2010 #21

Hmm now that you mention it, Katara does seem quite annoying. There were a couple of occasions during the show that she would do or say something that irked me. I guess it's her bossy-at-times attitude; or at least that's how I interpret it.

11/22/2010 #22

Hmm now that you mention it, Katara does seem quite annoying. There were a couple of occasions during the show that she would do or say something that irked me. I guess it's her bossy-at-times attitude; or at least that's how I interpret it.

11/22/2010 #23
Mrs Pettyfer

To be honest, Katara's short temper annoyed me less than her motherly moments. I wanted to scream at her to leave Aang the hell alone sometimes! lol She just babied everyone too much sometimes and it drove me crazy. But all in all I liked her. =) I didn't find any of the characters that annoying. Mai annoyed me though at times..especially in The Beach. She was very blah, as Ty Lee would say. :P

11/23/2010 #24

I don't really think she was annoying...it all comes down to how she expressed herself, and yes, she didn have something of a holier than thou attitude, but that was part of her growing up. That began to dwindle and ultimately disappeared sometime during the third season--I can't say the second, because there was that rant of hers in CoD that was just...wow.

And to answer the other question posed, I support Taang and Sukka (and I have a soft spot for Ty Laru that may or may not have occurred after seeing "School Time Shipping").

11/24/2010 #25
Amira Elizabeth

There were times I find her annoying, but I feel that is the mark of a good character. She is relatable. I hated her behavior in TSR. Her responses to Aang and Sokka were uncalled for. But whereas others often label her as annoying (as I've seen on other forums) because of her behavior towards Zuko in CoD, WAT and beyond - I found her justified and I liked the fact that at least one person in the Gaang was not willing to accept him with open arms just because he said "Sorry."

The other pairings I enjoy are Sukka and Yuokka and Maiko. I'm not a Zuko fan at all, so Maiko is probably last on my list.

As for Toph, well I have always seen her as this tough, independent woman who ends up being the drill sergeant - er I mean - owner/instructor of her own earth bending school, maybe marrying later in life. I've never seen her really as romance material, especially with Aang (with whom she has the romantic chemistry with of cold mac 'n' cheese.)

11/24/2010 . Edited 11/24/2010 #26

Mac and cheese is good at all times!

It wasn't really the lack of acceptance that was the problem for most people, it was the self-centered-ness (forgive the implied Buffy Speak) of her rant in CoD. Most of the time, I happen to like Katara. She's one of my favorite characters, it's just that a lot of people find her annoying.

I'm not a Mai fan, so I suppose that's part of why I don't ship Maiko.

Well, the way I ship pairings like Taang and Zutara is in my comfortable, in-denial alternate universe. :D Sukka just fits in nice and snug because I happen to like that pairing.

11/25/2010 #27
Mrs Pettyfer

I forgot to mention my ships! I ship Zutara, Taang, and Sukka. And I don't ship one because I ship another. My preference for Taang honestly has nothing to do with Zutara. I find them more suited together in the long run...as well as Zuko and Katara. I actually started shipping Taang before Zutara. Maiko I don't care for because I didn't think there was enough depth in the show. What Mai did was very noble and brave yet I never understood where that undying love came from. Their relationship, which was very rocky, just sort of sprouted from no where and it bothered me. I don't mind Tokka..but I don't like it as much as Sukka.

And yeah, Katara's rant were tiring. Especially when she gets going about hope, lol. I have to admit, the Ember Island Players pegged a lot of the traits in the characters and how some fans view them. :P I had a good laugh with that episode.

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/27/2010 #28
Mrs Pettyfer

And I should elaborate on Taang. I support them as a non serious, fun, goofy relationship when they're 12. Best friend sort of thing with maybe a few blushes and flirting. As they get older, I support them romantically. After they have a chance to mature, bond, grow up, etc. Zutara I support after they too have a chance to bond, become closer, etc. Yeah, they did become closer in the last few episodes but it's not enough to call love by any means. Sukka is the one I feel is strong enough on it's own at their given age. They have the most steady and sure relationship of all ships in the show, I think.

11/27/2010 #29
Azalea the Deep Thinker

Well, I personally don't love Katara. For most of the series she DID seem realistic and relatable... but there were just a place or two where she stuck out a bit as a Mary Sue. I know it's just me when I say this, but the way I see it, you're not going to be liked by everyone. And I guess I'm that person when it comes to Katara. I definitely respect her, her beliefs, her will to fight, etc. I just don't find a significant thing to relate with her. This is just an example, but I LOVE Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII because I relate to her more than any other fictional character I know of. I share similar beliefs with Katara, but for me, that doesn't feel good enough. It sets me away from full-on hating her, but I still don't like her.

12/13/2010 #30
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