Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Justice Tokidoki

I know this has probably been done before, but I would like to discuss how people would view kataang or zutara if the genders were switched. Other fandoms/pairings/shippings can be discussed...

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Justice Tokidoki

Okay, so I was thinking...

I've read a lot of discussions and opinions saying Aang is to immature for Katara and all due to age difference and stuff. Zutara is obviously more popular due to many reasons I won't state right now...

But let's think about something: If Aang, Katara, and Zuko's genders were switched I believe people would like kataang more.

The reason: Katara is older then Aang and usually when people debate about couples the man has to be older or the same age as the girl. It's been that way for years....

Just throwing it out there. Personally, I like kataang better then zutara but that might be just because the show ended that way. I don't know, but for some reason I just can't imagine zuko and katara being together..

But of course, that's just my opinion...

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Mrs Pettyfer

Gender switch is an interesting concept. :P I mean I don't know. The people who are against Kataang because of the age thing..I don't know if that's because Katara is older, or because Aang is twelve. If Katara was 17 and Aang 15, I don't know if people would still be against the age thing. I can't speak for everyone but it's my guess that it's because Aang is twelve rather than that he's younger and male.

My boyfriend and I are two years apart, and I'm older. :P But we got together when I was 18 and he 16.

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Justice Tokidoki

Oh, well that's great for you guys! :)

I guess I agree with you on that...Aang is pretty young to be in a relationship when you think of it that way...

hmmm, I don't know. I think people make a bigger deal out of it then what's called for.

Really though, if you think about it(Assuming that Aang was older of course) if there was a gender switch people would be more accepting of it. Or maybe not. I just get mad when people rant about kataang because Aang is so young when if you think about it, Zuko is close to being three years older then katara, I think...(she is fourteen in the beginning and zuko was sixteen. If his birthday comes in the summer then that would make him seventeen..)

But I get your point though.

7/28/2011 #4
Justice Tokidoki

Oh, by the way, nice pictures! Your deviant art page is nice!!!!!

7/28/2011 #5
Mrs Pettyfer

Katara is two years apart on either direction of both Aang and Zuko. :P If they were switched and Zuko was twelve and Aang 16, I think people would ship Aang/Katara not because Aang is older than her, but because he's 16 and not 12.

Oh, by the way, nice pictures! Your deviant art page is nice!!!!!

And thank you! :) They're really fun to make..even though coloring avatar pictures take forever.

7/28/2011 . Edited 7/28/2011 #6
moving on from this nonsense

I think people would ship Aang/Katara not because Aang is older than her, but because he's 16 and not 12.

No, no, you're missing the point. It's all about the hair, you see. Aang is bald. Zuko has hair. So you see, if the ages were switched but physical appearances not...then people would still ship Zuko/Katara over Katara/Aang, because female wish fulfillment (which, let's face it, most of the Zutarians are going for) involves Zuko and his hair.

Now, to be perfectly honest, at this point I'm perfectly neutral. I'm not a rabid Zuko/Katara fan, which I admit to having been early on, but I don't really think I'll ever get into Katara/Aang...so given the choice, I'll take Zuko/Katara, but I'm not very involved in the side-taking itself. I'm just watching a show. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

7/28/2011 #7

It's all about the hair, you see. Aang is bald. Zuko has hair.

I knew it. Called it months ago. Aang's the real evildoer in this show:

He's ex-TREME-ly envious of everybody's ability to grow hair. He thought that due to his advanced age of 112 he couldn't grow his hair back, so he hated everybody having it, to the point where he tried to shave Appa (canon proof). When he grew hair, he was devastated and tried to run away, but realized it would be safer for his cause if he hid underneath the fuzz for the time being (more proof). He's a conniving, manipulative demigod whose sole purpose in romancing Katara was to snip away her loopies to make himself feel better.

Case closed? (For the record, he DOES succeed because she stops wearing her hair in loopies, and she seems shocked when Sokka draws them on her! The evidence just piles up...)

The age never had any impact on the relationship for me. As such I'm not sure how a gender switch would affect me...but if it doesn't change the characters too much I don't think there would be a difference. For me, at least.

7/28/2011 #8
Justice Tokidoki

It's all about the hair, you see. Aang is bald. Zuko has hair.

Yeah, I get that but I think Aang evened it up when his hair grew out in season 3. I personally liked Aang better with hair, but I also thought he was cute even when he was bald. Honestly, some men(both grown and among the young) look better when they are bald. That never bothered me, though I will admit that I thought Zuko's hair was a lot better when it grew out too...:)

I don't know, maybe its because I never really realised how far this shipping war went until I saw how people react on this site. When I first watched the show, the pairing didn't really matter to me. I guess I just like keeping things as they are in the cannons. If zuko ended up with katara at the end of the show, I would probably like zutara more. It just depends. I was too young to worry about stuff like that.

But yeah, that's all I'll say for now...

7/28/2011 #9
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