Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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I made this to discuss what would've happened after the show had zutara happened. Like the reactions, how it would've changed the plotline, etc.

This is mostly for Zutarians. Kataangers are welcome, but strongly advised to stay away so they won't get pissed off.

7/22/2008 . Edited 8/20/2008 #1

I guess I'll start this off. I liked the ending, but wasn't completely satisfied.

I think they left us with more questions then answers. I mean, Kataang won the war, but in reality, they just kissed! That only means they romantically care for eachother, not that it will stay that way.

AND, I'd like to say that even thou there won't be a Book 4: Air, there should be at least something so they won't leave us hanging like this.

Who agrees with me?

7/22/2008 #2
Comet Wong

I definitely agree with you!! And to answer what if the series ended with Zutara, it would be subtly different...Katara doesn't have to be the Fire Lady or whatever...at least not yet...hahaha...It would be really subtle, like the Zutara relationship...not blatant and obvious like Kataang...hahaha...

7/23/2008 #3

It seemed like they tried to squeeze a whole lot of 'this' into 'that' (which was the ending). I was actually hoping for one last Zutara moment and then everyone except Sokka and Katara die xP

I don't, the whole ending seemed very boring, and... er..., predictable. Then again, this was a kid's show and it did air on Nickelodeon *wink*wink*

7/23/2008 #4
Pumpernickel Muffin

I loved the ending, I thought it was really good. However, if it did end in Zutara, it would have made everything so much better!

Zutara rules!

And I do have to say, I totally loved the Zutara moments during and after Zuko got shot with lightning. They were awesome.

7/23/2008 #5

True, a lot of people would have been happier if they ended the movie with Zutara, but it wouldn't have made any sense. While Zutara moments are obvious to those who ship Zutara, the rest of us would have been wondering how in the last 2 eps and a movie this friendship turned into a love affair. The creators would have to go back into season 2 and 3 to hint about Zuko's conflicting feelings towards Mai. There would have to be some confrontation between Aang and Zuko over Katara or Aang and Katara over Zuko; and that would have taken away from the final battle (y'know, work together to try to save the world). I think it would have also taken away from Aang's story.

I don't know, that's my opinion. But to have made the ending Zutara, they would have had to tweak the whole storyline and couldn't just plop it at the end. Hints and concrete evidence are two separate things, and the creators would have had to put in more of the latter.

-PS- By far, my favorite part was Zuko's reunion with Iroh! I don't think they could have done that scene any better XD

7/23/2008 #6
Pumpernickel Muffin

and that would have taken away from the final battle (y'know, work together to try to save the world). I think it would have also taken away from Aang's story

That's true. While I would have absolutely loved Zutara, it wouldn't have made sense, and it would have distracted from the final battle and whatnot.

While Zutara moments are obvious to those who ship Zutara, the rest of us would have been wondering how in the last 2 eps and a movie this friendship turned into a love affair.

Too true. Those of us who ship non-canon pairings are experts at finding evidence where it doesn't exist, or tweaking the interpretation of the tone of voice a certain character says something in order to support ships that otherwise wouldn't make sense.

-PS- By far, my favorite part was Zuko's reunion with Iroh! I don't think they could have done that scene any better XD

I agree. While it wasn't my very favorite moment (that would be the Zutara-esque scene where Zuko dives in front of Katara to save her from Azula's lightning) it is definitely up there.

7/23/2008 #7
Comet Wong

Best scene for me aside from all the Zutara goodness of the finale??? The Reunion scene of Uncle and Zuko!!! I actually cried!! Seriously...That was the first time actually cried over a cartoon....hahahah...

Let's not forget the scene where all the old people (Pakku, Bumi, Piando, Jeong Jeong and of course Uncle) went to kick some Fire Nation butt at Ba Sing Se....That was totally cool!!!!

7/23/2008 #8

I know! I LOVED the scene between Iroh and Zuko!!! I loved it when Zuko was apoligizing, and Iroh just ran up to him and hugged him to death when Zuko was in the middle of it! I think it was then I started crying. I was watching it on avatarchapters.org on my comp, so luckily no one saw me!

7/24/2008 #9
Serenade of Shadows

Ah, yes, the reunion. That was one of my favorite parts in the movie. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, and I was wondering how Iroh would react to Zuko's apology. It was a very sweet, emotional moment, and very memorable to me.

7/24/2008 #10

So true. :D Practically my fav moment in the whole show! Well, my fav emotional moment to say the least.

What do you think happened to Zuko's mom?

7/25/2008 #11
Comet Wong

I'd like to think Ursa is still alive...I mean, if she's as kind and as tough as Uncle, I bet she did...If there is ever a FOURTH series, the reunion bet. Zuko and his mother would be as emotional as that of Uncle and Zuko's reunion..."I'm so so sorry, Uncle!"( I still can't get over that line and the tears and the desperate plea and...I'm shutting up now...)


7/25/2008 #12

I can't get over it either! His voice cracked when he was apologizing, too- did you notice that? Then the tears started coming, and how fast Iroh came over and hugged Zuko after he apologized. M&B get serious props on that scene!!!!

They seriously WOULDN'T kill off Ursa- Zuko's one direct family member who's still sane. I'd love to hear about how she got banished... or did Ozai say why when he told Zuko then? I can't remember- I haven't seen that epi in a while... I think since it first premiered actually....

There are some FF stories that say she died of disease- I seriously doubt she'd let herself DIE of it. Criple, maybe. But not DIE. That's WAY too harsh on Zuko. Maybe Azula, too. Azula at least cared about what her mother thought of her- that's something, anyways.

When Azula was having that vision of Ursa right before her coronation, do you think it was Ursa's spirit, or just Azula hallucinating- or something like that?

7/25/2008 #13
Comet Wong

Oh my gawd!! The voice cracking had me...super!! My face was soo close on the screen...(I watched it Online) and I was screaming and crying at the same time and when Uncle grabbed him and just embraced him and Zuko asks: "You can forgive me? Just like that? I thought you'd be furious! You have every right to be!" tears still streaming down his face and Uncle says the line that had me really crying: "I was NEVER furious with you...Just sad...Sad that I thought you had Lost your way and never found yourself.." OHMYGAWD!!!

*calms herself*

All right...Back to the topic..About Azula seeing Ursa, I would like to think it's some sort of hallucination? I mean, a part of Azula that wanted Ursa to be there for her...After all, Ozai barely muched used Azula and she wasn't as close to her mother as Zuko was....That's why despite Azula being all "evil" I love her...She's such a complicated character!

7/26/2008 #14
Serenade of Shadows
Azula seeing Ursa... I'd like to believe it was her spirit. Not as in she was dead or something, but a sort of remembrance of her mother. As cruel and heartless as Azula seems, we all know she's still human. You just have to understand the complications in her life to truly appreciate her character.
7/26/2008 #15

I watched it online too!!!!! My cousin was in the same room with me, and when I started crying, she looked at me like i was crazy!!!!! (she watched part of the show- but she's not exactly a big fan) What would've made it a bit better was if Zuko called Iroh "father". I wanted him to call Iroh that, but he didn't... but it was still... I HAVE TO WATCH THAT PART AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah- Zuko said it was like a family tradition to have complicated pasts and stuff like that. Zuko survived it when he managed to let go and switch sides, so Azula might be able to, too. It would be cool if they did an episode or 2 from Azula's POV, like they did with Zuko Alone, almost!! When she first comes on the show, she's seen as the heartless, sadistic psychotic sister, unknowing pawn of the Fire Lord, but just like Zuko, we learn a bit more about her as her character progresses in the series. Even if most of what we know comes from Zuko in "Zuko Alone".

7/26/2008 #16

Definitely. Zuko crying just made me cry too. xD

I loved that part.

Plus, I was practically elated at the fact that they didn't forget Jeong Jeong! xD

7/26/2008 #17

I know! I always wondered what happened to Jeong Jeong- I thought he'd just be a one-episode character, but I'm glad they threw him in @ the end, too!

AND, Master Pakku and GranGran are getting engaged (again, but the right way this time :D)

We've only seen Zuko cry a coupla times, so seeing him cry like that is something special- especially when Iroh started crying too!! aaaawwwww XD

7/26/2008 #18
Serenade of Shadows

It was horrible to see Zuko and Iroh cry, just because they are both unbelievably strong characters that most of us feel some sort of emotional ties with. Plus, they are firebenders, supposedly the most powerful of all the benders. It was a very emotional moment that most of us will carry in our hearts whenever we think of these two wonderful characters.

7/26/2008 #19
Serenade of Shadows

I completely understand why Aang and Katara are in love, and don't believe Kataang was just thrown into the storyline. I support Kataang along with Zutara (I know I'm weird, don't get on me about it), and I've always known that in the show Katara and Aang had always been destined to be together. But that doesn't take away from the thrill of Zutara and the little moments in the show supporters of the pairing make up/pull from the given story.

To think logically is to believe that Kataang always has existed, which is what you are trying to explain to people, but some just believe that Zutara has always had a chance, simply because Zuko at first seemed like he needed someone to love. Once we learned more about his character, we realized that he was broken and needed to fix himself before asking for the help of a girl. But we still believed in Zutara. Even after we found out about Mai and Zuko, Zutara still seemed appealing for several reasons, most of which I'm sure you've already heard. And, they look good together in my opinion...

So yeah. I know and support the fact that Kataang exists in reality, I'm just more into Zutara, that's all.

7/27/2008 #21

Serial Chiller, why the hell did you post the same thing in TWO topics? Isn't that just a BIT stupid?

I'm more into Zutara too! :D Wise words, hnk!! I couldn't have said it better myself! :D:D

I think we've sucked the whole Zuko/Iroh reunion dry to the bone, lol!! XD Still, I luved it! And KATARA gave Zuko courage before he went in to talk to his Uncle, NOT Mai or Toph! :D:D:D I'm happy they threw in some more Zutara moments at the end, even if it ended in KA!

Oh yeah, if they used Katara's mom's name -Kya- as Katara's name instead of the name Katara for Katara (hopefully that makes sense), Kataang would've been called Aya, Kaang, or Anya... an interesting fact. Zutara would've been... Zya, Kyuko, or Kuko. Kuko's my fav, lol!!!! :D

7/27/2008 #22

Oh yeah, if they used Katara's mom's name -Kya- as Katara's name instead of the name Katara for Katara (hopefully that makes sense), Kataang would've been called Aya, Kaang, or Anya... an interesting fact. Zutara would've been... Zya, Kyuko, or Kuko. Kuko's my fav, lol!!!! :D

Lol, wow...you've been thinking about that for awhile, yeah? Wasn't "Kya" Katara's original name in the pilot episode?

7/27/2008 #23
Serenade of Shadows

Kuko? That's great! XD XD XD

Yes!!! Katara WAS the one who gave Zuko his courage to speak to Iroh, and it was a very cute moment.

7/27/2008 #24

Actually, it only took me all of maybe 5 minutes to come up with that. :)

Yeah, it was her original name in the series before they changed it.

Hmm, another Zutara one could be Zukya... I think this one's my new fav!!! :D:D

7/27/2008 #25
Comet Wong

I am a Zutarian..to the bone and though the series has ended with kataang, (don't worry, I have come to grips with this fact *sniff*) I would have rather have Kataang than Jetura any day...there's something not right in that picture, I'm sorry...And well, it's just not right!!

I completely understand the reason why Katara ended with Aang, it's just painful...hahaha...

Okay, back to topic...Zuko reunion with uncle done? What scene next...?

Oooh...Oooh! I got one! When the old people reconquered Ba Sing Se!!! That sure Rawked!!!!

7/27/2008 #26

Yeah! They're like, the most powerful old people in the world!! muahahaha!!!!!! and it was totally funny when they said they WERE an old people group... i can't remember the finale that well anymore... poo. :(

still, they kicked some serious a** at Ba Sing Se!!!

7/28/2008 #27
Comet Wong

It was AWESOME!!! I mean, Water, Earth, and Fire sure rocked that!!! And of course Master Piando with his cool sword fighting techniques..hahaha...but what I loved most of all in that sequence when Uncle burned the Fire Nation flag to show the Earth Kingdom insignia...it was so symbolical...hahaha...and the fact that Uncle Iroh and Jeong Jeong used the Comet's power to be able to stop the Fire Nation forces...a good way to use that power if you ask me...hahaha

7/28/2008 #28

I know! How is it that old people always know how to use their power for good instead of evil? And they're always nicer, too!

I luved how Zuko jumped in front of Azula's lightning to stop Katara from getting hit! That shows that they've at last become friends (or more, lol!)

7/28/2008 #29
Ain't No Lie Bye Bye Bye

If Mai was out of the picture then there would definatly be more Zutara.

If Season 4 'Air' was out and ended up Zutara what would be your reaction?

7/29/2008 #30
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