Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Son Kenshin

That came off a little harsh. Sorry.

11/25/2008 #751

Lol, wow...I think that is the first time you've ever apologized about anything on this forum :D

I think hell froze over...

11/25/2008 #752
Shadow the Impaler

Twilight....a series for vampire fangirls to m@sturbate to. That's all I've gotten from it. I mean, they compliment both Bella and Edward's looks throughout the book. Mary Sue alert!

I hate the books since they are now considered...goth **.

Please....don't use the word "goth" in any comparison to those things.

It's insulting.

11/25/2008 . Edited 11/25/2008 #753

Whatever. Apparently everyone here hates it.... Whatever. Nothing any of you say will stop me from liking it. NOTHING. THis is my first post from my new phone!! Im excited about that lol. Anywho... I dont remember what we were talking about with Avatar...sorry.

11/25/2008 . Edited 11/26/2008 #754

So do you think that episode was the best it could be Amira? That's what I'm asking not that you thought it did it's duty. Five post with the same question. PLease just answer no matter how dumb you thiink it is other wise I will be a constant pain in the you know where.

I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! But I don't understand why she goes for Edward when Jasper is such more of a hunk and can make you feel safe and happy...

I wonder what the movies like...I really want to watch it and I'm going overseas this christmas. Does anyone know how fast aeroplanes get their movies from the cinema?

11/25/2008 #755
Esca Madeline

While I am not Amira, I had attempted to reply to your question about "The Southern Raiders" in a very long post a page ago.

11/25/2008 #756

I know thank you for that. XD

11/25/2008 #757
Amira Elizabeth

Your post was great, Turmoil. I had wanted to compliment you on it earlier.

11/25/2008 #758
Comet Wong

Oh gawd...what are we talking about now?? Are we still harping on about TSR?? Yeah, I admit, it was one of the darkest episodes ever, but I think it was important...to Katara for her to be able to establish the fact that she's not that revenge-seeking person, and no matter how much that guy deserved to die, what Katara did was harder...And yes, I think it also emphasized how much Katara needed Aang's wisdom (yes, I'm still a Zutarian) but it wouldn't be fair to not say that Aang's way is the righteous way and more difficult, but it is the right way. Zuko had very little time dealing with restraint, and being raised in the Fire Nation restraint would often be akin to weakness...It's not like Zuko could help it, it's just the way he is and the way he thought he could help Katara was going after her mother's killer... but in the end, despite Zuko's confusion at Katara's restraint, he still went by with her choice, and even fetched Aang, for I think Zuko acknowledged the fact that it was Aang's foresight and wisdom that was needed in that situation and not his hot-headedness, which I think would mean that it's not as dark as you guys think it is...There is an evil in all of us, we can't be all good and we can't be all bad. I think that's the message of the episode...

Anyway, I saw Twilight yesterday...Is it wrong to say that even if there were some parts in the book that was missing from the movie (as expected) I still loved it?? Twilight is a very easy read, and for me it even bordered to boredom at some point, but the plotline is interesting enough and I love that they did manage to make it movie-worthy....Yes, I admit, I was among those girls in the cinema who was squealing in delight at those Edward-juicy scenes...hehehe


11/27/2008 #759
Comet Wong

Okay, I just reread some of your posts and I have a few comments for myself...

The Lord of the Rings is DETAILED...I resent the fact that some people would call it boring.. I am sorry, but I guess, it's your opinion, so I will let that pass but it affects me because I have loved LOTR since I was ten....It's a very difficult read because of the history, the details are so excruciating... Difficult should not be akin to BORING...

And I kind of agree with the opinion that Meyer's writing style disappoints me...It's a very EASY read...like anybody who doesn't like reading can read it and would understand it immediately...I guess you could take that as a compliment, but I personally would like a bit of a challenge when I read, Twilight was just barely hovering to bland....it is good that the plot line was interesting enough or I wouldn't have read nor watched it...And yes, I do gush about Edward Cullen, because he is a fascinating character that Meyer created and he WAS described as "seraphic"...How many guys would be described as angelic?? Ironic since he is a vampire...So yeah, I'm off to find NEW MOON, ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN...I could probably read all of them before the next movie would be released...by that time I'm guessing I would have several criticisms again....so until then, let's go back to Avatar...hehehe


11/27/2008 #760

Pretty good comments on TSR what I didn't like about it was the characters were a bit too OCC for my liking but the points they made out were good still. I reckon they could have done better. Amira do you think they could've done a better job (sixth post)?

Meyer's writing is quick and easy for me so I liked it or it might of been that I am so insane with vampires and the supernatrual because I find them facsinating and that the human mind can make so much interesting creatures (or did they make it up??? hehehe) I just love vampires though...

I'm still trying to find NEW MOON. Argh! Well I jsut got a $25 dollar card from one of my friends for BORDERS and I saw them in the window so maybe... I might be able to get Eclispe as well... the others I'm just gonna search in a library...i couldn't believe there were 12 reserves for TWILIGHT when I checked it first.

11/27/2008 #761
Amira Elizabeth

Ephesians - I gave you my answer. You don't like it, not my problem. So drop it. You want people to treat you with respect and like a productive member of a discussion forum, then show some of the same. I came here to debate and discuss. Not repeat myself constantly because someone else chooses not to accept a perfectly legitimate answer. So do not ask me again. Comprende.

11/27/2008 . Edited 11/27/2008 #762

...im lost...i never understand this things...

you said that you did it's job (and Im pretty dumb when it comes to the logical stuff. I need it clear) you never said in a clear way if you thought it could be better or not! Seriously that's all I ask for!

You can say- I thought it could be better


It was the best it could be

How much is that to ask?

Six or seven words to write okay?


I'm ridculous face it. I'm just being ME.

Just answer the question okay? PLEASE...they sooner you do the sooner I get off the case...

11/27/2008 #763
Amira Elizabeth

I answered your question. That's it. Do not bother me with this again. If you didn't get the answer you want in the way you want, not my problem. I am not repeating myself again. Go back and re-read my previous answers.

I said and I quote: "I thought the episode was great and did its duty."

If you cannot understand my position on the matter from that statement, again not my problem. I am not going to re-answer something over and over again.

So again drop it.

11/27/2008 . Edited 11/27/2008 #764

lol Survey time!

Who thinks that someone should just answer the question?

I do.

Amira can I ask you something? If you are so bothered to write i've losst count on how many post to tell me drop it when you could just answer the question?

Do not bother me with this again

Make me.

11/27/2008 #765
Amira Elizabeth

Because I have already answered it. Once, twice, several times in fact. I am not going change my answers solely because you would rather harp on something and be tiresome rather than attempt to understand the meaning or context of someone's words.

The fact that you cannot drop the issue and are instead choosing to behave like you are does not entice me to indulge you.

You were not interested in my opinion or in my meaning or in my answer. You merely wanted an answer phrased your way. And that is not what a discussion forum is. You engage, you debate, you discuss, you seek to learn. That is why one hangs out of a discussion forum.

11/27/2008 . Edited 11/27/2008 #766
Son Kenshin

Ephesians, just drop it. You are acting like an spoiled brat.

11/27/2008 #767

lol this is the third time I'm writing this paragraph.

I'll back down if someone else complains about it (if you complained before and I didn't realise I'm sorry)

Wow Amira I thought you'd crack sooner! COngratualations! I CAN USE THIS FOR MY STUDY ON HUMAN EMOTIONS (it's a hobby)

Sorry if you got you got really ticked off at me!

Considering that no one would actually want me rant on how cool the human mind is I won't. But it is awesome.

So how does everyone feel that I probably used about a few pages of useless rants?

*sees all the evil glares*

Oh dam....


11/27/2008 #768
Amira Elizabeth

Actually, I pity you. This place has always been a fun place for discussion. You yourself have participated in that discussion many times and shown yourself to be interesting at times to debate against. The fact that you would choose to be completely counter-productive and to do this solely to annoy me or whatever is just sad.

If your idea of fun and amusement is ruining the opportunities for discussion for someone who is stuck in bed from a chronic illness and who uses forums such as these to divert attention from pain and discomfort and imnsomnia, then I pity you. The fact that you are celebrating your own behavior is sad.

11/27/2008 #769

Haha... sorry it must be cause I've only got three and a half days of school left. And I'm going home again soon. For the last seven years and I'm going HOME! Is that understandable?

...or it could be that I'm eating choclate right now...

Are you sick? IM SO SORRY!!! *Spazzes out* I feel so bad now...

I'm sorry but it's just ME. I'm weird in that way and I can't change that easily from my habit of changing personalities all the time. Please just aceept me as who I am. Yes I do need all the pity I can get. Okay I'm almost completely serious now. I don't really like my hyper personality that much. It annoys me after I'm serious again.

11/27/2008 #770
Amira Elizabeth

Yes, I have Lyme Disease. I am in constant pain from degenerating and arthritic joints. This year alone I have had at least 5 surgeries.

But the next time someone says cut it out. Just do it. You don't know who is on the other end of the computer. I wanted to discuss things. You wouldn't let the discussion go on.

11/27/2008 #771

What better way do you learn things than from your mistakes? I'm serious again! Yay!

Lol. Don't over exert yourself cause it only hurts others and yourself okay? Next time just explain things sooner because people react in many different ways and there people more stubborn than me.

You make them even more dertermined and annoyed and you hurt yourself. Sometimes hiding things isn't that good is it?

Wow your mind is interesting. Mind if I study a little bit?

Got to get off. Electrical storm. Sorry. I pray for you and not out of pity. Get better. Sorry again.

11/27/2008 #772
Amira Elizabeth

Actually, someone telling you once or twice to drop it is sufficient. I had told you a few times politely to drop it and that I had given you my answer. The ball was in your court to do just that and you refused. I didn't hurt myself. Trust me. I am just as content to discuss things on my other forums as I am here.

My point was that you don't know why someone is on a discussion forum and for what purpose. I don't usually like giving out information about my illness and truthfully, I shouldn't have to in order for you or anyone else to treat me with some respect and to not deliberately try to antagonize me or disrupt the forum. The fact that I had to divulge a personal fact about myself in order for you to extend me any courtesy is kind of sad.

If you wanted to ask me the question again after I had asked you to stop and that I had given you my answer, sending me a personal message would have done the job and not have disrupted the forum. So do not place responsiblity on me.


11/27/2008 . Edited 11/27/2008 #773
Esca Madeline

Actually, I have a question.

I think that people constantly seem to forget what King Bumi told Aang waaaaaaay back in Season One.

"Think like a mad genius."

Several avatar characters like Iroh were able to think outside the box, and for that the characters learned incredible new moves ike the Lightning Redirection move. However, I am wondering if the "Think like a mad genius" also applies to us fans, and that the creators wanted us to think outside the box for the finale because, let's face it, how many of us expected the show to end like it did?

I personally liked the ending, because the writers pulled the rug out from under our feet. I mean, Energybending (the riskiest form of bending EVER, in my opinion)? Aang physically getting his 7th chakra open? I mean I never considered there was any other way of defeating the fire lord, nor did I consider that you could physically (but painfully, because that rock freakin' looked painful) open the last chakra. I always thought you had to do the whole emotional release thing-a-ma-bob that the Guru told him to do. Aang ended the show unconventionally, and because of that...he is getting a massive stream of fanhate. (I personally don't, and I love him even more now.)

"Think like a mad genius." Was that what we were supposed to do?

11/28/2008 . Edited 11/28/2008 #774

I personally liked the ending, because the writers pulled the rug out from under our feet.

Turmoil...I heart you so much right now! Really, the ending was so unconventional, some fans can't wrap their heads around it, lol. I'll admit, the first time I watched the finale, I was like...wait, what happened?! But after siting there, and thinking, and thinking some more, it all made sense. Aang's new power, how Aang finally achieved his Avatar State, what the past avatar's really told him (hint, it wasn't to kill)...it's really amazing.

I love him even more now.

I agree. I think Aang really proved himself in the third season and especially in the finale. I know a lot of people hated him for not killing Ozai (and yeah, we've had this conversation before) but my respect grew ten fold. I mean, he took the Fire Lord's bending. That's epic!! As far as we know, no other Avatar has done that before. But because of his determination to "think like a mad genius" he found a way to neutralize the enemy.

Now here's the big question...when will my obsession over the Avatar end?

11/28/2008 #775
Esca Madeline

When portabella mushrooms come to life and start doing the samba. XD

11/28/2008 #776

I don't know if I should look forward to that or not o_0

Dancing mushrooms coming to life...or Avatar...wow that's kinda hard...

11/28/2008 #777
Esca Madeline

Hey, as long as we have our Aang love, Avatar shall never die.

Actually, I read on Avatar wiki that a few other Avatars learned Energybending as well, but even fewer ever used it because, if the ememy's corrupted energy overcame their own, they would literally DIE. O_O

Which was why I freaked out when Ozai's energy ALMOST overcame Aang's. But the trooper pulled it off in the end. :D

11/28/2008 #778

If there was one thing to take away from the show, it was to never underestimate the force that is Aang. One smile and you're down for the count...

11/28/2008 #779

Yes, although he could be taken down--how did Azula pull it off, anyway?

Although, another lesson that could be learned was: Don't get Aang angry. You don't like him when he's angry.

11/28/2008 #780
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