Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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This is for Zutarians. Kataangers, Maiko...ians, keep your dang opinions to yourselves!

I was thinking. Isn't it weird that Katara just randomly kisses Aang? I mean come on! It was basically like, "Oh, I haven't showed much (or any) romantic feelings for you in this episode, or even the whole show, but I'm going to change dramatically and kiss you!" She doesn't even say anything to him. Just comes and kisses him. The way the scene went looked as if the creators just whipped it up on the spur of the moment. I don't think they planned it.

7/25/2008 #1

Ha, sorry the writing seems all jumbled and unorganized; my thoughts are whirling. ^^

7/25/2008 #2
Shadow the Impaler

No offense, but if only Zutarians are allowed to reply, wouldn't most of the responses be biased in the reply of...."yes"? Wouldn't it be better just to ask the opinion of those who have no real bias or preference to the relationships between Aang, Katara, and Zuko? Or those who have a multitude of experience in the twists and bends of relationships?

7/25/2008 #3
icarus enjoyed the view

i agree that debate is the best way. (but i obssesively support zutara) i dont think the kiss was random, although i dont think it should have happened, the southern raiders and day of black sun was sorta building up to it. there was alot of zutara buildup too though. the creators have been planning since the begining to do a kataang ending, zuatar never really had a chance. (silly of them i know, but its their show, they can do what they want) i think they could have built up to it better though, and without teasing us zutarians so much. or even better yet they could have left all ships out of the finale and et us decide for ourselves hat happened!!!!

7/25/2008 #4
Son Kenshin

So you don't want your bias, uneducated opinion being torn open?

7/25/2008 #5

And what's that supposed to mean?

7/25/2008 #6
dark twilight mistress

I don't think that the Kataang kiss was necessarily random. We all knew it was bound to happen (despite my high hopes for a beautiful Zutara ending. *sighs*). What made me feel a little disconcerted about the kiss, however, was her reaction in "The Ember Island Players" episode. Honestly, even if it was the middle of the war and I was in love with someone, I still would have accepted and returned a kiss with good grace. So in terms of her surprised/angry reaction, the Kataang kiss seemed almost disappointing. Not only that, Zuko leaping in front of a lightning bolt meant for Katara also disconcerted me. I don't know about you guys, but if it were me, I'd fall in love with someone who was willing to jump in front of a lightning bolt to save me, wouldn't you? I really thought that moment had something leading up there. *sigh* It was too short. Personally, I think if the show were to continue, Zutara would happen. But hey, that's just me.

7/26/2008 #7
icarus enjoyed the view

its not just you, i think like every zutran on the planet thinks that (and we are an army to be recconed with)

on and yeah son kenshin, feel free to rip my unedjucated opinion to shreads, im a big girl, i can take it

7/26/2008 #8

""I don't know about you guys, but if it were me, I'd fall in love with someone who was willing to jump in front of a lightning bolt to save me, wouldn't you? ""

Err, no? Alot of people risk their lives for others ex. firefighters, policeman, etc etc. I would risk take a lightning bolt for my friends but doesn't mean I'll fall in ~love~ with them. What zuko did for katara was risking a life for a 'friend'. I'm sure sokka, aang, toph would do the same thing.

7/26/2008 . Edited 7/26/2008 #9
icarus enjoyed the view

id fall in love with anyone about anything

7/26/2008 #10
Serenade of Shadows

Ok, to stay on topic here, I don't believe the kiss was random. As much as I wanted there to be a Zutara ending, Kataang has been building up for quite awhile. Some don't want to believe that this is true, but alas, it is.

Also, I am not sure about the whole lightning thing... It would have been very cute if Katara and Zuko had kissed or something right then, but then it wouldn't exactly go the way the plot had been going. 'Tis sad, it's true, but it is also the way the show had been planned. Zutara will forever live on in our hearts.

7/26/2008 #11
icarus enjoyed the view

his last name is kress?...like the vegetable?

sorry bout that, i love cress, its good on sandwiches.

u are right, kudos to you

7/26/2008 #12
Serenade of Shadows

Ahh, no, not my Nathan! You won't eat him, will you?

Yeah, but it's sad that I'm right about that...

7/26/2008 #13
icarus enjoyed the view

how old is "your nathen" hes on icarly right? and yes we all mourn for the suckiness of your rightness.....except for kataang and maiko fans :P

7/26/2008 #14
Serenade of Shadows

He's fifteen...

Haha, Kataang and Maiko fans have been satisfied, alright.

7/26/2008 #15
icarus enjoyed the view


sob* poor zutara

7/26/2008 #16
Serenade of Shadows


Zutara shall live on, and us Zutarians know it! Even though it "doesn't exist" in the show, doesn't mean it's not real and in our hearts.

7/26/2008 #17

Mmm, in my opinion, the kiss at the end was random, but at the same time it wasn't all that random. It's random from the previous event. I mean from the comedy of Sokka drawing everyone wrong, I was still chuckling while Katara and Aang were looking lovingly into each other's eyes.

The creators should've just spaced it out a bit more. Towards the last thirty minutes of the finale, I felt as if everything's just been thrown in all at the last minute. (Especially the question regarding Zuko's mother.)

Nevertheless, even as a Zutarian, I thought the kiss was cute. :)

7/28/2008 #18

Well, I'm not a Zutarian, but I hope you will take my opinion anyways.

For the amount of buildup throughout the 3 seasons, I was expecting a little more than what they gave. I mean Maiko had a longer scene (and a hotter kiss) and they didn't have as much build up. But then again, Mai and Zuko have 'been together' for longer than Aang and Katara, so I guess for a blooming official relationship, it was appropriate.

7/28/2008 #19
Serenade of Shadows

Yes, I agree. It wasn't much to go off with, but it was cute all the same. I know I sound weird saying I liked the kiss, but just because I support Zutara doesn't mean I don't support Kataang, too...

7/30/2008 #20

I was very disapointed with Bryke. I might be a Zutarian, but it pissed me off they showed so much zutara and then BAM, Kataang. They did a poor job with the shipping. I was hoping that when Kataang happened, it would be epic. It would be something I would be excited about and say, "Yeah, Zutara didn't happen, but at least Kataang won with a bang!" But it didn't happen. It was lame. Dry.

They had gold and traded it in for bronze.

BUT, at least we have the movie to look forward to. Maybe Knight will make it better.

7/30/2008 #21
Son Kenshin

How many *times* does this have to be said. Brian and Mike *never* intended Zutara. They didn't go 'bam, Kataang'. They built it up over *three* seasons. If it went 'bang, Zutara' that'd be p*** poor writing. The ending kiss was absolutely *perfect*. No words were needed, Katara wasn't worried or confused anymore. She was finally free to express the feelings she's been having towards Aang for the past year. It wasn't lame or dry. It was perfectly executed and built up.

7/30/2008 #22
dark twilight mistress

Son Kenshin, congratulations. You have successfully managed to irritate another hoard of Zutarians. I should give you a prize, but I don't have one.

Even if Brian and Mike never intended for Zutara to happen, that doesn't mean that you can shoot people's opinions of the Kataang kiss down the drain. People have a right to say what's on their minds, even if their ideas are not in accordance with yours. I also thought that the Kataang kiss could have been done better. It seemed like there was something missing from that scene.

7/30/2008 #23

I don't effin care if Zutara was never intended. That wasn't even what I was talking about.

7/30/2008 #24
Connor Kent

In the book, I think they say a few words to each other. But Mike and Bryan pictured them not even talking. I don't think it was random.

7/30/2008 #25
Shadow the Impaler

Son Kenshin, congratulations. You have successfully managed to irritate another hoard of Zutarians. I should give you a prize, but I don't have one.

Even if Brian and Mike never intended for Zutara to happen, that doesn't mean that you can shoot people's opinions of the Kataang kiss down the drain. People have a right to say what's on their minds, even if their ideas are not in accordance with yours. I also thought that the Kataang kiss could have been done better. It seemed like there was something missing from that scene.

Technically, he didn't really insult anyone's opinion with his last comment, since the writers did intend for Kataang to happen, and the second part was just his opinion as well.

7/30/2008 #26

What I find entertaining is that Son Kenshin says bashing fanboys/fangirls is a hobby of his. Which brings up the question of whether or not he likes to bash himself, as he's shown blatant signs of fanboyism.

That aside, as a Zutarian, I don't think the kiss was random at all. They've been playing at Katara/Aang throughout the entire series. There were moments where Zutara could have started up and continued building through the series had the big guys in charge decided to, but I never really thought they wanted to (Especially considering in one of the few instances where there was potential for something to eventually develop, he betrayed her a short time later). Things like that were probably actually added for the Zutara fans, seeing as IIRC, they've actually acknowledged the fanbase on occasion.

7/31/2008 #27
icarus enjoyed the view

son kenshin, what did we say about playing nice with the other children?

and you were talking to someone who just wanted a bigger better kataang ending...like, i dunno, more kissing or romantic talk or more kataang instances throughout the finale, not to some avid zutara-is-lord fan. in fact most of the things youve been saying bashing zutara lately have been to people who actually dont mind kataang or who even partially support it. i completely agree with you that fan girls are annoying and often dont know what theyre talking about, but try to read peoples comments before you bash them. that way youll know if they deserve a bashing or not (most of the time its not) and hey, who knows you might even learn something?

*you've got to open you're eyes to the possibilities*

p.s. none of that was meant in a mean way, im sorry if it came over that way, remember kenshin, were allies against shipping wars now :P

8/2/2008 #28

i am a kataang fan, and i can understand the kiss, and it wasn't forced, but i was thrown off by the fact that for the entire finale, there was 0 interaction between them, except for the beginning, where aang yelled at her, which really screamed romance. overall, i think the finale could have been better as a whole, not to mention the wedged zuko's mom in there in the middle of no where, and obviously aren't planing to expand it because it's over. i really missed closure on it, like if they had added 1 more episode, or half an episode, it would have been great to figure out...oh i don't know, what happened with everyone, how they lead their lives. did zuko find his mom, no one knows. and i don't think azula is one to sit in a prison and rot for the rest of her life, even though she is crazy. not to mention, they have to take thousands of people out of the earth kingdom colonies and take them back to their land, leading to over population and taking people who have lived there for almost three generations out of their home. and a country that had alot of jobs fueled by a war and a military being payed, both of those are now meaningless, leaving thousands jobless, as a military descalation would be a sign of good faith to the earth kingdom to reasure them that there would be no attack. not to mention, the earth kingdom, who was most invested in this war, would probably demand some form of reparations. would sokka and suki live in the south pole or kyoshi. how could katara deal with all the childbirth required to help repopulate an entire nation, that's alot of babies to have. a new pregnancy every nine months really sounds fun. they wouldn't have to touch on all of these topics, considering i listed enough things to base another season off of, but just some would be nice. i just feel the ending left me wanting more. but while getting totally off track, let me say that i don't think the kissed was forced, i dare say it was inevitable, but i think the build up to it could have been better, maybe a little more epic. i see where kenshin is coming from, but what can i say, as a kataang fan, I want more, and it ended in my favor for god sakes.

8/4/2008 #29
icarus enjoyed the view

i dont think they could base a second season on that, because there isnt enough action to keep tv viewers happy.

its probably a good thing they left so man questions, actually i almost wish theyd left more. when theres questions people are free to decide for themselves what they want to have happened. it keeps the story alive rather than giving people a sense that everything is completely over.

they probably wont move all the colonists out of the earth kingdom. it would be a weird arguement since the fire nation colonists are probably equal in numbers to the earth kingdom locals and you cant just move millions of people from there hoes. zuko would never allow it, imagine the overpopulation in the fire nation if he did? i think they will probably just create neutral states that co exist and promote equality of nations.

8/4/2008 #30
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