Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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You people are a few french fries shot of a happy meal. I mean I thought Azula was nuts but your shippers give her a run for her money. Don't get me wrong. I have a friend who is unfortunately is a Zutara shipper. I'm neither personally i thought the kids where too young for all of this. Well besides Zuko and Mai maybe. As far as Katara and Zuko ever getting together. Well hell would freeze over first. Nor can I see her with Aang. Mainly because he's so young and what ever happened to his Monk training.............. Confused about that. But hey I'm not the writer of the show and well its over now so....I have one question. What the hell is all this weird fighting about? The guys who wrote and did the show have said what happened and since last I checked they where the ones writing it. So why is there this... stupidity about shipping? Thats just my thought......So shot me.

1/6/2009 #121

I have a simple solution to your problem.

Stand up, turn off your computer, and read a book. I suggest a grammer guide.

And you better hurry, too, because I hear crazy-shipping-fangirlism is contagious. You don't want to start losing fries do you? Oh, god, I think it's starting! I see them falling out of the bag! Run! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/6/2009 #122
Shadow the Impaler

You people are a few french fries shot of a happy meal.

That's idiotic.

....McDonald's is a sub-par fast food place. Upgrade your comparison, ish ish.

I'm neither personally i thought the kids where too young for all of this.

Must be cultural differences. I believe exactly the opposite. 11-14 is the time to start dating and such, IMO. Plus, there is no certain age to restrict when a person starts having romantic feelings for the opposite (or in some cases, same) gender.

Mainly because he's so young and what ever happened to his Monk training..............

Air Temple monk =/= Buddhist monk. Nowhere did it say that the monks couldn't have relations in the show.

...Unless you were talking about his Chakras training, in which case the question has already been answered somewhere among these threads.

So why is there this... stupidity about shipping? Thats just my thought......So shot me.

Do not question the powers of shipping. It is beyond what your mortal brain can comprehend, human.

/Robes of Fanciness

1/6/2009 #123

I second all the above...

1/6/2009 #124

woo! Some people just don't understand...let's vote him off the island!!!!!

1/6/2009 #125

Hey! I don't ship! I think just about all of them don't work!

1/6/2009 #126

Katara as hell isn't a cancer. I study astrology and she is a Libra. I live with one trust me. Aang is without a doubt a Pisces. Sokka is a Sagitarrius. Zuko is no Aries. He's Sagitarrius. Sokka probably Virgo. Toph is a Leo. And as much as I wanted Zutara, Kataang happened. My only question is WHY MICHAEL WHY? :D

1/6/2009 #127

And dispite having all those hormone Aang still looks 10 and Katara looked like 15 by the end of the series. Sorry but visually Katara and Zuko look a whole lot better than Kataang. Although Jetara tops them all.

1/6/2009 #128

I study astrology as well--for quite a few years: one: katara's too emotional to be a libra

two: she can be a bit moody--which is a cancerian trait

three: she's very maternal and protective, other cancerian traits

Aang: not emotional enough to be a water sign

humanitarian and slightly eccentric plus witty in his own way--Aquarius (also he doesn't eat meat another Aquarius trait)

Sokka: yes, he has some Sagittarius, but he's sarcastic and witty, plus not as emotional/fiery as Sag

Zuko's a Leo, definitely

Summer's Frost--I agree with the first part LOL Jetara...I could maybe see that

1/6/2009 #129

katara's too emotional to be a libra

This is one thing that is certain, Katara is a Cancer.

1/6/2009 #130

done and done...well actually not because I like talking about astrology :D I don't understand why people think Sokka's a Sag--definitely a Gemini!

1/7/2009 #131

Well, even though there was no connection to Aang ever being a "Buddhist monk", I'm pretty sure that since they do take on the appearance of a monk they are to throw away all love and affection away from earthly beings. But that's just over-speculation.

Frankly, a majority of you just over analyze everything. It's just a children's show.

Kenshin, I'm pretty sure you don't even check these anymore, but I just wanted to get this out here... Even though you don't act like a "troll", you sure as hell act like a wiseass that doesn't know when to shut up.

1/7/2009 #132

i think aang kissed her because he thought he wouldn't make it out of the war alive.

1/8/2009 #133
Shadow the Impaler

But that's just over-speculation.

Indeed it is.

Now, on another note, why are all the animals (excluding the bear and all the humans, of course) hybrid-like creatures? Are they just naturally like that, or are they the offspring of experiments that random benders attempted thousands of years ago in a sick urge to defy the Laws of Nature?

/Breaking the Law

1/8/2009 #134

uh...I think they were born that way...?

Wow, you guys love to argue don't you? But then again...SO DO I!!!!!!!

1/8/2009 #135

That is basically what forums are used for.

Arguing about meaningless crap that we think is important. :]

Oh glorious day!~

1/8/2009 #136

I agree with what you said about Son Kenshin, but anyway.

Forums aren;t always used for arguing about meaningless junk, but on a site like this? Pretty much.

1/9/2009 #137

as toph would say : "argueing is fun." and it is. the fact that avatar makes you argue proves it's good becuz it strikes so many different views, it makes you think.

1/10/2009 #138

Oui, je agree (heh...gotta learn that verb) I love Avatar! WOO!!!!

1/10/2009 #139

Well yes, I have to agree it is good that Avatar isn't just another meaningless cartoon with no depth to it. :]

1/10/2009 #140
Shadow the Impaler

Oui, je agree

Je suis d'accord. There's no verb, it means "I have agreement", or something of that sort.

1/10/2009 #141

uh...first level french heh but thanks for the lesson ^.^

I hate plotless shows like the Simpsons, ugh!

1/12/2009 #142


Same here. Whenever I watch something like Chowder I feel like I'm losing IQ points by the minute. (I never had much to begin with.)

*I just hate Chowder, don't bash me for something so trivial if you really like it. Everyone has their own opinions*

1/12/2009 #143

Oh Gawd, I love plotless shows! They make the world go 'round for me. I do too much thinking during the day...my mind is an endless whirl of fake smiles and kissing Bride's a*** and classes and politics and just one big ball of too much serious and not enough LOLs. It feels great to come home and laugh at the stupid mindless slots of Family Guy and SpoongeBob *insert sight of relief here*

Though I do agree, Chower is kind of really annoying. Even for me--who loves the crazy stoopid humor of Adult Swim--can't stand too much of it. Though I can't lie, I have a special place in my heart for Shnitzel...

1/12/2009 #144

plotless shows are okay, but shows like avatar, you have to watch and see what happens. there's character development, humor, twists, romance, and action. shows like chowder are good for a laugh when you're bored, but avatar is something that leads up to something. and the best part is, just when you think all's good and done.....they give you more. like at ba sing se, when aang was in the avatar state, you think "yeah!" but then azula does her thing and you're like "what now?!" and in avatar the characters have to earn things, they're not handed to them. they make real choices and just seem so real. and might i add, the element of suspense?

1/13/2009 #145

very true trés vrai (oh, points for the accent!!!!)

I wish there was more Avatar I was like obsessed!!!

1/13/2009 #146
Shadow the Impaler

I hate plotless shows like the Simpsons, ugh!


I find The Simpsons one of the greatest shows on Earth. Seriously! I love it. It's comedy is that beyond any other medium I have ever experienced, and it manages to touch on many important subjects. Well, when it decides to.

1/13/2009 #147


1/13/2009 #148

I'm sorry, but Hogan's Heroes is better.

1/13/2009 #149

you're forgetting the Backyardigans

(oh heh, just for a little fun fact, the voice of Aang is in that show--quelle coinkydink!)

1/13/2009 #150
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