Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Shadow the Impaler

Ugh, Disney. The only movies I really enjoy from them are Hercules and Fantasia, since they're the only movies with villains that are worth a damn, Hades and Chernabog. Go go implementing deities as characters.

I love your avatar shadow IchiRuki looks so cute but I'm an IchiTatsu fan :D

Aye, I've been on an IchiRuki bender for the past few days. It's dying down a little, but hopefully my one-shot that I'm working on will fix that.

8/27/2008 #151


How could I forget that!!!


They had the Zero to Hero song...

Well I've only watched hercules once ages ago when I was like... 5 or something?

8/27/2008 #152

So I wasn't looking too much into it...

I'm not going to argue every point. I just feel that these characters aren't opposite, just physically different with different situations...

But I guess movies can be interpreted differently when looking through different lens. A personal example, The Little Mermaid could be a catalyst for Katang. Ariel: Aang, happy go lucky adventurer on a mission; Eric:Katara-searching for something, doesn't know what until it's right under his nose; The Evil Witch:Jet; a mere distraction for Eric(aka Katara), King Triten: the Guru, tells Ariel she can't love the human (let go of earthly attachments), Ariel's sisters (past avatars, who she is supposed to emulate).

Hey...that was kind of fun!

Let's try another one: Lion King (1) as Maiko

Simba (Zuko): Family issues, looses a beloved parent and is banished from the pride-lands but is still the crown prince (also loosing a childhood friend); Nala (Mai) grew up with Simba, stays with the pride but later leaves them and helps him defeat Scar; Puma and Timon (lol, Uncle) helps Simba on his journey, obsession with bugs...

8/28/2008 #153
Shadow the Impaler

And to be fair, the "opposites attract" idea can be used for Kataang as well as Zutara. Whereas Katara is uptight, motherly, and a little stubborn, Aang is lighthearted and uplifting.

8/28/2008 #154

Yeah Kataang could be oppisites but I like Zutara better cause it really seems to balance things up.

They've got personalities so different but there other personality when ones angry or ones happier...wait that doesn't make sense and I don't know how to put it into sense...

okay how bout this. Katara is nice yeh but she can still cat fight when she's angry Zuko can cat fight (watch the Beach episode) when he's in his normal grouchy mood.

meh I can't understand myself

8/28/2008 #155

I sort-of liked Maiko a bit until I saw the Beach episode. Mai should've seen Zuko was just trying to make her happy, and after she (purposely???) tried to make him jealous (which there was no need to, as they were already together), she dumped him!!! (forgive me if not all of this info is right; it's been a while since I've seen the episode)

I never thought of Kataang going with the "opposites attract" too... but I suppose every ship could be considered that, too. If you thought hard enough.

8/29/2008 #156

each realtionship has oppisites...unlesss you get some serious yuri and yaoi...lol

Sukka can be oppisites and Tokka too no relationship is the same both ways

8/29/2008 #157

Naw, the funny thing was that Mai wasn't flirting. Zuko asked earlier what she thought of the guy, she had no opinion (surprise surprise), and he told her that she liked him...quite hilarious, really. He was being the jealous boyfriend. They guy was just talking to her, not that he was getting any type of reaction :o)

Zuko was being a prick in The Beach...it wasn't until the end that he finally realized why. Mai tried, but there is only so much you can do with someone who doesn't even know what wrong with themselves. And the break up did work. Dramatic people (aka Zuko) call for dramatic solutions...

8/29/2008 #158
The Lightning Knight

Luke Skywalker voices thee Fire Lord? Whoa.

9/6/2008 #159
Bleeding Wings

That's right! Mark Hamill is a true living icon! Fire Lord Ozai wasn't the only character he voiced. Years ago, Mark Hamill voiced the role of The Joker on "Batman: The Animated Series!" Mark Hamill is a fantastic voice-actor!

You gotta love him in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." Really funny movie. Mark was hiliarious!

9/7/2008 #160


Luke and Firelord

You know he also does the narrator for the pbs animal show

9/30/2008 #161

he also does the voice of Undergrowth in Danny Phantom.

11/23/2008 #162

had to own this

11/25/2008 #163
Live and Imagine

Zuko is like, hot. *teehee*

Girl you crazier than Britney Spears! I'm not bashing Zutara in any way, but Zuko is ugly on at least half his face (and on the inside, not that anyone care what people have on the inside. Those days ended before . . . well lets just say those days never started)

4/7/2009 #164

...I think Zutara is totally possible.

Given a couple of years and Aang's sudden, mysterious death, sure it's totally possible. Is it plausible? No, not really.

Katara and Aang were caught up in the moment of victory, and they kissed. So what?

I'm pretty sure that the moment of victory was the day before that kiss, so both Aang and Katara were off the adrenaline highs of their respective victories. They've also been flirting for nearly 3 seasons, so I'm pretty sure that kiss was fully intentional.

Zuko and Katara are completely perfect for each other. And I'm a bit of a fangirl, so excuse me. Aang is cute and all, but Zuko is like, hot. *teehee*

Aang is twelve. Of course Zuko, a sixteen-year-old young man, is going to be better looking than a twelve-year-old boy. And perfect for each other? Right... Zuko is the new Firelord which means a Zutaran relationship is going to be in the Fire Country, a place Katara doesn't hold much love for. Sure she might like the civilians and Zuko, but she isn't going to be surrounded by those people. She's going to be surrounded by generals and Lady's-in-waiting, which mostly tow the party line as it were. She'd be miserable, reminded day in and day out of her mother's death. While she may be over that, wounds like that don't just go away. Further she wouldn't really be able to pass down her Waterbending, something she loves, to her children in this hypothetical relationship, because, even if they possessed the temperament and ideals to learn it. They would be expected to learn Firebending on behalf of being the Firelord's children. So yeah that relationship is so not working out long-term.

M&B were really disrespectful towards Zutara when they dropped all those hints, and made it seem like Zutara really would happen and until the finale, when they said they would always ship KA and were never gonna do ZK.

What hints? I can recall three. One is out of context and doesn't count (The Waterbending scroll), one was immediately crushed by Zuko's betrayal (Crossroads of destiny), and the last was an act of sacrifice that doesn't have an immediate negative associated with it (Sozin's comet part 4). Compare that to all the Kataang hints. The Boy and the Iceburg (Why are you smiling at me like that? I was smiling?), The Avatar Returns (he looks at Katara before asking if they'd leave the village in return for his surrender), The Southern Air temple (Katara saying he's part of their family), The Warriors of Kioshi (Katara being passive agressive about Aang getting hit on by the young girls of the village, Aang deliberatly putting himself in danger so Katara will watch him), The Storm (a Katara and Aang bonding moment), The Fortunteller (Your husband will be a powerful bender. Sometimes I can't get over what a powerful bender that kid is), Bato of the Water Tribe (The blantant flirting at the end of the episode), The Deserter (Aang swears off Firebending because he hurt Katara). Kataang has more hints in the first season then Zutara has over the whole show.

Oh wait, I forgot one. The Southern Raiders, she hugged Zuko. That's two supported hints throughout the series versus eight in the first season. If you have more hints for a Zutaran relationship I'd love to hear them.

4/10/2009 #165
Bleeding Wings

... Zuko and Katara are not into each other. They're just friends. Plain and simple. Aang digs Katara and vice versa. Zuko digs Mai and vice versa. Chance of Zutara ever happening: ZERO PERCENT.

4/11/2009 #166

... Zuko and Katara are not into each other. They're just friends. Plain and simple. Aang digs Katara and vice versa. Zuko digs Mai and vice versa. Chance of Zutara ever happening: ZERO PERCENT.

This, this, a thousand times this!

4/11/2009 #167

You guys can say theres no chance Zutara could happen but with a slight change to one episode, not only would it happen, but the series would go completely different. In the crystal catacombs, if Aang and Iroh, had come in a few seconds later, Zuko and Katara MIGHT have kissed. If that had happened, Zuko most likely would have become one of the good guys, Aang doesn't get shot, Zuko gets rid of the scar, and who knows what else. Zuko's going to get tired of Mai eventually, and when Aang hits puberty he's gona start wanting to do *stuff* with Katara, and she'll most likely break up with him for that. So chance of Zutara happening after the series: 62.7%

9/9/2009 #168
Son Kenshin

I wasn't going to bother but this reply needs a gutting.

That's the thing. Might and WOULD are different. Given how fast Katara ran over to Aang after her's and Zuko's moment, the chance of a kiss? 10%. Not only would it be out of character, it be bad writing to do so. And Zuko and Katara potentially kissing doesn't affect his choice, due to Azula's hold over him. So yeah, he'd still betray her.

And again, you do know what out of character is, right? Zuko is not going to get tired of Mai since he genuinely loves her, and Aang has ALREADY started to hit puberty and Katara won't break up with him.

Chance that Zutara happens after the finale? 0%. Only in your stupid fantasies it happens.

9/9/2009 #169

Okay, I'm not just talking about the person I'm replying to, but everyone. Doesn't anyone realize that this is a FAN FICTION site? So what if someone likes Zutara or Kataang or whatever. This is a FAN FICTION website where people write stories that sometimes don't have anything that has to do with the series. I'm not trying to start an arguement or something, but I'm just saying. I love Zutara. That's only because I'm a Taanger.

***By the way, does anyone read any Avatar fan fiction anymore? Although it ended, like, a year and a half ago. Just wondering. Lol.

9/9/2009 #170
Marius Prime

Furball - yeah, it's a fanfiction site. That means that it's full of writers who are producing material and submitting it for peer review, in the hopes of becoming better writers, maybe even professionals some day. That means that criticism is one of the best things we can do for them. One very important criticism is "you don't understand interpersonal interaction well enough to write it believably."

Take this "Dukeofnachos" person. Some very bizarre ideas about how people act in situations. Katara was never, ever going to kiss Zuko in that episode. She felt sorry for him and wanted to fix his owie. Even if they had, Zuko wouldn't have changed remarkably as a result. I certainly don't see any compelling reason why he wouldn't be with Mai just because he might've kissed Katara. Finally, Aang is supposed to become a lecherous creep for some ridiculous reason in the future, and so supposedly Katara will dump him in favor of another, less wise and mature adolescent boy? ... W**?

I'll readily admit that most fans of a Katara/Zuko pairing aren't as bad as that poster, but that sort of reasoning is why this discussion is going on. Say that, hypothetically, the creators of the Avatar series were accepting material of all types to semi-officially license, and someone sends in a piece pairing Zuko and Katara. It's going to be rejected as being entirely out of character, ignoring fundamental elements of their personalities in order to fulfill some adolescent fantasy on the part of the author. That sort of rejection is not the end goal of most writers, so it is the responsibility of the community to inform them that what they're doing is bad.

9/9/2009 #171

Okay, I'm agreeing that the whole Zutara in the cave thing could've led off to a beautiful Zutara ending (which I would've said Hallelujah to) but them kissing? No, sorry. Even though I would love it to happen...

Let's not lash at each other please?

9/10/2009 #172

I know, I totally agree with you. If the writers of Avatar hadn't made Kataang, they would probably get like 5 million complaints. Literally. Haha. I'm really mad at the writers now, though. The live action movie is... stupid. The characters don't look like any of the original characters, and Aang looks like he's 9. I think about 3 quarters of the viewers would prefer a Book 4. (I know this is very off-topic, but I'm just annoyed about this. Anyone agree? [although this is a Zutara/Kataang forum])

9/10/2009 #173

son kenshin, you made my mood go from "weird al" to "linkin park" in less than 30 seconds you a s s h a t. Zutara could have happenend. i never said it would be completely in character. In what part of my post did you read that? I don't remeber typing that it absolutely would have happened and that Aang should die alone, because that's not what i think, and i didn't imply anyithing. I know Zutara didn't happen, but i'm aloud to support the pairing i like most. I was talking Zuko gets tired of Mai is a possibility if Zukos scar was healed in the caves. They might not have even ended up together. I do believe Zuko would have joined the gaang if his scar had been healed, but feel free to shoot this idea that inplies no Zutara besides a freindship. I don't hate Kataang. Really i like the Zutara stories that start in Kataang the best. I just like Zutara alot more, which is why i defend it.

oh, and before i forget *raises hand for book 4*

9/11/2009 . Edited 9/11/2009 #174

Lol! Thank you, someone finally raises a hand for book 4! I mean, it took the class like 2 days to answer!

Anyway, I don't wish that Katara didn't heal the scar on Zuko's face, but it should've happened. I mean, then Zuko wouldn't of killed Aang with Azula. So, Zutara would be awesome right there! (Don't bash me for this, but one of the reasons I like Zutara is because I'm a Taanger)

Oh, and Dukeofnachos, I like that forum you started (Zutara VS Kataang). It's really gotten into some good conversation (if that sentence even makes sense)

9/11/2009 #175

I was talking Zuko gets tired of Mai is a possibility if Zukos scar was healed in the caves.

Seriously? Do you know how out of character that sounds? Zuko's scar has about 0 influence on his choice of his romantic partner, because he no longer cares about it. But okay, considering the rest of the post, I'll put down what I feel to be in character if it did happen:

Katara's healing the scar when Aang and Iroh bust in (there's no way to plausibly delay them enough for Katara to finish healing the scar, but meh). Due to the relative position of entrance and where Katara and Zuko were, they aren't going to be able to see what exactly Katara's doing, but sense she's healing Zuko around the eye area, Aang's going to assume that Zuko's eye has been damaged/lost and act accordingly. Iroh, is an unknown, most of his stated military carrier was spent in the Earth Kingdom, so he might no know too much about the Water Tribe's potential healing abilities, but it's a toss either way, if he knows he'll go berserk if he doesn't he'll ask (more demand) and Katara will helpfully supply that she's healing Zuko, and Iroh still goes berserk. We'll say that the healing takes a while (healing a, what, 6 year old scar can't be easy), long enough for the Dai Li to attack with Azula in tow and get attacked by the Dragon of the West's full power or something there abouts. They fight (likely everyone trying to gang up on Iroh, simply because he's the most dangerous at the time), and Zuko gets healed (the spirit water might not be able to heal old scars like Zuko's, but it's a toss, and for the sake of argument let's say it healed) and makes his dramatic entrance into the scene. Both he and Katara both join the fight. Azula, being, well, herself, notices the debt Zuko owes Katara and starts separating her from the general melee. Iroh, being as experienced as he is, notices and moves to drag the fight that way, but doesn't really manage to impinge on her plans, and also recognizing the debt Zuko owes Katara, throws her out of the way and get's trapped himself. Azula delivers a speech to Zuko much along the lines of the original, but managing to twist what Aang and Katara would inevitably contribute to the conversation. Zuko, despite being healed, has yet to understand that the "tarnished honor" that the scar represents is gone, as it happened less then five minutes ago, and betrays Aang. With the now uneven odds, Aang erects his crystal tent to prepare to fall into the Avatar state. Katara starts attempting to appeal to Zuko, only to have Azula twist her words, even playing up the romance angle. Glowing light, levitating Aang and a thunderbolt, only this time it doesn't strike true as Iroh would see this coming and his best option would be to attack Azula to throw of either her aim or concentration. The blast is still enough to put Aang into a coma, but he won't need the unavailable spirit water, so Katara uses her waterbending to escape, and uses her normal healing skills to stabilize him. Zuko is returned to the Fire Nation as the long exiled prince, though during the trip back, Mai teases him on being to introspective for his own good. Zuko is constantly bothered by his actions, not knowing why until the time around the fire at the beach, when the realization of what exactly happened in the cave hits him. Has a minor breakdown, slips into denial, and yells at Iroh some, reads about his history and eventually decides to teach the Avatar firebending. The day of black sun happens and Zuko confronts the Firelord and hi-jacks a balloon. He eventually locates the Avatar, but instead of acting like he can just join them, he submits, bowing down and admitting to his mistakes and placing himself under their mercy. Katara threatens to kill him, probably a little more violently than in the original. After that things go pretty much identically to the way they did in the show.

But that's how I think things would have gone with one minor change based on previous characterization.

9/12/2009 #176
Sly Mongoose

Grounds Keeper Willy Voice: “You call this an debate?” (looks at Marius and Kenshin) “Let’s take’em to school boys!”

In all seriousness though this is the line that caught me as most interesting

Zutara could have happenend. i never said it would be completely in character.

If it’s not ‘in character’ then it couldn’t have happened. The scenario you seem to be suggesting indicates that either Zuko or Katara has been taken over or replaced by a pod person that proceeds to act on romantic tension that isn’t there. Now as I’ve said I really don’t care what relationship floats you’re particular boat, just be aware that on a debate forum, you’re going to recieve some….constructive criticism and counterpoints to any arguments or ‘evidence’ you present.

I don't wish that Katara didn't heal the scar on Zuko's face, but it should've happened.

I’m sorry I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to say here. If you could please restate or explain your position, either myself or another will get back to you at our earliest convenience

I mean, then Zuko wouldn't of killed Aang with Azula.

There was an interview (Which I can’t find at the moment) where the creators explained that Zuko had a lot of growing to do before he could join the gaang. Zuko had too see how unfulfilling the life he thought he wanted was before he could realize that he already had the things he needed. Iroh and Mai’s unconditional love. Even though he turned his back on them at points, they still believed in him, and in their own ways fought to save him. They succeeded and now he is the good man they knew he could become.

At that point, even if Katara had healed him, Zuko would’ve helped Azula. Oh he would’ve spared Katara out of his own sense of duty, honor and remorse, but Aang would still have died. Zuko was just too close to the edge. How did Kain of Nosgoth put it…ah yes “And like a fool, I jumped at his offer without considering the cost.” That is exactly what Zuko did, and would’ve done even had his scar been healed.

9/12/2009 #177
Sly Mongoose

*Deleted Double post*

9/12/2009 . Edited 9/13/2009 #178

I really don't think that Katara healing Zuko's scar would have convinced him to join the Gaang because it wasn't his scar that was his main issue. It was his unwillingness to let go of his hope to go home and be everything his father wanted him to be--and at that point hadn't learned that it was never going to happen. Zuko's the kind of guy who has to go through an experience to get the idea wholly--and then he runs with it. If he had joined the Avatar at that point (healed scar or not) he would have had that question in the back of his mind of whether or not he made the right decision and would have rejoined his father and Azula at a latter time.

I mean, it took him knowledge of his ancestry, his father's plans for the Earth Kingdom, AND his uncle's disapproval to get him thinking that he wasn't where his was supposed to be. Getting rid of his scar would have been a band aid over a cancerous tumor--purely cosmetic.

9/12/2009 #179

Indeed, Zutara is win. Zaang is creepy. Katara is obviously much closer to Zuko's age than Aangs.

9/13/2009 #180
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