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This thread is for purpose of discussing various Prydain aspects that do not relate to one of the "bardic" members of the forum or their stories. So, new members who want to talk shop about themes, ideas, etc, post here until you have enough work and interest to have a thread of your own! (The criteria being that you have either multiple fics, or a single long multi-chaptered fic - and that you WANT to be included, of course.)

9/20/2011 #1

Any thoughts on what the "Summer Country" is? If you drop the Tolkien connotation, and the Arthur legend- which coincidentally is also do you have left? My fiance suggests that Alexander pulled directly from the Mabinogion- and left it "loosely described" just as Tolkien did. There, however, is a bias on her part as she has her Masters in the subject...suppose it is up to the readers to flesh out the details. Certainly there is room for discussion...

9/22/2011 #2

I have always thought it was loosely derived from the Mabinogion and other legends that speak of a magical land beyond the sea, where no one ever grows old or dies. Certainly it's a common theme in many cultures' legends.

Also, I've just published my first story! I'd love to know what people think of it!

9/22/2011 #3

I've just published a new story as well: it's called "Shattered". It's definitely an "in progress" story, with modern college AU and partial gender-bending. It was the alternate attempt to fulfill the initial first-meeting Drabble Challenge with the "broken" keyword.

I know some/most people here aren't all that fond of gender-bending/partial gender-bending or AUs, or even crack pairings... you don't have to read it if they offend you, but if you're okay with reading it, that's great! It's nowhere near finished yet: there are so many flaws I see in it that I feel like I need to fix, but have no idea how to iron them out. I feel like I have rather inadequately adapted/captured the essence of the characters in their modern forms, but I can't put my finger on a solution to the problem.

8/11/2013 #4

Okay, random question: Who else thinks Brian Blessed would make a perfect King Smoit in any film adaptations of The Chronicles of Prydain?

10/21/2013 #5
Prydain's Chief Lurker


The name seemed familiar, but I had to make a quick Google search just to be sure. I'd always imagined Smoit to be a bit... redder? And slightly taller/broader. I don't know if Blessed would fit my tastes perfectly, but makeup and prosthetics do work wonders. ;)

--Prydain's Chief Lurker

11/6/2013 #6

I have a couple friends who've had him at the top of their lists for a long time. I'd like him better than John Rhys-Davies, who is the other name always bandied around - not that Davies wouldn't do it well but I wouldn't want to see any faces that have already made it big as Tolkein characters in a Prydain adaptation.

11/6/2013 #7

Alrighty: The first extract from King Eidilleg's Diary is up.

12/17/2013 #8

Off to read!!

12/17/2013 #9
Just wanted to share something kind of in honor of Lloyd here. Making a long story short, I checked myself into the ER yesterday because of some worrisome symptoms and was in the hospital all night. I am fine - all the scary stuff that could have caused my issues was ruled out - but it is never a fun place to be. I had taken The High King with me for fic fodder (and because what better companion could you ask for, barring actual people) and came upon the scene where Dallben waits for Pryderi's assault on Caer Dallben. He tells an anxious Hen Wen that the coming confrontation is "but a moment to pass, whatever the outcome." I've got to say, I clung to that line all through a very anxious evening and night full of unpleasant tests, pain and worry. And while those moments have, indeed, passed, I know that it is a bit of wisdom I will make use of again. Thank you, Lloyd. Always there when I need you.
1/12/2014 #10
Great to hear, CompanionWanderer. Glad things weren't more serious. Thank you for calling up that is great, and much more poignant than I remember giving it credit for- even through my many, many reads. I find that the older I get, the more relevant childhood stories become. Thanks again!
1/12/2014 #11

@ CompanionWanderer

Glad to hear it wasn't serious.

Lloyd Alexander wrote a lot of wise little sayings that, when you actually read them, aren't trite in the slightest. That's one of the reasons I like his books.

1/12/2014 #12
Prydain's Chief Lurker

What a lovely anecdote, CW. Thanks for sharing!

That chapter has always been my favorite of the book, and THK has some amazing chapters. I can remember the first time I read it - I was in awe! Lloyd did such a good job of portraying Dallben as a real, dynamic character in those scenes. I get chills every time I read it.

Just the bit of wisdom I needed to hear with the looming anxiety of Competition Season forthcoming. Words I'm sure we'll all keep in mind as the week progresses!

Glad the worst has passed!

--Prydain's Chief Lurker

1/13/2014 . Edited 1/13/2014 #13

Glad you're okay, CW. And glad you shared the story. A moment to pass, whatever the outcome, is something I'd do well to keep in mind in the next little bit, too.

God Bless,


1/13/2014 #14

hey you all - sorry for self-promoting, but I'm sharing this here for those who follow the comic, because I wouldn't blame you if you haven't checked in a while, given how slow my output has been - new page is up, one more page to end chapter one, and on to new adventures! You can find the link in my profile. Enjoy!!

1/25/2014 #15

@ CompanionWanderer

So, my suspicions were correct. That deviantart profile is yours. I don't have a deviantart account [I can't draw to save my life, so there's no point], but I have seen your work before. I'm rather fond of your Gurgi design.

I see you've begun developing the comic idea into a full-fledged project [as you mention here], so I'll have to take a look at it.

1/26/2014 #16

FYI, everyone, there has been a renewed burst of activity on the facebook page dedicated to the dream of seeing a live-action film adaptation of Prydain. I know that's not everyone's dream, but we're having some fun over there trading thematic theories and casting ideas. Come on by if you're inclined. The group is called Prydain: The Live-Action Film Series Initiative. Love to see any of you over there!

1/28/2014 #17
Prydain's Chief Lurker

Darnit! You're on a roll, CW, and I'm behind in everything!

If anyone has wondered where the heck PCL has been for the past week or two, I can confidently lay the blame on a series of stressful piano-related activities. In my defense, last week alone looked a bit like this (in addition to school work and normal-people activity):

Tuesday - two-hour lesson into late evening

Wednesday - one-hour lesson into late evening

Thursday - evening concert aid

(there may or may not have been a pre-competition meltdown sometime between Thursday and Friday)

Friday - 6-hour travel / competition rehearsal / numbering measures for my audition score (453 to be exact) (yes, this is a thing)

Saturday - another rehearsal / audition

Sunday - 6-hour drive home

This week will be quite similar, and I may or may not have one foot in my deathbed at the moment. Heck, my birthday is in two days and I'm only just realizing it! It's difficult to tell when I won't be so busy anymore, so I apologize for the inactivity. The new comic page looks wonderful, CW, I've got tons of reviews and comments to write for your updates. I have a few posts and drabbles to write, too. I'll get to it somehow, I'm sure, but at the moment I'm truly smothered.

Reviews coming soon. I promise!

--Prydain's Chief Lurker

1/28/2014 . Edited 1/28/2014 #18

Oooh, reviews from PCL. *wipes anticipatory drool from keyboard* ha ha ha, it's okay - whenever you disappear I just always assume you are swamped with activities. I'm close enough to hear through local news of any tragedies involving young genius pianists, so I figure you're alive at any rate. Good luck on everything!

1/29/2014 #19

by the way, happy birthday to you and Lloyd!! :)

1/30/2014 #20

@ Prydain's Chief Lurker

I'll second both of CompanionWanderer's sentiments.

1/30/2014 . Edited 1/30/2014 #21
Prydain's Chief Lurker

Thank you, CW and crankyman! It's been an eventful day, to say the least. I dealt with some world-class performers tonight during concert aid--one being quite snotty and disrespectful--an event which had me occupied from 6:00 to 10:00 PM! I came home to a nice little party set up by my family, though, and managed to order some wonderful books as a birthday gift. More on that later. ;)

And a happy birthday to our dear author, Lloyd Alexander! He'll always have a place in our hearts. A burst of sunlight after a long, cloudy day.

--Prydain's Chief Lurker

1/30/2014 #22

@ Prydain's Chief Lurker

You're welcome.

God rest Mr. Alexander's soul, I say. He brought joy to so many people. I'll always be grateful to him for being one of the two authors whose books kicked off my immense love of fiction.

Which reminds me- I need to read some more Lloyd Alexander books soon. His books are short, which suits my rather busy schedule [I can fit a chapter or two in between various tasks].

1/30/2014 #23

You are so right cranky. I have to share a story right quick:

I have another friend online who is a Prydain nut (sadly, I cannot convince her that fanfic is a worthwhile pursuit), and she grew up in Philadelphia. She wrote to Lloyd a couple times when she was in high school and once, when her letter went astray as his publisher was pretty bad at sending them along in a timely manner (this happened to me as well), he was so upset when he saw how long it had taken to get to him that he looked her up in the local directory CALLED HER ON THE PHONE.

Imagine if your mother handed you the phone and said "It's Lloyd Alexander".

Yeah. That was her reaction, too. :)

In other news: the man and I have decided this is our year for traveling, and we are in the process of planning a getaway to Wales and (possibly) Scotland or Ireland.


1/31/2014 #24

@ CompanionWanderer

That is a lovely anecdote. You're going to the British Isles?Will you be posting any photos from your trip online somewhere?

Your year for traveling and my year for writing. The six months I've spent here have drastically prolonged the burst of creativity of mine that began a few years ago.

1/31/2014 . Edited 1/31/2014 #25
Prydain's Chief Lurker

Sounds like an exciting trip, CW! I'd probably kill to see Conwy Castle with my own eyes. Thanks for sharing that anecdote with us, too. It was lovely, and only a little frustrating for a latecomer like myself to endure! I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to discover the Chronicles sooner--before Lloyd's death in 2007. From what I've heard and seen I can confidently say that he was a wonderful person!

Onward to Prydain! Be kind to any Fair Folk you may encounter. ;)

--Prydain's Chief Lurker

1/31/2014 . Edited 1/31/2014 #26

I will definitely do lots of pictures. In fact I am contemplating just doing a whole blog diary on it. It's still in the gestational stage right now...haven't even set dates yet, and I have some goals to accomplish before we even get that far, but still, I'm beyond excited. Never having been out of the country except a wee bit into Mexico and Canada (that's me, hubs has traveled more), not having been away from our kids in seven years, and NEVER having taken a trip somewhere just because we wanted to go there (rather than because we had family going or living there), the idea is huge and a bit overwhelming to me. Right now we're planning on renting a cottage for four or five days and just taking it easy, which is more my idea of a vacation than a tour group where you are rushed through various attractions and in a different spot every night.

There's a couple places where you can actually stay in an old gypsy wagon. /swoons/ If we were younger and had all the time in the world I'd totally be up for a backpacking trip across the country.

1/31/2014 #27

@ CompanionWanderer

Sounds like a ton of fun. If you do a blog diary, I'd love to see it.

I'd love to get to Europe one day. I hope I can get away with visiting historical sites in 12th century armor...

1/31/2014 . Edited 1/31/2014 #28

Ha ha ha well, I am cherishing a geeky notion of putting together something for a little cosplay while we're in the proper scenery so I'll let you know how that goes.

2/3/2014 #29
Sophia E

Sorry I've been gone for a while... it's sad that I missed so many posts and writing from all of you, and I even missed LA's birthday . :( Too much work.

I'm sorry to hear that @CW and @A146 had problems but glad you're both better. @PCL, your workweeks sound as bad as mine! (And happy belated birthday!) @CW, that trip sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read your blog/journal.

I'm off to read everyone's new offerings. Happy new year!

2/11/2014 #30
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