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Ever had a weird dream/daydream/wacky idea about the Maximum Ride characters?Let 'em all out here!

12/31/2008 #1

Whell,i had a dream not too long ago that i was Max.We(the flock and i)were at an abandoned wreck of a house that looked like it had been set on fire.We were looking around curious as ever when the phantom flames re-appeared.We tried running out the back door to save being burned alive but we couldnt step outside the house because 3 ravenous and bloody dogs looking like hounds from hell were blocking our way trying to eat us.Suddenly the flames vanished and a motherly looking person with a three year old boy was busteling around making dinner(preparing vegetables for soup).She asked,no forced us to help her and when asked why she said she was going to eat us.As she was saying this she transformed into my mother,and the boy into my little brother waiting to eat me.I was the first to die a slow,painful death as Fang was restrained by the rest of the flock.

My,my, dreams are so pleasant arn't they?(sarcasm)


12/31/2008 #2
Winged and Dangerous

That must have been one dream! It was very interesting...

9/11/2009 #3

I posted a dream an MR on FF, actually. 'Hormonal Adventures of the Night'. I'm far too lazy to type it out again here. Pop a look if you're interested. I'll keep y'all updated if I have any more. :D

4/20/2010 #4

All of my dreams are hilariously realistic and vivid.

Unfortunately, this even applies to that one time I dreamed I was one of the main characters in my own goddamn fanfic.

Yes. The mpreg one.

w** is my life

8/27/2010 #5
Unknown Bookworm

I had an idea on how I think the movie should start as. Does that count as a wacky idea? Here it goes:

*Dramatic music*

Max run through a forest.

Noises: Dog growls, ragged breathing, leaves crackling, the wind.

The edge of a cliff comes into view.

*More growling*

Max stares at the long fall, then the Erasers.

(Zooms in on her face. Eyes look determined. Zooms out.)



*Bird caws*

Max sprints off the cliff and vertically falls down the cliff. She free falls for about 5 seconds.

Her wings burst out as she scoops up.

(Show full picture. Includes: Eraser still at the edge of the cliff and Max flying away.)

*Dramatic music*

Everything turns black.

(Maximum Ride logo shows up.)

Maximum Ride's voice: I'm Maximum Ride. And this is my story.

So, what do you think?

11/13/2010 #6

Dude!That's great!

11/13/2010 #7
Winged and Dangerous

That is great! The movie should totally start like that! : )

11/16/2010 #8

If we're talking wacky, steampunk + MR. I f*** dare you.

11/19/2010 #9
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