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Box of Magic

Asyre was a peaceful land untill the darkness came. It came from the south eating everything in its path and yet hungry for more.

The elders talk of 'the crystal of the sun' to the North that might help rid us of this evil. However, the journey is rough and the natives not too friendly...

*This is a fantasy RP so you can be just about anything as long as you make a character sheet thingy*

((I hope this works out well, sorry im new here. I welcome criticism))

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Box of Magic

((I'm going to start but feel free anyone who wants to join in.))

Early in the morning Axum walked through the gleaming forest when something caught his eye. It swooped down from the tree tops and disappeared behind the brush. Axum got ready. A small, smoldering ball of fire grew larger in his palm. Just as he threw it, the shadow jumped from the bush.

"You know where you belong!" He yelled.

"Where? Trapped at your feet unable to make my own decisions?" Replied a similar voice.

Axum got another fire started when the birds flew from the woods. It was the signal from the village. There was danger coming. He took a short glimpse at the shadow and ran towards civilization.

11/17/2008 #2
Box of Magic

((Feel free to start anyone =D ))

11/18/2008 #3
captain lyd

Arael was slowly heading towards the village. She had just been hunting, but had gotten nothing. She sighed. She would run out of money soon if she constantly had to keep buying her food. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching quickly up from the forest. In one quick motion she had fit an arrow in her bow and turned, aiming it at whoever was running towards her.

11/18/2008 #4

Gavin stepped out the door of the inn into the crisp morning air. The sun barely up, and the town was still quiet. For lack of anything better to do, Gavin began to meander up the street.

11/18/2008 . Edited 11/19/2008 #5

Briya headed towards the inn. She finished gathering for the village and now had to fetch something from the inn. She took the unknown path, with her poisonous plant and bow and arrows. Everything was unusually quiet.

11/19/2008 #6
Box of Magic

Axum came out to the clearing seeing someone aiming an arrow at him. He got his firing hand ready.

"What do you want?" he asked.

11/19/2008 #7

Briya suddenly saw two people facing off. She panicked being in the middle of crossfire and pulled out her mini, magical firecrackers that don't catch anything on fire. She planned to distract them if things got too ugly, before everyone could get hurt.

11/19/2008 #8
captain lyd

Arael frowned, eyes narrowed as she looked at the man. "I was going to ask the same of you."

11/19/2008 #9

Gavin came to the edge of the town, and was about to turn back when he spotted three figures in what was unmistakably a tense moment. So, of course, he decided to go investigate. As he got closer, he recognised one of the figures. "Arael," he called, "Are you picking fights again?"

11/19/2008 #10

Briya turned around to see the girl's friend come closer. It looked like the tense moment was over. Briya sighed in relief.

11/19/2008 #11
captain lyd

Arael turned, and lowered her bow slightly. "Gavin... what are you doing out here?"

11/19/2008 #12

"Talking to you," he replied easily.

11/19/2008 #13
captain lyd

She glanced mistrustfully back at the other boy, but lowered her bow all together now. "I was hunting... And heard this one following me." she said, jerking her thumb at Axum.

11/19/2008 . Edited 11/19/2008 #14

Mearad soared above the village. She hated this form, but enjoyed the feeling brought by soaring upwards on warm thermals. She spotted the crowd of humans arguing below.

She dived for the forest and transformed into her elven form. She strung her bow before stepping out from the leaves. She kept her distance from the crowd, she had always hated crowds. She tried to keep her eyes on the knot of people, but the wind gusted, whipping her hair into her face. She tripped over something and landed on the ground.

11/20/2008 #15

This is a tense moment, perhaps I should get out of here, Briya looked at the two people facing off. Though it looks like both of them are just wary of each other, she thought. She stepped back, a bit. She then saw an elf trip in the distance. She looked at the elf. Briya's fairy wings fluttered slightly.

11/20/2008 #16
Box of Magic

Axum sighed and put down his hands. "Didn't any of you hear the signal?" he asked, "And what do you mean by this one?"

11/20/2008 #17

Gavin's ears perked at this. "Signal? What signal?"

11/20/2008 #18
Box of Magic

Is it happening again? Axum thought. He cleared his throat. "What...what are you all doing out here anyway?"

11/20/2008 #19

"i'm satying back in Yerton," Gavin said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "I was out for a walk and heard raised voices. What were you saying about a signal?"

11/20/2008 #20

(Irindiglo, Bonsoir. I didn't know you were on here.)

Mearad could feel eyes on her as she rose, redfaced. She rose quickly and whirled around to face the person watching her. Something that looked vaguely like a really tall fairy with fluttering wings met her own silver ones. A slow smile spread along her face. The knot of humans remained forgotten until one word caught her attention.

Signal? she thought, What signal?

11/21/2008 #21
Box of Magic

Axum looked nervously around. "So no one heard the signal then?" He looked down and mumbled to himself, "He is controling my thoughts again..."

11/21/2008 . Edited 11/21/2008 #22

"What? Who's controlling you're thoughts? What was the signal for?" Gavin frowned in confusion.

11/21/2008 #23
Box of Magic

Axum cleared his throat again and looked towards the village. "Maybe we should ask if there is anything wrong..."

11/21/2008 #24

Gavin sighed. Obviously he wasn't going to get any answers. "Alright. Let's go."

11/21/2008 #25
Box of Magic

Axum wiped the sweat from his head and took a few steps forward. He felt that something was wrong. The sky became dark in a matter of seconds. Five dark soldiers could be seen on horses charging towards the group. They were still a little ways off so they were able to prepare.

11/21/2008 #26

Gavin noted the darkening sky and the approach of the horsmen and had a feeling it was no coincidence. He drew his sword and got in a fighting stance.

11/21/2008 #27

[Bonjour, Butterfly! Yep I did, lol]

Briua noticed the elf watching her but her attentioned turned to the ones fighting. She decided to take off. So dshe did, accidentally dropping a small firecracker that went off.

11/21/2008 #28
Box of Magic

Axum threw both hands in front of him. There was a silvery glow a few feet ahead.

"That is a shield." he said, "Things we throw at them will be able to harm them but not the other way around. Hopefully it will last."

His hands began to glow. The heat began to rise down his arms until both hands were on fire.

A firecracker dropped from the sky and exploded next to his head. It threw him off his feet and he hit his head on a rock. The shield disappeared.

11/21/2008 . Edited 11/21/2008 #29

Gavin glanced over at him, but didn't have time to ask if he was all right, because the horsemen were upon them.

11/21/2008 #30
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