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"Thank you, Alistair." Cousland kissed him on the cheek. "Come on, let's hurry up and get the ashes so we can get out of here."

Leliana glanced at Daylen, unsure of what to say.

6/14/2010 #2,161

Daylen was already standing on one of the Stone Tablets in the next Room, causing a pathway to form slightly. "A Puzzle." He stated.

6/14/2010 #2,162

"I feel as if a metaphor for friendship is here." Wynne noted with some sarcasm to her voice.

6/14/2010 #2,163

"Or Just Teamwork." Daylen said. "Clearly we must make the bridge and get somebody across."

6/14/2010 #2,164

"I'll get across." Cousland nominated herself.

6/14/2010 #2,165

Zevran headed over to a Stone and got on. Alistair looked around, "What do we need to do?"

6/14/2010 #2,166

When Leliana stepped on a stone, a solid stone formed the first part of the bridge. "Make a bridge." Cousland muttered as she stepped on the first stone part.

6/14/2010 #2,167

Zevran headed over to another, solidifying the second segment.

6/14/2010 #2,168

Cousland stepped forward on the next stone segment. Wynne and Morrigan took their steps on opposite sides. Another segment formed and she stepped on that.

6/14/2010 #2,169

"Almost Across?" Alistair called, moving once more.

6/14/2010 #2,170

"One more, it seems." Cousland called back. Leliana moved around and Cousland finally made it to the end, the whole bridge forming altogether.

6/14/2010 #2,171

Daylen got off of his stone, the bridge remaining, "Looks like it sticks." He said, heading across.

6/14/2010 #2,172

Leliana skipped to the other side. "Good job, guys." Cousland smiled at them.

6/14/2010 #2,173

Daylen looked at Cousland, "See? I told you it was a bad Idea to leave people behind." He said.

6/14/2010 #2,174

"Yeah. Thanks, Daylen." Cousland grinned. "Let's continue on to the next room."

6/14/2010 #2,175

Alistair blinked, seeing the Stairs leading up to a pillar of Light. "Look... it's the urn..." He said, just as the flames leapt up from the floor.

6/14/2010 #2,176

"Except....for....flames." Cousland gulped. "Fire."

( )

6/14/2010 #2,177

(XD Sten's crazy...)

Daylen frowned, "There must be a way through. Just another Test."

6/14/2010 #2,178

There was an altar beside the flames that read, Through only belief can the believers make it through the fire. Release all your defenses and pass through the flames.

"W-what?" Cousland looked shocked. "It's just telling us to take off all of our armor, leave our weapons here, and walk just....through the fire!"

6/14/2010 #2,179

Daylen nodded, "We must rely on faith." He said, "It makes sense." He set down his staff.

6/14/2010 #2,180

Morrigan had already began shedding her robes and staff. Leliana began taking off her armor.

6/14/2010 #2,181

Alistair looked at Cousland with a Shrug, and took off his Pauldron.

Daylen took off his boots and started on his robe.

6/14/2010 #2,182

Cousland sighed slowly as she began taking off her armor and weapons.

6/14/2010 #2,183

Daylen got off his robe and set it down, and blinked, looking warily at the Fire. He stepped forward, going through it.

6/14/2010 #2,184

Leliana and Wynne passed through it, surprised at how painless it was. Morrigan passed, thinking the fire was an illusion.

6/14/2010 #2,185

When Alistair was ready, he went through as well. Zevran had also stripped and went through.

6/14/2010 #2,186

Cousland was the last to pass through, eyes squinted shut when she passed. She blinked as she saw her being uninjured.

The Guardian appeared and the flames disappeared. "Congratulations. You have proven your faith. You may see the ashes of Andraste." He disappeared once more.

6/14/2010 #2,187

Daylen smiled, turning to look at the Stairs. "That was quite the Journey."

6/14/2010 #2,188

"And now is time we see the ashes of Andraste." Cousland put her armor back on. Brother Genitivi (who had been following them around doing what was required of him) smiled.

6/14/2010 #2,189

Daylen turned and grabbed his robes and staff, turning. Alistair started putting his armor back on.

6/14/2010 #2,190
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