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There has been an act of Terrorism in Heartville Rhode Island, and the organization responsible has been identified as the 'Heart Keepers'.

The U.N. must figure out a way to deal with what is possibly the world's most powerful handful of people to ever exist.



1: No Godmodding

2: The only people with Powers are the Heart Keepers and former Heart Keepers, you must pick someone from the list if you want to play as someone with a power.

2b: Ex Villain Inc. 2.0 Characters (who are the exception to this rule) are not authorized. (ask Spear for details)








Super Hero/Villain name:




Love interest:

-----------------------canon characters that appear may include...

Adrian Northman(male): None

The Heart Keepers

Pheolix(female): Hispanic with Empathy and manipulating others emotions.

Patrick(male): Martial arts expert with Weapon Familiarity (Taken by DarkPanther)

Vincent Northman(male): Tall man with Fear inducing eyes. (Taken by Snipersbane)

Samnatha Mains(female): Telepathy (Taken by King Kraze)

Anthony Dascombe(male): Overweight man with Power Replication (Taken by Spearofhope)

Mike McDowd(male): A man that can turn into a sentient sort of goo with Technopathy (needs someone)

Stephanie Franklin(female): Super Speed

Ian Anderson(male): Not too bright guy with Demonic/Lovecraftian Powers (Taken by me)

Charlie Reyhijo(male): Homosexual with the power of Suggestion (Taken by Spearofhope)

Kira (female): Ex-Super villainess with Telekinesis (Taken by King Kraze)

5/15/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #1

(can i RP as Vincent?)

5/15/2010 #2
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: First Lieutenant Roger Fischer


Personality: hard worker and dedicated to his work

Weakness(es): He's only human

Weapon: M-4 carbine, Glok pistol, combat knife, flash-bangs, hand grenades, and a katana.

Group: Bleeding Hearts (Special Forces unit created by the U.N. to deal with the Heart Keepers).

Love interest: none

5/15/2010 . Edited 5/15/2010 #3

(Love Interest is who they like, not what their sexuality is)

5/15/2010 #4
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer


5/15/2010 #5

(To quote Carly Simon, nobody does it better (Than Meph). If you don't mind, may I?)

Name: Anthony Dascombe

Appearance: Long Messy Hair, medium height, flat face, overweight.

Personality: Cold, analytical, and distant.

Weakness(es): Personality, phobias, and really anything that can kill a regular human

Super Hero/Villain name: Sometimes called The Detective

Power: Mimicry

Weapon: Sometimes he has a sidearm

Group: Heart Keepers

Love interest: None

(Is this intended to be more of a Spiritual Successor, or is it more along the lines of... like... part of *Air Quotes* Canon?)


Name: Charlie Reyhijo

Appearance: His appearance has changed over the years. No more is the Quiet smiling confidence of the old Charlie. Instead, his features are pocked with world-weary, worn looking imperfections; his eyes are dim and his eyelids heavy; the corners of his mouth no longer rise. Every once in a while, a flicker of that old Charlie will come through, and it will be distantly glorious and may imbue some hope. But the shadow will pass over his face again, and it will be forgotten. To look into his eyes is to look into a man who has seen through the hastily thrown out cardboard backdrop of Shakespears' world-wide stage, and not liked what he saw at all.

Personality: After Charlie was captured by Diamond Trifeca Industries, tested upon and finally used as a host for a combination of both his and the late Donnie Byrne's powers, the boy slowly began to wear down and lose his joy in life. A day came not long after (he remembers the date, and 'celebrates' it each year with a stiff drink) when he could no long laugh or routinely smile.

Weakness(es): Anything that can kill a regular person, directly confronting him.

Super Hero/Villain name: None. Through an unknown means, the news media was able to uncover his true identity.

Power: Power of suggestion - perpetual believability. A cousin of Vincent's power; by looking into someone's eyes, they will believe anything he says. He has lost confidence in himself, and therefore that power does not work three quarters of the time. From Donnie, he has random bursts of foresight, and occasionally has nauseating, frightening and confusing glimpses through the fourth wall.

Weapon: A revolver.

Group: The Heart Keepers

Love interest: He really likes Vincent.


Name: Brent

Appearance: For starters, you'll have to envision a variety of cloths, like desert wrappings, light tan, Grey, brown or dark red, all muted in color. A multitude of these strips of cloths, no longer than three inches wide or five feet long, float around Brent's body eternally, obscuring him utterly. defining his figure is a foot-wide cloth wrapped around his waste, gloves, and boots - those are the only things ever visible. On his face, the wrappings do not move and are merely bound, his eyes covered by a pair of goggles. Beneath the cloths, he wears loose leggings, and his upper body and arms are bare.

Personality: The fact is that Brent can change his personality to suit whoever he is with. Typically, he is successful in gauging others, and uses this to his benefit. Therefore, no clear 'picture' of his personality can be known. however, it could be surmised that he is very Driven and Ambitions, and calculating.

Weakness(es): Brent's life typically rests upon a web of lies. Take a sword to that web...

Super Hero/Villain name: Fifteen was his original codename, and it stuck. Others have been given, though.

Power: Telekenisis of a powerful level

Weapon: The very clothes floating around his body.

Group: Leader of Villains INC

Love Interest: his love appears to be power, but love has a way of kicking douchebags in the ass from time to time.

5/15/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #6

When do we begin?

5/15/2010 #7

(I originally was going to have it be a spiritual successor, but now I don't really know.)

(When ever works.)

Name: Private Peter Jones


Personality: Observant, but very much like that of a normal person that survived military training.

Weakness(es): He's only human

Weapon: M-4 carbine, 9mm Pistol, combat knife, flash-bangs, hand grenades.

Group: Bleeding Hearts (Special Forces unit created by the U.N. to deal with the Heart Keepers).


Name: Lucy Livingston

Appearance: Blue eyed blond, slender figure, business dress.

Personality: Relatively calm.

Weakness: Anything that can kill a human, anything that can tempt a human. Her arrogance could be used against her if someone knows how to play her right.

Super Hero/Villain name: 'The Money', a joke code name given to her by the Heart Keepers.

Weapon: Sidearm

Group: Owner of Macrosoft, a multi-billion dollar company.

5/15/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #8
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Yay! A subordinate!)

5/15/2010 #9

(should we wait for more? I'm ready now, if you want.)

5/15/2010 #10
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Yeah I'm ready too.)

5/15/2010 #11

(We should wait, yes...but do we want to?)

5/15/2010 #12
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Doesn't matter to me.)

5/15/2010 #13

I don't know, what can we really do with just us?)

5/15/2010 #14

(Nothing really.)

5/15/2010 #15

(That's our answer, isn't it?

Unless the soldiers could be chasing after Anthony, or something. I don't know..)

5/15/2010 #16
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I do whatever you guys do.)

5/15/2010 #17

(Is this it?)

5/19/2010 #18

(Seems so...)

(Sniper, Mecha. Once you two have figured out who should play Vincent, please put up the profile....please.)


"With that said and done, I'm suprised we all managed to survive this long." a deep voice said. "Maybe it's my lack of understanding how everyone got to where they, I'm so stupid."

-outside the building this was happening in....

Peter was waiting for the sniper to give them to 'Go ahead.'

5/20/2010 . Edited 5/27/2010 #19

(Who's in the building, the supers?)

5/27/2010 #20

(Ah...yeah. Though it could only be 1.)

5/27/2010 . Edited 5/27/2010 #21
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Roger was waiting for the sniper also. He was basically their eyes and ears.

5/27/2010 #22


There was three people and a cellphone on the table.

5/27/2010 #23
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"Have you spotted them yet?" Roger asked over the radio.

5/27/2010 #24

"The conversation indicates there are four people in the room. I'm only picking up three."

(We need more people.)

5/27/2010 #25
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer


"Understood," Roger said.

5/27/2010 #26

(Definitely... how should I come in?)

5/27/2010 #27

(Be either one of the three or the person on the phone?)

5/27/2010 . Edited 5/27/2010 #28

(ooh, good idea)

Anthony paced silently in another dark room on the other side of town, "Don't be so optimistic. They probably have found you, and are just biding their time. They are serious this time, and if they really believe we're behind the event, then they will not stop at anything.

5/27/2010 #29

((I'm calling very old ownership on this one here.))

Name: Vincent Northman

Appearance: Hastily cut red hair, average build, somewhat tall. Angular features, green eyes. Scrubbish clothing.

Personality: Easily angered, hides emotions, rude. Intermittently friendly.

Weakness(es): Temper, anything that can kill a human, anything that could blind him.

Super Hero/Villain name: No real hero name, but villain names have been coming easily to the papers.

Power: Fear Induction

Weapon: Pretty good at street fighting but doesn't usually carry a weapon.

Group: Heart Keepers

Love interest: None


"Yeah, so what? Soon as I see 'em they just run anyways," Vincent argued, sitting down heavily. He switched the phone to his other ear, wiping his forehead with his sleeve. Spending time running from the government and fighting when he couldn't was taking it's tole. Sweat pants accompanied the plain white shirt he wore, the sleeves rolled up hastily and the buttons mismatched.

When was the last time he'd really relaxed?

"Listen, just how many are we talking about this time?"

5/28/2010 #30
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