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It was a bustling town but for some reason, it seems to be closed off from the rest of the world and no body except a few townspeople are there. As if it was nearly abandoned. This town would've been a lovely vacation town happens to be infested with demonic creatures and religious evil with a strange otherworld to it. It's called Silent Hill.

Why did you end up in Silent Hill? What kind of sins have you committed? Are you looking for someone or something? Or are you just passing through? You can even have a character from the past games but don't bring them in randomly without having a good idea why they'd come back. And don't destroy the time continuum by killing off James or something, mkay? ;)

(If you join, have SOME knowledge about Silent Hill. Don't come in with no idea what Silent Hill is.)

Courtesy of Spear, a complete map of Silent Hill.




Reason for coming to Silent Hill and how did you hear about Silent Hill?:





(Have fun.)

5/31/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #1
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I've never played any of the Silent Hill games but I at least know that the town is f***ed up beyond belief, and there's these triangle headed guys with huge swords. Can I come in?)

5/31/2010 #2

Name: Meredith Sanger

Age: 32

Sex: Female/Straight/Widowed

Reason for coming to Silent Hill and how did you hear about Silent Hill?: She got a strange phone call from her dead daughter Olivia and decided to investigate.

Appearance: Short blond hair to her chin with a reddish tint to them. She has big hazel eyes. Her outfit is really just a black sweater with a comfortable button up white shirt underneath, dark denim jeans, and black fashionable boots.

Personality: She's calm but can get easily irritated. After her husband and daughter's death, she grew depressed and seemed to be more distant and detatched from everyone. She even slit her wrists once in a suicide attempt. It failed and she grew more and more depressed.

Occupation: She was a writer but her depression caused a massive writer's block.

Bio: She was happily married 12 years prior to the start of the RP. Her daughter was born a year later. They lived in bliss but a tragedy happened three years ago. Their two story house burned down to the ground while she visited her Mother out of state. Her husband and her daughter died in the fire. Her husband inhaled too much smoke and her daughter was burned alive. Ever since then, she's struggling with life itself. Then she got the eerie phone call from her daughter telling her to go to Silent Hill. Without any further thought, she drove there hoping to find answers.

5/31/2010 #3

(Meh, why not. Go ahead. I guess I'll fill you in with the details when the time comes.)

5/31/2010 #4

(Based on the film universe?)

5/31/2010 #5

(The game universe.)

5/31/2010 #6
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: Roger McBane

Age: 32

Sex: male

Reason for coming to Silent Hill and how did you hear about Silent Hill?: Roger received an e-mail from a friend who had been dead for ten years.

Appearance: 6' 2", short brown hair that comes down a little bit to his nose, has a beard.

Personality: Was once a happy fun loving guy until he saw his friend die when he was in the military.

Occupation: Ex-soldier, now a police officer.

Bio: Roger was a soldier during the war in Iraq. He and his friend were getting ready to go on leave when their base was attacked by militants. His friend was shot and killed instantly. After his contract was up, Roger joined the police force and continued living his life in quiet solitude. One day he got an e-mail from his friend. Roger figured it was a sick joke and deleted it. The day after more e-mails came all of them urging him to go to Silent Hill. He decided to go there to see why his long dead friend told him to go there.

5/31/2010 #7

(But you said it was closed after a fire.)

5/31/2010 #8

Name: Samuel Gage

Age: 22

Sex: male

Reason for coming to Silent Hill and how did you hear about Silent Hill?: He was told to go there by an odd force. One day, as he slept, he dreamed that something pulled off his fingers, but then he woke up and they were still there. However, ever since then, he grew pale, his eyes turned from bright blue to a darker shade. The creature who called him was a dark being that dwelled in a suit of armor which called itself Iblis.

Appearance: Sam is a tall, pale man, very muscular and has black hair and dark blue eyes. He usually wears a white wifebeater shirt, jeans and sneakers. As he stays longer in Silent Hill, he slowly becomes one of the strongest monsters present due to the creature in the armor's influence

Personality: a little apathetic, he can find it in himself to care sometimes. He seems to be a bit perverted, and seems to have a high opinion of himself

Occupation: a stock clerk

5/31/2010 #9

(Fuuccccccc..... Ok, I knew something was strange. I'll go change it. Owen, you're accepted.)

6/1/2010 #10
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer


6/1/2010 #11

(VJ, have you ever played or watched Silent Hill? The whole armor thing....doesn't work like that in Silent Hill.)

6/1/2010 #12

(Revival. Anyone else?)

6/2/2010 #13

(woooooooooooh SILENT HILLLL.)

Name: Mason blade



Reason for coming to Silent Hill and how did you hear about Silent Hill?: Mason has come to Silent hill to find his parents who dissapeared on the eve of his 18th birthday. the only thing he found was a note *dear mason I know we should be there for your birthday but there was something that couldn't wait if you need us we'll be wait for you in silent hill.

Appearance: dark brown hair slightly orange eyes wears a black flak jacket and blue demin jeans

Personality: calm and collected not the good kind though the kind that just feels wrong.

Occupation: N/a was going to join the army in 3 months

Bio:(nevewr been good a bios.) Mason is the kind of person who takes everything in his stride and on the surface he appeares to be calm ready for anything but in truth he's hiding a dark dark past.

6/3/2010 #14

(Accepted. Pretty cool.)

6/3/2010 #15

(I'll be utilizing the typical traits common in all Silent Hill Protagonists)

Name: Alan Grinder (Catchy, simple and masculine name)

Age: 28

Sex: Male (Almost always)

Reason for coming to Silent Hill and how did you hear about Silent Hill?: Not by his own accord. He was travelling down the state highway after being fired when he hit a detour sign. The Detour brought him to Toluca lake, where his car ran out of gas. He is now hiking down the road to find someone to help.

Appearance: A light blue button shirt under a gray jacket.

Personality: Master of the Dull surprise. Like all Silent Hill protagonists, he's often singleminded, and distantly apathetic. He often overlooks obvious facts, like climbing over waist-high barriers, or sticking with the other people he finds, which means he's alone at least eighty percent of the time.

Catchphrase: "What's going on here?" (Other classics - "What the hell?" (Henry), "Have you seen my Daughter?" (Harry), "I need to find Joshua." (Alex))

Occupation: (Unspecified.)

Bio: Born and raised in Ashfield, a town not too far from Silent Hill. He remembered his parents going there on vacation, but has no memory of that place. He was an only child, and he never had that many friends.

(He seems too normal to be a Silent Hill character? No Dark and troubled Past? Who do you think I am! I already know all the twists and turns of his psyche. I've got it all planned out.)

6/3/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #16

(The catchphrase part is beautiful. Accepted. We can start.)

6/3/2010 #17

Alan Grinder walked down the road towards the observation deck, seeing lights in the distance. He glanced around slowly. I need to get some gas, or at least call a Tow truck...

(While Ittalics typically stand for thoughts, in this roleplay, they'll be the text the player reads at the bottom of the screen.)

6/3/2010 #18

(I love you Spear. Should that just go for anyone RPing this one?)

Meredith checked her watch. 10:21 a.m. It should've read somewhere along the lines of 7 p.m. She flicked her watch and looked at it hopeless. "Broken again..." She muttered to herself as she glanced up. The ceiling of her car wasn't the most reassuring sight here. She had to look for her daughter. If it was really her daughter.

She stepped out of the car and looked around. This place was dead quiet. Where was everyone else? Being sort of a vacation spot, she expected to see people here. She had only been here once, a five years ago. Even then she didn't care for the place.

6/3/2010 #19

(XD, sure, that sounds good. Que slow tempo rhythmic bass beats, coupled with equally slow and repeating snare drum beats.)

Alan reached the Overlook, and looked around. There was a bathroom, a parking lot, and some benches. On a bench, was a driver's license, Keys, and a flashlight. The batteries are dead... who would leave these things here? Maybe there's someone in the bathroom. Alan headed into the Men's room slowly.

6/3/2010 #20

(Marry me. xD)

She sighed slowly. "Alright. Time to look for people." She turned and began walking in an almost linear fashion towards her car. Obtained a Flashlight, a switchblade, and a granola bar. That should keep me safe for a while. At least I can eat the granola bar when I get hungry. She turned 90 degrees and began walking to the bench. It overlooked Lake Toluca.

6/3/2010 #21

(I will join. I will join, got it!? I know...I mean, it's not like I'm too disturbed by Silent Hill 1 to finish it tonight. Nah. I mean, how bad could it be?


I'm finishing the game tonight, no matter how late into the night I'm cringing. I'll post a character tomorrow if I'm not all frayed.)

6/3/2010 #22

(Tell me if you feel the same way when I say this: I've got to go D: I'm sorry....)

"Hello?Hello..." He said into the Male restroom, and glanced around. He walked to the back wall, checking the empty toilet stall. Nothing to see here... He walked out, and turned, stopping in front of the women's door. I can't go in there. If someone in there left this stuff, they'll get it when they come out. Alan started back down the road, seeing something in the distance. It looked like a car had crashed...

6/3/2010 #23

(Hells yeah Sniper! I just beat the 1st Silent Hill again last night. Damn, it's such a gooood game. Dammit Spear! Always getting out of commitments.)

Meredith glanced around awkwardly. She had to find someone to ask for information. "Hello?" She called out. "Anyone?"

6/3/2010 #24


Alan slowed to a stop, gazing ahead. He could see someone calling. He began to walk again, slowly, heading in that direction. (We've crossed into a Cutscene now.)

He lifted a hand as he approached her slowly, "Excuse me..." he said in response, looking at the woman.

6/3/2010 #25

(Cutscene now? Spear....)

Meredith looked at him surprised. "Finally, another person in this place." She crossed her arms.

6/3/2010 #26

(Lol, yeah? Sorry, am I treating it too much like the game?)

He eyed the woman, wondering why she had been calling so loudly. Was there nobody else around? "Do you... know where we are?"

6/3/2010 #27

(Nah, now you have to marry me. That's all. xD)

Meredith glanced around. "Y-yeah. Some town called Silent Hill." She scratched the back of her head.

6/3/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #28

(Oh, well if you insist XD)

He looked to his left, "Silent Hill..." he said, slowly turning his head to look back at her. "Have you seen a gas station, or someone with a phone...?"

6/3/2010 #29

"You can use my phone if you want." She reached to her backpocket and pulled out her cellphone. Meredith glanced at it then frowned. " can't pick up anything."

6/3/2010 #30
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