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(Continued from Part 1:

The Cliques:

The Preps: A group of self-obsessed Kids in high Style with sleek bods and rich parents. They tend to be obsessed with beating down on the Greasers, their polar opposites.

The Jocks/Cheerleaders: The Varsity Elite of Montworth, They are mostly made up of bastards who love both 1., to cause physical pain to others and 2., the constant praise/criticism/sexual abuse of the Coaches, and Bitches who love to engage in tons of school Gossip and show their panties from under cheer skirts. They have a particular enmity with the Nerds and the Goths/Emos, choosing to pick on them all the time.

The Greasers: Macho guys with leather Jackets, grease-slicked hair, bikes and switchblades, they'd look out of place anywhere but Montworth. They almost always fight the Preps.

Houston's Greasers: The Group of Greasers that sided with their original Leader, Houston Avery.

Tim's Greasers: The Group of Greasers that Sided with their opinionated new Leader from Empire City, Tim Messenger. Named Members:

Dan's Greasers: The Group of Greasers that Sided with the Pacifist placeholder Dan Vance

The Punks: Those who subscribe to the Punk movement that started in the early nineties, these are strong-minded people with a very anti-conformatist style of Dress. They have a distinct what-could-be-called 'Alliance' with the Goth and Emo Kids, and certain ideoligies sometimes mix with the Greaser group. Their distinct world views causes them to become protectors in any situation they find themselves in. They are fierce enemies of the Jocks, Preps and Bullies.

The Bullies: Jackasses who long ago descided to fail and have made an effort to make their failures as Dramatic and Pronounced as possible. They have angry pasts with no outlets other than beating up uninvolved parties. These parties are usually comprised of Nerds, Emo/Goths, and ocaisionally the weaker punks, and have on occaisions been known to hang out with Jocks or even take orders from Preps.

The Emo/Goths; obsessed with all things morbid and Macabre, these people are almost as a rule depressed and have little initiative to be anything other than Victims. They are usually picked on by Bullies, Jocks and Preps, and are often Protected by the Punks. they have occaisionally become communaly outraged at another group, however.

The Nerds: Montworth Contains a group that stands as the Apotheosis of all Nerd groups - a group of straight A students, Dungeons and Dragons Players, future scientists, mathemeticians and Chemists, and overall dorks. They are incessantly picked on by Jocks and Bullies to an extreme extent.

The Invisibles: The School's Casteless, these students have not conformed to any group whatsoever. They are considered Second-class Citizens and never spoken to by those in Cliques, but are often beaten up by Jocks, bullies, ect.. The prefer to remain annonymous and try to avoid such conflicts, but they are occaisionally pulled in. They constitute over 40 percent of the School's Students.

(Character Sheet - repost your old characters, you don't have to make any changes, but update if you want)







Personal History:



How you came to this School:






The Story begins in Status Quo 1, which introduces a School named Montworth Boarding School in the town of Montworth, Conneticut, whose student body was badly divided into cliques. The story exists in a fictional universe that many roleplays take place in - it is a universe where the supernatural exists and is publicly known and is ingrained in a contemporary world, but is limited to certain locations, meaning the people of Montworth do not have to deal with it. The focus of the first roleplay was on the Greasers and the Preps, who clashed repeatedly. Leading the greasers was Houston Avery, whose second-in-command was Alice, and was close friends with Darry, a former Greaser who had graduated. The Preps were led by Tad. The major conflict and climax began with Houston, who many believed had feelings for Alice, working with a Jock who wanted to date her, to get them together. This led Alice to beat the Jock (Greg) up after he attacked an Emo.

After this beating, Greg could no longer play football, which led Doug Swallow, an ambitious member of the team, to take over the jocks. Alice was arrested for this, and led a riot of the prisoners, burning down a great deal of the town, and by those actions killing 40 people and getting in a motorcycle wreck, losing an arm. She became a drunk and was not seen again for some time. It was at this time that the supernatural was revealed to the wider world, and after a field trip to School city, the American center of the supernatural, Montworth had a brief exposure to vampirism before being put down before much damage could occur, or before more than a few people could learn about it. Afterwards, two students named Zoe and Boone began interacting with Houston, and Finally, Houston Decided to end the problems that the Montworth students faced by burning the school down. for reasons that are still uncertain, he killed Alice, and with Greg and Darry's help, burned down the school. As he did so, he saw their Principal, drunk and raving, talking about 'them', and how they were unstoppable. Before he could clarify what that meant, Principal Raginson jumped out of the building and died. Nobody was caught for any of these crimes, and the students were split up.

After the fire, the majority of the students went to Empire City High School, a regular school in Ohio. Houston and Zoe went to Rhode island, while Greg, Boone and Swallow went to School City. At Empire, The greasers began to factionalize - three groups formed: Those who wanted to follow the Absent Houston, those who stuck with Tim Messenger, who kept the group very isolated from the general populace, and those who hung with Dan Vance, a pacifist Greaser who wanted to keep things cool. Meanwhile, the Preps became more modern, and Doug Swallow became determined to hold his position. When Montworth was rebuilt, the people were brought back together, under a new Principal, Mrs. Johnson, who wanted to get to the root of the clique issues.

Since the beginning of Status Quo 2, much has happened. The Greasers split officially into three dangerously split groups, and the Principal ordered the students to write an essay every week until someone could answer her question: "Why is the clique-ism so tense here?". Furthermore, Tad became a bit of a chessmaster, and began working behind the scenes to end Johnson's assignment and come out on top again, by uniting the Preps, Jocks and Nerds, nutralizing the Punks and Emos, and making the Greasers and Bullies out to be the bad guys. He had the Nerds write the essays in return for payment and perks. Meanwhile, Alice somehow came back from the dead, and has supprisingly joined with Houston again. Tim Messenger has decided to get rid of Houston, by burning down Harrington House, the Prep's hang out spot, and framing Houston. He has become more and more dangerous, and seems to be losing his mind. Finally, Boone and Zoe have given up on being activists, and are trying to become invisibles, while Tad has seemingly succesfully taken care of the punks in this manner. Zoe's brother Remmy, who betrayed her years ago to become a prep, is working for Tad to answer the question. Together, with meredith's help (A nerd who became friends with Wyath, a prep who was burned in the fire), they uncovered what seems to be something controlling the people of Montworth, to keep them complacent and ignorant of the trouble in town.

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Name: Houston Avery

Age: 17?

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Group: Greasers (Original leader)

Appearance: Black Leather jacket over the School white polo shirt and Jeans, he has greased black hair and tanned olive skin. He's got a few small scars on his face and is fairly muscular.

Personal History: He doesn't talk all that much about his History or Family, but it is known that he grew up in New Coventry, barely got into school on a Scholarship, and mentioned once that he didn't know his parents very well. However, once he arrived at Montworth he was taken under the Wing of Darry, then leader of the Greasers. When Darry Graduated he became the leader and has done his best to take care of the Greasers. After a long string of losses for the greasers followed by an incresingly unstable world and the blurring of team lines, Houston burned down the school with Darry and Greg's help, after killing former Greaser Alice in cold blood. He was then moved to Rhode Island for a short time with his Foil Zoe, but has now returned. He is dating Cindy Langston.

Personality: When in charge of his Greasers and when everything is Agreeable, Houston can be cocky, reckless, funny, overbearing, and full of innuendo. But once things started to go downhill for him, he kind of entered what many would be shocked to see was a very real depression - looking down on all the efforts of those around him and very overserious. His trademark exprecion is a Grinace - a mix between a Grin and a Grimace.

Family: None spoken of.

How you came to this School: By Scholarship, nothing else is known.

Friends: Darry, Greg, all the Greasers, sort of Zoe

Enemies: Tad, Swallow, the Preps.

Other: Carries a Switchblade.


Name: Boone Cameron

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Group: Goths/Emo

Appearance: Long dark blonde hair that he thinks is too dark for him, gaunt features. he's not exactly tall but he is fairly thin. He is not pale, but not tanned. He wears loose t-shirts that are never black but usually rather dark. He also wears Jeans. He doesn't go for the Whole emo attire thing, but he can act like one.

Personal History: Boone's Parents were very busy people, both working multiple jobs to support their fairly large family. They were rarely there for him, having Four children to take care of they couldn't handle much work. He grew up reliying for support from outside sources, which is where he met Zoe. They Met in elementary school and were close friends. As Boone grew older he became more upset by how his parents weren't close with him, so he took it out on himself and others. When his parents realised there was little they could do for him, they sent him to Montworth Private School in Conneticut. Luckily, Zoe was sent there too.

At montwort, he stayed out of the cliques by sticking with Zoe, but over time they essentially assumed to be members of their specific group - Boone considered an Emo, Zoe a Punk. Still, he tried to stay out of all of the conflict until Zoe developed an interest in one of the Clique leaders, Houston. That lasted only a day, as it spurred Houston to (although nobody knows), burn down the school. Afterwards, Zoe and Boone were split up, with Boone ending up transferred to school City, while Zoe was sent to a school in Rhode island. They made desperate attempts to see each other, and finally began dating. Now, they are able to be reunited at Montworth.

Personality: Doesn't really show much of a nice...likeable side except under very rare circumstance. He's fiercely Protective of his best friend Zoe, and that can cause conflicts, but aside from that he's fairly agreeable. When not around zoe or Preocuppied, he becomes very Depressed, but around her he can act as a foil and keep her from doing some dumb things.

Family: Richard Cameron Sr. (Father)Jill Cameron (mother), Richard Cameron Jr.(brother), Nick Cameron (brother), Elizabeth Cameron (Sister)

How you came to this School: Parents sent him here.

Friends: Zoe, Nelly, Hellen, Bones, Greg (sort of), Emo/Goths

Enemies: Swallow


Name: Theodore 'Tad' Anderson

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Orientation: God only knows what the hell this guy is.

Group: Undisputed Leader of the Preps

Appearance: Tad has taken a great lesson from the stylish people in Empire city, ditching his Sweater Vests and polos of the olden days and switching to a more modern attire - not as radical as the female Preps changes, but still noticable. He now tends to wear button shirts, 'Graphic Tee's' as the store calls them, jeans and sneakers. He also changed his hair style, and it is now feathered, and a shade lighter. He is still, though, as always, tall, clean shaven, and imperially slim. He seems to always carry himself with a certain dignity one would think has been lost from this world.

Personal History: Theodore Anderson, born Patrick Theodore Anderson (yes, a seventeen year old kid got his parent's permission to change his name), has been raised since day one to become one of the main individuals in finance and business itself, and is the sole heir to the aptly named 'Anderson Fortune', and is privately going to be worth over a billion dollars after turning 18. Why, then, was Tad sent to the lowest of all ivy-leage bound boarding schools (yes, one or two students have gotten in)? Specifically because of the Cliques. His father was so delighted that a real world testing of all of his son's commanding abilities existed, he signed him up immediately.

Personality: Tad has a magnetic personality, something that he is proud to be able to change easily. He seems to control every action to correspond to a calculated direction he wants a conversation to take. He's clever, and he always appears smooth and prepared, at least always has so far. He's a manipulator, it seems - but somehow occaisionally seems genuine. Whether this is a sign of his actual personality, or whether he is just that good, is unknown.

Family: Reginald Anderson, Father, Violet Carcer, Mother. Suprisingly enough, they are actually divorced. Tad doesn't seem to mind.

How you came to this School: Sent here by his father in order to teach him how to manage others - in fact his father approves of the group dynamic here at montworth.

Friends: While maintaining a Charles Manson-esque manipulative grip on his Preps, Tad has also cultivated allies in the upper echelons of the Jocks, Bullies and even Nerds.

Enemies: Tad's nemesis is Houston Avery, leader of the Greasers. He dislikes Zoe Torone's Tenacity and wants to put down the Punks and Emos, along with the Greasers first and foremost. He is incredibly wary of Tim Messenger's wild card status and hopes to deal with him first.



Name: Darry

Age: 24 or so

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Group: Greaser Elder

Appearance: A little over Average Weight, Darry wears Tank Tops and Leather Jackets, and Jeans or Sweatpants if he feels like it. He keeps his hair slicked back with grease, and it's about down to the Base of his neck. He smiles a lot.

Personal History: Darry will always be quick to tell you how his dad was the best Car Dealer in Cinema City before Darry was sent off to Montworth, and that his Mom was the proud mother of Three kids. Despite what some would consider their abandonment of him at the age of 13 to the building of Montworth, he still harbours great admiration for them. He practically founded the Greaser Gang as it is known today, and taught Houston everything he knew about being a leader and, of course, maintaining a bike. He graduated and got a Job as a Mechanic during the day and a Bouncer on weekends, and lives comfortably in a house he bought at an auction.

Personality; Darry has a strong love for Movies and will often quote them, and in fact usually has a quote in mind for any particular situation, which can be helpful or annoying as hell. He believes that the Cliques can do some good, and is a generally kind guy, and even a father figure of sorts.

Family: A Father, Mother and Two siblings in Cinema City.

How you came to this School: Sent by parents at the age of 13

Friends: Houston, the Greaser Gang, Formerly Alice, Greg, Zoe in a way, Boone

Enemies: none, really.


Name: Kaillie Amerstain-Hapstz

Age: 16 (Actually 15 and 3/4ths)

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight

Group: Punks

Appearance: Kaillie usually wears a black (I don't know the word, the material is just sort of tough fabric) jacket covered in abrasive Patches of all colors and sizes, a dominating 'Ramones' one covering the entire back of her jacket. She wears tight fitting green Jeans, and keds. She wears her hair short and done up with a whole lot of Hair Gel. Her face is unmolested by Piercings, 'cause they scare her.

Personal History: Kaillie Was raised by liberal parents who instilled the distinct Idea that 'the world and everyone in charge is wrong' (A/n I'm not anti Liberal at all, mind you). That is the main reason why, when sent to Montworth because her parents abhored the Public school system, she became a punk. However, the real reason of her rescent admission to Montworth (less than a year ago) is due to her parents getting in a messy divorce. She has been hidden from it, but secretly knows, and is torn up inside about it. However she does not let it show.

Personality: She took the moral views to heart, but not the Rebellious nature of the Punk Caste in full. She is too kind to truly show hate for the system, but she does her best. She is a lover of all things Love, and will probably break down if she doesn't have a date by Valentine's day. She is supprisingly flimsy for a Punk, but when it comes to her parents divorce, she is remarkably strong willed - hiding it even from best friends.

Family: Elizabeth Amerstain, Mother. Daniel Hapstz, father.

How you came to this School: Sent by parents due to their divorce.

Friends: Zoe, Boone, Bones, all the punks and emos. She tries to be friends with Alex.

Enemies: None - she is always a conciencious objector.

Other: She'd probably be a prep if she were a bit dumber.


Name: Dan Vance

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Orientation: He wisely keeps his sexuality away from Leadership and brotherhood

Group: Greasers, a leader

Appearance: Dan has longish light brown hair that made darker by grease, and he wears a brown leather Jacket over a long-sleeved tan button shirt. He wears Jeans and sneakers. He has pale blue eyes and gentle features.

Personal History: Born, bred and raised on Montworth, Dan Vance has always known that he would graduate from Montworth, and calmly slipped into the Greaser Clique. He took part in only a few rumble and seemed like a stranger to Most Greasers when they moved. The moving to Empire City was physically and mentally jarring to Dan, leading him to step up to a place of leadership in the greasers, protecting them in that hard time. When they returned, he fully intended to step down and return Houston to Power, but when a schism was started, many Greasers decided to stick with him.

Personality: Dan is supprisingly Pacafistic and calm for a Greaser, taking little joy out of fighting. This trait gave him support in Empire city among greasers who didn't want to cause conflict with the Significantly Tougher administration. It also helps him in the Greaser Blood Feud, making him the most likely to come out on top despite not fighting at all. In person, he speaks smoothely and sadly, with a certain appreciation for others feelings rarely found in greasers. In fact, he doesn't seem much like a greaser at all, but he is - the concept of strong Brotherhood and Loyalty is what won him over.

Family: Mother, father, 2 siblings (both Nerds)

How you came to this School: From Montworth

Friends: Donnie, his Greasers, and several other students including more than a couple invisibles.

Enemies: Houston, Tim, but he won't act on it, and the Preps, which he may.

Other: none.


(Everything is respectively)

Name: Kenneth 'Peanut' Banks and Peter Dalyson

Age(s): 16 and 15

Sex: Male

Orientation: Obnoxiously Straight and probably straight.

Group: Greasers (houston's Gang, pretty much.)

Appearance: Peanut is a very ugly young Man. his most notable feature is his shortness, which is significant. he is stubby and has chubby cheeks. He has a large nose and a good deal of acne, and his Face is so greasy that he could slick back his hair by running a cloth over his forehead and then through his hair (but he actually uses hair products for that.) Pete, on the other hand, is rather tall and thin, making them both look even more so their height. He has puffy blonde hair that makes him look like a dork in the morning before he greases it down.

Personal History: Peanut was born in New Jersey to a couple of uncouth yet wealthy industrialists. He grew up with his Cousin Pete - Pete and his father (Peanut's Maternal uncle) lived with Peanut's parents. They were both sent to Montworth when they became old enough, and were shunned by the Preps for being Industrialist's children instead of Big-business Stock market player's Children. They became Greasers more out of hatred for Preps than desire to be Greasers, but soon found a very comfortable niche as the inseperable trope, 'Those two other guys'.

Personality: Peanut can be obnoxious and up front, usually calling people out for some percieved wrongdoing when they haven't done anything wrong - this is probably a result of the harsh welcome he recieved at the hands of the Preps. Pete, on the other hand, rarely talks or expresses himself at all, and merely follows Peanut around. He can talk, but pretty much choose not to.

Family: Peanut's Father is a Wealthy Industrialist and his mother is a trophy wife. Pete's father is a drunk and his mom left him.

How you came to this School: Sent by family.

Friends: The Greasers - Donnie, Houston, Darry, Dan and Alice

Enemies: The Preps

Other: N/a

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Name: Zoe Torone

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight

Group: A punk who is trying to become an invisible.

Appearance: Zoe has blond hair in a reverse bob cut, and wears plain clothes, and no jewelry. She is struggling to become an invisible. She's average height, and thin.

Personal History: Zoe Torone was a punk. While she likes to claim that she isn't affected by the cliques, she despises jocks and cheerleaders, and her friends are all goths and punks. She can't seem to help it. She witnessed a Greaser kill someone, and then was split up from her best friend Boone Cameron when the school was burned down, and promptly left her school to go visit him, after professing her love over the phone. They tried to get Boone's school switched, and then discovered that they'd be back together in Montworth anyways. Now, however, she and Boone are trying to become invisibles.

Personality: Zoe is usually very excitable and energetic, but also stubborn and rash. She's protective of Boone, and he stops her from getting into too much trouble.

Family: She lives with her mother, who goes through a long line of husbands, (currently in the midst of a divorce with her sixth.) Due to this, her mother has acrued a large amount of wealth. Zoe manages to charm all of her fathers though, so often travels to see them whenever it's convenient. She has a younger half brother who she never speaks of, a 16 year old prep who doesn't even share her last name.

How you came to this School: She came from School City, although she was in Rhode Island first.

Friends: Boone, Bones, and many other goths and punks.

Enemies: Jocks, preps, Cheerleaders.

Other: She is dating Boone Cameron.


Name: Doug Swallow

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Group: Jocks/Bullies (leader of the Jocks)

Appearance: Doug is tall and fit, with dark brown hair and greenish eyes. He wears his letter-man jacket almost constantly, and is considered handsome by most of the girls in the school. While he isn't nearly as strong as Greg had been, he is more intelligent, and can manipulate the larger jocks into doing his bidding quite easily.

Personal History: He was always waiting for his chance to usurp Greg, and it finally came when the head of the football team received an injury that made him pass out with too much exertion. However, soon the school was burned, and he was sent to School City, where he had tons of bad luck and magical terrors. Now he's back, and hoping to assume his throne, especially since Greg had vanished entirely.

Personality: Cruel, calculating, and cocky.

Family: A father and a mother who loved his older brother (who is in college) way too much, and a sister in middle school.

Friends: He counts no one as a friend, only minions.

Enemies: Houston, Greg, Zoe, basically anyone who he does not feel he can benefit from their presence.



Name: Remmy Hartford

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Orientation: Bi, although he isn't public about it, and claims he's straight.

Group: Preps

Appearance: A short, slightly pudgy boy with neatly combed blond hair, and typical prep apparel. He has blue eyes, and a nose that looks very similar to one of a certain punk.

Personal History: Remmy quickly established himself as a prep, knowing the only other option would be a nerd or an emo, two things he did not want to be at all. He soon forgot his reason, however, and soon fell into the prep habit of being, generally, a huge prick.

Personality: Very full of himself, a compulsive liar, and an ass.

Family: His mother, ever changing fathers, and his half sister. Unlike Zoe, none of his various fathers seem to like Remmy. He's a momma's boy, and because of this is able to ask her for all of the various props he needs to be a prep. While Zoe rides the bus home, or walks, Remmy has a car. Etc.

How you came to this School: Was enrolled in it by his mother, just like Zoe was.

Friends: Not many.

Enemies: The Greasers, his sister.

Other: Remmy and Zoe, despite being half siblings, had gotten along wonderfully, dealing with all of the marriages and divorces together, helping each other through. They went to the same elementary schools, middle school, and finally, Montworth high school, where Zoe, due to her natural rebelliousness, was lumped in with punks, and Remmy became a prep. Remmy had told Zoe his plan, and she reluctantly supported him. Having had a year at Montworth already, she knew how he would be tormented as a nerd, and how he couldn't pull off Emo. So, she promised to act as if they were strangers, he gave up all of his old nerdy habits, and picked a different father's last name, as she taught him how to act, look, and dress. She hoped that thier relationship would otherwise stay the same. But, as stated above, Remmy fell into the clique a little too well. Now even at home he treats her as a prep would any punk- like scum, and she avoids him at all costs. Only Boone knows about Remmy and Zoe's relationship.


Name: Donnie Ferez

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Orientation: Gay, but he doesn't act in such a way. He just doesn't date.

Group: Greasers- originally Houston's group, but has now attempted to become neutral in the war.

Appearance: Donnie is tall and broad, not fat, but he has very wide shoulders and is built more like a brick wall than anything else. He wears his very clean leather jacket, and has a switchblade comb (yes, they are real) in his pocket to comb his slicked back black hair. He has intense blue eyes, and looks basically like a man who would laugh, and then squish you if you insulted him. He wears jeans and a dark shirt underneath.

Personal History: Donnie grew up in a poor family of seven, and was the oldest. He didn't mind it at all, and worked to help his parents pay the bills, and feed his siblings. However, his Mother's sister soon married into wealth, and seeing the squalor that her younger sister lived in, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She paid to send most of the children off to various boarding schools. When Donnie objected fiercely to the idea he was switched from a very nice school for the arts, to Montworth. He arrived, looked around, and, while the football players showed him some attention, he liked the idea of being a greaser better, and bought a leather jacket for the second day of school. He was sent to Empire City, like most of the school, and witnessed the schism of the group, and is now hoping the fighting will end in Montworth.

Personality; Intimidating, and dark on the outside. However, he is at heart a guy who loves his friends, and the greasers. He has little tolerance for school work, though.

Family: His mother, father, and four siblings. (he also has a pet hamster in his dorm room.)

How you came to this School: Aunt sent him.

Friends: While he had hung out with Houston and his group, he refused to fight Tim Messenger, or any greaser at all, so he was called a traitor for it. He now sort of wanders around without the regular two or three greasers around him, a sad, contemplative look on his face.

Enemies: Preps, jocks, and now possibly Houston.

Other: Donnie loves to sing and act, singing especially, and in middle school he had been in all of the choirs, musicals, etc. At Montworth, however, he never sings at all, except for when he's well hidden.


Name: Bones (Tyler) Gudfrey

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Group: Emos/Goths.

Appearance: Bones, hence his name, looks basically like a very tall walking skeleton that looms over you without trying to. He's pale, very thin, and he wears a tight black cap, covering his red hair that he doesn't feel like dying. He wears a black t-shirt, usually with some depressing or anarchical saying on it, black, tight jeans with a few rips and chains hanging from it, and large studded bracelets covering his wrists. He has sort of lost looking green eyes. Usually when he sits he has his long legs spread out under the desk in front of him, or on his desk.

Personal History: Bones was always Bones. He came to Montworth as an emo, and stayed one. While he has never felt incredibly depressed, never even cutting himself, (the bracelets are to covor the fact that there are no scars) he likes the clothes. Bones also has a deep love of women, and would flirt if he wasn't always off daydreaming.

Personality; A daydreamer, softy, and romantic at heart. He cries during cheesy movies and recites poetry, sometimes just rhymes he made up. He'll go silent for long periods of time, just thinking.

Family: A mother and a father.

How you came to this School: His parents had hoped that sending him here would snap him out of dressing like a miserable ghost. They were wrong.

Friends: Zoe, Boone, Kaillie, various other punks and emos and goths.

Enemies: He is usually very neutral, but dislikes the wealthy and the athletic, because they aren't using their skills for 'good'.

Other: Bones had had a deep crush on Zoe for a long time, but saw that she and Boone were going to obviously be together, so he never spoke of it. He recently discovered a love for fighting.


Name: Thorn (Hank) Chassfield

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Orientation: Bi. He just assumes girls wont date him.

Appearance: He is very goth. He wears black clothes with chains, black fingerless gloves that go up his arm, a spiked choker, black combat boots, and black emo hair. His nails are black, his lips are black, he's pale, and he wears black eyeliner and mascara. He has red contact lenses. He also has one of those piercings with the hole stretched by a hole stretching thing. Yeah. :D

Personal history: Thorn grew up down south somewhere, and his parents moved up when their oil company failed, and sent him to Montworth to get him out of the way to pursue their new careers as bank robbers. He became a goth after a few days at Montworth, after he had been beaten up by jocks, preps, and a greaser, and the nerds insulted him with big words.

Personality: Dark and dull. He speaks in a monotone, usually about dark and depressing things. If he were to actually speak normally, his southern accent would be revealed. He secretly does not trust emos and punks.

Family: An only child, who hasn't seen his parents since he was sent to Montworth.

Friends: None really. No one who he hangs out with. He sometimes speaks to other goths, and compares poems.

Enemies: Just the groups that hate the goths.

Other: Has always had a secret desire to be a cheerleader.


Name: Tim Messenger

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Group: Greasers (about a third of them follow him.)

Appearance: Tim is tall, and average weight, although he's pretty muscular. He almost constantly looks fierce, and this is partially due to his dark eyes and sharp features, and partially because he is fierce. He doesn't smile often, unless it's condescending. Mostly he smirks or sneers. He has brown hair, slicked back, and a black leather jacket.

Personal History: Tim lived in Empire City, and was one of the toughest guys there. He was virtually a bad ass Greaser before he even knew what they were, as Empire didn't have cliques as closely defined as Montworth. When the Montworth folks came, he fell in with the Greasers, and kicked the ass of anyone and everyone who tried to cross them. He became a sort of leader for those who didn't want to follow Dan the Pacifist Vance, and enjoyed it so much that he moved back to Montworth. The first day back, Houston Avery wanted him to step down and let him take control again, and Tim has no intention of doing so. He is blamed for starting the war, while he and his greasers blame Houston for it.

Personality: Very cruel and cold, his personality is similar to Doug Swallow's, except he is less vain appearance wise. He does look after his fellow greasers, but believes those who follow Houston to be idiots. He doesn't care for other people who are not greasers, and he thinks the idea of 'brotherhood' is utter bullshit.

Family: He was a single child raised by a father, no mother. He and his dad never really got along, and his dad was glad when his son moved farther away.

How you came to this School: Moved with the Greasers.

Friends: Buffalo, and others who follow him.

Enemies:Houston, Dan, and the preps.

Other: Is plotting to get rid of Avery, and carries a variety of knives on his person at all times. He is currently a little possessed.


Name: Ben Rogers

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight.

Group: Invisibles.

Appearance: He's an average looking boy, average height and weight and looks, with brown hair and green eyes.

Personal History: He's lived a normal life. His parents own a very high class restaurant, and he works there as a waiter. He takes care of the other invisibles, sort of helping them get through the Montworth life. He's a senior.

Personality; Kind and friendly, he didn't fit in to any groups, so he quickly faded into the background.

Family: His mother and father.

How you came to this School: They opened a restaurant in Montworth and enrolled him.

Friends: Almost all of the invisibles.

Enemies: No one knows him enough to hate him.

Other: He works at the restaurant and helps other kids become invisibles.

6/4/2010 #7

(Copy and paste is easier ... and there isn't much to update. ... I think. XD Thanks.)

Name: Meredith Willwaters

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight

Group: Nerd

Appearance: Long frizzy curly hair, reddish brown, freckles covering all of her face, she's very pale and skinny, her eyes are hazel, surrounded by long lashes, she usually wears a kerchief over her hair, trying to keep it down and in control, usual normal T-shirts, maybe with a little pattern but not often, they're usual blue or around bluish colors, as well as loosly fitting jeans with worn down sneakers. Although she looks scruffy she is always clean and takes good almost OCD-like care of herself. Also, she has the typical nerdy classes, because she can't afford others.

Personal History: Her parents raised her to be studious and etc in fear that she would become such as them, without good jobs and pay. So she studies often and is barely without a book.

Personality: Shy, although easily angered, but she keeps quiet and trys her hardest not to be noticed, rarely outspoken or demanding. She would rather do as someone says then fight with them and loose the argument anyways.

Family: Both of her parents are usually fighting to keep their jobs and their five children provided for. Meredith is the only one in the famiyl who bothers with school or attempting for a good life all together, although her parents are proud of her they don't really care for her and allow her to do her own thing.

How you came to this School: Earned a scholarship to the boarding school and now lives in the dorms.

Friends: Um ...

Enemies: Um ...

Other: General nerdy in all things but math.

Name: "Lemonade" Jack Danson.


Sex: Male

Orientation: Bisexual, but he doesn't know it. He thinks he's straight.

Group: Greasers

Appearance: Usual greaser stuff. Leather jacket, T-shirt, jeans ... He has vivid red hair, not red as in blood, but as in red the hair color that some people have. His eyes are green-blue with more green, and he has a captivating mischevious grin. And he's usually smiling, whether to himself, or at other people.

Personal History: His parents are rich, had nannies raise him, he got bored and moved out of the house. When he's not at school he lives in his own apartment that his parents pay for. He gets along with them well, but doesn't care much for them.

Personality: Cheerful, charming, but easily pissed off. He likes mocking people, in a nice way. He acts goofy, but at the same time he doesn't want people to think he couldn't kick their asses if he needed to. Flirtastious, with anyone. Whether he's mocking or serious.

Family: Mom and Dad. No one else.

How he came to the school: His parents pay the tuition and sent him to the school because they didn't feel like sending him anywheres else.

Friends: Tim ... and other greasers?

Enemies: Preps, Jocks, and etc expected.

Other: ... Nuffin. Oh, wait, he has his nickname Lemonade because he puts Lemonade in litterally every drink he drinks. Including all alcoholic ones, and usually carries lemonade the drinking product with him.

Name: Abby Burrows

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Orientation: Striaght

Group: Jocks?

Appearance: Striaght black hair cut at ear lobes, bangs, very dark blue eyes, tanned skin, is tallish, walks gracefully, has nice curves (that does not mean she's fat ...).

Personal History: Normal childhood, and etc, until she reached Montworth she didn't know cliques were that intense, once she was there she didn't care.

Personality; IDK! Uh ... snobbish? Hot tempered, slightly violent, not very logically thinking, can be a bimbo, and IDK.

Family: Mom, Dad, and a brother in elementary.

How you came to this School: Her parents sent her here.

Friends: All the other Jocks, some cheerleaders?

Enemies: Punks, emos, goths, nerds ...etc?

Other: She's a three sport athlete, and is superb in all of them because she trains constantly. Swimming, Volleyball, and Track. Sometimes she does off-hand skiing and snowboarding.

6/4/2010 #8

(how detailed should the recap be?)

6/4/2010 #9
Sage of the White Sands

Name: Micheal Evans



Orientation: Straight

Group: Invisibles

Appearance: He is 6'4" weighs a Healthy 170 pounds, is fairly muscular, has green eyes, and a buzzcut.

Personal History: Not much is known about him other than that he like to keep to himself and prefers to fade in the backgrounds but recent events have had him becoming more aware about the school and perhaps...the town itself

Personality; Very dark and uncaring about everyone and everything but when it comes to fights...he is no Pushover.

Family: None is adopted.

How you came to this School: Has lived nearby it and when he became a Freshman he was enrolled.

Friends:No one

Enemies: Nearly everyone(has no trust towards anyone)

Other: Is somehow connected with everything that is happening in the school and somehow...the town.

(Hope ya like)

6/4/2010 #10
Sage of the White Sands

(Kinda detailed to where i can get a grasp on what happened)

6/4/2010 #11

(It doesn't have to be too detailed.)

6/4/2010 #12

(accepted. I'll be done with it pretty soon.)

6/4/2010 #13

(Okay, I'm done. Hope it's not too complicated.)

6/4/2010 #14
Sage of the White Sands

(Looks good cant wait to start)

6/4/2010 #15

(We can begin now.)

Mrs. Johnson sighed, "In any case, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do without more information."


Jake glanced around the campus. He hadn't seen Doug in a while, and was supposed to work with him for his grades...


Houston walked down the street, smoking a cigarette.

6/4/2010 #16
Sage of the White Sands

Micheal had decided to skip school not wanting to do anything much today except walk around like he was in a daze with his head down not watching where he was going till he bumped into Houston.

6/4/2010 #17

Houston turned as the Invisible bumped into him, and shook his head. He didn't expect an apology from one of them, but still spoke, "s'cuse you."

6/4/2010 #18

Meredith nodded, uncomfortable and wanting to leave.


Abby walked up in front of Jake, looking like a mess and not really paying attention to where she was going.

6/4/2010 #19
Sage of the White Sands

Micheal simply kept right on going not minding him one bit as if he wassent even there but he did mutter something about Cigarettes killing people.

6/4/2010 #20

Tad nodded, turning. "Thanks for listening." he said with a sigh.

"Hang on..." Mrs. johnson said, taking off her glasses and revealing very tired eyes, "Whatever you're going to do, just be careful.


Jake looked over, and stepped back slightly, "Uh oh..." He muttered. He didn't want to have to talk to her without Doug around. She'd gut him if he said anything to her...


Houston shook his head with a scowl, turning back slightly. He didn't care about some Invisible.

6/4/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #21

She blinked up at him tiredly. "Oh ... hi ..." she mumbled with a sigh. "What're you doing here?"


Meredith nodded, thanked her, and then left as quickly as she could. Outside she stopped though, unsure if social practice demanded that she wait for the other two or not.

6/4/2010 #22

He blinked, wincing despite himself, "Just... looking for Doug..."


Tad stepped out as well, shaking his head with a sigh. "Damnit..."

6/4/2010 #23
Sage of the White Sands

(I made the dude to creepy...)

Micheal grunts as a group of people nearby get in a scuffle.

(and he hardly likes to talk)

6/4/2010 #24

Meredith looked up at him curiously and fought with herself for a moment before she spoke. "Did you plan for that to go better?" she asked quietly.


"Oh," Abby said, sounding deflated despite of herself. "Why are you acting so funny?" she asked, frowning slightly. "You like I'm about to punch you. Aren't you a football player, and a boy?"


6/4/2010 #25

Remmy swallowed. "What do we do?"

6/4/2010 #26

(I got no clue how to get someone talking with someone who brings no attention to himself ;])

Tad shrugged, "I don't know what to do at all. This is far from my area of Expertise, if you haven't noticed."


Jake glanced at her, "There's nobody around who'd make fun of me for not acting tough, so whatever."

6/4/2010 #27
Sage of the White Sands

(thats how micheal rolls...the less attention the better)

Micheal then stops dead in his tracks and smiles to himself "Hey Greaser...Smoking kills..."

6/4/2010 #28

She smiled slightly. "Me neither." Abby looked down at herself and grimaced. "I look pretty messed up myself. But I don't see you walking around alone often." She glared at him a moment later. "If you're not tough when other people aren't around, why be tough if they are? You're a Jock? So why not always be one?"


Meredith started to nod and then stopped. "Hmm, okay. Well ... excuse me, I'm going to visit the hospital."

6/4/2010 #29

"So do I, Pal." Houston muttered, taking another Drag.


"I could probably ask you the same question."


Tad glanced at her, "Huh? How come?" he paused, "Well can we have the things you took, for safekeeping? We'll give them back if you want."

6/4/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #30
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