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Raven's Spark

This is a Star Wars RP. You can be a Jedi Sith Padawan or Acolyte. Whichever you want. Have fun. You may fight battles, train, or just hang out. You can even go on missions!






Job:(you can even be something other than a force compatible guy!)






7/8/2010 #1
Kanto Haru

Name: Kaos

Age: ?? (he's amazingly old, he would be like the Emperor's great great great great great great grandfather)

Gender: Male

Personality: psychotic

Job: Sith

Weapons: Double Light-saber

Powers: force lightning (or whatever that is called), Force choke, force Push and Pull, Force shield

Race: unknown

7/12/2010 #2
Oh No. It's Happened

Name: Makoto Maeda

Age: 19 (Might change it. Depends.)

Gender: Male

Personality: Likes to joke alot.

Job:(you can even be something other than a force compatible guy!) Jedi Knight

Weapons: A light saber, and a few guns, just in case.

Powers:force push force pull lightsaber throw, the usual

Race: Human

7/12/2010 #3
Oh No. It's Happened


7/12/2010 #4
The Lord's Jester

Name: Kaiden

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: smart-ass at times, likes to make jokes, friendly, helpful

Job: Jedi Knight (just completed the trials)


Main: two black lightsabers

Secondary: two pistols

Powers: Force push, Force repulse, Mind trick

Race: Human

5/22/2012 . Edited 5/23/2012 #5
The d20 Master

Name: Allen

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Hard core, tough, mistrusting short tempered

Job: None(will change to jedi padawan if somebody chooses to take me)

Weapons: Small blaster pistol

Powers: Force sensitivity

Race: Human

7/8/2012 #6
The d20 Master

not many people here.

7/8/2012 #7
The Lord's Jester


7/9/2012 #8
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