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Okay, I don't know if this is going to work or not, but I'm going to give it a try anyway. I hope I'm not spamming or anything but I can't check all the topics in this forum. So here goes-


First of all I'll say that Cross Academy is from the Anime Vampire Knight which fully belongs to Matsuri Hino. However, this RP is for everyone, it doesn't matter whether you know about the anime or not.

Cross Academy is basically a High School for both Humans and Vampires. There are two classes of students- the Day class and Night class. Each class stay in their dorms and are forbidden to visit anyone of the other classes. The day class are basically oblivious humans whereas the night class is vampires. That is basically all I'm going to use for the RP since introducing the classes of Vampires is just going to be confusing for anyone who doesn't know the anime. The Headmaster is Kaien Cross. The Moon dorms '(for N.Class) and Sun dorms (Day class) are separated by a forest. Most day class girls are obsessed with the handsome night class boys all of whom pass through the gates every for their classes.

Romance is allowed.

Well, that's basically it. If you want to join, then here's the format:





Any special ability: (optional)





7/13/2010 #1

(I'll join)

Name: Ravyn Nights

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Specie: Vampire

Any special ability: (optional) Can manipulate wind

Personality: Cold, distant and easily angered. Little things seem to annoy her for now apparent reason....

Bio: Ravyn grew up in an all vampire family, she learned to hunt, fight and control her powers from a young age. She resents being sent here as it means mixing with humans and getting goggled eyed stares from the human boys


7/13/2010 #2

* I know a little bit of the Anime/Mange *

Name: Connor Regal

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Specie: Exhuman Class Vampire

Any special ability: None

Personality: Connor was once an average, but happy Human and was always willing to lend a helping hand. But after being bite and almost killed by a vampire...

He has fits of rage due and goes completely Berserk, attacking anyone and everyone *Regardless of if he knows them or not* around him. Afterwards he calms down and feels a horrible surge of guilt.

Connor now is exteremly quiet, he barely says more then two words sometimes. He's still kind, but he hates himself which makes in difficult to get close to others *Even though he really wants help and someone to comfort him, hell who would'nt?*

Bio: Connor was once an average human boy, growing up in a small town with nice people and wonderful parents. He read constantly and was known for daydreaming when he should'nt have been. One day he was walking home when he was attacked, he was found by a friend of the family and taken home, believe to have been attacked by a wild animal.

They put him in bed where he stayed for a week before waking up. He felt odd and 'hot' as if he was so hungry it hurt. Connor soon flew into a violent rage and butchered his entier family, when he came to his scenes he was standing over there mangled bodys.

Horrified he ran and abandon his home, unable to live with the fact he killed his parents and his little sister, who was going to turn nine the next day.

After a few months of hiding and acidentally murdering people after going 'Berserk' he was captured and caged, only recently being dragged into the Cross Academy for evaluation to see if he should just be killed or if he can stay there.

Other: Connor is very smart and well read on many subjects, even though he does'nt appear smart...

7/14/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #3

*I don't want this to DIE!!! Someone post!!*

7/17/2010 #4

Sorry I posted so late :) Here's my character, I posted it in another VK forum so its a bit more detailed than neccessary....And both the characters above have been accepted :D

Full Name: Ayanno Mikazuki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Vampire/Human/Hunter: Vampire

Power: Ice/Water based ability.


Personality: Ayanno is basically an average kind of girl. She is outspoken in her opinions and usually quite cheerful and outgoing for a vampire. She is smart in her studies and loves drawing/art. When contradicted, she gets extremely stubborn and has quite a short temper. She can be bossy and rude at times though it isn't frequent. She likes socializing with people and often acts quite childishly. However, when she is saddened she tends to bottle up her emotions and becomes quite anti-social often behaving rudely.

She is quite a daydreamer but being a noble and having been used to being and getting the best, she is also prone to frequent bouts of jealousy if she finds that someone has achieved something better than her. She enjoys listening to music alone and watching the sunrise and sunset. Despite her heritage, she is weak against the smell of human blood and struggles with resisting leading her to often being judged and sometimes being deemed as a 'disgrace' to the family. Thus, she is never judgemental towards anyone because of her own harsh experience.

History: Her parents were both proud of their heritage as nobles and had the stereotypical ideals of being a vampire. They would never drink the blood of humans-that would be immoral- but they considered humans as an inferior race. When she was still young, Ayanno's weak resistance to human blood almost led her to drink the blood of one of her best friends but her parents stopped her in time. Since then, she had always been considered inferior by her cousins and other members of the family. They would allow her to visit the events held by other noble families, however, she was kept under strict probation and was often not allowed to talk to other vampires of her age in public because her presence might have humiliated them. Thus, Ayanno lived in loneliness for the few years of her life, the only exception being her oblivious human friends at school. This experience left her with great respect for humans but she never wanted to risk telling any of her friends of her vampiric heritage for fear of being isolated again. She dislikes purebloods and nobles because most of those families have ideals similar to her own conceited family.

Other: Ayanno is a very good liar and does not warm up to a person easily, especially vampires.

7/18/2010 #5

Ayanno walked around the empty and dark hallways of the Night Class dorms. It was daytime so that meant it was better for them to stay inside. Ever since entering Cross Academy she had been subject to months of ostracism and dark looks, not that she minded. It was simply getting lonely for her. She sat on a couch and opened up a book, pretending to read silently.

7/18/2010 #6

"Damn it!" A boy swore a several armed men dragged him down the halls. The boy was caked with dry blood and his clothes were stinking and filthy. "Let go of me!" He shouted again before being cracked over the head.

"Lets take him to the headmasters office, this Exhuman isn't going to butcher anyone else if he says no to taking him in here..." One of the men said, almost gleefully.

7/18/2010 #7

Ayanno moved her from from in front of her eyes as she heard the ensuing noise. She raised an eyebrow at the two men dragging the boy through the halls.

"What's going on here?" She asked, frowning.

7/18/2010 #8

"Nothing, just delivering something your Headmaster might want to take in. A Exhuman class vampire, he's already killed a handfull of people..." The man said catiously.

7/18/2010 . Edited 7/18/2010 #9

Ayanno stared down at the boy. He looked disheveled and very dirty; he'd undoubtedly put up a fight. She considered proposing to take him to Kaien Cross herself but decided against it.

She nodded, "Follow me," And began to lead the way.

7/18/2010 #10

The two men dragged the no unconcious boy along as they flowed Ayanno. His dirty shoes and pants made streaks on the floor as they went.

7/18/2010 #11

Ayanno entered the Chairman's office through a roundabout route in the forest, taking care not to expose the brutal scene to the Day class students. Once they entered, the Chairman looked up from his paperwork.

"Ayanno! What brings you here?" He greeted with his usual comical smile.

7/18/2010 #12

The two men held up the Exhuman boy, battered, blood stained and absoutly filithy.

"We ask you to take this one in, he's already killed a handful of people." One of the men asked. "If you say no, we can just take him out back and deal with him that way"

7/18/2010 #13

For a second, the Chairman was undoubtedly shocked.

"No, no, I will be glad to take him in." He said, nodding gravely, "There will be no need for you with him."

7/18/2010 #14

"Good" The men said, droping the boy like a sack of potatoes. "We thank you for taking this burden off our shoulders" They both said before leaving.

7/18/2010 #15

The Chairman got up from his seat and came towards the boy as Ayanno followed. They kneeled down before the unconscious vampire, contemplating on what to do now.

"They said he killed a lot of people....are you sure..?" Ayanno trailed of inquiringly.

"People deserve second chances," Chairman Cross said kindly, before carrying the boy to a nearby couch, hoping he would regain consciousness soon.

7/18/2010 #16

((I'd like to join, but first some questions: If theres day and night classes, how do the two species ever truly meet in-school? I want to make a vampire character, but id also like to give it some more originality. I have a special "thing" i created in resemblance to a shadow... Thing. Can my character be a "part" of this shadow, and essentially have it follow him wherever he goes?))

7/18/2010 #17

"Ughh..." The boy groaned, opening his eyes. Everything was blurry but soon his vison cleared up and he could see straight.

7/18/2010 #18

((Night and Day class dorms are separated by a forest but they both have paths which lead to the same building which is the school. Night Class students pass through the gates of the school after Day class ends, in the evening. (In the actual anime: Since a lot of Night class students are very good looking, they are considered as something of a celebrity. However, that is optional in the RP) Also, Night and day class students are allowed to roam the forests during day time (though it isn't encouraged) and on weekends, they can all go to the nearby town.

Yes, yes, that's no problem. Feel free to make your character as unique as you like as long as they don't become indestructible :) ))

7/18/2010 #19

"Ah, I see you're awake. How are you feeling?" The Headmaster asked with a kind smile while Ayanno directed a frown at him which was clearly mistrusting.

7/18/2010 #20

"W-where am I?" Connor asked groaning as he tried to lean up, only to grimace in pain and fall back down.

7/18/2010 #21

"Calm down," Kaien Cross said as he extracted a few bandages and ushered for Ayanno to help him.

"You're in Cross Academy- a boarding school for Vampires and Humans." He informed.

7/18/2010 #22

When Kaien said 'Vampires' Connor's heart started to race violently, he started to breath heavily and his eyes dialiated.

"Vampires?" Connor gasped for breath as he felt that horrible burning 'thirst' again and he felt like he was going to lose control again.

7/18/2010 #23

((Okay I see. Thanks!))

Name: Jake

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Species: Vampire

Any special ability: No abilities himself, but has control over his "shadow"; a starnge black entity that follows him anywhere he goes. This shadow -"Zid" as Jake calls him- is capable of transporting through shadows of any brightness, morphing into any concievable thing, and regenerate his body.


Personality: Jake is a rather quiet soul, one who would rather sit back on the sidelines than be the center of attention. He enjoys being alone occasionally, but this doesnt stop him from still keeping his social interactions from flying out the window. He has a kind soul deeply, but will tend to come off as defensive or angry to those he hasnt gotten to know; a personal "defense" mechanism developed during his childhood.

Bio: Right on the moment he was born, people feared him; Zid rose out of the shadows and kept pace with the baby, even as the doctors shooed him away and kept the child hidden. Ultimately, the hospital refused to help the family and Jake, leaving them alone and without proper medical help. They managed to get on, but the family also feared the shadow and eventually left him to an orphanage.

Here he grew up alone and without friends as none wished to be near him and the shadow. Soon even they despised him, transfering him and his newly discovered vampire blood to Cross Academy. New and hurt, Jake still keeps his hope that life will get better.

Other: Jake is the only one who can hear Zid, save for telepathics.

7/18/2010 #24

Ayanno narrowed her eyes as she sensed his sudden desire for blood.

"Don't.You.Dare." She warned.

((Okay, so here's the deal. In the original manga, the vampires survive on blood tablets which are basically tablets but liquidify into blood when placed in water. However, it tastes worse than human blood and isn't often enough. So, do you want to go that way or the traditional way (with no blood tablets and all)?))

7/18/2010 #25

*I read the manga, rereading it right now so I will say yes to the blood tablets.*

"Not again...Please not again...." Connor said as the burning started to spread through his whole body, his muscles tensing up and his hair started to stand on end.

7/18/2010 #26

((Accepted ^.^ Welcome to the RP, Feel free to jump in anytime you want :) ))

7/18/2010 #27

((okay ^.^ oh, hey, so who's favourite character, if you don't mind me asking?))

The Chairman rushed to his drawer and extracted a number of pills as the young girl struggled to restrain Conor. He pured a glass of water and dropped in the tablet before handing the glass to the distressed Vampire.

7/18/2010 #28

The lonesome boy stopped before the gated monstrocity that was Night Cross Academy. He set his heavy luggage down and sighed, rolling his arms to relieve the aches of carrying such a heavy object. New day, new place... Jake thought to himself. Jake shook his head disapointedly, remembering his past rejections, and picked up his luggage again. He approached the school.

7/18/2010 #29

*The girl Yuuki =D*

Connor grabbed the glass and started chuging it, only to spit some of it up. He felt that burning thirst inside die down so he downed the rest.

After a moment he calmed down. "What am I??" he asked bluntly, looking confused and frightened.

7/18/2010 #30
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