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Ayanno smelled the arrival of a new Vampire.

"Oh, our newest student is here!" The Chairman said happily, as he worked with the bandages on Conor, "Why don't you greet him and bring him here, Ayanno?" He suggested brightly as the young girl nodded and left throught the window.


She approached the lonely looking young male vampire, curious about the latest addition to their Academy, "Hello there," She greeted.

7/18/2010 #31

"A vampire," The Chairman said, not unkind, "Do you mind telling me your name?"

7/18/2010 #32

"Connor...." He said sadly looking utterly destroyed.

7/18/2010 . Edited 7/18/2010 #33

Jake looked up with a relatively uneventful expression. With a few eye-aversions, Jake finally brought himself to greet back,

"Hi," he said. Jake continued to walk on, quite uninterested to interact.

7/18/2010 #34

"Well Connor, I hope you don't look so sad," The Chairman tried to reassure him, "Here, you'll find many people more like you so you won't be lonely."


Ayanno raised an eyebrow at the new student's reply, faintly angered.

"The Chairman's office is that way." She pointed him in the direction he was supposed go before departing, clearly not interested in talking unneccesarily.

7/18/2010 #35

"More? I don't want there to be more..." Connor said through gritted teeth. "Vampires are monsters! I'm a Monster and monsters need to be destroyed!" Connor was now yelling, his eyes burning with more guilt then hate, the memory of his little sisters broken body still burned into his mind.

7/18/2010 #36

"They don't have to be monsters, Connor," Kaien Cross said softly, "I'm sure that whatever you have done to make yourself so miserable, it wasn't intentional. Everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn't mean you have to stop living just for one mistake. As long as you are willing to regret your actions, people are always willing to forgive."

As Ayanno climbed back through the window, she heard part of Connor's tale and she had to admit, she did feel kind of sorry for him as she stood in a corner silently.

7/18/2010 #37

"I murdered my family, I ripped them to pieces and practically bathed in there blood! Only to sober up from the blood lust and find my little sisters corpse by my side!!" Connor yelled tears streaming down his cheeks, standing up, using what strenght he had left to do so.

"I won't stop until I find a way to purge the world of Vampires! I can't stop until I make sure what I did can never happen again..." He said quietly staring at his literally blood stained hands.

7/18/2010 #38

"Forgive me if I'm being rude, but there's no logic to your arguement. Humans destroy their own species well enough without our help. Terrorists, robbers, kidnappers, murderers- all exist within the Human race. However, you don't judge the entire Human race by their sole actions. Therefore, how could you do so with the Vampire race because of one accidental mistake you caused?" Ayanno asked, a little hurt by his comments. She, after all, was a vampire herself.

Kaien Cross stared sympathetically at the poor child as he attempted handed him a tissue to rub his tears.

((hey guys, I gotta go now, sorry. It was nice RPing with you two! ^.^))

7/18/2010 . Edited 7/18/2010 #39

(It's been fun with you too! See you later C=*

With that Connor broke down, sobbing and weeping. He was the monster, not the vampires....

7/18/2010 #40

Jake listened but didnt answer and kept walking on to the office. A voice deep within called out to him,

Strange; you wish for a better life, then when someone comes to befriend you, you just keep quiet?

"Im not used to talking to others just yet; give me some time," Jake said to himself. The boy lugged his belongings over to the office solemnly.

7/18/2010 #41

Ravyn stood in a shadowy part of a night dorm corridor

7/18/2010 #42

Ayanno stared at the distressed boy, feeling somewhat guilty.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be harsh," She said, approaching him, "I'm sure you never meant to do what you did." She said, trying to comfort him and failing at it completely.

"What Ayanno is saying is absolutely right. Don't beat yourself up for something you didn't mean," The Chairman said.

7/19/2010 #43

Connor quieted down and became unresponsive, he had a lot of guilt and a lot of self hatered and that would take a long time to let go of.

7/19/2010 #44

Jake set his luggage inside the grand hall. He decided he didnt want to keep carrying it around until he knew where his dorm room would be. Jake followed Ayanno's advice and started off towards the chairmans office.

7/19/2010 #45
Raven's Spark

(Yay! Character to be posted in Uno Momento.)

7/19/2010 #46
Raven's Spark




Species:Vampire (Pureblood)

Any special ability:Element control and Flight. (Element Control Common to Purebloods as some of you may know.)

Personality:Cool and Can get Lost almost all the time. Even going to somewhere in the school.

Bio:Hmmm...Nothing important as of yet.


7/19/2010 #47
Mistress Brya

(Can I be a perfect?)

7/19/2010 #48

(( To Knight of the Ages: Character accepted ^.^

To XxOminous.BlackroseXx: Yup. ^.^))

"If you're feeling better, why don't you let Ayanno take you to your dorm?" The Chairman said, smiling at Connor.

7/20/2010 . Edited 7/20/2010 #49

Ravyn sighed and went looking for the chairman's office

7/20/2010 #50
Mistress Brya

Name: Mika Lockheart

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human (Bitten)

Any special ability: Able to use the gun, "Bloody Rose" and the usual speed, strength and agilty as vampires

Personality: Chaotic Good

Bio: Was an orphan taken in by the headmaster at a young age, after being bitten by a vampire.

Other: N/A

7/20/2010 #51

Connor could only nod in responce to the Chairman.

7/20/2010 #52

((Character accepted ^.^

Okay, so here's what will be following- Evening is approaching soon and by then we'll get all the introductions out of the way; also, that's when classes start, so Night Class students pass through the gates where millions of fangirls scream and everything. After that, there are two options :

:you guys can think of a plotline to follow, as in, we can all work together on thinking up a plot for this RP or;

: you can pair up in two's or three's and make your own plot. It's up to all of you so vote which option you want in your next post, please. :) ))

"Come on then," Ayanno extended her hand to help him get up, "I'll help you to your dorm."

"And by the way, Ayanno," The Chairman called her," Give these keys to our new student if you see him and tell him his dorm number. It'll save him the trouble of coming here." She threw the keys at her as she nodded.

7/20/2010 . Edited 7/20/2010 #53

Ravyn sighed to herself

7/20/2010 #54

(OK, What about Zero and...Crap I can't remember the other Perfect Girl!?)

Connor was like a limp doll, he dragged his feet as he let Ayanno guide him *The proper word being Drag* to his dorm.

7/21/2010 #55

((It's Yuuki xP People can RP cannons if they want but right now, it's just OC's ^.^))

Ayanno watched, a little sympathetic, as she had to practically drag Connor across the hall. She noticed Ravyn standing quietly in the shadows and nodded to acknowledge her.

7/21/2010 . Edited 7/21/2010 #56

Connor was suffeirng from shock and guilt.

7/21/2010 #57

((Hey, uh, yeah, I don't thinki I can continue RPing anymore. If you still want to continue, just go on to 'Vampire Knight' Forum and you can RP there. You're free to continue here if anyone else is willing to join you but I don't think that'll happen. All the same, it was nice roleplaying with you guys! ^_^


7/21/2010 #58

(If anyone is interested in continuing this Rp, I'll join. I've watched every episode of Vampire Knight so I already know the rules of their world.)

6/25/2012 #59
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(RP is dead, bro. *shoots RP in the head*)

6/25/2012 #60
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