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(Continued from Part 2:

The Cliques:

The Preps: A group of self-obsessed Kids in high Style with sleek bods and rich parents. They tend to be obsessed with beating down on the Greasers, their polar opposites.

The Jocks/Cheerleaders: The Varsity Elite of Montworth, They are mostly made up of bastards who love both 1., to cause physical pain to others and 2., the constant praise/criticism/sexual abuse of the Coaches, and Bitches who love to engage in tons of school Gossip and show their panties from under cheer skirts. They have a particular enmity with the Nerds and the Goths/Emos, choosing to pick on them all the time.

The Greasers: Macho guys with leather Jackets, grease-slicked hair, bikes and switchblades, they'd look out of place anywhere but Montworth. They almost always fight the Preps.

Houston's Greasers: The Group of Greasers that sided with their original Leader, Houston Avery.

Tim's Greasers: The Group of Greasers that Sided with their opinionated new Leader from Empire City, Tim Messenger. Named Members:

Dan's Greasers: The Group of Greasers that Sided with the Pacifist placeholder Dan Vance

The Punks: Those who subscribe to the Punk movement that started in the early nineties, these are strong-minded people with a very anti-conformatist style of Dress. They have a distinct what-could-be-called 'Alliance' with the Goth and Emo Kids, and certain ideoligies sometimes mix with the Greaser group. Their distinct world views causes them to become protectors in any situation they find themselves in. They are fierce enemies of the Jocks, Preps and Bullies.

The Bullies: Jackasses who long ago descided to fail and have made an effort to make their failures as Dramatic and Pronounced as possible. They have angry pasts with no outlets other than beating up uninvolved parties. These parties are usually comprised of Nerds, Emo/Goths, and ocaisionally the weaker punks, and have on occaisions been known to hang out with Jocks or even take orders from Preps.

The Emo/Goths; obsessed with all things morbid and Macabre, these people are almost as a rule depressed and have little initiative to be anything other than Victims. They are usually picked on by Bullies, Jocks and Preps, and are often Protected by the Punks. they have occaisionally become communaly outraged at another group, however.

The Nerds: Montworth Contains a group that stands as the Apotheosis of all Nerd groups - a group of straight A students, Dungeons and Dragons Players, future scientists, mathemeticians and Chemists, and overall dorks. They are incessantly picked on by Jocks and Bullies to an extreme extent.

The Invisibles: The School's Casteless, these students have not conformed to any group whatsoever. They are considered Second-class Citizens and never spoken to by those in Cliques, but are often beaten up by Jocks, bullies, ect.. The prefer to remain annonymous and try to avoid such conflicts, but they are occaisionally pulled in. They constitute over 40 percent of the School's Students.

(Character Sheet - repost your old characters, you don't have to make any changes, but update if you want)







Personal History:



How you came to this School:




(This Roleplay is basically over, once the plot we're in is completed, the Thread will likely be done.)

8/2/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #1

Remmy swallowed, and walked around the cage towards the monster's face. He grinned, and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked, but was out of bullets. "No... No no no!"

The beast lifted up, eyes moving around the group.

8/2/2010 #2

Tad turned, shaking his head and sighing.

8/2/2010 #3

Limbs shot out from the bars, grabbing each of them in a separate arm.

8/2/2010 #4

Tad hit at the arm, strugling to squeeze out.

8/2/2010 #5

"What should I do, hm?" It gurgled. "You gave me hope. Told me you'd help. And then tried to kill me."

8/2/2010 #6

"I didn't try to kill you"

8/2/2010 #7

"You think its not considered murder, to hand the gun to someone else? To allow your underling to shoot me?"

8/2/2010 #8

"It doesn't matter. I meant what I said, and it's the truth."

8/2/2010 #9

(I'm confused... didn't he say he was going to kill the beast? And gave the gun to Remmy for him to do the deed?)

"I was right. All of you humans are monsters."

8/2/2010 #10

(He wasn't sure what to do and was considering it, but ended up just giving the gun to remmy in a 'I won't do this, if you want her dead so bad, you do it'.)

"Monsters? You're the one who inspired all the acts of evil in this town."

8/3/2010 #11

"Wrong! You're wrong! You don't LISTEN! They started it all, with their cruelty. You're taking back all that you'd said before!" The beast sounded hurt and confused. It put them all down carefully, and withdrew into its cage again.

8/3/2010 #12

Tad caught himself on the ground, picking himself up and brushing himself off.

8/3/2010 #13

"You can blame me for all that has happened. But sometimes people are wicked on their own. I did not make Remmy's mother kill herself, I did not make the town burn, or the School, or even Harrington House. I have a presence in this town, yes. But Ultimately, people make their own choices."


Bones was furious. He had managed to find out what had happened to Kaillie, and he was positive her knew who had done it. Now he was in the boys dorms, looking for the man.

8/3/2010 #14

"Not when you're controlling them, urging them to do things and tricking them. You're not innocent here, and you know it. It's getting insulting that you're still trying to validate your horrible, truly horrible actions."

8/3/2010 #15

It growled slowly. "I told you, I did very little of that."

8/3/2010 #16

"I know you said that, but it's obvious you're lying."

(What should I do with Bones?)

8/3/2010 #17

"How so?" The creature asked.

(Ah, Jake could meet up with him.

8/3/2010 #18


Jake was headed down the halls, hands in his pockets.


"You can't wave everything off here as human nature."

8/3/2010 #19

"And I have not blamed everything on those above us. But you are blaming far too much on me. If I was truly wicked, why are you not all dead?"


Bones scowled, and moved towards him. "There you are, you bastard!"

8/3/2010 #20

"You did Blame it all on people! And you don't have to be a murderer to be wicket."


Jake turned, blinking, "Whuh?"

8/3/2010 #21

The beast moaned softly, and sighed. "Leave me."


"You tried to rape Kaillie!"


8/3/2010 #22

Tad frowned, "What do you think we're doing down here? We're here to end this!"


Jake blinked, "What?" He repeated.


8/3/2010 #23

It ignored them.

Zoe frowned. "Er..." She sighed.


Bones drew the knife that the old woman had given Kaillie. "I'm so damn sick of you assholes."

8/3/2010 #24

"We've got to finish this."


(Did he find out from Kaillie? She would Not have told him)

Jake frowned, 'What the hell? I don't even know what you're talking about."

8/3/2010 #25

Zoe frowned. "How?"


(Mngh... then he found out from the Being, who pretended to be Kaillie.)

"Do you even know who I am?" Bones asked.

8/3/2010 #26

"We have to kill it somehow.."


(How did he get the knife, then?)

"Yeah, I think so, but I would never rape anyone, sheesh..."

8/3/2010 #27

Zoe looked sick to her stomach.


(it gave him one.)

He stepped towards him. "Why should I believe you? I'm a kid you and your friend Doug beat the shit out of. The one whose ribs you broke, whose skin you bruised. The one whose eardrum you put a goddamned earing into!" He scowled. "And now... and now, you hurt my girlfriend, scare her... you're gonna pay, asshole."

8/3/2010 #28

Tad looked at the others.


"Yeah Right." Jake said, grabbing the Blade hand and twisting it away.

8/3/2010 #29

Bones punched at Jake's face with his other hand.


Messenger frowned. "We don't have any more weapons..."

The creature turned, looking at Messenger. "You're free to go, Tim."

Messenger's eyes widened, and then his body sank to the ground, lifeless.

8/3/2010 #30
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