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Empty Time Lost Hearts

Hello, I'm new to this ( yes, that means I'm a newb, or noob.) I'm a guy, and I like to read, watch anime, and play video games. Not much else to say about me.

12/30/2011 #1,111
Yami Jennzi
Hi!! I'm known as Yami Jennzi or Yami. Imma girl (dur) and I like this role play shtuff. I've being doing this kind of thing for about a year now...soo...yay. I like pretty much any role play topic and can fit in pretty well.
1/2/2012 #1,112
Mr. Awesome Guitarfreak
Sup. my name is Mr. awesome guitarfreak. I'm kinda new to role playing, but I have done it before. on stuff like the rockstar game. I came here because I want to get better with role playing and because I think it's fun. bye now.
1/4/2012 #1,113
Emo Reptile

Four or so new people. Nice. O.o

Welcome to those who actually think to check back here, come on chat sometime.

1/4/2012 #1,114

Name: Jessica

Hometown: Calhoun Falls, South Carolina

Age: 18

I like: fanfiction and rpgs

I don't like: Being attacked for my choices

Other: I'm a nice person and I tolerate a lot.

1/4/2012 #1,115


Hope you'll stick around.

For the record, that's not intended to be the profile for an RP, is it?

1/4/2012 #1,116
Helloe there, a pleasureto meet you.

Hey spear, are u still on soverieghnty right?


1/4/2012 #1,117
1/4/2012 #1,118

For the record, that's not intended to be the profile for an RP, is it?

No, it's just me introducing myself without having to write a book. LOL!

1/4/2012 #1,119
1/4/2012 #1,120

No, it's just me introducing myself without having to write a book. LOL!

"We are all books containing thousands of pages and within each of them lies an IRREPARABLE truth" ~ Clay Kaczmarek

I wonder what yours is.

1/4/2012 #1,121
I've been here before, but it's been so long you ladies and gentlemen probably forgot about me, no offense meant. I am Dr. Pax, high school student, ex-martial-artist and unofficial butler to my family. In my spare time I enjoy playing videogames, reading horror or fantasy, and sometimes scribbling juvenile sketches or poorly composed verses upon scraps of paper before throwing them away.
1/4/2012 #1,122

Hey there. I just came back to the forums here on FF after not being here for maybe a year or so. I've noticed a few people here that I recognize, so I hope they can notice me. It'd make my stay here a whole lot better.

On to introductions, you can call me Koma. I like playing a lot of video games in my spare time, most of them RPGs. I write, at least trying now after not RPing for so long so I'm a little rusty. I listen to music a lot, mostly rock/metal. I like keeping to myself so you won't see me talk much unless a subject comes up that I'm interested in. I honestly don't think I'll post here very much, but I should at least once or twice a day so don't expect a quick response from me.

I think that should cover up some of what I'm all about.

1/5/2012 #1,123

Well, hey. Haven't been on here for...months? I pretty sure...even then I was on off and on for a few months. Well, I'm back haha. Call me Em, Emmy, or Emilie, whatever floats your boat.I'm outgoing and when people don't follow rules i have the tendency to get rude. I like a lot of music but I mostly listen to dubstep,country,rap and occasionally rock.So...yeah that's what's up.Have any questions feel free to ask me(:

1/5/2012 #1,124
I'm Webbi, I'm a wrestling nut and a bookworm. I have been on a few RPs, I am immature in some ways and I loathe OCs tend to be childish and never seem to go along with their profiles...
1/6/2012 #1,125
Verdant Mercury

Hey I'm Anime Muppet. Everyone here can call me Muppet though..Or Anime. It doesn't matter too much to me. Whatever floats your boat. I'm not a complete newbie to role playing but not anywhere near a veteran.

I love anime, manga, and video games. Oh and also everything zombie! I'm involved in a few rp's around this site and others. Concerning my OC's? I try to make them their own person though at times their personalities sometimes change away from their design a bit. So yeah hope to get along with you all here! XD

1/9/2012 #1,126

Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and fanfictions and rp in general! I am mostly into games for example FF, MGS, Resi Evil, Zelda, Assassins Creed, Fable, Tomb Raider and many others! Recently been getting in to Studio Ghibli and used to watch a heck of a lot of Sailor Moon!

I also enjoy reading all sorts of Fantasy Fiction so love reading and writing of any kind (favourites include L.J.Smith, Tamora Pierce, Philip Pullman and Peter Beagle!), hence extending that to fanfiction and rp!

Hoping to get to know you all and join in any discussions and threads!

Just wanted to say hey and feel free to message me :)

- AmaltheaRose

1/27/2012 #1,127

Hello. No, we don't bite (or rather, one or two of us bite)

The rest of us either use claws, stingers, slams, tentacles, breath weapons, magic, swords, punches, firearms, or a combination.

Don't talk to Eladon unless you can withstand verbal abuse and well aimed insulting that no matter how wrong it is will somehow make it feel like someone just stabbed you repeatedly.

Don't talk to Royaute if you can't stomach reading stuff about morbid deaths and necrophilia.

Don't talk to Spear unless you're willing to talk about complicated stuff to which Cthulhu would have trouble following.

Don't talk to me unless it's about anime, video games, fanfiction or RPing.

I am Mephiles666. You can call me 666, Mephiles, that guy with the tentacles, that guy with the face, or Bill.

Welcome to our forum.

1/27/2012 . Edited 1/27/2012 #1,128

Don't talk to Eladon unless you can withstand verbal abuse and well aimed insulting that no matter how wrong it is will somehow make it feel like someone just stabbed you repeatedly.

Hey, I don't do that constantly.

Unless I'm on my period, which shouldn't happen because I'm the wrong gender. And yet, it does.

1/27/2012 #1,129
Alexander the Phoenix

Just call me Alexander. I have an idea you might love.

2/5/2012 #1,130

hey im tj

and im new to role play rock

2/5/2012 #1,131

hey alex im tj

niceto meet you

2/5/2012 #1,132

Hey, I'm Lyndie. I'm new on FF, and I've just now decided to poke around in the forums. I claim I'm not very good at talking about myself, but once I get started, I can be decent at it. I don't have much of a life, I spend most of my time watching YouTube (especially charlieissocoollike) and studying. I'm a bit obbsessed with Doctor Who, if it came on TV much over here, (it's just been coming on at 10 AM on weekdays, and 6 AM on weekends, so I don't get to watch it on TV much), I'd watch it all the time. I enjoy writing (obviously) and have won NaNoWriMo before. It's fantastic. If you're thinking about doing it, you should. I plan on doing it every November for forever. I have six pets, two dogs, two cats, and two brothers. I have OCD and that's it. The end.

2/5/2012 #1,133

I'm Gracieee. Shorten it to Gracie or Grace if you must. ;)

I'm not really much of a forumer on this site, but I've been posting fanfics since last summer - which sure went by fast, since it feels like only last month. o.o Anyway, I'm a bit of an AA/GS fangirl - my avatar is Trucy Wright, from the Apollo arc. I'm kind of an "otaku" (I know that's an insult in Japan, but I don't care - words change into insults all the time, why can't we work it backward?) - aanndd I'm also a Potterhead. I live in a boring village in the middle of nowhere, blahblahblah, and I'm from England, UK. I also like Homestuck, but I'm only near the start so don't expect me to know a load about it. D;

I'm also a Wizard, along with most of Britain - We all go to or went to Hogwarts. Harry Potter is semi-biographical, JKR wrote it to make people less wary of us Wizards and Magic-Folk. Shhhhh! :O

2/6/2012 . Edited 2/6/2012 #1,134

Welcome, everybody. I'm sure you'll love it here.

*Cue the 'Don't talk to' speech*

Or, y'know... don't.

2/6/2012 #1,135

hey im tj

and im kinda new

2/8/2012 #1,136

hey yami

what's up im tj

2/8/2012 #1,137

hey well don't give up

because you should keeop up i'm borec too

2/8/2012 #1,138

hello! my name is nicola, but niki for shorts. i know this thread has been dormant for a little while but i just thought id say hello anyway. (:

if you want to know anything about me just visit my page, or ask. i probably wont be posting too much but i really enjoy these forums, and ive not had the guts to post anything until now!

but anyway, ill probably see you around the forum!

thank you!

2/14/2012 #1,139

Hello there, I'm baka-neko-fan, but you can call me whatever you want. I enjoy fanfictions (reading and writing) and roleplaying, and I am hoping to find some role play partners here. I also love yaoi and think girls are icky, even though I am biologically female.

2/14/2012 #1,140
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