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Lilly Lotus


Nice to meet you! I'm Lilly! I love your pic! [I'm a Vocaloid fan myself]


Pleasure to meet you! I love Final Fantasy XIII-2(never completed XIII, though). I'm also an Otaku. Pleasure meeting you!

4/5/2012 #1,321

Why is it that relative newbies are better at greetings than we are?

4/5/2012 #1,322

Answer 1: Because they have yet to be exposed to the shit we've been exposed to. The shit we have been exposed to has made us cynical of the world, made us aware of the shit that we have been and will be put through, and have seen why we can't do jack about it.

Answer 2: Because that's what you think and you're actually delusional, now shut up.

4/5/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #1,323

Answer 1.5: Because we've seen the shit of this forum, which is what has turned us cynical, and so forth.

But 1 is good, too.

4/5/2012 #1,324
Death Drive 128

Answer 3: You just suck at greetings.

4/6/2012 #1,325
Im Taylor. I'm a huge Batman/Harry Potter/Many other things fangirl. Ohai there.
4/7/2012 #1,326

Hi there. Welcome, fix your English or be labeled a noob.

I'd say that I hope you have a fun time here, but I don't care.

Don't use this place as a chat room, we already have a thread for that.

Please don't post crap RPs without first running it by the development thread.

Have a good day, or don't, I don't care.

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #1,327
Oh... I'm sorry about my English. I'm on my iPod... But thanks, I guess.
4/7/2012 #1,328

Actually, I was lashing out at you. I had a bad time and I vented it out on you, I apologize and will see to it that I do not do it again.

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #1,329

Hi, I'm Ari, I've never roleplayed before but think it looks fun so I'll give it a go I guess! I like to write stories and fanfiction sometimes but I have a short attention span so can never really get too far into them. I lovelovelove music. My role model is Demi Lovato. I'm 14 but I usually act mature for my age (online anyways... :P). I'm pretty shy I guess but I'm also really nice and can get along with almost anyone. One thing I can't stand is attention-seeking type of people who try to make it seem like they don't want attention (if that makes sense? lol). I still watch Nickelodeon tv shows and sometimes cartoons, haha. I really love shopping and fashion. My favorite bands are One Direction and All Time Low. :) Lol um guess that's all.

-Ari :) xx

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/10/2012 #1,330
Hikari Hellspawn

Sooo.....I'm thinking of starting up an RP forum. The main reason I am doing so is so that I don't have a million forums running around all over the place in different categories. It's also (hopefully) an attempt to make it easier to find said RPs.


4/9/2012 #1,331
Anna Amore

Hey to everyone.

I HAVE started an RP forum and my main Intel is either busy or having life issues, so I'm scouting for more. My Forum has to do with Rome. It isn't boring. If you all are interested...if ANYONE is interested... pm me please.

Other than that I will remain here. Make new friends.

Hikari? What are you asking?

4/11/2012 #1,332
Hikari Hellspawn

@ RIP:

I'm planning of making a forum for all the anime Roleplays I've got on other sites. The ones I'm starting out with are Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, MegaMan, Hellsing, etc...and I'd just like some feedback. That, and some title suggestions for this forum?

4/11/2012 #1,333
Anna Amore

Sweet! ^^ I looked up the Japanese translation for the word "epic" and

Taisaku and Epikku came up. *shrug* That's one forum title. Probably didn't help though.

Anyway, the forum sounds cool to me. Just get it in good order.

4/11/2012 #1,334
Hikari Hellspawn

I know how I'm going to set it up; one thread for overall rules and chat/introductions, a main RP thread for each roleplay, a character submission thread for each RP, and an OOC for each one.

4/11/2012 #1,335
The Ambience


4/20/2012 #1,336

Hello, welcome to our forum.

4/20/2012 #1,337
Gale Hang

Hai i'm Asha also known as Ash, Ashy and a bunch of other nicknames.

Roleplaying sounds fun. I'm Kinda new and I have a Problem with Capitalizing random words.

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #1,338

Looks just like Spear.

4/29/2012 #1,339
Chainsaw Cake

Is English a second language for Spear? I've always wondered.

I've also got the sneaking suspicion that he's a troper.

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #1,340

As far as I know of (which, honestly, isn't much), Spear was born and raised in the US, speaking English.

4/29/2012 #1,341
Chainsaw Cake

So the mystery of Spear's randomly capitalized words remains unsolved...

4/29/2012 #1,342

Random? Random?!

No, Dear Sirs/Madame, Capitalized words are not Random at all! I personally Subscribe to an Altered form of Grammar, Scriptos' Tongue, best/Formally known as 'Xanthios'. In Xanthios, any and all prefixes or Suffixes can be amended onto Any applicable word, so long as there is not an easier substitute. For this reason, words that should be words by any rights and means but are considered not Words are given their rightful recognition. Secondarily (or perhaps Primely), Xanthios' liberal use of Capitalized words emphasizes Cadence, speaking tone and Rhythm, aiding in communicating the Stressed words without continual use of Italics, Underlines or Bolds, you see, aligned more to speaking than reading. In that sense, it is not unlike Broadcast style writing, but more in terms of Narrative uses.

Also, don't bother looking it up, because it doesn't Exist.

I've also got the sneaking suspicion that he's a troper.

My Opinion on that website is the very same as the one I have for Do not Link me to it under any circumstances. If you do, don't expect to see me for another Sixteen hours or so. It's a Tab explosion.

Their names for certain tropes are Quite helpful, though.

4/29/2012 #1,343
Sage of the White Sands

I'll have to look into this Scriptos character.

4/29/2012 #1,344

Secondarily (or perhaps Primely), Xanthios' liberal use of Capitalized words emphasizes Cadence, speaking tone and Rhythm, aiding in communicating the Stressed words

That's all you had to say.

It just makes you look like you have bad grammar, that's all.

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #1,345

Hello I am Malbutorius the dark one, Pleasure to eat you.

(Curses my avatar has yet to update)

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #1,346
Death Drive 128

Fuck off, and die in a fire while getting raped by a tentacle Hulk, Malbutorius.

I'm the creepy fucker.

Other than that, welcome to the forum.

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #1,347

Is that some form of strange compliment? If so same to you.

4/29/2012 #1,348
Death Drive 128

From me? That's a luxury. Anything after that is incoherent rage. Beyond that and I fear I may suffer a stroke from the sheer anger I may experience.

4/29/2012 #1,349
Semper Fi93


So a bit about me, You can see my name is Semper Fi93, hinting at the Marine Corps Motto: Semper Fidelis (Always faithful.) I want to be, no, i will be a Marine.

My avatar, for those who don't know, is a F/A-18 Hornet Pilot flanked by two more of the same craft. This is because that beautiful death machine is what I want to fly.

93 is, of course, my birth year, so I am 18 and will be going to college this August. :D

I like guns, being an American and a Moderate Democrat, Airplanes, history, Military things, and talking. My nickname is Mouth because i talk REALLY fast. so uhhh...any other details are available upon request. :P

But you can call me Semper. Ooh Rah

5/2/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #1,350
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