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Mistress Brya


I'm now motivated to start working on my map, since people are actually interested.

2/23/2011 #2,671


You got any existing ideas, Tsu?

2/23/2011 #2,672

Wicked Souls

I was envisioning a con artist based rp; small amount of players, bamboozle people out of their money and shit, avoid the law forces, and enjoy your money on awesome shit and vacations. It'd be a shorter rp, ending tragically. That's my idea at the moment.

2/23/2011 #2,673

So a sort of gambling/criminal RP? I like it.

Bah. There was an RP idea here, but then it occured it wouldn't work, so...

We're going with yours.

2/23/2011 #2,674


What was your idea?

2/23/2011 #2,675

A town full of vampires that decay when they don't acquire blood. A new group of people vacation there, the usual 'can't escape' scenario, sounds completely stupid in this simplified context, but it's actually pretty complex and would require very, very dedicated RP'ing by very few people, from 1-4 estimate.

Hard to explain in full, not very roleplayable, and more fit for a main-character story, so no.

2/23/2011 #2,676

Eh, a 2 person rp could work for that type of deal.

The one I'm envisioning won't have many people either.

2/23/2011 #2,677

Doesn't matter, not feeling like managing a RP anyhow.

Okay, any actual plot or is this impromptu?


I just realised we haven't been following the RP limits all that well.

Not us specifically, just some... Others.

2/23/2011 #2,678

Yeah; beta rule is beta.

Um, it would be an isolated cases thing for a while with something would begin the arc of the end. Perhaps we rip off a powerful man who then shoots us in our faces. There will be more to it than that but that is what I'm thinking of as the basic plot.

2/23/2011 #2,679

Like in Saw 5... Or 4? When those people are all linked to a company fire that killed a lot of people sort of deal?

2/23/2011 #2,680

Have not seen either of them. Only seen one of the saw movies and I don't even remember which one it was.

Here's what I'm thinking; rip off someone related to chief of police/fbi agent/someone on the catch bad guys side

That person gets the cops all over us.

Leads us to last resorting a contact we can't trust.

Contact we can't trust leads us into a trap from someone we ripped off before.

And tragic ending.

2/23/2011 #2,681

Alright, sounds good enough to work.

Hmmm... How about having a nark in there somewhere? As in, directly in the group.

2/23/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #2,682

Three con artists, two get romantically involved, the third sells us out?

Can work.

2/23/2011 #2,683

Yes, sounds right enough.

2/23/2011 #2,684

So we mess around with ripping people off for a while. 3 con artists.

Two get involved during the first dangerous encounter, adrenaline fueled kiss seen by the third.

You take over Spiral

2/23/2011 #2,685

This late post is late.

2/23/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #2,686

Meph just reminded me, I need to post on Legacy!

2/23/2011 #2,687

That...actually was not my intention.

2/23/2011 #2,688

I know!

2/23/2011 #2,689

Out of a jealous passion, the third deciphers a top-notch plan to nark on the two recent lovers, without getting him/herself caught.

I NO, RIGHT???1!!!!!!!!!!!!1one!

2/23/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #2,690

Wicked Souls

I was envisioning a con artist based rp; small amount of players, bamboozle people out of their money and shit, avoid the law forces, and enjoy your money on awesome shit and vacations. It'd be a shorter rp, ending tragically. That's my idea at the moment.

You have my support.

In the land of Aistelle, the kingdom of Oniri stands strong as the center piece of the known world. At Oniri's thrown, sits the tyrannical dictator of a King, King Imari. King Imari controls his lands with an iron fist. Exactly to the North of Oniri by a few miles, is a valley filled with vibrant vegetation, with its own city named Lysa.While mostly plains, rivers and small forest that make up Oniri, there is a deeply treacherous mountain range to the far North West, where amongst the mountains and trees, the races of what the people call drainers and Lupines. As the races live in secrecy, albeit only to the outside world and not to each other, as a long held war becomes nothing but ashes with those who engage in magic seemingly gone and the darker creatures are now able to focus their attentions on the events beyond the borders which could affect the very world they live in if a great power is discovered. Far to the west, beyond the city of Tsattan a city in the canyon with rocky cliffs and jagged features and past the boundary of Oniri lies what is only known as the Savage Lands. These lands are filled with horrors and monster such as loathsome Goblins, night crawlers, death walkers and the brutal remains of a twisted and dark civilization is there. Heading straight south through the plains and small forest of Oniri, lies the giant port city and industrial mecca of Oniri, Iacyl, where pirates and sailors alike all eventually gather after voyages north and south to other coastal cities and towns, and to the island settlements to the west in the Sodevi Archipelago.

Next to the East is the Great Wilds, an open and uninhabited plain land filled with grass, beautiful hills, and even hidden deep cave. Where wild creatures of all kinds dwell, neigh on mythical some of them.As well as, to the south-west, near the canyon city of Tsattan is also the Dribao desert that is home to many of the vile lizard men and were-creatures that most worlds think do not exist anymore. On the other hand, south east of Oniri is the dark and humid marshland as some call it the swamp land where most people who go there are never found again. In addition, to the north east is yet another dense forest, too impregnable for even the mightiest of races to withstand, with deadly tall peaks, extremely hot temperatures and unknown wildlife. Within all the cities are the hidden slums, where those who suffer from poverty live.

However, Royal Scouts have recently discovered civilization beyond the Wilds, on the far sideā€¦ They bring back home with them, a strange being, who alone knows what secrets the Wilds holds, but does not speak, its iron will not breaking despite the punishment.

And now, the story falls into your hands. Will you bring hope to the desperate, or become a scar on the land. We'll find out as we begin our journey Back in Another Time.

You, too have my support, and just a heads up, I've been known to provide... maps for such roleplays.

2/24/2011 #2,691
Mistress Brya

Yay! :)

I'm going to attempt to draw my own map, but

if push comes to shove and you're not busy nor do you mind, you can draw up the map.

2/24/2011 #2,692

Inspired by Darker than Black, The "A certain series", Heroes, Stigma of the Wind, Persona 4, Dark Corners of the Earth, Parasite, and my perspective on real life.


There are many kinds of teenagers in this world. There are those who are especially quiet and shy, those who talk a lot and like company, those who prefer to be with his usual friends, and those who are extrovert and like to mix around with new friends.

When we use the word distinctly, we may sometimes refer to it as the teenagers who behave rowdily in public and resort to gangster-ism to solve their emotional problems. These are the teenagers who often end up committing crimes like shoplifting, robbery, and even drug abuse.

Most people, when they talk about these problem teenagers, often feel that they are all bad people without proper education and feel that they are the inferior people of the country and thus do not like mixing around with these people. When they read about these problem teenagers going to the rehabilitation center or boy's home for crime they've committed, people often feel that they deserve it.

However, in doing so, most people have shown that they have a lack of emotional intelligence. These young teenagers, who commit crimes, are human beings too. They feel and think like any other normal teenagers. Adolescence is a very important part of a child's life. It signifies a child's growing up into an adult from an ignorant little kid. However, it is also the most dangerous period of time for any child. This is because if the child is not guided properly through his growing up days, he may be led astray by bad company to commit crimes of low degree like gangster-ism to those which may result in the death sentence.

What happens if a child is not guided properly in the rightful way of life during his adolescence days? As a child grows up to become a to-be adult, he starts having a mind of his own and makes his own sets of thinking. If this child is properly guided while he starts shaping his personal thoughts and beliefs, he will grow up to be a worthy citizen of our country.

However, this is not always the case in all the teenagers. It is exactly this reason which resulted in the number of teenage crimes. During a child's teenage days, he will often face many personal problems but some teenagers will not reveal it to anybody except their closer friends. Due to this, if the parents of these teenagers do not do anything about it, like showing concern for the child and assuring him that it is okay to confide his problems with them, the child will instead turn to his friends. If his friends are those who are any other normal teenagers, it should be okay. However, these teenagers often prefer to stick with friends who face the same problem as them, that is, family problem that their parents do not bother about them and do not care about them. These teenagers would often hang around with their so-called "good" friends. At the beginning, it seems all okay.

However, when these groups of friends are faced with days of boredom, they will start thinking of wild ideas to have some fun. Their wild ideas, like vandalism and shoplifting, may seem perfectly alright and very fun to them, because they never tried anything like that before and may not be taught that these things are against the law. As the days pass with them doing these "fun" stuff without getting caught, they begin to get bored of these as well. In this case, they start thinking up of even wilder ideas, for example, robbery or even extortion. Some of these teenagers actually do these things without knowing that they are wrong. It is only when they get caught that they knew it was wrong, and when that happens, it is all too late already. There are also some teenagers who knew they were committing crimes but they still continue doing it. The reason being that they had nothing to do and wanted a challenge and they believe that they will not get caught for committing crimes because they were too smart for the police.

Now give them supernatural powers. While this does not apply to all teenagers, this does bring up certain negative assumptions. And the fact that a dozen of them suddenly have supernatural abilities, many of which are on par of a grown adult trained with a machine gun as well as some that simply dwarf said adult, does not help in removing those negative assumptions.

I mean what would YOU do if you found out that the school Bully suddenly could physically kill everyone in the police force with his mind before he could be taken down? Of course everyone thinks the worst when a handful of teenagers suddenly gain super human powers. And their fears are confirmed by the majority of the adolescence that take action take it for the bad of society. What's more, the innocent power holders are targeted, lynched, tortured and killed in the craftier, more evil adolescence places.

So when you wake up one morning with super powers, well...I'll leave that to you.

Now watch as society tears itself apart.

Things to remember:

1. Evolution is made of multiple conscious decisions which are decided based on the circumstances laid before dna's intelligence and requires vast amounts of time to adjust accordingly and let the dna be conditioned. Likewise with characters, there are few single instances can drastically change a human and leave them perfectly sane. Even though your character may have such a mind set as depicted in the list of characters with super powers, you may, after enough posts, gradually change your character's personality.

2. Their personality has any effect on their alignment, but not entirely. Whether you are Chaotic or Lawful, Good or Evil, it all depends on your actions which are merely narrowed down by your personality. You can be afraid of all but hate the system, be a cold cynical bastard and yet be morally better than nuns.

Yet whether you are evil or not matters as I need to know, see below.

3. Limits to their power? Your power (if combat oriented) is probably just below that of an adult trained in the use of a machine gun, otherwise, think Heroes. I am willing to let you have a more powerful character if they are either ugly, evil (you have to make it apparent in their bio in this case) or if the power they have falls under the "Body Horror" category. Your character's power may evolve over time (50 pages?), but only with training and experimentation.

4. There was something that happened in your life, it was nothing special, nothing traumatic, nothing memorable. It happened before you awakened to your powers. It happened to others, but on different dates. What was it? Now now, that would be telling. [Need to figure out what this should be]

5. There are more extraordinary humans out there, but they are WAY out there. This means they won't appear before a certain point (if that point ever comes into play). For the time being, I'm only allowing up to 10 super humans. (The cap will increase as we get more RPers)

6. No godmoding:

No Auto-hitting (There's a thing called Reflexes)

No Controlling Killing/Another's character

No Infininte dodging (There is something called Stamina)

No immortality (There is something called death)

7. Logic: I don't want to see John and Dan fighting and then Bob walks up to them while they are in the middle of fighting and ask "Hey guys! What's up?" like an idiot. Unless he escaped from the mental ward.

8. This brings us to romance, while I honestly see no reason why people cannot fall in love, if you take your characters into the the sister forum for some action (and not simply fade in, fade out) then other people on this RP are obligated to have their characters pull some pretty embarrassing shit on whoever is getting it on. This can and probably will effect the way this RP develops (Black mail!). Further more: if you guys turn this into a romance RP, I am going to go postal.

9. pleez i luv ingrish dont bucher it liek a bunch of illereate noobs pleez keep ingrish a respektable language

Notice how my sentence starts with a capital letter? You should also notice that the paragraph ends with a period, it's the dot that is near the bottom-center of your keyboard, unless you're using a weird brand.

10. There is more to this story than simply the mystery of the the appearance of supernatural powers. The ones to shape this RP are none other than YOU, the RPers. If this somehow ends with five power ranger-esq people fighting the the U.S. military weapon codenamed the Banana man, that is fine. If this turns into a desperate struggle for survival against flying nazi zombies who are as scary as being in the same house as Hanibal Lector (Which is scarier than having a pissed off Chuck Noris out for your head), that's fine too.

11. No childishly small posts. I.e. no one sentence posts. Show, don't tell. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We won't stab you if you go 4ndy/Dark Path on us every once in a while so long as the post is not filled with stupid. However, we're trying to rollplay here and have FUN, we're not trying to read an essay, so please don't make us have to read one every time you post.




Personality: (Detail is needed where detail is due.)


Past: (The most important thing I need to see is "What happened BEFORE they got their power", or "What happened BEFORE they became aware of those with powers." Refer to rule 1)

Power(s): (Teenagers only)

Anything else you might want to add:

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/24/2011 #2,693
HUNK of Chernobyl

I like it.

2/24/2011 #2,694

I feel like I've seen it before.

2/24/2011 #2,695
Mistress Brya

I'll join.

2/24/2011 #2,696

I remember that...

Oh, shit, I was God awful back then. O_O

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/24/2011 #2,697

Haha, I used Des for my appearance in that one.

2/24/2011 #2,698

Name: Lilly Borjarnon


Personality:Lilly has always kept to herself. She if very mature and intelligent for her age, due to the fact her parents were strict perfectionists who continue to pester Lilly to this day. In school she felt everyone around her an imature twat, but wasn't hateful. She is silent and usally the person you see in the Extra's on a monster movie, the one drinking coffee that one scene before cutting away to something far more interesting. Deep inside she hates her mother and father and wishes to be loved and excepted, instead of having to change to everyone's will. A temper has she, as Lilly can become increasingly upset and develop vengeful feelings over time...

Also, call her and Emo and see what happens.

Appearance: Lilly is 5,7 with the atheltic build of a jogger, as she actally left the house more often then not to hide out in the library. When that closed she ran at the vacant track. Her eyes are a steely Blue *Aruably Grey* and she has long, very straight blond hair. She hates 'slutty' clothing so she dresses in jeans, cheap running sneakers, a long sleved shirt and a yellow windbreaker

Past: Lilly was born to Alfred and Mary Borjarnon. From birth Lilly was always scolded, proded and encouraged to try and make her the best child she could be. Her parents had an almost soffocating hold over her, which only made Lilly's look on them turn dark. Ever since preschool her grades effected her parents attitude towards her. If she was doing well, meaning straight A's, they rarely spoke to her unless to badger on about something unimportant. If she was failing however, they would torment her night and day until she showed improvement.

This made Lilly hateful and ill tempered. At school she was awkward and basically alienated from other children due to her home life. Friends were none-existant for her and the few she made were chased away by her parents. As she progressed up the grades she became the subject of bullying and this made Lilly switch to the Smart, but silent defence style. She was loved by the teachers and ignored by the students.

Inside, Lilly became more and more angry at her parents and the people who bullied not only her, but others at school. Blinded by hate she saw them nothing as ignorant animals and she wished there was a way she could shut both them and her parents up.

Power(s): ElectroKinesis: Lilly's inner electric field greatly accelerates her body's natural ability to repair damage by stimulating the muscle tissue and his immune system; essentially an accelerated healing factor, making Lilly impervious to most diseases except for the most powerful ones, such as mind control, and the extremely toxic gases that. Her healing capability can be temporarily boosted when she absorbs electricity. Aside from immunity to disease, Cole's natural healing factor is beyond that of any human. With electricity coursing through his body, this also allows for his muscles to absorb huge amounts of physical trauma to a far greater degree than normal humans, granting the ability to survive falls from extreme heights with no harm to his body. Cole also has enhanced physical strength, agility, durability, and reflexes but not to super human levels, only abnormally above average.

Lilly can control and maniulate electrical energy to do things, the simplist of things is discharging electricity to strike things. As time progresses Lilly will also be able to 'sence' Electical fields around her, but the distance is limited. All her abilitys revolve around the core ability to absorb, store and redirect electricity.

Due to her increased electrical field though, large amounts of water will zap her of her strenght and inner electricity. If she is submerged for to long a time, she can actally lose conciousness and at the very worst...


Anything else you might want to add: She hates Carrots, punkrock and being called Emo.

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/24/2011 #2,699


You don't make characters in the development thread.

2/24/2011 #2,700
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