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Mutated Girls from Montworth are missing, and the attempts to find them have put Students on the list of The Government's Most Wanted - Their only chance is to clear their names, and if they don't, they'll be disappeared, Or Worse.

1/24/2011 . Edited 3/28/2011 #1

(Although I like how the start of the last thread says that it'll be done soon.)

Gina's 'voice' came to him.

So that's how he did it. That's... that's horrible. You'll need to hang onto it... for now. When we seperate, you'll have to hold it in your head until you work on Vance.

1/24/2011 #2

(We did almost End it, remember)

Tad Did so, focusing on the Memory and taking off the Necklace.

1/24/2011 #3

(But I'm glad it didn't end.)

Gina instantly seemed to change. She looked brighter, happier, and just... better. She smiled at Tad, a genuine smile. "Thank you."

The memory seemed to weigh heavily on Tad's mind, his head almost automatically playing through the murder scene, transposing his hands over Brian's, making him feel as if he had killed the man in cold blood. It was a horrible feeling, to be sure.

Gina moved to a different seat, as Remmy pulled Vance's body over next to Tad. He stood again. "There's one last thing I need to do."

He went over to Gina, and kissed her quickly, turning red. "I had to... before I went back to having no lips." He sat back down by Tad quickly.

Gina touched her cheek, her face bright red.

1/24/2011 #4

(Me too, definitely...)

Tad rubbed his forehead, rolling his neck slowly. He glanced over at Vance, Blinking flutteringly. "Let's just do this..."

1/24/2011 #5

"Alright, here's what we should do." Remmy said. "Repress the memories that are in my- Vance's, head, right now, along with the murder memory, and then move all of my memories from your friend's body back to mine. Then take the necklace off, and I'll be back to myself. Then you and your friend fuse together so you can try and bring his memories back, without my memories getting in the way."

1/25/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #6

"Alright, I'll see what I can do." Tad said, lifting the Necklace.

1/25/2011 #7

As it was put on, instantly Vance's memories, like with Gina's, forced their way into Tad's head like a wave. Vance's early life, being adopted by monks, becoming one himself, and the sudden mysterious disappearances of the children of his town. Vance had been very close to one little girl, acting almost like a father figure to her. She was eight, with an abusive father. He took care of her, loved her, and she, in turn, treated him with kindness, seemingly oblivious to what he was. She was the first of the children to disappear.

Vance's memories showed that he had tried searching for the children, worried, and had come across the horribly mutilated body of one. He moved closer, only to realize that it was the girl he had loved like a daughter. It was then that the townspeople had caught up to him, suspicious all along that he had been the one killing the children. He was an ugly monster, after all! He tried to explain, but they didn't give him a chance, chasing him out of town, nearly killing him. Everywhere he went, children around him would vanish, and he would flee, hoping that eventually he would find a place where he wouldn't be anywhere near children, so none would be hurt. Soon he made it to a deserted forest, and Brian met up with him by 'chance' just as he had with Gina. He reluctantly moved with Brian from place to place, and the killings had stopped.

The other body was giving Tad dull, uninteresting false memories of servitude.

1/25/2011 #8

Tad frowned, not sure how he'd be able to keep a grasp on all of a person's memories at once. There had to be some way to transfer the memories...

(wow, Cool...)

(Oh Yeah, I forgot to tell you. Last night, I actually dreamed of this plot)

1/25/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #9


(Oh yeah? What happened in the dream?)

Vance struggled to control his memories more, hold them back a little, keep them together. He didn't know how Brian had done it... especially without consent.

1/26/2011 #10

(Well they were on the Run a lot.... I don't exactly remember much of it)

Tad tried to get a hold on all of Vance's memories at once, furrowing his brow and focusing intently.

1/26/2011 #11


At first, they slipped through his 'grip' like water. But eventually they held together, as Vance worked with him, trying to help him.

1/26/2011 #12

(Sorry. I remember at one point, Tad and Remmy were using the necklace, and it made them like part Bug, it looked really cool. And then someone saw them, and ran them off or something...)

Tad focused on holding onto Core memories, which brought other ones with them. Once he had a grasp, he transported them to Vance's Body.

1/26/2011 #13

(Hah! Weird! I was thinking about that but decided it would complicate things unnecessarily right now. However, since Remmy is rapidly approaching flydom, fusing together could be a way to keep him from losing himself completely.)

The false memories broke down and seemed to vanish as Vance's returned to where they belonged. Once they were there Vance helped Tad move the murder memory and bury it deep down inside of Vance's head.

1/26/2011 . Edited 1/26/2011 #14

(Although They should have a Cure soon...)

Tad frowned, trying to find Remmy's memories deep in his mind.

1/26/2011 #15

Vance had removed the necklace briefly, now that he was back to himself.

Since Brian had hidden the memories so quickly, it wasn't hard to find them. They were stuck close to the surface, but still they were stuck.

(Well, maybe, if James can help Harris at all.)

1/26/2011 #16

(You don't think he can? I mean, what would we do without Remmy? :])

Tad Tried to resurface the submerged memories, Attempting to unwind the mental blocks. Hopefully he could free him.

1/27/2011 #17

(Well.... James is an excellent doctor.)

The memories started to trickle forth in a stream... first, the disoriented ones of being a fly shot through Tad, and for brief moments he was living through it too. Then the horrible pain of being shot. Seeing things through Remmy's eyes... how he could only really see out of his right eye, the constant pains. But then the blocks holding the memories broke like a damn, and the surge of memories came forth. There were flashes of Remmy's life from all ages, The initial confusion and sadness when the first 'dad' Remmy knew, the third husband, left. Him playing with Zoe, when she was a little girl too. All of his friends when he was in elementary school and middle school, playing DnD and other games with them. His mother's seemingly endless spoiling and affection. Bribes and lies fed to him to make him side with her in court. His first day at Montworth High, dressed in all new, uncomfortable, fancy clothes, the horrible guilt he felt at being unable to treat his sister with kindness, and then, the memories of Tad...

Tad could see himself through Remmy's eyes. An idol, almost a hero. He could feel Remmy's emotions for him, at first, nothing more than worship, but then his insatiable desire to please Tad, to become a 'true' prep in his leader's eyes, to be closer to him. Soon the memories of their adventure with the monster under Montworth came, Remmy's horrible overwhelming sadness when he saw his mother's body, the memory of when he saw her... his mother, welcoming him with open arms... and then the horrible torment the monster put his mind through. Remmy was subjected to- not horrible monsters and terrors, but the pain he had put everyone else through with his selfishness. Zoe, kids at school, his fathers, his old friends, everyone who he had never paused to care about. But Tad rescued him. And from then on his feelings towards his leader changed yet again.

Remmy adored Tad. Perhaps even loved him. There was some confusion about his feelings... he had never felt this way for someone. He wanted to make Tad happy, never wanted to displease him or make him angry. There were points of fear... gripping him tightly, like when he was unable to help Tad when Tad was getting the files. Remmy didn't really want or need physical love. He had no desire for that, no desire for sex or even kissing. He just wanted to be able to love Tad, and maybe, someday, Tad wouldn't feel like Remmy was a burden. Maybe, Tad wouldn't leave like those Remmy had loved before...

The memories stopped flowing, and went to their various correct places, his most recent memories, of the terrifying eight foot tall ape man grabbing him, held the most attention of his mind.

1/27/2011 #18

Tad Removed the necklace as soon as it was done, furrowing his brow and rubbing his forehead. A trail of blood slowly slid down from his nose, and he rolled his neck, sighing. All this had almost been too much for him.

1/28/2011 #19

Remmy slumped in the seat, eyes blank. After several moments he shuddered, twitched, and blinked, before jerking to life. He gasped, holding his head and leaning forward, before looking up at Tad. "You're... bleeding..." He said weakly.

Gina clapped her hands impatiently. "Woo hoo, you did it! Now... please, let's find a way out of this..."

1/28/2011 #20

Tad wiped is nose, shaking his head. All the memories and emotions of Three people were now in somewhat in his head, disoriented and jumbled around. He rolled his neck, glancing over with a sigh.

1/28/2011 #21

Vance frowned, realizing what was wrong. "That will lesson with time. You only have imprints of their memories, brief flashes, not the real ones. After a good sleep your brain will sort out which ones belong to you."

1/29/2011 #22

Tad had no idea what Vance was talking about, and glanced over at Remmy, "You alright?"

1/29/2011 #23

"I think so." He said, looking around. "Where are we?"

1/29/2011 #24

"In the back of a police truck." Tad answered.

1/29/2011 #25

"Oh. Oh!" he blinked down at the handcuffs. "Do we have a... way out? I can try and use acid to burn through the door."

1/29/2011 #26

"I got Osborn on the Phone before Brian showed up, and it's still on." He said.

1/29/2011 #27

"Really?" He said, surprised. "They haven't confiscated the phone?" He rolled his shoulders. "Let's hope he can help us."

Vance shook his head. "You sure you've only been on the run for a few days, Patrick? You're handling this a little too well."

1/29/2011 #28

"No, they haven't confiscated anything, We haven't reached wherever we're going. Besides, I'm sure they wanted us out of the open as quickly as possible." He glanced at Vance, "I'm a Natural Adapter. " He sighed. Rubbing his neck, he looked at Remmy, "Burning open the Wall isn't going to help anything if we don't have an escape route, we'll have to wait until we have one."

1/29/2011 #29

Gina frowned. "You'll... help us too, right? Vance and me? Your friend'll get us out, too?"

1/29/2011 #30
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