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You can be a full vamp, half vamp, even a hybrid of vamp and something else! Just tell me your name, age, look, personality, history, and powers. Oh, and race! Like mine is:

Name: Deyci Sillini

Age: 20

Look: Long blue tresses, eyes that change according to her mood, olive skin.

Personality: Short tempered.

History: She remembers nothing of her human life.

Race: Part vampire, part mermaid, part pyro angel.

Powers: Vampire powers, can turn into a mermaid or angel (or both) at will. As a pyro angel, she can summon fire. Her wings are flame engulfed. As a mermaid, she can control water and freeze it.

5/4/2011 #1

Name: Amaimon Skye

Age: looks about 21 actsuall age is unknown

Look:Perfectly straight extremely long midnight black hair, with deep green eyes, which turn red when she is qreatly angered. She usually wears a long black, almost victorian-style dress and black boots, her other favorite outfit, a somewhat short black skirt, black top with lace sleeves and knee-high black boots with chains. Her skin is unusually pale, she appears to be no more than 21, which is the age she Usually disguises herself as (along with 17 at times) as a human. She is tall, slender,agile, and very skilled in hand to hand combat.

Personality: Unlike most, she has a willing control over her need for blood. Her classic vamp look of course makes her look like the devilish, evil creature she is most mistaken for. Inside she is quite gentle and almost sickeningly sweet, but most people that do not know her do not get close enough to know what shes really like. Of course as innocent as she may be, you do not want to cross her. You will pay the consequences. Her velvety voice is soft and pretty, and her big, wide eyes almost make her look like a child who could not do anything to harm another, but she will if necissary.

History: Unknown

Race:vamp/demon hybrid

Powers: Unknown

5/24/2011 #2


6/4/2011 #3

Name: Elizabeth Marie James

Age: 18

Looks: (Because I find that so much easier and more effective than describing her)

Personality: Very calm and quiet, until she gets angry. A lot of people want to be her friend because of her beauty and she accepts, but eventually she turns on them and drinks their blood

History: She was born during a thunderstorm and the man who was delivering her said that she was cursed and was to become a siren during the next thunderstorm. Where She lived, there weren't many storms, so her curse didn't set in until she was eleven. When she began her journey into the world of sirens, she met a kind old women. This women led her to a shack where Lizzie was ambushed by people drinking her blood, She barely escaped, but when she did, she realized that she didn't feel like herself. She let it go for a few days, but then she began to have an uncontrollable desire for human blood. Realizing she was a vampire, Lizzie made her way to the sea, where she now resides as a vampiric siren

Race: Half Vampire, half Siren

Powers: She has the ability of nearly an siren, just enhanced because of the vampirism. Her beautiful voice can lure fishermen (while near the sea) Or anyone at all to follow her as far as she wants them, or until they aren't needed any longer

6/15/2011 #4

Name: Melodui (pronounced Mell-oh-dee) Carvanas

Age: Looks about 21-26

Look: Red hair (legit red, like a ladybug), fair skin, eyes turn white when hungry or aggravated; black when full and satisfied; anything in between for different moods that no one knows the legend for, usually wears a black dress with a heart-shaped neckline and rhinestones on the right breast and on the bottom, aged blood on the front from when she was a newborn, always barefoot

Personality: quick tempered, light hearted, cannot control thirst, has no clan

History: No memory except that night that she got bitten. She was strolling along a bar after a tiring meeting, looking for a drink. She met a guy along her way. "Hey, where you goin'?" he chuckled, winking at her severely. He linked her arm with his and pulled her toward the counter. He asked the bartender for one of the strongest drinks they have. "That's gotta be Naked Lunch," the bartender said with a grin. Melodui had no idea what a Naked Lunch was. "Sounds perfect." the man said, winking at Melodui a second time. She assumed that he was hoping they'd have a naked lunch after this. She rolled her eyes and struggled to get out of his grip. The bartender swished around the drink and passed it to her. The man quickly paid and rushed me to a dark alley. He pushed the drink to my jaw and made me gulp it down. He was kissing along her chin, her shoulders, her neck. One of them didn't seem like a kiss anymore. It burned, like her body was on fire. She didn't want to remember the rest, so she didn't. Next thing she knew, she was thirsty.

Race: Full vampire

Powers: Takes the blood from opponents and turns into them. For example, if she killed a lion and chose to transfer that blood to her mind, she would shapeshift into a lion. The same exact lion.

6/20/2011 #5

Both accepted

8/17/2011 #6
name: Greg Yoko age:16 looks: lean and tall, black jeans, combat boots and a Punisher skull hoodie. Spiky jet black hair ice blue eyes /// personality: seems cruel and cold but really he's scared and lonely. Will be himself only when alone or cornered./// history: His mother was killed by a vampire in front of him when he was little, leaving him to shift through families as his fear deepend the cold going through his heart. On a visit to a therapist he was told to face his fear and (sorry cont)
8/17/2011 #7
(so sorry on a psp) he decided to do so, becomeing a "demon slayer" and traveling (his mother was wealthy) to find the vampire who killed his mother./// Race: human///powers: none just alot of weapons
8/17/2011 #8

Just wondering, are pictures allowed for your character's looks?

8/20/2011 #9

Accepted, if anyone wants to start the RP they can, and I'd rather you not use pics, but if you really want...

8/21/2011 #10

Oh, and if anyone wants to know Deyci, they can.

8/21/2011 #11

Name: Alexander "Alex" James

Age: 21

Look: He has short black hair, blue eyes, pale white skin, and a handsome heart-shaped face.Physically he's of average height and weight for his age. His clothing is a black and dark red hoodie, black sweatpants, with black shoes

Personality: He's very classy, cunning, and formal. He carries himself with royal-like grace and takes pride in everything he does. However Alexander has a little bit of an ego to him and his prim and proper manner can make him appear to be snooty and arrogant

History: Alex is the eldest of 3 siblings and the de-facto leader of the James Gang of vampires. He was born with his powers and gave up being a human and living a normal life a long time ago and he's convinced his younger siblings to do the same

Race: Full Vampire

Powers: He can transform into a bat, he has also climb walls. He can also cloak himself in a coat of fog or vapor, he also can hypnotize people with a single stare, and he can control rats.

Weaknesses: He has all of the weaknesses of a traditional vampire. Silver bullets, holy water, and wooden stakes to the heart kill him and garlic repels him and the sun makes his skin sting and itch which is why he wears dark clothing to shade his face whenever he has to head outside in the sunlight. He also needs blood to keep him healthy

Name: Megan James

Age: 18

Look: She has long black hair, pale white skin, and bright brown eyes, and a cute triangular face. Her body is slender and lean but with an average amount of curves on her athletically toned body. Her clothing is a tight gray t-shirt with a black and silver motorcycle jacket and black and silver shoes. She also wears black shades in the daytime

Personality: Megan is cool, stoic, and calm. She's still a little prideful like her older brother but she's still a little shy. Megan's best trait is that she's tough and headstrong however that pride can lead to foolishness and recklessness.

History: She's the middle sibling of the James vampire clan and a member of the James vampire gang. She was well aware of her vampire abilities but she decided to try and live a normal life and she did, until her senior prom in high school when she bit her prom date on the neck and turned him into a vampire. Since then she ran with her older brother as a part of a Vampire gang who will steal and kill to survive

Race: Full Vampire

Powers: She has superhuman strength and peak human speed and agility. Megan also has a regenerative healing ability. She can also walk through in sunlight with only her eyes getting burned, that's why she wears sunglasses whenever she has to go outside

Weaknesses: She suffers the traditional weaknesses like silver and wooden items being able to kill her and garlic repelling her. She can survive with human blood or animal blood

Name: Warren James

Age: 16

Look: He has pale skin, brown eyes, short and curly black hair and a handsome triangular face. His body is very fit and lean. Warren is wearing a blue and white button-up vest with a white undershirt with blue shoes

Personality: Warren is cocky, smooth, calm and very flirtatious. While he may seem like a swaggering punk with a lot to say but when it's time to get serious he really does get serious. He will defend his friends and siblings to the end so despite his somewhat arrogant ways he has a sense of honor.

History: He's the youngest and last part of the James gang of Vampires. His life before joining his siblings was pretty average.Warren had a couple friends and he kept his powers well under control, he even had a cute and loving girlfriend with him. The only reason to why he joined his siblings was simply because he got bored with being a regular person. He was tired the mostly mundane life of being a high school student so he joined his siblings.

Race: Full Vampire

Powers: He has superhuman speed, strength, endurance, and agility. Warren can also read minds of anyone within his sight but he'll only use it if it's necessary.

Weaknesses: He still needs to suck blood to remain healthy. Sunlight doesn't kill or hurt him but it does lower the effectiveness of his abilities

8/22/2011 #12

Accepted. Should I start the RP???

8/23/2011 #13

I just will. And....

Deyci looked around. She was nervous. What if a demon slayer or vampire hunter found out about her??

((Should she be friends with one? Without them knowing she's a vamp? It might be good...))

8/23/2011 #14

Warren was across the street, smiling smoothly at Deyci.

8/23/2011 . Edited 8/24/2011 #15

Deyci smiled back, still freaked. She also waved though.

8/25/2011 #16

Warren looked both ways before running across the street in a blur to Deyci, "I just thought I'd see something beautiful up close," he smiled a charming smile to her.

8/25/2011 #17

If Deyci was alive, she'd have blushed. "Oh, wuh-why th-ank you."

8/26/2011 #18

"You're welcome," Warren smiled, "So what's a girl like you doing on a night like this all alone?"

8/26/2011 #19

She had given this a lot of thought long ago. "I have nowhere to stay. I sleep in trees. There not that uncomfortable. And I'm hunting."

8/26/2011 #20

Warren's curiousity spiked a little, "You're a hunter huh? an outdoorsgirl."

8/26/2011 #21

Uh-Oh. Is he... "Um, I hunt mountain lions...not vampires. And, uh, kinda, I guess. I pretty much live in the forest." She babbled. Stop it, Deyci Sillini! You're embarrasing yourself!

8/26/2011 #22

Warren blinked before nodding, "I can't tell her who I really am, not yet." He thought to himself, "Well I'm just a simple high school student," he said, hoping she wouldn't notice the fact that it was late at night on a school night and most teenagers were asleep.

8/26/2011 #23

He's gotta be a vampire hunter!!! she panicked in her head. "Um y-yeah." Her eyes were a deep deep violet. She hoped he wouldn't notice that her eyes were forest green before.

8/26/2011 #24

Warren was pretty perceptive, seeing that Deyci's eyes changed color, "Um...did your eyes change color?"

8/26/2011 #25

Ack! Im DEAD, SO DEAD! She blinked. "Um....they do's nothing," she half lied. Please just finish me off, at least you can succsefuly kill me! I'm a weak vampire! she thought.

8/26/2011 #26

Warren was curious, he read the girl's mind and was curious, "You're scared of me aren't you Vampire girl."

8/26/2011 #27

She backed away, breathing heavily. "Wuh-what d-do you wuh-wuh-want?"

8/26/2011 #28

"Nothing, especially not to kill you," Warren said, "I'm a vampire too."

8/26/2011 #29

Deyci took a minute to recollect herself. "Y-you t-too? I heard about a d-demon slayer." she said.

((Is anyone else here?))

8/26/2011 #30
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