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Hi! Here you can meet people and make new friends as your character inside the dorm.


10 bedrooms (5 beds in each) 4 bathrooms 1 kitchen 1 games room 2 home rooms (1 with fire)

49 SPACES LEFT!!! HURRY HURRY HURRY!!! 1 Free Car Of Your Choice For The Next Person To Sign Up!!!! (others are gonna have to work for it)

Now a sign up sheet!

Name (Full Name - made-up or real) - Age (Made-up or Real) - Date Of Birth (Made-up or Real) - Starsign (Made-up or Real) - Description of Personality - Appearence - Rich or Poor -

People in Dorm 104A: Bethany Raven

6/19/2011 #1

Name (Full Name - made-up or real) - Connor Lannes

Age (Made-up or Real) - 16

Date Of Birth (Made-up or Real) - March 3rd

Starsign (Made-up or Real) - Pisces

Description of Personality - Connor is sort of a control freak. His friends can be wild and crazy and that leads him to yell at them. Usually though he is actually a nice guy with a bit of sarcasm here and there.

Appearence - Connor has messy Brown hair and Hazel eyes. He is tall and tan. He always wears a T-Shirt that says music Monkey on it and black jeans. He always wears a pair of purple headphones around his neck

Rich or Poor - Rich

6/19/2011 #2

Name: Celine Jillian Padri

Age: 16

DOB: December 15th

Starsign: (don't have my zodiac book with me, I think it's Capricorn or something? You tell me. Haha)

Personality: fun, humorous, vigorous, solemn, cute

Appearance: Celine has a dark brown curly mane, green eyes, and tan skin. Her eyelashes are thick and long. She has big eyes. An oval-shaped face and a slim figure complete the look of Celine. In between rich and poor.

6/19/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #3

Name: Alyssa Martin

Age: 18

DOB: November 18th

Star Sign: Scorpio

Personality: Alyssa has always been very wise for her age. She takes pride in being different from most girls. Despite her love for smoking and occasional drinking, she isn't much of a party person but when she does she parties hard. She may come off as mean at times and make jokes but it's all in good fun and deep down inside she has a good heart, you'll just need to earn her trust to experience her sweet side.

Appearance: Alyssa has Black layered shoulder-length hair with side-swept bangs. Her eyes are a light grayish-blue color that you can't help but get lost in. Her skin is a naturally light tan. She's 5'6. She's just the perfect average weight, not too much of either extreme.

Rich/Poor: Alyssa came from a poor background, but she is determined on creating a different future for herself than that of her parents. No matter what.

6/26/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #4

Name: Mira Noble

Age: 16

DOB: March 12th

Star sign: Pisces

Description of Personality: Mira is sarcastic and biting to everyone. She doesn't tolerate stupidity or childishness. People would describe her as a cow.

Appearance: A pale girl, about five foot nine, with long brown hair. Usually dresses in a victorian style.

Rich or Poor: In between, her parents weren't the richest of people, but they weren't dirt poor. Average. Mira strives to create a rich future for herself.

6/27/2011 #5

Name: Ethanial Rekumar

Age: 18

DOB: April 19

Star Sign: Aires

Personality: Ethanial has always kept to himself, hardly interacting with others. Very observant to his surroundings. Absolutely hates it when people burst in whenever he spaces out. Favored hobbies are parkour and take long walks during the night.

Appearance: Short black hair, five foot eleven, lean build (skinny but has some measure of muscles), often dresses in dark long-sleeved shirts and jeans. Small nose and has light brown eyes that seems to change color under the light.

Rich/Poor: Average

9/26/2011 #6
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