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You can create you're own characters but some people do need to pick original characters.

(For if you make your own character:



Species: (Vampire ("vegitarian or not), shapeshifter, human, etc.)


Mate: ?



If you're going to be an original character just tell me which one you would like to be :) I'm Bella though so she's taken. all others are open

Bella- Hitoshi321

9/26/2011 #1

Bella sat down in her new art room. She debated on what to paint. Then her thoughts drifted to her love. Edward. Before she knew it she was painting Edward and Nessie. As she sat there painting she began to wonder where they were. By now Nessie would've been in the art room getting in to paint "Hmm," Bella mumbled, "I'm sure she's fine, this family is protective," Bella smiled and countinued to paint.

9/26/2011 #2

[[Are species from different series alright?]]

9/26/2011 #3

(yeah :) )

9/26/2011 #4

(Is Alice taken? :D)

9/26/2011 #5

Name: The Doctor

Age: Roughly 903

Species: Time Lord

Bio: The 12th regeneration of The Doctor. Whenever she's mortally wounded, her cells all change, and she's fine, but she looks different. This is her first female regeneration. He/she escaped from her home planet, Gallifrey, because she broke a law and was going to be erased from time. She flew away in a Type 40 TARDIS, a space ship looking like a blue British police box that can travel through time and space. She made friends with several humans from 20th and 21st century Earth, often from England. She took her friends around time and space, saving planets. The friends all eventually left her. Either they died, they were going to die, or they grew up and didn't want to travel anymore. In her eighth regeneration, there was a war between the Time Lords and a race called the Daleks. The Time Lords lost. For the sake of all creation, she had to destroy Gallifrey, leaving her as the last Time Lord and a handful of Daleks. She was guilty for awhile, but by the 11th regeneration, she was over it. Her TARDIS recently landed in Forks, and she has no clue why, but she decided to stick around for awhile.

Mate: None

Personality: One of those people that can't sit still, she always has to be up doing something. Generally agreeable, but she's very passionate about her beliefs, and if someone disagrees with her, or does something she really doesn't approve of, she's not. Quirky. Strange. Often describes herself as old. Can't stand to see people in pain or dying. Always feels to need to help. Brave.

Other: Tall ginger female. Green eyes, pale skin with freckles. Carries around her Sonic Screwdriver, a little thing that can do loads of stuff, so I'm not going to go over them.

2/5/2012 #6

Can I have Emmett and Bella!

3/4/2012 #7
s class wizard
I will be Jacob and Edward! Desu Desu!
7/19/2012 #8
s class wizard
Jacob: oh Edward! U r so kawaii desu!
7/19/2012 #9
s class wizard
Edward: u 2 Jacob!
7/19/2012 #10
s class wizard
Okay, I was trolling for teh lulz. I'll get off for of this thread. :B
7/19/2012 #11
(Rosalie. May I have her? I think I spelled her name wrong.)
7/20/2012 #12

You do realize that this was last year, right?

7/20/2012 #13
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

FUCKING TWILIGHT!!! *Roars demonically and starts speaking Latin backwards resulting in the death of this thread*

7/20/2012 #14

*Pokes the thread with a stick*

Well, it's not illegal, so I'm not sure that Spear will bother deleting it. But he might just to prove me wrong.

7/20/2012 . Edited 7/20/2012 #15
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

I just tore this fucker apart with demonic chantings, so he better delete this fucker!




In case you all are wondering, I absolutely despise Twilight. It's a mockery to vampires.

7/20/2012 #16

Yes, we're aware of what it is. Except RIP, apparently.

7/20/2012 #17
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