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(thx i didnt think parenthesis would matter till i was accepted and srry i didnt mean to post tht many times)

2/19/2012 #361

9sorry for the text talk im used to texting lets just say if i had a penny for every text i sent i would be the richest being on earth) *sits in a cage thinking*

2/19/2012 #362

*kids walk bye and laugh at her*

2/19/2012 #363

8ringmaster takes me into his chambers in private*

2/19/2012 #364
(One your still kind sof doing it, Second please don't RP like that. Try and write it like you would a story. The way your writing dosn't explain much and Third you can't control the ringmaster. Only me and a few others can.)
2/19/2012 #365

(sorry i was trying to go fast so i can read whats all happend not to mess anything up and i was wondering for part o her backstory can ringmaster be her dad?)

2/19/2012 #366

thinks to self when are they gonna do something with me im tired of sitting here looks around (im gonna go read the rules)

2/19/2012 #367
(No he cannot we already have a back story, Ringmaster's really name is Thomas Lannes and Connor's uncle. He had gone criminaly insane when he had been tested on by a stranger who had kidnapped him. That's only part of the back story but since he's insane he wouldn't have a daughter!)
2/19/2012 #368

Skye frowned and backed up. She lost her focus and appeared. "Um, bye, then." she sighed.

2/19/2012 #369

gets thrown in a cage next to conners. "you cant keep me in cages forever!!!!!!!"

2/20/2012 #370
(-____- Avid your not accepted. I'm sorry but you didn't read ANY of the previous posts did you? I'm sorry but your not welcome)
2/20/2012 #371
(I know I'm in no position to say this, but Avid, you're RPing in the wrong way for this site. Other sites would let you get away with the usual *smiles* or something like that, but not here. You need proper grammar to RP in a story-like manner. It's like you're writing a story with other aspiring authors contributing to it. After all, it is more fun to have to guess what the other person will say. Plus, Connor isn't in a cage. And none of the carnies threw her. Horrorland man controls all the carnies in this RP, so you'd have to PM or ask him in ooc (out of character) if the carnies could do something to your character.)
2/20/2012 #372

(sorry i was cleaning my room when i wrote that and was on auto pilot. please let me join i guess when i thought i read them i skipped a few pages. and for the controlling the people im sorry i seen other people do that on this forum. i promis i will be better and not use improper grammer but i cant promise i wont accidently have typos every now and then. please accept me)

2/20/2012 #373
(I don't know....)
2/20/2012 #374

(please take it into consideration)

2/21/2012 #375


2/23/2012 #376

Name: Lorelei Park

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lorelei is about 5'7. She has an s-line / hourglass body with immaculate ivory toned skin. Her hair is a deep crimson color, lightly curled reaching her mid-back with side bangs that slightly cover her left eye and most of her forehead. Her eyes are also crimson. Lorelei's upper canine teeth have been replaced by sharpened, retractable silver colored metal ones that can extend up to a full inch. The bones in her hands have been replaced by metal as well. From her knuckles she can retract claws that can extend to 5 inches.

Personality: Lorelei is defensive and fierce. She has exceptional fighting abilities and reflexes that allow her to protect herself physically and in the long run, mentally as well. Socially, she is cold and detached, unable to be emotionally weakened. The spectators often think that she has mentally de-evolved to a primal state, when the truth is that she is quite clever and perceives situations / her surroundings well. In the circus she is viewed as a demonic animal due to her fiery temper and unmatched fighting skill.

History: Lorelei is an illegitimate child. Her father was a rich man that cheated on his wife and she gave birth to Lorelei. She was then abandoned in a orphanage to avoid damaging her father's reputation and grew up rather bitterly. In the orphanage, she was often bullied / picked on, so she gradually learned to defend. At the age of 14, she had nearly murdered a few of the other orphans with a short blade she found, and was taken into the mental ward where they eventually gave her metal canines and claws.

Living Place: Circus

Other: In the circus, she is referred to as the "Red Devil".

(Sorry if there's anything wrong- I'll fix it if there is. I shall read all the previous posts in the mean time :3 )

2/23/2012 . Edited 2/23/2012 #377

Name: Alani / Aeron Sahile

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Apperance: Thick, slightly curly hair in a ponytail, brunette with red streaks, with big hazel eyes. Used to wear a T-shirt and sweatpants wherever she went, but she's now forced to wear a frilly black, white, and red dress, wearing a silly white headband.

Personality: Compassionate, artistic, observant. Hates fancy things. Shy near strangers./ Murderous, aggressive, psychotic, lying manipulator

History: Alani has multiple personality disorder. She was fine, growing up like a normal kid in the village. Good at athletics. When some bullies started to bother her, her other personality appeared. Her other personality named herself Aeron, and proceeded to beat the pulp out of those kids. Her parents found out that she had DID, so she was sent to the Mental Ward, where she was moved to the Circus as the Fallen Angel. Her other personality is aware of herself, and constantly talking to Alani in the back of her head. The vice-versa happens when Aeron takes over. It takes hours sometimes, for Alani to appear again. Her personality change is activated mostly when bullies, or just mean people start to bother her.

Living Place: Circus

Other: Aeron can be so calm, that it's down right creepy. You can see the crazy in her eyes. Alani's pupils become more sharp.

(Is this okay..? I'll fix anything if I need to..)

2/25/2012 #378
(Perfect! :D)
2/26/2012 #379

"No! You can't make me wear that.. that.. thing!" Alani hollered at the man restraining her. "It's too freaking frilly!"

Why not just let me kill him now? I'm sure we can wear our normal clothing then... Aeron whispered in her mind. It'll be a pleasure...

Alani rolled her eyes and sighed. Leave me alone. I'm not interested in a murder spree right now. Or ever in my life.

Then I'll take control. Aeron burst free from her mental chains, and forced Alani to stand by.

"Move along, kid." The man in white said impatiently. "We've got a schedule to keep."

Aeron smiled viciously while kicking the man in a *very* painful spot. "Not anymore.." Shoving the door open, she ran out of the building, to the midst of people.

Alani couldn't help but snort at that. Really? Really Aeron? There?

Why not? It's a weakness after all. Without noticing, Aeron had walked into a tent.

I'm coming back now, thank you very much. Alani imagined herself, being freed from a room. In a second, she was back in control.

You ruin all the fun. Aeron frowned.

"Shut up." Alani said aloud. Then she blinked. Where am I?

2/26/2012 #380
Actually Sasori

( Im sorry for posting after I PMed you Horrorlandman, but I've really wanted to join this roleplay for a while now. I've been bored lately and I need something to entertain me, You don't have to accept but I am going to post their profiles just in case. - I also have a few ideas in mind if you are interested-)

Name: Nini (Aka Dominique, but there is already a Dominic so I'm not sure..) Last name: Losteau

age: 18 (if 18 is too old than 17)

looks: Very tall (6ft 6in) pale violet eyes and Dark Murky green hair ( styled similar to Sam Winchester)

Backstory: He and his brother Cameron live in the village, they are street preforming mimes. They seem very Normal at first glance but a long time ago, they escaped from the mental hospital. "Dominique" is unable to talk because one of the workers at the hospital cut his mouth for ear to ear making the scar seem like a permanent smile and replaced his teeth with long sharp needle-like things. he covers this up with some sort of face mask.


Cameron Losteau

Age: 18

Looks (facial features are exactly like Nini's and he is the same height, but hair and eye colour are differernt) Vibrant red hair with pale green eyes.

Backstory: Cameron was blinded during their escape, Without his ability to see he became dependent on Nini to be his "eyes" but since Dominique cannot talk Cameron gets annoyed alot and often calls him useless, Soon Cameron adapted without sight and used sound and air currents to tell where he is. Dominique, being so quiet is often unnoticed by Cameron. Despite the face that he is a mime, he is Very very chatty to the point of being annoying.

2/27/2012 #381
Actually Sasori

( Typo: It said Face instad of Fact in the bottom profile)

2/27/2012 #382
(If you would post them in the given character profile on the first page then I'll accept them. Thank you.)
2/27/2012 #383
Actually Sasori

( You're welcome. Oh and heads up, I can only post on weekdays at 9:00-10:00 and 11:00- 11:50 I can also draw, so if anybody in this forum wants I can draw your character for free~))

Name: Dominique losteau


Gender: Male

Apperance: Dark green hair ( styled similar to sam winchester), pale violet eyes. tall 6ft 6in

Personality: he tends to mock people alot by mimmiking their movements in a comedic way. he trys to be friendly but seeng as he cant talk, he dosn't make many friends.

History: Lived in the mental hospital with his twin brother Cameron. As children they were able to 'create' invisible walls and objects. Whenever they tried to explain this to the Mental hospital staff, it was just ignored and thought of as a halucination or just plain crazy-ness. One day one of the staff members happened to wander into an invisibe maze created by the two of them, They laughed at him and teased him. Every step the man took the more complex they made the maze untill the man became enraged to the point where he (once he got out of the maze) Gathered up the two boys and sent them to the 'surgical' wing of the hospital. Dominique, at the time, was the smart mouth of the two, so as a punishment they cut his mouth from ear to ear -also tearing the muscles in his cheeks- so he was unable to talk, also they took out the top row of teeth and replaced it with long bone like needles. He then saw what they were doing to Cameron and mannaged to take him away from them and escape the hospital, borrowing one of the surgical masks to cover up the wound on his face. After some time, the wound healed and the scar is shaped like a permanent smile, he is also unable to close his mouth so he still covers it up with the surgical mask. ( If he were to talk, it would sound somewhat like the grunt from amnesia the dark decent)

Living Place: (Mental Ward, Circus or Village) currently living in the village as a street preformer.

Other: staring at his face too long will cause some to lose their sanity. He also has a talent of being able to tell what people are truly feeling by looking into their eyes.

name: Cameron losteau



Looks: red hair with green eyes 6ft 6in

personality:annoyingly talkitive, witty. A bit of a douche bag. Tends not to care about punnishment and often criticizes those who try to punnish him. he is very dependent on dominique. and tends not to trust people.

History:After the incedent with the maze, his eyes were stabbed out and were replaced with glass eyes, both in a pale green colour, the full surgury was not carried out and it is unsure what the final results would have been. he was blinded due to this and became dependent on his brother to lead him arround. but soon he relized that dominique could only do so much, and soon learned to rely on sound and air currents to tell where he was and what was arround him. he does not know how to read or write.

Living place: living with dominique in the village

other: is actuallt really whimpy.

EDIT: I forgot something about their apperances, they both have naturally white skin and markings on their bodies that are like tattoos. also they have blue blood.

2/28/2012 . Edited 3/19/2012 #384

(Both accepted :D)

Soon Connor and Pat were in the village. Connor had a wool cap and loose pants to hide his cat ears and tail.

2/28/2012 #385
Actually Sasori

( Let me love you ok? get over here and just let me hug you Horrorland. )

Cameron and Dominique, as usuall were in the town preforming for a group of children. The streets were crowded today, it was unusual for this town but they didn't mind.

"Do that trick with your eye again, mister!" one of the children said.

"Why not?" Cameron smiled then moved his hand close to his face he closed his hand into a lose fist. he pulled his hand away then held it to the children than opened it, revealing the glass eye to them.

They all giggled and moved about in an extatic manner, one of the kids accidentally bumped Cameron, causing him to drop the eye.

"Oh Crap! No that was not supposed to happen! nononono! Dominique, go get it! Get it before it gets lost! Oh crap, What if it breaks? what do I do if that happens? I blame you Dominique, this is your fault!" Cameron started feeling the ground in front of him, it was useless of course, seeng as Dominique was already after the eye, it was soon stopped by the foot of a boy wearing a wool cap.

2/28/2012 #386
By now Connor had returned to his senses but with a massive head-ache. COnnor picked up something. It shimmered green and as he looked at it he knew what it was. An eye. He freaked out holding it. "Gross, Gross, Gross!" He groaned jumping around accidentaly knocking his cap off revealing his cat ears to the two performers and the children. He was far enough from the steet that only they could see the. (Awesome-ness! I luvs da magik hugglez~ :3)
2/28/2012 #387
Meanwhile, Skye was huddled up in a corner. Now that her only friends were gone, she didn't have the slightest clue of what to do. She couldn't fight back, no, not anymore. The girl willed herself to turn invisible and was humming a lullaby to calm her down.

'That won't help you none,' a voice in her mind whispered icily.

'You'll be dead in a matter of days.'

(Thinking of making a new charrie, just not sure what gender :o)

2/28/2012 #388
Suddenly the cage door opened. Two large figures stepped into the cage. The giant and the giantess Haku and Neru. They sat down next to Skye. "We're here for you," Haku said quietly putting a hand on Skye's shoulder "We promise Connor and Pat we'll come for us. They are faithful," Neru said putting her hand on Skye's other shoulder. These were the most words they had ever said.
2/28/2012 #389
"They won't come back.." Skye murmured, seemingly confident with her words. "Soon, they'll forget about us. Who would want to come back to a hellhole like this?"
2/28/2012 #390
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