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In the regular world these teenagers are regular kids. they go to school, have clubs, chores the usual thing but sometimes there's more then what meets the eye. These kids have an ability. To go to a cyber world called Vocan where there true selves show. They are who you call. Vocaloids. Everyone belives that they are fake, digital voices that sing songs. But have you actually ever met who makes those songs? Or the MikuMiku Dance program you know and have probably played with. Who invented that? The Vocaloids wish to spread music to everyone which is why they have such a wide array of songs. But that is not there only mission. There is a dark force in Vocan which wishes to use it's power to start the cyber apocolypse. It is up to the Vocaloids to stop them but can you really handle the real world, the cyber world, and stop an evil? the adventure starts here...

Choose your charcter


Rin & Len









OC character Sheet



Regular world apperance:

Vocan Apperance:



Character Item (Like Mikus leek, Rin and Lens Roadroller, and Kaitos Ice Cream):


10/29/2011 #1

Out of curiousity, what happened to the RP we were working on?

11/3/2011 #2

No idea...

11/6/2011 #3

Name: Harliquin McGallifrey

Age: 15

Regular world apperance: Reddish brown hair that goes to her shoulders, green-yellow eyes, zittish face, tan.

Vocan Apperance: Bright red hair that goes to her ankles, emerald green eyes, tan skin, blue Tee shirt that says "The walls are trying to kill me" with a rockwall on it (I said this today at practice) white skirt that goes to the floor, bionic arm.

Personality: Funny-ish, sarcastic, seems like shes on a constant sugar high, is very scatterbrained and spaztic.

History: Her dad was a comedian, so he was away alot. Her mom passed away, so she lived with her real estate agent step-mom, whom expected everything to be perfect. White picket fence, white house, even grass, the works. So Harliquin passed her time away in the rock gym, hence the shirt. She found out she was a Vocaloid when she fell off a wall and was bedridden. She fell asleep and awoke in Vocan, and she likes it there, MUCH better than home..

Character Item (Like Mikus leek, Rin and Lens Roadroller, and Kaitos Ice Cream): A melodica. its a piano-flute thing where you blow into it and you press the keys, just google it.

Other: The melodica is orange, the bionic arm is her left one.

1/5/2012 #4
i chosse teto what do i do now?
2/4/2012 #5
Your both accepted but I didn't think anyone had seen this so I really don't know ^_^u
2/4/2012 #6

I'm assuming you want Rin and Len taken by the same person as you put them in the same place on the list?

I'll be them! :D

2/6/2012 #7
Thnx! :D
2/6/2012 #8
Avii Sohen

I am Neru!

7/9/2012 #9

I assumed you would lol

8/11/2012 #10

Can I be Miku please?

I prefer Rin and Len but it seems they might already be taken sooo...

9/14/2012 #11
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