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(( Though it also means we will be at an advantage if sight is obscured. Such as in the dark or in thick fog. It would also make it hard for people to sneak up on us.

I'll just make up a starter post to see if this reaches your expectations. ))

Year 1:

After a long debate with several of the other members of the T'u, Es'a V'ess is elected T'a. Another N'u takes up his old position on the T'u.

As the N'e's require fruits and vegetables to prevent certain diseases such as scurvy, they take animal pelts and sew them together to make walls that hold in heat. In this building, they start planting the crops they need. When it is nice and sunny, they simply pull back a cover on top of the primitive greenhouse.

A horrible event takes place in V'e. A pack of wolves makes their way into the village, attacking people all around it. Many N'e's fight back with spears and swords, but some of them take serious injuries. After they fend off the wolves, three of them die from the wounds. They decide they need a wall.

On the dawn of the next day, they start constructing a wall and gates around V'e. They chop down small trees and sharpen the top of them to make palisades.

Es'a V'ess is working in his hut one day, experimenting with different materials. He manages to put together a concoction that helps keep wounds from getting infected.

Es'a V'ess decides that if something terrible happened to V'e, that all of the N'e's could go extinct. He sends out settles to start a new colony. Around 30 men and women leave V'e.

One day while traveling through the woods, a N'u discovers trace amounts of copper along the base of a mountain. He reports back to Es'a, who thinks there might be more copper in the mountain. He sends a mining party to search for the mineral.

The N'e's had extreme success in hunting. They managed to kill a mammoth, and drag it back to V'e. It gives them piles of meat and fur that they can use for food and clothing.

Near the end of the year, the N'e's manage to finish the wall and gates they started building earlier. The walls stand about seven feet tall. The simple wooden gate is strong enough to keep out wolves.

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Those are good for a basic outline, but i'm gonna need more substance in it, not just a list. You know how things are writyen in history text books? Try to go for that. Also, the invention of a new weapon is a monumental feat, and requires trial and error. Also, you star out with common spears, seeing as how that is the first weapon. We're in the bronze age, so people have arrows, spears, and basic swords. You can howvere, try to make your own weapons. Like how india had the chak ram, or japan had the katana? Stuff like that. If you could, try to make each o thise pijts in your list at least a paragraph long, get a story going. If you can't just try to putsome more info in. Like why do they want a wall? Why are making a mine on the side of that particular mountain? What were the people's reaction to the wolf attacks? Think like that.)
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(( They want the wall because of the wolf attack. Its why it comes after it in the timeline. And they were supposed to be trying to make a mine there because they found trace amounts of copper. Also, I don't think that the invention of a spear would be very monumental. All they did was tie a rock to the end of a spear. Anyway, I'll make it more in depth.

(( There, howsat?

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(well think about it, at what point does a cave man get to when he relizes " hey, what if i shapen this stick, then throw it at the deer?!" think about it. Also, those kinda things you should put in, i don't know what's goin on if it's just a list.)
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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Could you guys wait up for me please? I just got home from work and I'm trying to finish my race.)

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Mister Dreddeth

An excerpt from Vers vsg ul Bilghrs, written by Ivwov Strs Valza, translated into Universal Common by Ivwov Ivhhvo Jormun:

From the pen of Tejax, Ivwov Wmzit of Vers Vsg:

This year has been a productive one indeed. We have found that a number of crops can be cultivated here beneath the stone of Vers Vsg in specially excavated chambers. We still must send out parties of Hgstrmp if we desire meat, but some are proposing we capture rather than kill, so that we may bring them under the mountain with us. The tunnels of Vers Vsg are vast, and may extend to all known Mavharuk. We have yet to explore the entirety of this maze, but it is surely vast. I do worry about cave-ins in some of the less reinforced areas, however. We lucked out when one of our scouts, noticing the poor state of the stone around her, led her party out of the tunnel only moments before vibrations caused by our Uivh Dlo tunnel workers caused it to collapse. When I was a zeizo we had still not ventured into the more wild caves, but now I am an old voznvu, and my friends' vzeizo need room to grow. My own vzeizo have vzeizo of their own now. Oh, to have little feet pattering across the stone once more. It warms my heart, and I am happy for my vzeizo, now strong hvozn and hvoznvu.

My grandson, Igovar, completed his journey to adulthood and earned his Ilmls not long ago. His eyes still light up as he traces the curve of the heavy blade with his finger. He makes good use of the tool, which I am proud of. Many others have earned their Hilmls this year as well. We are growing stronger.

(The Ilmls, the knife which adult Kazorm are given, is a cleaver which gently curves back to a point. The handle curves forward to fit the hand better, giving it a vague S-shape. The handle is wrapped in leather and the blade itself is fullered and inscribed with its owner's name. The owner will carry the blade for the rest of their life. If they are exiled it will be taken from them. If they suffer a shame too great to redeem, it is tradition for one to cut their throat with their own Ilmls. I need to get off now. Goodbye.)

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(( I like your writing style, Morpheus. I feel my first post was like a beta test, seeing the types of styles I could've written in. I'll probably change it in the next year.

And Senco, I imagine it would go something like this. While traveling through the woods, a caveman accidentally pokes himself on a sharp rock that was lying there on the ground. He identifies the pain is coming from the sharpness, and brings the sharp rock home.

At home, he decides he'll try using the rock to hunt. He tries stabbing a deer with it, but realizes the deer can hit him with its antlers if he gets to close. He realizes that if he could get the rock close to the deer without getting close himself, it would make an effective weapon. At first, he probably tries throwing it, before he realizes he can attack it to the end of something.

He would probably get a long stick, then try different ways to attach it to the stick. Eventually, he would become successful and invent the spear.

I realize that is how I should've written it. But then you pointed out that were in the bronze age, and spears and swords are already invented. ))

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(now that is a post. And nigma your post is acceptable, thatnk you for providing the needed information)

The year is good. The vers Vsg, with their need to expand, gan expanding into the tunnels as in the excerpt from Vers Vsg ul Bilghrs. At first, their limited knowledge prevented the Vers Vsg from expanding rapidly into the unstable volcanic mountain tunnels. But by the end of the year, and with people learning from the scout that had saved her team, they began to learn the signs of bad caves.

Sadly, however, this knowledge did not extend far enouph, and on one tragic day, a excavation crew of thirty accidentally dug into a vein of magma. It wuickly flooded out and killed five people, the ones who had dug the area. In a panic, the crew ran, but five more were claimed in the scramble. In order to prevent that, the crew organized themseles and evacuated the tunnel with no more casualties, and managed to block off the tunnel by caving it in, saving others from their mistake. Little knowledge was gained from the tragedy, the miners who had been digging into the magma vein killed, but a new policy for furture occurances like this was created, and saved live when it happened again six months later.

With the speacial plant life that the Vers Vsg had begun planting, a small, but reliable source of vegetables and fruits became used, however with it being so new, the Vers Vsg still were required to venture out into the harsh world and try to find food. The idea for domesticating animals was very good, but locating such a animal took time, and required the vers Vsg to take the young infants of Mountain goats, which proved to be difficult, but with their suppior team work they managed to grab ten males and six females. They are currently under going new and untested training methods.

In the lands of the L'e, the invention of the green house is a brilliant success, thanks to the mammoth fur that allowed a seamless dome to heat the ground. It took a weak to get rid of the perma frost, but after some time, the dome began yielding vegetables that were high in minerals and required nuitriants, but were hard to grow and required constant and strenuous care.

The mining operation officially started two month after it had been planned, when the people struck into a cavern with a good sized vein of copper. This has encouraged them to keep digging.

The year passes, and no word is heard from the settlers. People have not grown to worry however, seeing it as just the settlers still searching for a suitable area. Six months into the next year, word is recieved from the settlers of how they have found a nice valley with rolling plains and a small forest mear by, they have begun to set up a village, and plan to start setting up farms to send back food to the capital.

(now here's my post)

Two orange eyes open, the dull light of the sun bleeding through the thick tree tops that rose above a small village that was elevated above a large river. The two eyes blinked a bit as they adjusted to the light, two small gray skinned hands going up and rubbing them. A small Ti'karren Girl rose from her bed, her leopard fur blanket shifting with her rising form. She hopped of the bed, her bare feet hitting the wooden floor with a creak. Under the floor, was the water that would have carried the small girl away if the wood had broken, but of course it wouldn't, the house being to well made for such a thing to happen. The girl ran Into the main room, Where her mother and father were preparing for the day. " Morning mama, Morning Papa." said the young girl, her voice that of a happy child.

Her father looked to the little one, his eyes a dark reddish orange, and smiled at her. The girls father was middle aged, being around twenty three. He had a muscular build, slightly less lean and more well toned then most. He wore a Pair of Tanned hide pants, with a hunters sash looping over his chest, it having pockets and places to put tools and weapons." Good morning Anira, how did you sleep ?" he asked in a kind, but in a intimidatingly deep voice.

The girls mother was sharpening a long Curved bronze blade. She was wearing a complex dress made of soft straps and a long skirt covering her legs with a long slit that allows free movement. She looked to the young girl with a smile, waiting for their girls answer.

the girl smiled at her father" I slept well Papa." she said, then saw the blade" Are you and Mama going hunting?" she asked, the Sharpening of blades the usual sign of a person going out hunting.

The mother frowned and nodded" Yes little one, We are going out to get some food." she said, knowing what would come from the Little girls realization.

" Can I come?" the little girl asked excitedly while also in a pleading manner. She clasped her hands to gather and held them in a manner where they were under her chin and shaking, adding to her pleas.

The father shook his head" No, you cannot. Not until you are twelve. Those are the rules." he said sternly, his deep voice becoming even deeper and sending a chill down the young girls spine." why don't you go outside and play with your friends," he suggested, wanting the little girl to be thoroughly distracted while they were gone.

The young girl frowned" Aww, please?! I'll be good! And I won't be a bother, I swear." she claimed, really wanting to join her parents on a hunt for once.

This time the mother spoke, she laying her blade down next to it's sheath " No, you cannot come with us. We are going to be practicing our ambushing tactics today, and you could get hurt." she said sternly" that's final. Understand?" she said, looking at the young girls orange eyes with her pale yellow ones.

The little girl sighed and looked away from the intense gaze," Yes mama." she said in defeat.

"Good, now go of to meet the elder, it's time for your lessons, then you can go and play." said the girls father, standing up and kissing the top of the girls head, then walking over to door. He pulled off the leather armor that was hanging from the rack, along with his wife's iron banded Breast plate. The mother stood and hugged her daughter tight, before leaving with the father, strapping on her armor as they rushed off to meet up with the other hunters/ soldiers.

The little girl waved good bye to her parents, then started to walk to the elders hut. The village was nothing more then a large cluster of huts, both large and small, elevated over the water by wooden poles and connected by bridges. The young girl walked over a bridge and met up with a small group of other children heading to the elders for their lessons. The elder was a very old man, rumored to be nearly fifty. He was sick though, and people were saying that he would be rejoining the Lady of the Mist soon. The young girl didn't quite know what that would mean , but knew it was bad. After crossing another bridge, the girl and the group of children came to a small tent on e main plaza platform, a flat platform that was very large and housed booths and tents for shopping.

Inside, the elder sat on a cushion made of small furry animal fur and skins. He had a white beard and was balding. The children took their seats around the elder, he drinking a foul smelling concoction that he had said once that it would keep him around longer. After he finished, he looked at the children and said" Now, which tale shall I tell these young minds?" he said in a kind, endearing voice to the children, all though he was pretending to speak to a statuette of the lady of the mist." oh that story, hmm I don't know m'lady, I don't think the children will like that story." he replied to the statue, even though it said nothing. He flinched back and held up his hands defensively" Alright, Alright M'lady. I shall tell them." he said with a chuckle, some of the children smiling and giggling, the girl included. The old man stretched out his back, then cleared his throat, then began to tell the children of how the Ti'kar came to unite. " Long ago, after the Great beast came a scattered our people, other races of Ti'kar began to come to existence. Now these Ti'kar were each different, and all claimed not to be Ti'kar. They spread all over the world, making their tribes and taking sections of the world for them selves. And over the countless millennia, The true Ti'kar dwindled, until one tribe remained. That tribe lived in a great forest, but were scattered into smaller tribes that fought one another for supplies and food. One day, one tribe, one that had yet to forget the Teachings of our lady." the old man said, Gesturing to the statue." united the tribes and brought us the unity we had been without for countless generations. On that day, the united tribe built this city, so that The Ti'kar would forever be united as one." the old man said, finishing his story with a bow.

All the children clapped and spoke their approval of the story, until there was a sound of Bronze bashing against bronze out side. The old man's smile dropped and he stood" Stay young ones" he said, walking to the tent flap and peering out side. Of course, the rest of the children followed him and looked through the crack in the tent to see what was happening.

Outside, a man and a woman held blades towards each other, both taking similar defensive stances as they circled one another. The children didn't fully understand what was happening, but the old man knew. One of the two people with the swords had dishonored the other, in some way shape or form, and they were settling it over a dual. The woman charged forward, ducking down and spinning on the tip o her foot, then jumping up. She used the spinning and forward momentum, along with gravity, to give her first blow a massive and powerful force behind it. The man tried to dodge, but the blow would hit so he brought his sword up to block the blow. The two swords clashed together, causing sparks to fly. The man's posture faltered, but he quickly regained his footing and kicked the woman in the stomach, pushing her back and leaving her open. The man then charged and switched the blade so that he was holding it upside down, and jumped inti the air. He spun in the air and brought the reversed blade to the woman, who ducked under the attack, then grabbed the man's ankle and pulled, causing the man to tip over and land face first on the platform. The woman then moved her blade to stab the man, while he flipped around and went to slash the woman. The Elder then stepped out" Enouph!" he said in a loud voice, losing it's kind tone and being replaced by an aged and tired one." this battle is over, It is obvious the woman would have won." he said, then stared at the man" You will accept that or you will be taken before the council." he said in a harsh tone.

The man was about to question the elder, when he noticed a small circular medallion around his neck with the The Ti'karren council Symbol around it. He then nodded his head" Understood councilman, I yield to her." he said, standing up, nodding to the woman, then walking of with his honor.

The old man sighed then looked to the woman, who bowed her head" What happened to start this trial?" he asked, wanting to know what had gotten the two of them so worked up.

The woman looked at the elder and bowed her head" He had claimed i had stolen some of his possessions after he had invited me to dinner. Of course it is not true." she said, the elder shaking his head.

" goddess, why do people fight over the smallest thing." he said tiredly, turning around and heading back into the tent with the children. He walked over and sat on his cushion, then pinched the bridge of his nose." one of these days, one of these days..." he mumbled, closing his eyes. After a couple minutes, he looked at the children and smiled" So, What do you children want to do?" he asked kindly, wanting to move on from what they had seen.

One kid that was sitting in very back raised his hand" Can we learn our mathematics?" he asked, some children mumbling their agreements.

The Elder smiled, and pulled out a black stone slab and a piece of chalk" Let us begin on multiplication." he said, and began teaching the children the math they had requested.

Else where, in the council, they had begun discussing what they would do to expand their power. They argued loudly and without ristrant, the guards in the council chamber hoping that there wouldn't be another trial.

In the year, the Ti'kar began cutting the trees around the city down and expanding the city. In six months, they managed to increase the size of the city by four Square blocks.

The hunters, thanks to their training daily, begun to imprive and bring even more meat to the villae, making the people happy. What the people didn't know, is that by the end of the year they had completly run out of bronze, and had nothing to fix the tools and wepaons the depended on. In order to continue their use of bronze and metals, the council began sending out groups or twenty to the mountains to find mines and such. After eight search parties failed, the ninth finally struck pay dirt, and began mining what they could, though they did not know how much there was in the vein. As they mined, they started to build a small town in the area around it, which was half way up the mountain but still where trees and the rain forest was.

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(( Should we wait for Owen?

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(proabably. I'll ask him how long until his thing is done so we know how long we should wait.)
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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Done.....making.....race.....*falls over*)

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(( Nice. Sounds like Zealots.

Senco. We go nao?

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(*falls from the sky and hits the ground face first* ow. I just finished reading it. Owen? Take a deep breath and pat yourselfon the back, i was hoping some one would make a race like yours. It is accepted. Go ahead and post. Please use the previous posts as an example.)
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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Yeah I kind of was aiming for a type of Zealot race. Anyway, thanks man. Also, I'm unable to make any real long post at the moment seeing as it's late and I should be going to bed soon. I'll try and make one tomorrow.)

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(alright. I won't post the second years out come until every one has posted. Good night. Everyone else can post.)
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((Is there any chance I can join this?))

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(Of course, new members are always welcome. Just fill out the LONGEST CREATION SHEET EVER! Then post it and i'll help you out with it until it's ready. Take your time, i don't expect this RP to be fast paced.)
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Year 2:

Snow slowly fell down over the village. There were large groups, all bringing in hunks of meat, fur and copper. The village had grown since last year.

Es'a V'ess strolled through the village. People would greet him, and kids would laugh and stare as he walked by. The village was doing well. Since they erected the wall around their village, there has been no wildlife attacks. Near the gates, there stood N'e's with spears, ready to act if anything happened.

In the middle of the village, they had built a large fire that they keep going from when the sun sets, to when it rises. Around it were smaller fires that chefs cooked meat and vegetables on. Walking through out the village were musicians. They played tunes on their lutes. Children danced around them as they listened to the music.

Unfortunately for the people of V'e, none of them could see the spectacular sight around them. They could only make out grey blobs. The only reason they were able to build all this was with their natural sonar abilities.

Es'a "looked" around the village, he noticed the many things that all the people were doing. A man and a woman playing each other in a game of H'su. A simple strategy game played with colored stones.

As he came back to his hut, he noticed a man practicing with a J'i'vr in a yard. It was a simple design, yet useful for the blind people of V'e. Thick metal rings attached to one another. Two handles, one for each hand. You held the bottom one with your left, and the middle one with your right. Past the second handle, the rings were dotted with small metal spikes. Where the chain ends, it is attached to a short metal blade.

The weapon was easy to use for the people of L'e, as it was an unpredictable weapon. As they spun it rapidly, it didn't matter if they could see it or not, as it would deal serious damage regardless.

A cart rolled into town. It carried lumber and fur. It came from the second village, which Es'a and the T'u had decided to name P'el. The driver of the cart also had a report on the villages progress. They had started making themselves a wall, and found a special herb that causes people to feel strange and happy. They shipped a small supply of it back to be examined by the T'u.

As the year neared its end, Es'a decided that this year went better than the last. No wildlife attacks, fewer N'e's died hunting, the food and fur supply is holding up, and the copper vein is still rich with plenty of the mineral.

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Two orange eyes stared out onto the river that ran under the Ti'kar capital So'kar, watching as a body wrapped in leather and adorned with jewels flowed down it. A tear rolled from the corner of her eye as she watched it go down the river, destined to returned to the lady of the mist. Anira stood there silently with a cloth mask over her face. A plague had come to her village two months ago, and already it had claim twenty live, her father included. Males had a higher mortality then woman, and the elders were trying to figure out what to do. anira, now at the age of twelve, did not pay attencion to any of that. All she paid attencion to was the funeral of her father, of her mothers who cried silently as he went begond the sight of the people, and of her own pained sobs as she tried to stay strong.

The council had begun tryin to separate the ill from the healthy, and try to find the cause of it. They began trying to find a cure, or a treatment for their people.

In their desperation, the healthy were moved to the second settlement that was mear the mining town, and there were only a few familys that refused to leave, Anira's family bein one of them. They sought to starve the virus, but it was to soon to see what would happen.

The more miners signing up, the mines began to grow rapidly, and the people struck iron. They know it is ore, but not what its melting point was. They are currently conducting experiments to find out how to use it properly.

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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer


It had been a fairly good year for the Falteans. The food was plentiful and the conquests had come to a rest for now, giving the soldiers much needed time with their friends and families. However, their training schedule was much more harsh than it was before. The Elders didn't want soft soldiers. Yes, life was good, but there were still problems. Rioting among the Primitives had increased, causing much chaos and discord. The Elders are at their wits end trying to pacify these riots. Soon, they will finally reach their limit and start killing these people, to much their dismay. To make matters worse, rumors of a plague are said to be ravaging another nation. At first the Elders dismissed this is as pure conjecture and folly. However, they do have their doubts. They plan to organize a scouting party in order to see if the rumors are true. Their orders are to merely observe and not engage with the locals. If they do engage with them, they are to tell them who they are. They are also to tell them that they were sent to see if they could find a way to cure this plague. The soldiers were to bring every herb known to exist in Faltea, along with a doctor to create a cure. To top it all off, the soldiers were to bring a Faltean Priest with them, in order to preach to this nation the Word of Mjalkavar.


Tyrofylan stood outside the door to his wood and skin covered hut, gazing at the morning sun. His amber eyes reflected the rays causing a mysterious effect. He reflected upon what he was told the week before: That he had been promoted to High Zealot and he would lead the scouting expedition. His wife, wrapped in the warm fur of a reindeer, came to his side and looked up at the substantially taller man. "Why are you up so early?" she whispered sleepily, "The scouting party doesn't leave for another three hours."

He looked down at her and drew her close to him. "I was merely reflecting on what lies ahead, and whether or not I would come back," Tyrofylan said in reply, "It might take months or years until I come back."

His wife looked down, sadly. "Will you be able to meet our new son or daughter?" she whispered. Tyrofylan knelt down so his face was nearly level with his wife's belly.

"I promise you with all my heart, soul, and being, that I will meet my child," he vowed, "Even if the Spirit of Death takes me, I will fight him so I may come back to you and our child."

His wife smiled and kissed him softly before returning to bed.


Clad in his armor and wearing a fur cloak over his shoulders, Tyrofylan turned to look back at his country and his wife one last time before he left to parts unknown. His wife smiled at him as he left. Tyrofylan knew that he had left his wife in capable hands. He made a young Faltean named Harivol take an oath that he would protect his wife with his own life. Harivol eagerly accepted.

"Come on," said Tyrofylan's second in command, "They'll still be there when we get back." The other Faltean's smile reassured him this. Tyrofylan turned and began his journey.

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Mister Dreddeth

(Well since everyone else has immediately found iron, I might as well ensure my own nation's safety.)

So, what do ye wish to hear today? Aye, a good story that, little Vzeizo. Now now, settle down and listen. I don't want to repeat meself too much. They discovered veins of iron that same year, ye know. Not just that, but while these monumentous events were set in motion, Hkazorm were experimenting by distilling aflatoxin from cave fungus, ever curious as to the nature of the world. They were trying to make bows out of horns too, on account of the shortage of good bow wood in Vers Vsg, but that is not what ye want to hear, is it?

(Aflatoxin is a real world type of poison found in some fungi. It turns healthy cells into malignant cells, which means that while it takes its sweet time to kill, it is essentially cancer in a bottle. Before you ask, no Kazorm researcher would be stupid enough to give themselves a dose without running tests first, and the fungi in question would already have a deadly reputation anyway. It is possible to make composite bows out of glued together strips of wood, sinew and boiled horn. They have a heavy draw for their size due to the extra snap of the horn, so they can be made smaller without losing power. Of course this is a complex process which can take time.)

I thought not. Alright, let me tell ye of the early days of the fierce voznvu Trl Mtvr, who would one day rise to be Trl Mtvr Gstrmp Wmzit, our first Gmfs vsg lu Ivwzvo. Rising quite literally from the dust of her collapsed cavern as the lone survivor among her family in the wake of the great earthquake, she had nothing left to lose, save her own life. She decided to throw herself into her duty, and rose quite quickly from her rank of Gstrmp Dlo. Even as she helped others who had lost things precious to them 'neath so many tons of rock, she let them find their own way rather than become leaches. They banded together and worked more fervently than ever, their hearts aflame with hope, and they are the reason that Vers Vsg has gained its reputation as unbreakable. The Huivh crafted supports for the tunnels which were capable of taking the strain of the earth. The Hgmzsxivn worked to re-establish trade and get the banks back on their feet.The Hgstrmp, her most prominently among them, labored tirelessly to replenish the food stores, and the Hivwov managed to keep everything together even through the harsh winter that followed. In the end one stood in her way, between her and the rank she had earned. His name was Sgzid Klftdn Gstrmp Ivgzvit, and while he was envious of Mtvr, his prime motive was concern. You see, he did not believe she would be competent as a leader. It all came to a boil one day...

Mtvr walked slowly along the path to the shrine dedicated to the victims of the hungry rock, wearing the leather trousers and wool tunic of one who is not on duty. Sgzid followed silently despite wearing his armor of bronze bands, just out of sight, his hand on his Ilmls and ready to kill. As Mtvr rounded a corner he stepped from the shadows and greeted her. Now Mtvr trusted Sgzid,but he just didn't seem right. He would flinch and twitch, and his eyes did not leave Mtvr's Ilmls. Mtvr saw this and smelled the scent of anger when Sgzid stepped close. Mtvr wisely chose to step back, refusing the customary hug he would give her as her subordinate. Panicked, Sgzid struck out with his Ilmls, and through her shock Mtvr drew her own and deftly stepped out of reach. They ran at each other and kicked and punched at one another in a display of ferocity so terrible that the racket drew an enormous crowd. Finally Mtvr broke Sgzid's Ilmls by driving its tip against the stone floor and threw him aside, the shards of his broken Ilmls clattering to a rest just out of his reach. Mtvr asked him whyhe had attacked her so. Sgzid, seeing now the crowd glaring with loathing at him for his offense, gave a great wordless howl of wretchedness, for he now saw himself as a fool. Before anyone could move to capture him, he dove for his broken Ilmls and grasped it in his hand. Sgzid screamed out "!Wvnzsh nz R" and slashed his own throat with his broken Ilmls, gurgling out ".Wvnzsh nz R" just as the blood gurgled from his throat and pooled around him until at last, with a final rattling breath, he lived no more.

Aye, it really isn't something ye'd want to tell the younger vzeizo, so don't. Not until they are as old as you, at least. Let that tale be a warning to ye, for whether it be by the perils of the wilds, the Gstrmp Wmzit's Ilmls, or yer own Ilmls if ye're gofwz enough, death is what awaits traitors to Vers Vsg. Get to bed now. We've got to be up and early if we want to catch our prey and bring it home by the evening after next.

12/19/2011 #51
(sorry owen, we had already started when you said to wait, and i didn't see your post until i had ended year one. But your okay, you have things handled pretty well. Your scouting part should take some time, and discovering another nation could have been what you did the year before. If you want, you can give me a list of what you wanted to do your first year and i can tell you what happened.)
12/19/2011 #52
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Well it was mainly just conquest to make Faltea look like it does now. The big push basically left Faltean forces more spread out than what the Elder of War would have liked so he ordered a stop to all conquest until there was more recruitment in the ranks and until civil matters between the Primitives and everyone else settled down. I pretty much summed it up in my first post.)

12/19/2011 #53

The Vers Vsg have begun using the iron veins they have found to improve their tools, though it is slow as they are trying to find multiple differnet designs instead of focusing on one design. As this was going on, the Hkazorm that were distilling the aflatoxin died from the poisons effects and poor alchemy practices and safety. From the limited notes provided by the Hkazorm to their successors, they predict that a effective experiment will not come for another seven years at least.

The attempted at creating a new bow substance is takin time,even with the masters working their hardest. But after a year, they finally made a prototype of it to be tested.

In V'e, the new drug that was discovered by the newest settlment quickly swept through the populus, and became the favorite pass time. The drug affected the part of the rain that handled reading the sound waves from echo location and provided far more vivid pictures, but less accuret ones. It also increased the out put of endorphins in the system, bringing the users to a happy giggling high.

In the lands of Faltea, the recent conquests have left the nation with many refugees taht are flooding into the villages and the capital. Noy many were trying to convert, but enouoh did to put a strain on te employment rate of falteans. This has caused violance against primitives to steadily rise, while even a small group of pure ones are activly harrasing groups of converted.

In Gea Karen, the plague is being contained but isstill strong, causing a mass of people each day to gather in the center of the towns and begin praying to the Lady of the mist for aid. Not even the council is unaaffected, as two of it's members have been reauired to remove themselves from the chambers. The Faltean scout first report home was of eight bodys wrapped in leathers and adorned with jewels going down river. Their second was finding a city built atop of a river with a group of pale skinned people all praying it seems to some diety. Their third was them bein seen by a orange eyed young girl when she had been walking in the forest. They tried to communicate, but with girls surprise and the forigness of the language sent the girl running and now the village is on alert.

12/19/2011 #54

(can there be floating islands? like pandora from the movie Avatar? The islands are independent from your control though)

12/19/2011 #55
(.......hmmmm, that would be awesome...let me check my sources to see if it is even possible.)
12/19/2011 #56
(sorry, but those mountains are scientifically improbable. They can exsist, except tha the magnetic field would be so great, it would tear the iron molecules out of living creatures, and tear anything metal apart. Sorry.)
12/19/2011 #57

(dang.... ok im working on my race chart... prolly won't be able to post until tomorrow.)

12/19/2011 #58
(alright, take your time but remember. Any adaptations must be explained.)
12/19/2011 #59
Mister Dreddeth

(I shall post momentarily.)

12/24/2011 #60
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