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(Yeah... Oh well. i guess I'll assume role substitute manager of this thread. And the charries are accepted :P)

Etrius sighed, scratching the back of his head as he got out of the car. He wanted to walk to school but his guardians would not allow it. At the very least they dropped him off by car and not by limo. He went to the trunk, which popped open for him, and pulled out his backpack and two boxes which he stacked on top another. He closed the trunk and signaled the driver to depart. When the car left he picked up stuff and headed for the dormitories.

2/9/2012 #181
(I hope none of you mind if I retcon the precise nature of Al's cane. I found this Irish walking stick called a shillelagh, which is essentially a stick with a wooden ball on top which contains a lead core. I think it fits him much better than a swordstick because A: Al's Irish, and B: it is a blunt object well-suited to incapacitating an opponent rather than killing them, unlike a swordstick, thus allowing him to keep his oaths.) Al limped straight back to his dorm, his right hand firmly gripping his shillelagh as he made plans for the weekend when the older students would be allowed into town. Orientation was winding down and people were getting ready for classes tomorrow, which happened to be a Tuesday. Al would have the entire week to plan which caches to visit and which contacts to see. (I also switched his leg injury from his right leg to his left leg. If you're uncomfortable with the changes just say so and I'll undo them.)
2/11/2012 #182

-My last name is Shilale, named after a Shillelagh o:, anywho..assuming I'm accepted?-

May bit her lip nervously.Her mother patted her back dropping her leopard suit case on the concrete rather violently. "Dear, it'll be wonderful..see that fountain? I love it. Already a good sign!" Her mother chirped.May looked at her and rolled her eyes, "Ah, yes a fountain.This school HAS to be wonderful, assuming you judge everything on the shitty fountain in the courtyard." She growled."Oh, well we love you dear..." Her father said slowly and May was already walking to the main doors "yeah I love you to..and stuff." She opened them,leaving her parents on the curb astonished.May glanced and a folded paper with one hand lugage in the other. "Room 213.." she said smiling to herself, now that her annoying parents were gone she felt a weight lift from her shoulders.

2/12/2012 #183

(So you just...pretend you're accepted, or do I have to get accepted by Duriax?)

Name: Isabella Newberry

Grade: 11

Gender: Female

Parents: Vincenzo Newberry, a wealthy mob member. Married to deceased Deena Newberry, also a member. She got murdered in a shootout.

Personality: violent if provoked, loving if made friends with, nice, competitive, knows nothing about her parents real jobs.

Appearance: Fair skin from being kept inside each day, deep brown hair, hazel eyes with a gold star-like shape around her pupil, usually wears typical teenage clothing.

History at CCA: She's a scholarship student, oblivious to the evil in the world. She's somewhat of a new student, having got there just a couple days earlier. She hasn't made any friends. Questioning her Catholic faith.

2/13/2012 #184

(@emilie yes u r accepted)

(@simple ur accepted as well. )

Etrius sighed as he arrived to his dorm room, barely unlocking it since his hands were full. He edged his way in placing the stacked boxes into a corner. Within minutes he already had his dorm set, a habit that he formed from the weeks of moving around packing and unpacking things. He sighed once and laid down on the bed, the door still open.

2/13/2012 #185
Empty Time Lost Hearts

((Should I just restart with Jon arriving again? I'm going to be off soon, I'm just asking to post it tomorrow.))

2/13/2012 #186

(no need just continue on with the rp.)

2/13/2012 #187
Isabella stepped onto campus with the rest of her stuff that was just flown in. She tilted her head and stared at the school, concentrating. "I guess I'll like it..." she said to herself, accidentally out loud. She heaved a sigh and rolled up the sleeves on her black dress shirt. She had it unbuttoned and under it was a white t-shirt.
2/14/2012 #188
Al shook with anticipation and joy, having concluded his scheming session upon arrival at his dormitory. After getting inside and locking the door behind him, Al suddenly exploded into mirth. Al's Lovecraftian laughter could be heard through the walls of his room as he envisioned the downfall of the street gang trash. (By Lovecraftian, I mean reminiscent of unspeakable mind-shattering cosmic horror.)
2/16/2012 #189

Etrius' nap was broken when a certain horror laughter was heard. Sighing, he got up, scratching his head, and tracked the sound to a dorm room that had various locking mechanisms on the door. At first he thought they were placed for someone paranoid. A second look proved otherwise, the locks were too far sophisticated and intricate for someone paranoid. The second round of the laughter snapped him back to his original objective. With one deft move, he slammed the back of his fist against the door, a thud that can be heard two rooms down, and walked away.

2/16/2012 #190
With a start, Al ceased his laughter and looked sheepishly at the door, blushing lightly at his own eccentric behavior. "Sorry!" Al shouted apologetically through the door.
2/16/2012 #191

Etrius sighed as he plopped himself on his bed. His nap disturbed, he was now fully awake.

"Aideyadeh," Etrius sighed. He looked at his door, thinking of what he will do once he gets out again from his room. "Library time."

He got up quickly and exited his dorm, locking it securely behind him. He looked at the dorm door that he banged against and double-checked his lock. Satisfied, he strolled to the library.

2/17/2012 #192

((Holy crap, I feel like I missed tons... Anyone wanna fill me in?))

2/17/2012 #193

((And, I was tired of checking every ten seconds to see if the serer was back so I set up a feed, guess it didn't work. ))

2/17/2012 #194
(A few more students arrived, and Al had a conversation with Jon about a possible coup being planned by a number of street gangs and offered his assistance in a supporting role to the current powers, Jon and Miserie, for the sake of stability and to better ensure the protection of himself and Mrs. Wren.)
2/19/2012 #195

((Okay, thank you. :D So sorry I've been gone guys. ))

2/19/2012 #196

((Did someone make a copy thread? o.O))

2/19/2012 #197

Miserie looked for Mattia but didn't know where his room was off the top off her head and decided to return to her room. She felt bad after all, for abandoning her new roomie so abruptly

2/19/2012 #198
Looking for something to pass the time and not in the mood for practicing his Bartitsu or fiddling with his latest gadget, Al fed his gecko and his sundew plant. Al watched as the plant immediately wrapped its sticky tentacles around the offered cricket and dragged the insect into its digestive chamber to be slowly absorbed, the cricket's futile struggling only serving to entangle it further, sealing its fate. The gecko seemed almost disinterested, allowing its crickets to wander about with the illusion of freedom and watching lazily for the time when it would shatter the hopeful illusion and swiftly devour them one by one. Al briefly pondered which fate was worse before grabbing a compilation book of horror stories and sitting down at his desk to read.
2/19/2012 #199

Miserie caught many baffled looks as she strolled past the open doors of boys. They hadn't expected her to be breaking the rules so early in the year.

2/20/2012 #200

Name: Rome Lea Veil

Grade: 10th

Gender: Female

Parents:Geovanni Veil and Blaise Veil

Personality and Appearance: Her personality is naughty yet kind hearted she can be very shy. Most people like her, can make people do almost anything she wants. She isn't very confident after her boyfriend beat her. Quiet.

History at CCA: She has gone to CCA forever her Dad is a big mobster. She loves everyone, but she puts up a wall between people and herself. She is kinda a loner until this year she has started to come out of her shell and be more badass. She had one boyfriend, but that was an abusive relationship and her father killed him. She has been a good girl hiding in the shadows all these years, but now she has turned into a rebel.

2/20/2012 . Edited 2/20/2012 #201

((Charrie accepted. :D ))

2/20/2012 #202

I was accepted?

2/20/2012 #203


2/20/2012 #204

Can I just join in anywhere?

2/20/2012 #205

((Yep, most people began with their character arriving. And please keep OOC comments in parenthesis or starred in a fashion. ))

2/20/2012 #206

"Hi, guys I'm Rome...We've been going to the same school for awhile, but this is probably the first time we have talked." Rome says while waving awkwardly.

2/20/2012 #207

Absentmindedly, Al urned on his music player. Faint strains of "Night on Bald Mountain" could be heard through his extremely well locked door as he continued to read "Three Who Sought Death".

2/20/2012 #208

"I believe I just said hello," Rome says while putting her hands on her hips, "I really don't like to be ignored."

2/20/2012 #209
(You never specified where your character is, and probably haven't paid attention to the story thus far judging by your character's abrupt and inexplicable entrance. I feel perfectly fine ignoring "Rome" until you perform a correct entrance rather than simply popping in and assuming that A: Everyone else is in the same room, and B: Our characters would trust yours at all. Al might given his tendencies, but something about her makes me roll my eyes. Please do not make a habit of that. To reiterate my point, type up a new, better entrance.)
2/20/2012 #210
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