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Okay, welcome to Hogwarts! To join post name, age, house, looks, personality, history, oh and this is post Harry Potter so you can't be a part of the Golden Trio (srry!) you can be a proffesor, student, or ghost. Heres mine.

Name: Rose Laine Syther

Age: 15

House: Slytherin

Looks: Blonge shoulder-length hair, bright green eyes, aristocratic face and upturned nose. athletic build.

Personality: Protective of status among peers, feels superior to others, secretly insecure

History: Only child among has been death eater parents.


1/29/2012 #1

Name: Trase Logan

Age: 16


Looks:shoulder length black hair,green eyes,5"8


History: only child


1/30/2012 #2
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Name: Emily Jones

Age: 16

House: Hufflepuff

Looks: Emily has long, light brown hair down to her shoulder blades that she usually ties up in a bun. Her eyes are green and she has a kind, easy going sort of face.

Personality: Laid back, social, likes people, forgiving nature. However, she has a short temper and often lets her emotions get in the way of logic. Emily likes girls.

History: One of five brothers and sisters. She is the second to last to come to Hogwarts out of her family (so far). Muggleborn.


2/3/2012 #3

Name: Erin-Lee Chalk

Age: 14

House: Hufflepuff

Looks: Curly, caramel-blond hair hanging just above her waist, blue-grey eyes and a pixie face. Quite thin, but surprisingly strong despite. Tanned, lightly-freckled skin.

Personality: Kind and bubbly, but also bitchy if you get on her bad side and can also be very arrogant towards people when she's in a bad mood. Protective of those who insult her brother for being a squib.

History: Has a minor family tie to the Avery family. Half-blood. Has a younger squib brother, 7 years of age, who she is very close to. Her parents are divorced - She spends Summer with her mum, and Christmas with her dad, who she dislikes. Her dad lives in Ottery St. Catchpole, England, her mum in Birmingham, England.


2/9/2012 #4

Name: Ithaca Francis Fiaca

Age: 14

House: Ravenclaw

Looks:brown hair, tanned skin, short hair, vanilla eyes (often mistaken for being blind) left handed, medium height, female

Personality: childish, prankster, enjoys candy allot, extremely protective of friends and is not afraid to stand up for them. afraid of running out of books. is a class-A bibliophile. very strait forward in most cases, can also be very misleading. often will not respond if she is not given enough information to satisfy her.

History:most of her past is not tolled, and only really close friends know anything personal about her. has a identical twin sister, who has green eyes. most people hated her through her child hood, because weird things always happened around her. was bullied, but will never admit to it.

2/14/2012 #5

name: tj

age: 12

house: griffindor

looks: blonde hair, cream skin, blue eyes, often mistaken of being small, and right- handed med build male

personality : nice kind funny & helpul and willing to save his friends from trouble

and also can be a little childish at times

history: most of tj's life he grew up being an only kid with mom& dad and had no bros or sisters

but tj knew that he was a wizard

2/22/2012 #6

((Is this Rp ever going to start?))

2/22/2012 #7

((that other ac is mine i was on the wrong one))

2/22/2012 #8
Name: Quincy Adams. Age: Unknown. House: Quincy was alive when there was only one house. Looks: A small, solemn face like most ghosts, but an odd twinkle in her eye occasionally. She wears a long, linen dress and large coat. Personality: Quincy is usually quite happy and talkative but sometimes drops into severe depressions. History: Quincy does not remember how she died, nor anything of her past life. All she remembers is being mocked for her name, a boy's name, so she loathes it, and a blonde-haired boy.
3/29/2012 #9
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(Yeah, let's get this thing started, I wanna get my magic on.)

3/29/2012 #10
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Cheryl Alejandra Romero

Age: 17

House: Ravenclaw

Looks: Tallish; crazy hips; square face with a broad nose, freckles, and very full lips; thick, wavy, brown hair; brown eyes with thick eyebrows.

Personality: Very laid-back and mellow, unless she gets interested in something. When she starts a project, she gets super-excited by all the possibilities and stays pretty hyper throughout the project, but also becomes very focused and detail-oriented...unless another project catches her attention. If no new projects come up, Cheryl gets so focused that she even forgets to need to sleep. She especially loves magical mechanics (magi-mech), applying magic to both Muggle and Wizarding technology to create new machines and weapons.

History: Cheryl was born into a family of Muggle mechanics, but displayed an uncanny talent that far surpassed her relatives'. Besides that, most delicate electronics began to malfunction in her presence. Her family didn't like the latter, but felt that the former made up for it, and in general Cheryl was treated well. When she turned eleven, she received a letter from Hogwarts, and now she's in her final year. She hopes to either become a professor at Hogwarts, or to work for the Ministry of Magic in researching magi-mech.

Other: Cheryl smokes, a habit shared by her whole family. Her preferred brand is Black Cat cigarettes, but it's hard to get any cigarettes, period, at Hogwarts, or the time to smoke them.


4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #11
name:chad blakeston age13 house:ravenclaw looks:short black haired boy with curly hair,pointed noise and oval green eyes and also a skinny body personality: vrey likeable and smart,can stand up in the face of danger history:had a 4.0 gpa at old school but he didint like in anyways so his parents were nice enough to let him go to hogwarts
4/2/2012 #12
Read Forever
Name: Anyanth (Anya for short) Age: 14 years House: Ravenclaw Looks: Anya has shoulder length brown hair, which tends to be on the frizzy side, and hazel eyes. She, before she came here, was a rower, so she is about 5'5", and is about 135lbs. Personality: she is usually friendly, but sometimes, if someone strikes her the wrong way, she will not hesitate to argue or even just ignore them. She values intelligence highly, and relishes puzzle and things that challenge the mind. History: she is one of three sisters. She is muggle born. Student
7/3/2012 #13
Read Forever
Sorry, can I change my character's house to gryffindor? I noticed how many ravenclaws there were, so I decided to change it. For her personality, to make her more of a gryffindor, she is very fierce when it comes to her friends, she will defend them with her life, and is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs. She often acts on impulse, not thinking before hand.
7/3/2012 #14

Name: Drew Laine

Age: 16

House: Hufflepuff

Looks: Wavy, honey colored hair down to her shoulders, bluey grey eyes, she is also short and has quite cute features.

Personality: Drew is easy on the whole 'school thing,' and seems to be always getting in trouble for something. She also loves butting her head into other peoples business.

History: No idea where her mother is, her father remarried a muggle. she has one much younger half sister.


7/3/2012 #15

(Can the OP post please, for confirmation they're still here? I haven't seen them post in a while.)

7/5/2012 #16
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