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4 Hours Before Death of Spiderman On a rooftop high above New York, Peter Parker aka Spider-man Sat on the ledge of a building, Watching the streets filled with cars and people, all of a sudden Some one in a Black hoodie Landed behind him "Hey Pete" he held up some Chinese Food take out "You hungry?" As they both sat edge of the building they ate there food Chatting away "So Pete. You Find the courage to ask MJ out yet?" The masked Hero turned to The hooded one "Eh... I dont know...When ever I try to plan one Some supervillain Pops onto the picture" The hooded Hero Replied "Yeah...I guess your right". Spiderman put down the empty box And pulled down the other half of his mask down "Well I better get going. Going to see if any one needs their Friendly neigbourhood Spider-man... Wanna come with?" the hooded figure shook his head and repiled "No thanks Pete. We got school tommorrow anyway... Im going to get an Early night" he said. Peter spun a web that connected to another building "See you tommorrow then Rhys." he said Webswing away from the building. The hooded boy took a running start and started to leap from building to building headed to his Aparment Rhys Lone aka Shadowsting Powers: can manipulate his hands into anything. ((just like Alex Mercer from prototype))
2/16/2012 #1
45 Minutes before the Death of Ultimate Spiderman Rhys Lone aka Shadowsting, was Fast asleep in his apartment, All of a sudden his cellphone began to ring "Ugh...who the hell calls some one at this time of night" he said, reaching over to his cellphone he rubbed the bring of his nose answering the call "Speaking?" he said in a tired manner suddenly an old woman started speaking into the phone in a terrifed way "Oh my god-they-he-then-Peter" the terrifed woman said. As soon as she started talking he new it was Mrs May Parker "Ugh Slow down Mrs Parker...whats wrong... Did Peter hurt himself?" as soon as he Finished talking May Parker or Aunt May if you prefer. She began to calm down and tell Rhys the Whole story, or what Anna Watson had told Her before she called him. The only thing That Awokend Rhys was when she said The words 'Home' and 'Their Killing him!'.... It was silent for a few minutes when Aunt May said "Rhys are you still there?" Unknown to her Rhys was already on his way to Peters house He Took out his emergancy comlink and called Tony Stark "Come on Tony..pick up PiCk Up PICK UP!!!" he said during the Dail tone Finally Some one picked up, it was his assisstant "Tony Stark's office, Mr Stark is currently Bus-" she was cut off when Rhys said "YOU TELL TONY THAT IF HE DOESNT COME TO THIS PHONE. RIGHT NOW!!! IM GOING TO SHOVE THAT HELEMT OF HIS SO FAR UP HIS A-" Suddenly a male voice Replyed "its good to see people still love me...How can I help you Mr Lone?" there was silence...for 30-40 seconds untill Rhys spoke up "Oh god she was right their killing Him Tony..Their killing Peter, Osborn, Marko, Octavious. There all Beating him to death." Rhys Stood on one of the high New York buildings watching as they Threw attack after attack at an unmasked Spider-man. Tony Stark was already Suiting up While Talking to him. "Where! Where are they!" Rhys hung up Speeding to the ledge after getting running start and Leaping from the building
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