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The one and only Den

In the middle of nowhere in some random country theres an academy for martial artists, everybody who is worth anything in fighting goes to this academy, the ages can range anywhere from 5-50, and so many diffrent martial arts are there from simple brawling all the way up to and above wing chun. The academy was founded by Dishiro (no one knows his last name) Its been around for an undisclosed amount of years and no one knows how to get accepted (i'll tell in a bit), but at the school its run sort of like a year round fighting event, theres fight nights every night and whoever wants to fight can fight, they just walk to the ring (classic style boxing ring). This begins your first year at Dishiro academy, please watch out and stay safe, cause at this school...only the strong.can.survive.

Okie Dokie so your starting at Dishiro Academy a top notch school for badasses, your gonna need to know a few rules

1. Your going to get hit, no auto hitting, auto dodging or godmodding

2. i don't care if you cuss, many people cuss in fights, this is an rp based on yeah

3. have fun, cause if you were here to be bored your sanity would be in question

4. limit of 1-2 characters per person, cause more than that then posts get really long and i don't like really long posts

5. keep your posts to a maximum of a paragraph, cause longer than that i will get lazy and not read all the way through

so now heres the character page



Birth Country:

Theme Song: (song that plays when you enter the stadium, it just makes it more awesome)

Martial Art:




Bio: (nothing too detailed just you know, what kind of life the led and all that stuff)


you will have a fight record at this school, any fights outside of the school don't count so everyone starts at 0-0 except of course for people that're already at the school (which only i can create)

soooooo lets begin

3/10/2012 . Edited 3/10/2012 #1
The one and only Den

Name: Denmura Ryuusei (Den)

Age: 19

Birth Country: America

Theme Song: (song that plays when you enter the stadium, it just makes it more awesome) Can't Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr.

Martial Art: Boxing

Strengths: He has insane knockout power and throws his punches very fast

Weaknesses: his footwork isn't very quick

Appearance: Den is 6'0 even with dark brown hair that extends just past his eyebrows, covers his ears and comes halfway down his neck. When he's in the ring fighting he wears Black Shorts with Red flames on the bottom and name Ryuusei across the waist. Outside the ring he wears Jeans and a white button up long sleeve shirt thats unbuttoned with a white sleevless underneathe. He has a very nice muscular build, well define arms and abs, he resembles a bodybuilder. He has very broad shoulders.

Bio: (nothing too detailed just you know, what kind of life the led and all that stuff) Den didn't live a bad life, middle class, had a few daddy issues (motivation behind his boxing) he began boxing at the age of 8 and outside of the school has never lost a fight

Personality: Den is very lighthearted and easy to get along with, he loves to be around people and joke around, he's a big flirt and above all loves to fight, on the flip side when Den is in the ring for a fight he has incredible bloodlust, his only goal in every fight is to make the other person bleed severely, he has a a look in his eyes that intimidates most people that get into the ring with him, he doesn't do it on purpose he just knows that the person across from him is trying to hurt him so he's gonna beat them to it

Other: Outside of the school Den has a record of 35-0 all of which were finished by knockout and only 4 of the fights left the first 1 1/2 minutes, of those 4 2 lasted into the second round of those 2 one went halfway through round two, that man is now on life support for prolonged exposure to Dens punches

you will have a fight record at this school, any fights outside of the school don't count so everyone starts at 0-0 except of course for people that're already at the school (which only i can create)

3/10/2012 . Edited 3/13/2012 #2

Name: Kichii Funabashi


Birth Country: Japan

Theme Song: Hirari

Martial Art: Kendo

Strengths: He is small and fast with good accuracy and a pretty smart mind.

Weaknesses: He lacks strength and courage at times.


Bio: He lived with his father on a train yard learning how to be fast and accurate to get each train ready to go. He soon took up Kendo and became one of the best students in his class.

Personality: He's shy and sweet but has a burning fire inside of him that burns brighter then most people but yet he keeps it inside.

3/10/2012 #3
The one and only Den

accepted, welcome to the academy, once we get more people i'll tell you and everyone that applies how everyone needs to start the rp

3/10/2012 #4

Why does this RP feel oh so familar? XD

3/10/2012 #5
The one and only Den

cause element high died again and i wanted some structured fighting instead of throwing fireballs

3/10/2012 #6

No I think an RP like this was done before :P

3/10/2012 #7
The one and only Den

oh yeah there was it was MA academy or something, i was in it, but it died, and i'm refreshing it in my own special way

3/10/2012 #8


3/10/2012 #9

Name: Ryo Ishitaki

Age: 19

Birth Country: France (African/French mix)

Theme Song: Princes of the Universe by Queen (Not a fight song, but explains how big his ego is)

Martial Art: Zen Taekwondo/Capoira

Strengths: Extreme agility, excessive stamina, quick reflexes, extreme lower body strength, and ability to remain calm all throughout a fight.

Weaknesses: Weak defense, a showboat, and has a tendecy to make mistakes when he thinks he has a fight in the bag.

Appearance: Ryo is 5'9 with night black hair that reaches slightly above his orange eyes, and lower neck. Ryo has light brown skin with a tribal tatoo on his left arm. In fights, Ryo wears long white fighting pants with blue flames and black fingerless gloves, no shirt. Out of fights, Ryo wears a black, short-sleeved formal shirt with a red tie and black baggy pants with blue nikes.

Bio: Ryo was a literal prodigy in martial arts, he was born into a martial arts clan (Clans are actually real) that was known for its fighting and rose in ranks, but he was naturally lazy and didn't feel like becoming clan head, so he started screwing off and messing around, forcing the current clan head (His grandfather) to send him to Dishiro to get his ass kic-I mean, to teach him so respect (Didn't really work)

Personality: Ryo is light hearted and loves to joke around. However, Ryo calls 'em like he sees 'em, so he has the prime ability to piss almost everybody off. Ryo is also a pervert to the extreme, hitting on girls everywhere he goes. In fights, his personality does a 180, for he is calm, cool, and collected, giving off the aura for a silent predator.

Other: Ryo has a fond love of melons (Both the fruit AND the boobs.)

3/10/2012 #10
The one and only Den

accepted except that he can't just be sent to Dishiro academy, most likely i'll have everyone do some stupid task and have a scout for the school walk up and give them an envelope, and a plane ticket

3/10/2012 #11

Name: Hayden Long

Age: 15

Birth Country: America

Theme Song: That Ain't Classy by Classified

Martial Art: Wrestling (It's not exactly a martial art, but is the only form of fighting I'm familiar with)

Strengths: Small, quick, and calculative.

Weaknesses: Small can be a disadvantage too, since she takes hard blows less easily.

Appearance: She is 5'4 and weighs around 108 lbs. She is an African-American girl with reddish-black hair that is always done up in a ponytail. She has one brown eye and one hazel eye, and she has beingn curves and the such. She typically wears black jeans and a white golf tee, with her white glasses.

Bio: She grew up around pro-wrestling, and enjoyed watching it, not just for the entertainment value (wrestling is fake, not all of it, but a good chunk of the fighting shown on TV is staged). She lived with her mother all her life, but only met her father recently. She always known her father, since his association with televised wrestling put him on TV sometimes, but she never realized he was her father. She started fighting alongside some of the wrestlers trainers and was shown the ropes. She is skilled, but she doesnt usually fight in public...

Personality: Shy and nerdy, she doesnt usually stand out in large crowds, and she is usually seen reading something, alone.

3/11/2012 #12
The one and only Den

wrestling is a martial art, accepted :D

3/11/2012 #13

Very diverse fighting styles here...

3/11/2012 #14
The one and only Den

should make for a good rp

3/11/2012 #15
The one and only Den

oh and Horroland man, you may want to give your character some form of hand to hand martial art, seeing as almost all the fights will be hand to hand cause i didn't take kendo into consideration

3/11/2012 #16
Please let him just have Kendo? That's all I think Kiichi could be good at. It's his thing XD
3/11/2012 #17
The one and only Den

i wasn't saying to get rid of it, but i mean it'd be more convenient if he had something, even if he's small he could have stuff like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing but i you just want kendo thats fine, keep in mind though Dens punches can probably break his sword, i'm not going go into massive detail of how thats possible and bla blah but sure i'll have to create other kendo and fencing fighters for him to fight

3/11/2012 #18
The one and only Den

but anyways as soon as everyone is ready we can start

3/11/2012 #19
I'm ready! :D
3/11/2012 #20


3/11/2012 #21
The one and only Den

(we'll go ahead and begin, have your characters doing something around their home town, at the gym, running, sitting at home whatever, i'll have a representive from Dishiro come and give you the invitation and a plane ticket)

Den was at the boxing gym, hitting the heavy bag with incredibly speed and power. After a while he stopped and went over to the treadmill and began running on it, as he began his light jog a man walked into the gym. This man was about Dens size, slightly taller and was dressed in a red and black suit, the man approached Den "excuse me Denmura, i am Katsuki, i'm a rep. from Dishiro academy in Japan, we have studied your fights and your 35-0 record, we at Dishiro would be honored if you'd come and join us." Den stopped the treadmill and took the envelope and looked it over, inside was a classy looking card and a plane ticket "hmm yeah sure what times the plane leave?" Katsuki smiled "6:00 tonight, leaving you plenty of time to get packed and tell everybody good bye, we'll see you at the airport" Katsuki said and then turned and left the gym Den got off the tread mill and made his way home it was 12:00 pm he had 6 hours this oughta be good he said as he jogged home

3/11/2012 #22
Kiichi was walking home. He had his gym bag with him with his Kendo gear in it. He had just won another tournament for his school and he had a medal around his neck.
3/11/2012 #23
The one and only Den

A young looking man, appearing to be in his mid 20's ran up behind Kiichi with an envelope in one hand and a kendo sword in a holster on his side "hey aren't you Kiichi? if so then we'd like to invite you to Dishiro academy, inside this envelope theres an invitation with more details and a plane ticket" The young man handed Kiichi the envelope and darted off in the opposite direction before Kiichi could as any questions, on the envelope it said Dishiro Academy Kendo Rep Kanomura, adressed to Kiichi

3/11/2012 #24
"Say what now?" Kiichi blinked before walking home. He opened the letter. "I knew I was good but I didn't think I was THAT good..."
3/11/2012 #25
The one and only Den

in both of their envelopes it read Hello, my name Is Dishiro Kataname and i run a martial arts school in japan, we are extending an invitation to you as you've proven worthy to come and join us. At our school there is nightly fights in our arena, we have top notch training faciliities as well as other things. Its more or less a fighters paradise at our school, we have a plane that will pick you up and fly you out to our academy. We do hope you will come and join us at DISHIRO'S ACADEMY OF THE MARTIAL ARTS.

3/11/2012 #26
Kiichi looked at it. It took about three seconds before he exploded in happiness. He ran home told his folks packed then got a ride to the airport.
3/11/2012 #27
The one and only Den

Den got home, said goodbye to all of his friends and family, then got a ride to the airport from his mom, once there he got out've the car and walked in the front door, bag in one hand, boxing gloves in the other

3/11/2012 #28
Suddenly Kiichi bumped into a boy with boxing things. "Oh, sorry," He said. He had a few Kendo swords on his waist and a big duffelbag.
3/11/2012 #29
The one and only Den

Den felt Kiichi bump into him and turned around and looked down "oh excuse me" he said, his shirt very tight against his arms, Den noticed the kendo equipment "you must be going to Dishiro academy, I'm Denmura Ryuusei, but everybody calls me Den" as Den said this a young boy ran up "Den Den can i have your autograph" Den smiled and signed the boys boxing gloves then turned back to Kiichi "and your name is" (these are amazing boxing knockouts if anyone wants to watch them)

3/11/2012 #30
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