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"Finally I'm heading home!" Kiichi cheered.
3/14/2012 #91
The one and only Den

(okay i don't think Paladin will mind me skipping the plane ride)

after a few hours the plane came in and landed at an airport in tokyo, where the group boarded a limo and rode to the middle of nowhere where there was only one large building

The limo driver got out and opened the door "welcome to Dishiro academy"

Den got out've the car and looked around with a smile "i like the seclusion"

3/14/2012 #92

(I have questions! Is it to late to join and since I don't think were doing the other RP can I use Angel and Codine?)

3/14/2012 #93
The one and only Den

(nah its not too late to join, just post character pages for them, and i'll look at them when i get a chance tomorrow i'm goin to bed)

3/14/2012 #94
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Heinrich said nothing and got out of the limo. He shouldered his duffel bag and started walking towards the building.

(Yes you guys can call Heinrich "Iceman."

3/14/2012 #95

Hay looked out the limo's window, seeing a large building.

(Goin along wit dis timeskip)

3/15/2012 #96

Kiichi grinned looking around "Ok where do I go for Kendo?" He asked excitedly.

3/15/2012 #97
The one and only Den

the man looked at Kiichi "the rooms are labeled, find it" he said then looked in the limo at Hay "are you coming out miss?" he asked softly

Den was still standing on the side walk looking up at the school as someone ran into him and fell down on impact, Den looked over "oh my bad" he said as he helped the young man up

3/15/2012 #98

Kiichi ran as fast as he could "Kendo here I come!" He grinned.

3/15/2012 #99
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Webbi, I hate your avatar)

"Calm down, you'll make a mess," Heinrich said. He smiled a little, both at his little joke and at the boy's enthusiasm. He was starting to get used to him.

3/15/2012 #100

"But I'm just so excited!" Kiichi grinned "I mean for ONCE I'll have kids that don't hold the stupid sword like a piece of spaghetti!"

3/15/2012 #101
The one and only Den

Den walked past Heinrich with a slip of paper with his dorm room on it "room 752, top floor, joy" he muttered as he got to the elevator to find it was out "fuuuuuuccccckkk" he said as he made his way up the 10 stories of stairs

3/15/2012 #102

(I'll change it, I just uploaded it to annoy the admin of another forum....)

Hayden walked in the door. She was to shy to ask what to do.

3/15/2012 #103
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"Well it is an old building," Heinrich said, "Don't worry, we need the exercise anyway."

3/15/2012 #104
Kiichi being his hyper self ran up the stairs.
3/15/2012 #105
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"He's a quick little one, isn't he?" Heinrich said as he began to ascend the stairs.

3/15/2012 #106
The one and only Den

Den looked over "a little too quick, its slightly annoying" Den said as he suddenly had a slight headache

3/15/2012 #107
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"It's good for you anyway," Heinrich said. He produced a bottle of water from his duffel bag and handed it to Den. "Here, you look dehydrated," he said.

3/15/2012 #108
The one and only Den

Den nodded "thanks" he said he hadn't drank anything in almost a day after taking a sip he looked at Heinrich "so what martial arts do you study, or are you one of those that taught yourself?"

3/15/2012 #109
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"I'm mostly self-taught, but I was also taught by my father and the military," Heinrich replied.

3/16/2012 #110
The one and only Den

(so everyone knows, i'm using characters from fighting games like tekken and stuff for most of the teachers)

Den nodded "ohh i gotcha, i heard theres a teacher here who taught himself and trained in the military...i think his name was Lars"

3/16/2012 #111

Name Codine "Cody" Dawn (He only let's his sister call him Cody)

Age 14

Birth Country America

Theme song This Means War by Nickelback

Martial arts: He doesn't follow a set fighting method. Instead, he fights using his own style. A part of it is to get his opponent to the ground as soon as possible.

Strengths: His hearing, touch, taste, and smell are enhanced, can take a lot of hits,

Weaknesses: blind, short tempered,

Appearance: blank expressionless eyes, black hair that hasn't been combed since forever ago,

Bio: Growing up, many people have treated him like he was helpless because of his disability, which has made him very anger. He got into a lot of fights, which is how he has learned what works, and what doesn't.

Personality He will not except help no matter what (his sister is the exception.), and hates when people look down on him because of his disability. He will go for a fight, and will not back down either. He hardly ever smiles outside of a fight.

Name: Angel Dawn

Age: 12

Birth Country: America

Theme Song: (song that plays when you enter the stadium, it just makes it more awesome) Born This Way by Lady GaGa.

Martial Art: Research. She prefers to sit and watch an opponent.Watch and look for there weaknesses. When she fights, she dodges hits until there is an opening.

Strengths: fast, smart, patient,

Weaknesses: weak, can't take a lot of hits,

Appearance: blond hair past her shoulders, blue eyes, likes to wear the color blue,

Bio: (nothing too detailed just you know, what kind of life the led and all that stuff) after she found out how much her brother loves to fight she decided to help. Even though she hates fighting. She helped her brother find tactics that worked for him.

Personality: she hates fighting and finds it pointless. She hardly fights and will only fight two stay the academy. She is a genius and loves to read.

3/16/2012 #112

Finally Kiichi stopped running.

"I forgot I have no sense of direction," He blinked.

3/16/2012 #113
The one and only Den


3/16/2012 #114

This is what happens when you let the blind guy tell you where to go.

"We are so lost." Angel sighed. Her brother on the other hand was determined to find the room, if it killed him.

"I am not lost!" Codine shouted. Angel sighed again, of course her brother wouldn't want help.

Seeing someone with Kendo gear she decided to ask him for help.

3/16/2012 #115
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer


"Hm....I might have heard the name, actually," Heinrich said.

3/16/2012 #116
The one and only Den
(because I am a big fan of tekken) den nodded as he began up the next flight of stairs "I wonder who the boxing instructor is"
3/17/2012 #117
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Street Fighter x Tekken anyone?)

"Haven't the foggiest," Heinrich said, "I did hear that that one boxer, I think his name is Balrog, retired from boxing to become an instructor. Whether or not he's the instructor here, I don't know."

3/17/2012 #118

(Sorry, disappeared for a while)

Ryo was currently asleep on the school's roof, not a care in the world. How he got there without anybody noticing is probably one of the world's greatest mysteries.

3/17/2012 #119
The one and only Den

(YES, there will also be street fighter characters here but that game will be amazing)

Den nodded "oh well, heres my floor" he said as he opened the door to a very nice looking hallway

at the schools roof a man walked up and sat beside Ryo "so you a new kid here?" he asked

3/17/2012 #120
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