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"Daddy...Mommy...gave sharp knife....ate him all hungry..."
3/31/2012 #301
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"Mhmmmmm....I think we can assist in your...purification efforts," Josef said.

3/31/2012 #302
Connor crawled up to Joseph and actually climbed in his lap. "Daddy..." he mumbled actually hugging the man. (Connor has an insane father figure now! XD)
3/31/2012 #303
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Connor is such a bad judge in character)

Josef smiled, but his smile was not what it appeared to mean. His smile was gloating smile of success. He had earned the trust of this young boy. Now to move onto phase 2.... Josef said inwardly.

3/31/2012 #304
(Yes, but he'll have some form of care...) "I'll do anything you want....daddy can we get rid of the one mean man who hit me for tying the man up?"
3/31/2012 #305
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Is that so?)

"Oh but of course, my boy," Josef said.

3/31/2012 #306
Connor laughed "Could you call him here now so we can do it?"
4/1/2012 #307
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"But of course," Josef said, "Stay right here." Josef walked out of "The Cell" and closed the door behind him. "Get Mr. Peterson over here right now and make sure there are more orderlies standing by," he whispered to the orderly by the door, "I also want a handkerchief and a vial of chloroform."

The orderly nodded and ran off to get Peterson the orderly and a vial of chloroform.

4/1/2012 #308
Connor was humming a song in his head while sitting in his chair.
4/1/2012 #309
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

About a half hour later, Peterson and several other orderlies came back. "What's up, Doc?" Peterson asked, "What do ya need?"

"Mr. Roberts, did you bring the chloroform?" Josef asked, disregarding the question. "Yeah, here it is," Roberts said, producing a vial of chloroform from his pocket along with a rag.

"Mr. Peterson, I'm going to need to use you, but the best way I can use you is if you are unconscious, ja?" Josef said, while unscrewing the cap of the bottle.

"You're not seriously gonna use that shit on me are you?" Peterson asked incredulously.

"Yes," Josef said, "You are going to be the bait, if you will. Now don't worry, no harm will come to you. That is why we have these gentlemen out here, in case anything does go wrong." He covered the bottle with the rag and tilted the bottle over. Josef then rubbed the liquid over the rest of the rest of the surface of the rag.

"Alright, I'll do it, Doc," Peterson said, "Just make sure I'm in one piece when I wake up."

"You'll be fine," Josef said, "Now then..." He shoved the rag under Peterson's mouth and nose, making sure in inhaled the chloroform. He gently lowered him down so he didn't injure Peterson if he fell. "Will one of you fine gentlemen help me drag this oaf into the room please?" An orderly stepped forward and helped drag Peterson into "The Cell." The orderly left shortly thereafter and closed the door behind him, but didn't lock it.

Josef turned around and smiled warmly. "Ah gutentag, my boy!" Josef said, "Well here is, the man who hit you. How do you want to go about him?"

4/1/2012 #310
"...I just wanted him to say sorry..." Connor blinked. connor was strange, at times he was his horrible merderous self while at other times he was completly harmless.
4/1/2012 #311
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(What the fuck! *tableflip*)

"Er...what?" Josef asked, confused by the boy's response.

4/1/2012 #312
"I just wanted him to say sorry..." He went up to the passed out man. "IT's okay I guess I was kind of crazy back there... you're forgiven."
4/1/2012 #313
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Josef was dumbfounded. He broke out of his daze and realized that the boy was preoccupied with Peterson. He silently pulled out the chloroform covered rag and lunged at Connor. He tried to cover his nose and mouth with the rag.

4/1/2012 #314
Connor let it happen. "Have fun daddy..." Connor giggled before passing out. (I LOVE psycho Connor! :D)
4/1/2012 #315

(Anyone seen oystas?)

4/1/2012 #316
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I thought oystas earlier today, but that might have been last night)

"Well that was easy," Josef said, "You men, get a gurney. We have work to do."

4/1/2012 #317


4/1/2012 #318

(Hey! Wanna Rp?)

Timmy pulled back and grinned "Wow."

Danny stopped laughing and sighed "So, how long till we make a break for it?"

4/1/2012 #319
'I hope daddy has fun' Connor thought in his unconsious state.
4/1/2012 #320
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(You can't think when you're unconscious because nothing is going on up there when you're in that state.)

4/1/2012 #321
(Well then what am I supposed to do?)
4/1/2012 #322
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Lay there and take it)

Josef wheeled Connor down to the basement of the hospital. He had his own little set up down there that only he and the orderlies he paid off knew about. It was filled with all the necessary instruments necessary for neurological surgery.

4/1/2012 #323


Name of Character: Holly Gage

Mental Problem: extreme ADHD and short term memory loss

Age: 16

Appearance: Deep auburn hair that was cut short to her ears in somewhat of a pixie style, dark brown eyes that are like a book(you can pretty much read her thoughts)

Personality: Seems like a hoot when you meet her, but those who don't know she has a mental problem just back away from her. She's a kind soul, and means well, but she might offend you on accident.

Other: She loves to help people.

4/1/2012 #324

Looks good, start when ready

4/1/2012 #325
(Ahem. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!! XD) Connor was obviously unmoving.
4/1/2012 #326
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Josef and another orderly transferred Connor from the gurney to an operating table in the center of the room. "Get the anesthesia prepped and wash up afterward," Josef said. He took off his doctor's coat and went to the sinks in the bank of the room. The other orderlies knew the drill and followed suit save for the one prepping the anesthesia.

4/1/2012 #327
Slowly the chloroform wore off. "Daddy are we gonna play doctor...?" The still half asleep Connor asked.
4/1/2012 #328
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

"Doctor, he's awake," the orderly said.

"Well put him back under, dummkopf!" Josef yelled from across the room.

"Jeez, sorry prick," the orderly grumbled under his breath. He put a mask over Connor's mouth which piped in the anesthetic.

4/1/2012 #329
(*blank* I'm not sure where to put her.. Don't kill me. xD)
4/1/2012 #330
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