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yay now we have alot of dragonborn running amuc shouting at people!

there are no borders so if you want the game to start in morrow wind go strait ahead! but no killing other dragonborn only dragons k?


name: Annashiki

age:13--bday:july 7


most often used weapon: bow/knifes

species: high elven/nord

history:she was raised by her elven mother but she couldn't stand all the magic she used sop she ran away. a few years kater she came back a new born adventurer. 2 years later she is crossing the border to skyrim from cyrodill and is taken captive with the rebels known as the stormcloaks.

apperance: she have long black hair that curls slightly at the end. she has blue eyes and is very short but her figure shows her top be an adult

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(Ma'am, miss, sir, or whatever you are:

Your post lacks the use of "entering". On top of this, it contains next to no capital letters. You are also using CHAT speak on a FORUM. These three things are crucial negative factors for posting here.

Unless you want to attract complete n00bs, then I suggest editing your first post.)

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what text talk?

4/5/2012 #3
To tell the truth, I have no idea.
4/5/2012 #4
name: Jason-053 race: Nord armor: Ebony, Krosos mask and resist fire deadric shield weapon: summoned bow and sword, Blades Sword Spells: candle light, fire, frost, healing, healing hands, clairvoyance, summon flame frost and storm atronarch, summon familiar, and summon spectral assassin Favored fighting style: snipe with his bow, and one handed weapons, preferably a sword age: 20 Shouts: all, but only dragonrend, unrelenting force, clear sky, and ice form are all three words, all others are 2 gender: male Past: was a merchant carrivan escort, just coming home to solitude Appearance: 6"5, hazel eyes, 302 lbs and light beard, short hair
11/9/2012 #5

(is this RP open?)

11/9/2012 #6
I have no idea but I made one too =w=
11/9/2012 #7
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