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Actually Sasori


(I have a DeviantArt(Sassy-gay-duckens), I am willing to take requests to draw your characters seeing as some of the links do not work, P.M me I you want , I need something to draw anywho, ))

I really wanted to wirte a roleplay about children with special talents in a school just for them.

The school is very well rounded with a colourfull assortment of teachers and students, the students grade levels range from 6-12th. the classes train the students for their graduation, in which they have to fight to the death.

The idea i had was that the school is a boarding school like place with dorms and recreation rooms and such.

The main school event is a huge tornament that all of the students in the 12 grade participate in in order to graduate, it is very challengeing and forces the students out of their comfort zones and forces them all to battle agianst eachother, the students need to use their talents in order to survive, there can only be five graduates. This event was made for the soul pourpose of raising money for the school, due to the rarity of these schools, they have a limmited supply of money, tickets are sold to the student body and the locals for entertainment pourposes.

Yes your charachter coulddie.When you enter this roleplay you have to accept the fact that your charachter may be killed, just like in real life your charachter has to be carefull when it comes to life and death situations.BUTif you do not wish to have your character die you message me first and tell me or else they could be killed in the fight. but some characters are going to die. (only those who are ok with that can have their character die) you also have to decide on who kills your character or at least how you want them to die.

GOD MODDING IS NO FUN.your character can't be invincible or untouchable, but even thoug there has to be a winner, it has to be decided fairly. the fairest way I can think of is that the two controlling the fighting characters have to agree on a winner or nobody wins.

School events in order:

Welcoming ceremony(finished)

Physical examinations and Talent Ratings. (Not there yet)

Pre-graduation celebratory gaila (not even close)

Prliminary rounds for the Graduation:

Visual appeal

Personality appeal


GRADUATION:every 25 students killed, the arena changes.

well if any of you are intersted here is the charachter sheet.


Grade or Teacher:










12th grade members so far:


Rolling boy





4/3/2012 . Edited 5/3/2012 #1
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Cheryl Alejandra Romero

Grade: 12th

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Talent: Technopath; she basically has mind control over machines, and can extend her control to anything with metal in it (though the less complex and/or metallic an item is, the more trouble she has controlling it). She can move mechanical components without touching them and force metals into new shapes, just for starters. The power also gives her mechanical talent on a supernatural level - she can build items like rocket launchers and robots out of pretty much random trash. Cheryl is a late bloomer who is still exploring her own powers.

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 142 lbs

Looks: Crazy hips, square face with a wide nose, full lips, and freckles, brown eyes with thick lashes and brows, thick brown hair, healthy tan. Good muscle that comes from lugging around heavy machinery frequently.

Personality: Super-super laid back. A cool-older-sister type.

History: Cheryl was sent to the school in eighth grade when scouts picked up power potential within her, but the power - to her great embarrassment - didn't really appear until eleventh grade, which is why she's still exploring her own powers. She comes from a family of mechanics and smokers, and she's inherited both of those traits (though her favored brand of smokeables, Black Cat Cigarettes, is hard to come by at the school). Cheryl hopes to go into Weapons Research & Development with the government if she graduates.

4/5/2012 #2

(Dropped out)

4/5/2012 . Edited 4/16/2012 #3

1. Cheryl is like a female teenage Tyro, but less metal and more tech. And not overpowered like him. And not an ass, like he was. Okay, bad comparison.

2. Does Ian ever NOT have tentacles?

3. No Muffin Man.

Name: Andel Koseme.

Grade or Teacher: Teacher.

Age: 34.

Gender: Male.

Talent: Andel can use any weapon, within one hour flat. Period. This does not make him an expert, but it does allow him to use any weapon safely, and at least try to teach others. Over the course of his life, he has slowly been trying to expand this into understanding the use of everything, but so far, he hasn't made a great deal of progress (aside from common sense).

Height: 5'9"

weight: 130.

Looks: Appears fairly average, but he has a few noticeable scars. Pays little to no attention of appearance or clothing.

Personality: On the training field, he prefers to either participate on the lessons, or stand on the sidelines and yell. Off of it, he doesn't pay much attention to anything until somebody gets his attention deliberately. However, getting to be friendly with him shouldn't be too hard. When not training or in his workshop, he may wander around aimlessly, usually waiting for inspiration to smack him on the head. But don't make the mistake of thinking that he's forgetful.

History: Andel attended this school and graduated, one of the five to survive. Almost immediately, he returned to begin teaching basic weapons knowledge, for those with the talent or inclination. He has also learned how to build and maintain his own weapons, generally guns. He has a project for an extremely high-tech gun, but claims it won't be done until the end of the year at the very earliest. Get on his good side, and he'll be happy to supply you with weapons to use, if possible.

4/5/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #4

Name: Rolling Boy

Grade or Teacher: 12th

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Talent: Has extreme speed. He can run at incredible rates and even run across water. He gets his name for when he attacks he starts rolling at fast speeds to run over targets.

Height: 6 feet even.

Weight: 130 lbs.


Personality: Very quiet but determined. He's been bullied his whole life and does hurt himself when he feels he fails but he always trys to do better.

History: Rolling Boy had always been bullied since he started school. He was always left out and since he was sometimes left the whole day unconsious he fell behind in school making him feel like a failure. He began to hurt himself every time he failed until one day he found how fast he was. He still hurts himself but he always tried to do better.

4/6/2012 #5

Name: Dakota Miller

Grade or Teacher: 11th

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Talent: She can sort of "hypnotize" people... Meaning she can convince them to do almost anything she tells them to. She has to concentrate very hard though and can't let her mind stray from whatever she's convincing them to do, which means she often has to meditate to help her concentration, though that's only if it's bigger things like outright telling them to do something right then. If she works in extended periods of time or on small things, like planting ideas in people's heads, it's a lot easier.

Height: About 5'8

weight: 125 lbs.

Looks: Long brown, wavy hair, hazel eyes, tan skin.

Personality: She's very sweet and pretty book smart but can be a little air headed sometimes and has bad concentration problems (making it difficult for her to use her talent). Though she's a nice person she often uses her powers to get what she wants and isn't very trustworthy. She does have a good heart though and genuinely cares about people; she hardly ever directly hurts anyone on purpose. After she found out about her power and started meditating and working on her concentration issues, she's gotten a bit more down to earth and smarter.

History: She grew up in an average house, two parents, a little brother, and a dog. She was always sort of spoiled (because of her talent that she was unknowingly using). In ninth grade she was taken off to the school (how does that work exactly, do people from the school scout them out or something else?) and since then she's been working on bettering her power.

4/7/2012 #6
Chainsaw Cake

(BUMP. C'mon, fanficcers, this RP is gonna be totally awesome, but only if there's enough characters to make it worthwhile!)

4/11/2012 #7

(Do you know how many Rps of this exact same style I've seen? Hell, my first RP was one of these. Anyway, we need Charles to approve/deny, until/unless he says otherwise.)

4/11/2012 . Edited 4/11/2012 #8
Chainsaw Cake

(Well, okay, but I've never played one of these before...and the grammar was so nice, too...And also, whoops, didn't think of that last one.)

4/11/2012 #9
Suzu Holic

Name: Raphael

Grade or Teacher: 12th Grade (kept back one year)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Talent: Fire is sounds like a common enough talent but despite Raphael's apprehension towards anything common, he never complained about it. He keeps a flick lighter which he uses to start his fires. As long as there is a small, flame, he can make it grow however he must be mindfull of the oxygen in the area lest he accidentally consume it all making his flames. He isn't too bad at combat either (courtesy of all the school fights he got into) but nothing really flashy. He's more the type to fling a punch in your face or smash your head in the wall.

Height: 6'2

weight: 160 lbs

Looks: Tall and fair, he has messy chocolate brown hair. He has hooded eyes with dark circles beneath them and he has a swimmers built (long legs and torso). When picking his clothes he likes to easily blend in. If he is not required a uniform, he will always take the standard white t-shirt, blue jeans and black sport shoes.

Personality: While Raphael follows rules, just to go unnoticed, he does not appreciate authority or system. He revels in times of chaos and discord. Raphael is a chain smoker and in the dark of the dorm, does drugs with with his friends. Raphael is very sexually experienced and occasionally drops interesting titbits about related subjects. He does not appear to be the most chivalrous of people and his morals can be questioned. A particularly disorienting trait of his is his seemingly low regard for women (aside from his female friends). He is known for hooking up with female students often for a one night stand and is often making comments (albeit jokingly) that women are better suited for the kitchen. Although well read, he sometimes has a very harsh( curses alot) manner of speaking.

History: He came from a rich family consisting of his father, mother and younger sister. His father had high expectations for Raphael as he was the eldest son of the main family, making him a 'prince' of sorts. His father is still hoping he'll take on the family business, get married to a nice girl from another wealthy family and produce a male heir. Small chance of that happening. He grew up detached from his mother and sister, being raised instead by a "surrogate" mother who died under unknown circumstances shortly before he began schooling. Since the incident he has deliberately taken the opposite route of his parent's wishes and engaged in many a sexual affair with various female students. He and his friends knew each other before coming to this school and remained tightly knit ever since, although from time to time he would go through phases and distance himself from them. His group consists of three girls and two other boys. One girl (Rain) had heightened abilities such as strength, speed, stamina, agility and intelligence. The second girl (Lauren) could adapt a wolfish form as well as communicate and control dogs (she took a pack of wolves with her to the final exam). The first boy (Joshua) had extremely good eye sight and could easily snipe without the use of a scope. The second boy (Chuck) could read movements and body language so well that he could often accurately predict what a certain individual would do next and predict projectiles perfectly (making it very difficult to hit him if he knows your there). The third girl was younger than the rest of them so she did not participate in the finals with them. The rest of the friends moved on to graduate but Raphael, fearing for her safety if she were to participate in her finals alone, decided to retake his last year of school.


Name: Sierra

Grade: 12th

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Talent: Because she has been hiding her talent, she decided to learn how to use weapons. She doesn't devote much time to close ranged weapons, finding them limited but doesn't like purely far ranged weapons either. She carries a gun, since it can be used close range and far range but ultimately her best weapons are the throwing knives which can be used at close range as well. Her true ability is the ability to cause pain in the form of a psionic link. Originally, she was able to reach anyone within a 1 by 2 meter space. After practicing, she has become able to stretch her ability by reducing the width of the space and increasing the length. To date, the farthest she has gone is 6 inches in width and 12 meters in length. The farther she goes the more difficult and her ability sometimes backfires on her. Occasionally she will feel queasy and even flat out faint if she passes her safety limit which is 8 meters.

Those who know of her ability believe that if angered she can really do damage and on her report card it was once suggested that she take up emotional therapy as her power is often strengthened by anger and in certain circumstances can kill. These circumstances would be if the victim is in direct contact with Sierra. At it's lowest capacity, Sierra can give people head aches or bouts of dizziness, which in some cases she finds to be more useful than outright mental torture due to the fact it has more uses and has a much lower toll on her mind.

Height: 5'3

Weight: 110 lbs

Appearance: She has layered dark brown hair that falls to her shoulders, curving outward slightly and curving around her face. She has a high bridged nose and heart shaped face with pretty, reddish brown almond shaped eyes and ample lashes. She has graceful brows and small delicate lips. Her form is long and slender and well proportioned. She is almost always wearing a choker.

Personality: Greatly depends on the situation. With her group of friends, she is very affectionate, the type who would make crocheted bracelets for the girls and who would share her food with the boys. She is a good listener and despite some of her child-like qualities (such as having candy on her person, mostly for sharing though, at all times) she is the one her friends confine in. She becomes a bit sharper with Raphael as he deals with her in the same manner, but she cares for him the most. With other people she likes to hold a polite and feminine, almost demure facade but once given the chance for a fight she will enjoy herself immensely. She is considered somewhat naive by many because of her lack in sexual experience though she is also considered attractive by many.Soon she will display her other nature, one that is mocking, proud and somewhat sadistic. She has been keeping herself in check until now but (likely due to her untapped psi powers) she is not quite mentally sound. She depends a lot on Raphael but her feelings can become destructive.

History: Sierra has a small family with only a father and a mother who separated early but remained good friends. She liked to draw a lot when she was young and as she grew she took on many artistic hobbies. She liked animals and when she was younger she preferred to spend time with the cats rather than the other children. Eventually she met her group of friends and started going to this school. She was also a bit of a late bloomer as her powers appeared three years after she began schooling. Using that to her advantage, she decided not to use her powers in front of other people as she always liked to keep a surprise up her sleeve. She had a long standing crush on Raphael and during a dorm party they got drunk and shared a kiss. The next day however Raphael dismisses it as nothing when Sierra asked if he had feelings for her.

The day after that she was her usual self. She smiled at him and tilted her head. Since then that night has not been spoken of among any of the friends and Sierra has moved on to dating other boys, mostly upperclassmen. Since that night she changed somewhat, trusting people less and not getting emotionally attached if possible. She has also become somewhat arrogant and more competitive. She decided never to tell Raphael that he had stolen her first kiss. She looks forward to the finals.

4/11/2012 . Edited 4/17/2012 #10
Prince Lutin

Name: Mario Hidalgo

Grade or Teacher: Teacher

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Talent: Mario can move things telekinetically. He usually tries not to show it to students, but sometimes uses his powers anyway.

Height: 6'3"

weight: 250 lbs.

Looks: Mario has dark brown (almost black) hair parted on the left, fair skin, and dark brown eyes. He usually wears plaid shirts and khaki pants.

Personality: Mario is outspoken and kind of sarcastic, but can also be friendly. Despite his young age, he is rather strict. He has a deep interest in the ocean (no pun intended).

History: Mario is a marine biology teacher. He was originally from a town outside of Tampa, Florida. He was transported to this boarding school after he was laid off from his previous school. This was because someone there had found out about his telekinetic powers. This is Mario's first year teaching here. He lives in a condominium with his wife Lisa.

4/12/2012 #11
Actually Sasori
( Sorry Bros, I haven't had a chance to be on at all this week! I just need to re-read all your profiles and give the A-o.k~ you guys can go ahead once I do so, but I wont enter untill tomorrow, This is probably my only chance to be on today so... D:))
4/15/2012 #12
Actually Sasori

( GAH these characters are all accepted ~ But why do sooo many of them smoke? Not that I have a problem but YEESH, its probably a very stinky school. Oh and by the way, students have to be accepted into the school, or if they do get transfered, they start at freshman status.)

((((Okay, bros, a few things before we get this thing fired up~!

FIRST: The stutednts are required to wear unifroms, Their uniforms are simple and consist of a white, grey or black muscleshirt/beater/tanktop (whatever you want to call it) and a pair of olive, sand or dark grey cargo pants with mid-shin high combat boots. On special occasions they wear uniforms similar to the U.S marines uniform exept the girls wear pencil skirts.

SECOND: it does not matter what age your charachter is if they are a student. The grade levels start from what year they enter, so if they are already 18 and enter, thay start as freshman, same with all ages.

THIRD: Nobody's character can have the power to give life or take life, that is just cheating.

FOURTH: the school year starts out with a welcoming ceremony for the newest students(the students that transfer have to start with the new Freshman) in which the freshman are givin a 12th grade mentor to teach them and guide them through their freshman year.

That is all for now Bros.)))

4/15/2012 . Edited 4/16/2012 #13

Name: Akio Hokkaido (his first name means Bright Boy which suits his personanlity)

Grade or Teacher: 12th grade

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Talent: Control of the elements depending on his mood. So when he is angry he has control of fire, when he is upset (or needs the loo for a quirky twist) he has control of water.

Height: 5"3

weight: 126 pounds

Looks: Short but floppy light brown hair, blue eyes. Very short for his age.

Personality: He is a boy lolita type. He may look young but he is strong giving him a slight advantage. People that do not know him would mistake him for a weak and unworthy opponent, if they do they are about to get the shock of there lives. But when not fighting you would not believe him to hurt a fly. He has left his original protector behind at his house and will now have to learn how to grow up and take care of himself in daily life. Unless a taller and protective student was to befriend him?

History: He comes from a poor background using his powers to help his family. However only being able to use them when his moods allow means they weren't as much help as they could have been. He hopes to leave the school with the ability to control and use his powers whenever he wants. He left his protector of a older brother behind but it wasn't without a few tears (by a few I mean bawling his eyes out and clutching to his leg) At the age of 3 he was using his elemental fire power whenever he had a tantrum often leaving his older brother without eyebrows.

4/16/2012 #14
Actually Sasori
(I'm posting mine now, but it is VERY shortened due to my mobile.) ------Name: Dominique (Nini for short)--Age:18(Freshman)--Height: 6ft 6in---Weight:160----Looks: scruffy and fluffy Dark green hair light violet eyes that have a pink tint.----Talent: Very very intelegent, has an unbelievable memory, his mind is strong enough to affect the outside world(Moving objects and even changing their physical appearances)-----Personality: Quirky, kindof goofy and a bit of a klutz, he makes alot of 'nerdy' jokes, puns and references.---History: Wanted to finish regular highschool before entering this one. he was well aware of his talent beforehand so he has a good grip on it. He hopes that he will learn alot from his experience here.
4/16/2012 #15

(My apologies, I keep forgetting to check which method of grading system to go by. Anyways, I edited my character's grade accordingly.)

4/16/2012 #16
Actually Sasori
( Nah, It's my fault I didn't post 'em. ;u; well, if you want to start you can, just keep in mind that the school year has just started so the welcoming ceremony would be happening.))
4/16/2012 #17
Sage of the White Sands

(Might join....))

4/16/2012 #18

(One last question, is this a day school or a boarding school?)

4/16/2012 #19

Did my character get the okay? Sorry I was just wondering.

4/16/2012 #20
Actually Sasori
( I'ts a boarding school, the students get sundays off though. Oh and yes, Mare, your charachter is fine :U )
4/16/2012 #21
Actually Sasori
( BROS~! I need those messages on if you want your character to be killed or not, because if you don't message me now and the time comes when your character gets killed, which is going to happen considering all the 12th grade members, I don't want any complaint messages, but give me a good reason why you think they would survive yadda yadda, tell me how you think they should die and so-on. only me and you have the ability to kill your character but thats only if I have your permission! so this is very important!))
4/16/2012 #22
(If the character is in 11th grade should I still message you about the dying thing?)
4/16/2012 #23
Actually Sasori
( only if the Rp last past this wave of 12th grade members, but keep the thought, even if we end it beforehand.))
4/16/2012 #24
Chainsaw Cake

(What if we're okay with either one?)

4/16/2012 #25
Suzu Holic

(So... I assume we start at the ceremony? But what will the non-graduate characters be doing? And also there's like... one freshmen and... five? No six. Six graduate characters or so. Oh! And during the course of the test for graduates how many students are there again? And may we use NPCs? Characters to be killed or fought with...).

4/16/2012 . Edited 4/16/2012 #26
Actually Sasori

(Im changing Nini's proflie anyway, I guess we can start the graduation off as kindof something that explains the setting and what the charachters are feeling, seeing, hearing, use vivid descriptions and such, mabey something like that? Yes, NPC's would be a good thing just dont make them uber weak or underwhelming compared to your character, present a challenge for them. I was thinking that there are at least 100 participants, and the school is trying to narrow out the strongest ones to either put in the 'military' or to become proctors and teachers.)))

4/17/2012 #27
Actually Sasori

Name: Dominique Lesteau( Nini)

Grade or Teacher:12th grade(because I just think it would be better this way)


Gender: male

Talent:He has a sort of telekinesis in which he can make others see things and believe that they are actually there, the 'illusions' created by him have a slightly physical presence. He also has a sort of sub-talent that he acquired naturally, he has a very impressive memory that has been developed through writing all of his life's experiences in a large text-book like journal, he is still recording these experiences. The good memory also helps with the illusions because he needs to know every single detail of what ever he is conjuring up.

Height:6ft 6in


Looks:scruffy and fluffy dark green hair that kindof looks like the top of the truffula trees (from the lorax) light violet eyes that have a pinkish tint. he wears square rimmed glasses. he has a thin face and a long nose. he is tall and skinny in an almost cartoonish way. he is pale, but not pasty.

Personality: he is very intelligent, he is also very curious. He is very interested in learning new things. despite his intellect, he has a very goofy and silly persona, he likes to make allot of jokes( but most of them refer to nerd culture) he also ends up the 'butt' of other people's jokes. He used to have awful depression, but the pills he took were faulty and changed his depression into self-hate and he started to develop an eating dissorder which has caused him to suffer phisically, as he lost alot of weight and muscle as well., despite this he still wants to have time to make jokes, but because of his lack of social interaction, he tends to keep his jokes to himself because they can be rather offensive at some points.

History: He has a twin brother, but he goes to regular school. not much is known other than this. He has a web-cam and sometimes talks to his brother.

4/17/2012 . Edited 5/1/2012 #28

Name: Daniel Yount

Grade or Teacher: Freshman

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Talent: Rearranging molecular structure of matter. For example, turning Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3) or Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Sugar (C12H22O11), or even turning Gold (Au) into Lead (Pb) in small amounts.

Height: 6' 2"

weight: 185lbs


Personality: Very scholarly, and sometimes rather detached from reality. Very argumentative at times, but if shown to be wrong, he will accept it and move on.

History: Went through most of his school life not knowing about his powers, found out when he accidentally turned a teacher's water into hydrogen peroxide and almost poisoned her. Shortly thereafter he was invited to come to the school.

4/17/2012 #29
Actually Sasori
( Accepted)
4/17/2012 #30
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