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No Borders: Flight of Freedom

Space. The one place where no one can claim territory, the one place with no boundaries, and where pople are free. In the Earth Year of 2205, Humanity finally was able to break free from the shackles of Earth, and was able to populate on the moon. In the year 2227, the first habitable planet was found, and Humanity was able to populate that as well. Around the year 2301, Faster Than Light Travel was capable. More planets were found, and the human race began to expand even further. Humanity was faced with war in the year 2531. An alien race threatened the colonies, and battled with humans, in an attempt to quell the expansion of 'lesser beings'. A small numer of colonies were lost, on both sides, and finally, a truce was made. This started the first Contact Resolute, a series of contracts between inerplanetary beings tht spelled out peace treaties and truces for a number of years.

Now, in the Earth Year of 2851, Humanity, along with its allied races of different aliens, have coped wth each other. Aliens inhabit Earth, not as rulers or invaders, but as friends and coworkers. Space stations dot the galaxy as relay points between planets, serving as oasis's to those who travel. Planets continue to be discovered, allowing for further expansion for all. As mysterious as the vastness may be, it is also just as dangerous. Traveling ships sometimes are raided by small bands of pirates, and even some space stations are run by them as well. Boutny hunters are often hired to protect some ships from piracy, but not all of them are safe.

But piracy isn't the only danger lurking in space. small civil wars between planets occasionally break out. Wars often deplete resources faster than anything else might, and cause damages of catastrophic proportions. Resources are always needed for the colonies to rebuild. However, most planets do not receive the help they need after a war, due to the rising issues of pirates that raid the cargo ships.


Obviously a Space RP. I know that if I put a limit on what aliens there could be, there will be problems. So, to make it easy, alien races of all kinds, from any game are welcome. However, creatures such as Ridley (Metroid), and the Gravemind (Halo) are NOT permitted (due to their emphatic uses of being too overpowered in many respects). Also, Prothean, Chozo, and Forerunner tech won't exist. That would cause a large imbalance in this universe.

Mass Effect, Metroid and Halo aliens are allowed. Admittedly, I would have to research Metroid and Mass Effect, since all I'm privy in is anything and everything Halo.

EDIT: Covenant Tech will be availale





Occupation: (Military, Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Civilian. Janitor? etc...)

Rank: (Military only)

Appearance: (Pics are allowed)

Weapons: (If any, max 2)

Equipment: (Again, if any. I.e. Semi Powered Armor, shields, hackings supplies, etc.)

Ship: (Only for Military, Bounty Hunter, or Pirate)




4/20/2012 #1

((Both Accepted))

Name: V'Tas Kadum

Age: Human years, 25. Sanghieli years, 80

Race: Sanghieli

Occupation: Ship Master of Space Station Unfailing Hope

Rank: Ship Master

Appearance: V'Tas Kadum stands about 8'3. He dons heavy Sanghieli Powered Armor, which signifies his rank. While hidden beneath the armor, his skin is a dull grey. Four mandibles, lined with teeth make up his mouth, and his eyes are an unnatural green (Most Sanghieli eyes are yellow-orange). His hands are pronged with two fingers, and two thumbs each.

Weapons: Type 1 Directed Plasma Energy Blade, and a Type 2 Plasma Rifle

Equipment: Sanghieli Power Armor; Equipped with surrounding Deflector shields, 8 hour breathing tank, IFF receiver/transponder, Motion detector, HUD and NAV displays, and an external storage container for miscellanious items located on his right thigh

Ship: Space Station Unfailing Hope. The Unfailing Hope is a military operated space station that is available to the general public. It is configured with 50 Type 4 Archer Missle Pods, 50 Type 2 Plasma Torpedo cannons, 30 Point Defense Short Range Ballistic Turrets, 20 Point Defense Energy Beeam Projectors (Both used to deter incoming missles), 4 Fighter Deployment Bays, and 220 various Interceptor class vessels, as well as 4 Tech 3 Plasma Shroud Shield defense arrays (Covering the station in a shield that protects it from medium to high velocity projectiles and energy bolts)

Unfaiing Hope is outfited to house an and all types of Space Craft with over 300 entry bays of dfferents shapes and sizes. It can hold up to 2 million inhabitants. It has temporary housing for travelers, Merchant shops, a single Military base (Used as a layover base for travelling battalions, or for other purposes, yet undisclosed), 13 Ship Repair Hangars, an Engineering station, Research Lab, Shipboard Farm/Greenhouse (Always busy), 3 Firing ranges, and various amounts of bars, restuarants, homes, and leisure parks

Personalty: V'Tas Kadum is a calculating person foremost. He will assess the situation, an try to find the best possible outcome. Otherwise quiet, VTas is rather sociable, and quite fun to get along with. He does, however, hold Honor above all else, as is the Sanghieli way, bred into him since birth. He is good-hearted, and willing to asist, but is also willing to put his fot down, when and if he feels necessary

Bio: Born on the far side of Sanghielios, in the Kudam Province, V'Tas always wanted to see the stars as a young boy. He joined the miltary, at the Sanghieli age of 13, and has never looked back, having enjoyed his time in it. He ws stationed on the ship Kindred Fear, during the first Sanghieli/ San Shyuum War. His ship was badly damaged, and his Ship Master died from a torpedo impact. Having the next appropriate rank to take the seat, V'Tas took command of te ship. He guided his crew, and ship to safety, until they were hit with another torpedo, knocking out their engines. Th impact sent the ship flying into the gravity well of the nearby gas giant, which would kill them if V'Tas didn't keep his head cool in the situation. Barking the order to jump into Slipspace in mid atmosphere, V'Tas and his crew survived.

Having heard of his daring escape, the High Council of Sanghielios decided to promote him to Ship Master, of Irridescant Valor, a Carrier class vessel. After a few more years of service, V'Tas was finally given the choice of, either commanding his own fleet, or taking charge of a new Space Station that was being constructed. V'Tas, deciding that he had enough boodshed and war on his hands, took the Space Station offer, and bcame the Ship Master ofUnfailing Hope. There, he commanded the military Station, and assisted wayfarers through their travels.

Other: He enjoys walks in the parks, and loves to learn about different cultures. He has also added a library to the station

4/20/2012 . Edited 5/18/2012 #2
Suzu Holic

Name: Kassande'r Age: 23

Race: Tamaranian

Occupation: Mercenary, but she is currently on board Unfailing Hope as an ensign of sorts.

Rank: Ensign

Appearance: She has copper skin and long night colored hair. A portion above her right ear is shaved and there is a small violet gem/ chip embedded into the side of her head. Her eyes are a dark, deep violet and the whites of her eyes have a lilac tint. Her eye brows are rather short often making her appear villainous. Typical Tamaranian appearance, aside from her teeth which she has had sharpened to a shark like quality as in the past she has often been restrained by her arms and then deemed harmless, something she found she could exploit. She is often found wearing a suit of black leather and steel, which serves it purpose well enough but leaves her midsection bare and there is a gaping hole on her left thigh.

Weapons: Kassande'r doesn't typically need weapons as her race comes with abilities of their own as they are able to utilize bolts of energy from their hands and eyes thought it is only those of the royal family who can unlock bolts from their eyes. All Tamaranians can fly as well as go out into space without the use of a suit though an oxygen tank will be required for trips longer than ten minutes into open space. This doesn't mean she is unfamiliar with fire arms as she had been a dealer in a previous job.

Equipment: Heat Ray goggles that also pick up large quantities of any inputted substance, a twenty-four hour breathing tank, An IFF receiver/ transponder, A signal/ charge scrambler.

Ship: Any she can get on.

Personality: Tamaranians are a very emotional race as it is said to be their emotions that powers and activates their abilities but Kassande'r has learned to hold her emotions rather well. She is well aware that she is not on her home planet, Tamarind and that she must be courteous, conniving and even deceiving if she is to survive her banishment. She has a great sense of independence since she has had to do on her own, getting a bunch of odd jobs to ensure her survival. That aside she has a perpetual smirk and can verge on being simply provocative to down right insolent. While it is hard to see where her loyalties lie, she always pays her debts and if you aid her she will repay you with the same. Likewise wrong her and expect a knife (or at least a light sabre) in your neck one fine morning.

Bio: Hailing from a royal family, she was meant to have the throne but being born with hair "as dark as night" the throne was passed down to her younger, fire haired twin brother. The royal family always churns out red heads and if ever one of a different hair color was made it was similar to a disability however black especially was an omen of disaster. Eventually she was banished, a form of trickery from her brother's advisers. He was loath to let her leave as they had a close relationship (almost too close). Her Father was ill and the royal advisors tried to have her Father switch the right for the throne from Kassande'r to her brother, Korande'r with the argument that the people did not love her and would better follow her brother. While this was going on there was lots of tension on the planet and between the siblings, Kassande'r was tricked into entering her Father's sick room but while there an assassin slipped in and killed her father, framing her and escaping. She was about to give flight when the royal guards entered and saw her with her dead father. Her brother came soon after. As previously mentioned, Tamaranians are a very emotional raise. Her brother let his anger get the better of him and, being accused by her brother sparked Kassande'rs rage as well and she made an insult to his pride. The twins were then caught up in a brutal fight leaving Korande'r as the victor. In the heat of the moment, due to the goading of his advisers, he had his twin sister banished. Soon after, their mother died of grief and thus Kassande'r was never able to make a claim to the throne as all those who witnessed her being born first are dead. After being banished, she Initially she worked as a prostitute at an intergalactical pleasure house but after one of the clients said something he shouldn't have, he promptly blasted him out the window and made off. Now she works as a mercenary, an occupation more suited for her. She never says it but she misses her brother terribly, however she will return to Tamarind and take what is rightfully hers as the rightful Queen.

4/22/2012 . Edited 4/22/2012 #3

((I shall accept this blinding wall of text :D ))

4/22/2012 #4
Suzu Holic

(( Ah! Sorry. I don't know why this ALWAYS happens when I post nowadays.... ))

4/22/2012 #5
Project Phoenix Agent 003

((This still alive?))

5/8/2012 #6

(And if so, and you let me in, can I have a Garumba Siege Destroyer? Or at least a Hegh'ta heavy bird-of-prey?)

5/8/2012 . Edited 5/8/2012 #7
(Yes, and yes)
5/8/2012 #8

(This post is not longer necessary, since I will not roleplay here.)

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Sage of the White Sands

((Ela, you one cool dude.))

5/8/2012 #10

Works for me. Good. He's accepted

5/8/2012 . Edited 5/9/2012 #11
Alistar McCoy

(this rp still alive?)

5/16/2012 #12
((Yes it is))
5/16/2012 #13
Alistar McCoy
((mind if I join in?))
5/17/2012 #14

It's open

5/17/2012 #15
Alistar McCoy

Name: Mordred

Age: 1532

Race: Alteran

Occupation: commander of the mortal Alteran fleet

Rank: Fleet Commander

Appearance: Mordred stands at 5' 11" with jet black hair his skin is a pale grey and he has a jagged scar down the left side of his face.

Weapons: 1. Alteran phaser capable of stun or kill 2. Wraith 8" dual pronged ceremonial blade

Equipment: Personal shield device capable of preventing incoming energy and accelerated projectile weapons for short periods of time. Nanite Infused Blood and lymph systems capable of enhancing latent healing and physical abilities.

Ship: Aurora Class Cruiser, The Ancients Blade.

-Trinium and Naquada alloy hull capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage

-Zero point module powered shielding systems which prevent heat radiation and energy weapons from damaging the hull. Zpm power sublight and FTL drives.

-Armaments: command chair controlled drone bays capable of producing, controlling, and directing drones with the ability to overload shields when used in mass and destroying unprotected ships in seconds. The Ancients Blade is capable of producing in excess of 300,000 drones in a few seconds however the killing power of The Ancients blade is limited to single encounters due to the need to replenish drone stocks.

Personality: Mordred has been fighting a long time and knows the mortal Alterans have all but lost. Mordred is prone to fits of anger and sorrow however he is a stead fast fighter and when he finds a cause he sticks to it until the bitter end. Additionally he has a dry sense of humor and a mind to protect what he loves.

Bio: Mordred has been fighting a loosing war against a conglomerate of ruthless species in the Pegasus Galaxy for well over a hundred years. Mordred was with the first Alterans to colonize the Pegasus Galaxy and was one of the few survivors of the Ori purge of Earth. After the Alterans crushing defeat in the Pegasus Galaxy the remains of the Alteran Fleet fled under his command in an attempt to preserve the Mortal Alteran race. Mordred is a enigma to his race as he has worked to developed his physical abilities and as a result lacks the typical Alteran disposition towards scientific knowledge. He has lived as a minority and outcast his entire life however his mind for tactics and combat gave the Alteran Fleet the edge it needed to survive as long as it did.

Other: Alterans are a race of incredibly advanced highly evolved humans and most members of the race are for all intensive purposes immortal and won't die of old age. They posses telepathic abilities as well highly developed Telekinetic Abilities, they are immune to most diseases and have a quick healing rate. Physically the Alterans are only slightly more physically powerful than their human counter parts and are not incredibly effective in close quarters combat as their reliance on technology and there telepathic abilities has allowed them to advance without need of physical prowess and has been there down fall on several occasions.

((that should be easier on the eyes))

5/17/2012 . Edited 5/17/2012 #16

You think you could clean it up? I get a headache from reading it

5/17/2012 #17
Alistar McCoy

((sure i did it on my ipod this morning at school))

5/17/2012 #18

Name: Cervantes de Leon

Age: 26

Race: human

Occupation: space pirate


Weapons: long lazer scimitar and triple barral hand shotgun

Equipment: armor like in picture with a few hidden secrets

Ship: Hades saber worst ship all in space, got it's name for it entered the hades cluster occupied by military ships armed and dangerous and left with four ships destroyed and the Saber it's self unscathed. has boosters two small and one large in the back guns lazer cannons on the side like a normal ship and a large cannon on the front rarely used unless pinned in a cornor against some thing larger. the whole ship made out of a touch platinum and a shean like a blade the ship as is looks like a saber.

Personalty: loud energetic, devious but i a way Leon is some what kind and considerate, charming and clever who enjoys the life of a pirate

Bio: Captain of Hades Saber and a band of self-righteous pirates with no care of the law. he founded the ship after his father left him clues to it and found most of his men as child hood friends and brothers, with the law on his ass for many crimes such as cargo theft and murder some he did not commit he sets out in space far from war and such just to explore and plunder for treasure i mean what else as a famous pirate of space.

Other: has a large bounty on his head for excaping capture so many times

5/18/2012 . Edited 5/23/2012 #19

there nice and brief

5/18/2012 #20

@Allistar: There was no Ori Pure, and the Galaxy is the Milky Way. Earth is still under human rule, but there are other aliens amngst the population now.

@Rosencaster: He's good to go.

5/18/2012 #21

Name: Rencaro de Leon

Age: 24

Race: human

Occupation: space pirate


Weapons: energy katana blade, and a side-arm

Equipment: kuni, shudigens, armor like that lets him use camoflauge, and let him be quicker

Ship: a small fighter called Saber-06XV, weapons- a 360 auto laser gat. on both wings, and a super laser cannon on the bottom of the ship pointing forward

Personality: calm, lots of stamina, cautious, respectful, loyal, and does not like to be ticked off

Bio: Younger brother of Cervantes de leon, and first mate on the Hades Saber. Loyal to his older brother, he was put second in command only under his older brother. has a childhood friend that is sometimes acts like his servant. Is unhappy for his brothers' false accusement.

Other: Is a part time bounty hunter, except he does not captures his older brother for he knows his brother is innocent.

5/18/2012 . Edited 5/28/2012 #22

((As long as Rosen is fine with it, then he is accepted))

5/18/2012 #23

(Already talked to him about it.)

5/18/2012 #24
Four Star Juggernaut

Name: Krag

Age: Unknown

Race: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter (He was selected by his mentor, who was a retired Bounty Hunter.)

Appearance: He looks like Adam Sandler.

Weapons: A machete slung across his back, and the Imperial Gutshredder 10,000 assault weapon, a weapon so powerful it breaks the bones of any normal person firing it.

Equipment: Krag carries around a flask full of whiskey, and a copy of Play Alien.

Ship: A single seater hyper warp velocity nard jumper in neon pink. It was the last ship on the lot. It's the ugliest thing you've ever seen. He bought it from Space Volvo, the last surviving Volvo dealership in the galaxy after the manufacturers wars.

Personalty: He likes to punch things, some days he likes to gamble, he's not a very talkative man, preferring to solve things with violence.

Bio: He grew up on a farm on some backwoods moon, his mentor Bal-Sagoth was his role model, a badass bounty hunter who took crap ferom nobody. Bal-Sagoth, and Krag became friends, just before he died Bal-Sagoth passed the bounty hunting mantle unto him. Krag took to bounty hunting like a bear on cocaine, and has been racking up valuable bounties ever since.

5/18/2012 . Edited 5/18/2012 #25

(yeah it cool for Roku he asked and i said i was cool with it)

5/18/2012 #26

@ Four Star...

I need more in the bio. How he got to be a Bounty Hunter, where and how got his ship. And his personality could use some work as well. Everyone like to puch things once in a while, doesn't always mean that that's who they are. Overall, he needs work

5/18/2012 #27
Four Star Juggernaut

I edited it.

5/18/2012 #28

I'll take it, accepted

5/18/2012 #29
Four Star Juggernaut

Thank you.

5/18/2012 #30
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