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A Falling World RP

The largest criminal organization in the world, the creators of the superhuman, people so proud of their deviation from what societies' moral demands that they happily call themselves Villians. This describes the group that is known as Villains Incorporated. Their ultimate goal is known only to them. But to accomplish it; they will rewrite the laws of the world, they will conquer all things on the face of the Earth.

After the mutiny that overthrew the Villian #0 "The Bossman", Villian #15 "XV" had taken the position as the new #0. After grasping how to lead the organization, they would become unstoppable. But if that was so, then why wasn't the United States crushed by their might? Why were the Heart Keepers able to survive their onslaughts? Why was the Diamond Trifecta Industries able to best them in their confrontations in Canada? One would claim that the U.S. Military was able to win because of their American Spirit and expansive army. You'd think that the Heart Keepers would not be snuffed due to their moral high ground or thanks to the power of fate. People would claim that Diamond Trifecta Industries won because of their advanced technology and human willpower.

I will tell this you now, that is not the case. It was because they held little interest to Villains Inc.

And you might ask "Why wouldn't they want to nip the Heart Keepers and DTI in the bud while they had the chance?"

The answer, "Because DTI and the Heart Keepers were not who they were afraid of."

An occult made entirely of superhumans and inhuman monsters. An enemy that would happily bomb a town to oblivion just to kill all of the normal humans in it. Those who will remove the virus known as humans from the face of the planet.

This describes the group known as Nemesis.

While the Heart Keepers fight battles across the globe against DTI, far crueler and more brutal fights to the death ensue between Villians Inc. and Nemesis.

At first, they were merely an annoyance. But now...they have constructed something, something that can end the Villians' existence once and for all. A weapon called "proxy".

And if Nemesis defeats the Villians, then there will NOTHING the rest of the world can do from facing complete global purging of the homo-sapian.

These fights will determine a 50 year old grudge, as well as the fate of the world.


It seems to be just another Ordinary day at the Villains INC Complex in the outskirts of New Constantinople, Virginia. Young Superpowered people were being trained to control their powers, Attacks and Criminal endeavors were being planned, and many were laying low. Everything seemed fine... But even while the organization went through it's daily business, they were totally oblivious that their sense of Normalcy was about to be Shattered. Miles away, a Small group of extremely powerful Nemesis Shock troopers armed with a terrifying gauntlet-weapon were on their way to destroy the Base and kill everyone inside.

The Battle, the Aftermath, and the hunt for the truth about this power and the group that wields it... is in your hands.

Villains INC: A Group of individuals who are united by an ideology that flaunts Society's rules. The main focus of the RP.

Nemesis: A group that is slightly smaller than Villains INC, they are Cultists whose dogma and 'God' have led them to kill Humans and uplift Superhumans. They are not only extremely Powerful Supers, but also have terrible monsters and impressive weaponry. Also the focus of the Rp in a more antagonistic way. The greater of two evils.

The Heart Keepers: In the late 00's, a small group of Teenagers in Heartvale, Rhode Island developed or revealed superpowers for still unknown reasons. They fulfilled a prophecy, survived numerous attempts on their life and banded together for survival. Currently, they are working in tandem with the US Government to take down DTI. There is only about a Dozen of them, and they are not the focus of this Roleplay, instead something like a 'hero of a different story'. In the most linear idea of morality, they would be the 'good guys'.

Diamond Trifecta Industries, or DTI: A very shadowy, Clandestine Company, DTI has been hounding the Heart Keepers and, to a lesser extent, Villains INC for some time. They have incredible, almost futuristic technology, and seem to hunt Supers. The only times in which they act or come out of the shadows is to capture a Super with their Clone soldiers. What few have escaped claim to have either had their powers altered, stolen, or even added upon. DTI may not even show up at all.

-List of per-existing characters-

Villains INC:

XV, Brent - Formerly Number Fifteen, now Number Zero. Leader of Villains INC. Has both Conscious and Unconscious Telekinesis, and his full appearance is unknown. Played by: Spearofhope

Kira, a Young Telekinetic girl with a lust for power that has slowly turned to full-blown sadism. Open. Played by: Spearofhope

"Lohman", Evil Telepath - Formerly Number Twenty Three, now Number Two. Head of Canadian Operations. Has a strange fashination with swords. Played by: Mephiles

Heart Keepers:

Pheolix, A happy go lucky Hispanic young woman that detects and manipulates emotions. Open.

Stephanie Franklin, A relatively calm young woman with inhuman dexterity and running speed, who was experimented upon by DTI. Still troubled by PTSD. Open.

Charlie Reyhijo, a young Bisexual man who, though previously confident and brash, is now an emotional wreck, with the Ability to make anyone believe any lie by holding eye contact. Played By: Spearofhope

Anthony Dascombe, An overweight young man with more comprehension power and memory than a super computer. Played by: Spearofhope.

Vincent Northman, A tall overachiever that can strike fear into the hearts of those he makes eye contact with. Open.

Patrick [add last name here], A pacifistic young man who can use any thing he comes into contact with as a proficient weapon. Open

Ian Anderson, A large, quite young man that wields an array of lovecraftian powers. Played By: Mephiles666

Mike McDowd, A Technopath with the ability to turn into Ooze. Open.

Samantha Mains, A quiet yet sarcastic introverted young woman that can meddle in the minds of others. Open.

Emily, blind woman with precognition and/or clairvoyance. Open.


Doctor Julian Burke, a mysterious man with a French Accent who is responsible for Most of the Experiments performed on supers. Motivated by Curiosity rather than being Goal-oriented. Played by: Spearofhope.


Lucy Livingston, a young woman who was in the same school as the Heart Keepers when their powers manifested, she is allied with them loosely and is in the process of building a powerful corporation. Played By: Mephiles666


To play as a Heart Keeper, you MUST pick someone on the Heart Keepers list.

Spear is the roleplays' Co-Game moderator. He is in charge if I'm no around.

Rules are subject to change.





Appearance: (pictures are acceptable, we'd like you to refrain from using them (especially those which are 2d), but we also understand that you may have plights in describing your characters appearance without overdoing it or under doing it, so they are accepted if need )

Organization: (Villains INC, Nemesis, Diamond Trifecta Industries, Heart Keepers, or Lone)

How did you Join your Group: (Explain why you are in no group if Lone)

Superpower: (If they have any. Having one is optional)

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like):

History: (Brief or long, up to you, but avoid extremes in either direction, we hate single sentence bios as much as we hate 10 paragraph ones)

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?:

4/20/2012 . Edited 5/1/2012 #1

Name: Brent, Nicknamed XV or Fifteen.

Age: 30's, most likely

Gender/Orientation: Male, presumably straight, though his real love seems to be power.

Appearance: For starters, you'll have to envision a variety of cloths, like desert wrappings, light tan, Grey, brown or dark red, all muted in color. A multitude of these strips of cloths, no longer than three inches wide or five feet long, float around Brent's body eternally, obscuring him utterly. He appears like an ever shifting Vortex of obscure cloth, with occasional glimpses of a heavily clothed man underneath. Defining his figure is a foot-wide cloth wrapped around his waist, gloves, and boots - those are the only things ever visible. On his face, the wrappings do not move and are merely bound, his eyes covered by a pair of goggles. Beneath the cloths, he wears loose leggings, and his upper body and arms are bare.

Only once has anyone in Villains INC seen any of his actual skin - During the Coup, he briefly removed his Goggles to reveal vibrant, almost unnaturally pale blue eyes.

Organization: Villains INC - Rank: Number Zero, Leader

How did you Join your Group: Brent first revealed/discovered his powers while in a Tunisian Prison Camp. Having been traveling the world for some time, he ended up down and out and awaiting Execution for a questionable series of events. However, he managed to escape using his powers, laying waste to those inside. He was then Head-hunted and Recruited by then Number 2, and joined immediately.

Superpower: High-power Telekinesis, to the extent of subconsciously manipulating the area around him. With Effort, he can lift trucks or even trailers.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like): Observant, Driven, Manipulative, Mysterious.

History: Brent's past, like his appearance, is ultimately defined by Obscurity. Nothing is entirely clear with Brent, and though from time to time brief glimpses can be gained, no matter how tantalizing they are, you will never get the full picture. Born to uncertain Circumstances, this much is known - Brent was taken from the lap of luxury when he was very young. His Birthright was Power, importance, everything that a person could want. In an instant, it was ripped away from him, stolen. His Family turned their backs on him, left him behind to languish in shame and obscurity. His only Birthright became Anguish, the anguish of losing what was his, and the desperate need to get it back.

Alone in the world with nothing to his Name, Brent wandered the dark and ugly paths of the only world he could afford, finding sanctuary wherever he could, taking work from whoever was willing to give. He killed for money before he was sixteen, and knew no peace or serenity afterwards. He couldn't continue forever, and eventually wound up at the end of his rope, caught and captured for something he might not have even done. The Ignoble end was unfitting, the shame of his fall unacceptable. After all his struggle to claw back up, would he really just fail and sink into the pit of destruction? From his spite and desire was awoken something deep within him, his other birthright, his other legacy. A Power more supreme than any other he could have acquired was within him all along, something that enabled him to reach freedom.

However, it wasn't long after he'd unlocked his power that somebody noticed. Villains Incorporated came looking for him, offering new opportunities, a new path for him to take through life. A new way to the top. Brent accepted their offer and settled in quite well. He rose through the ranks quickly, gaining friends and allies among the other Villains. Soon, he was Agent Number 15, a position he used to pole-vault up through the ranks to the head of the group. As the Heart Keepers continued to defeat Villains INC at every turn; as they lost Villain after Villain in open assaults, Brent gained more influence. With the Boss Man's power continually eroding, XV took the opportunity to seize control and take the Organization in another direction. He narrowly succeeded, Neutralizing the Boss man for the time being and consolidating complete Control over Villains INC.

Since then, Brent has been gearing the group up for something - not to fight the Heart Keepers or DTI, it seemed, but something else. He seems to be unquestioningly in control.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?:He will do anything to get power and protect himself. Everything else is ultimately expendable.


Name: Lucas White

Age: 22

Gender/Orientation: Male/Straight


Organization: Villains INC.

How did you Join your Group: He Tried to hide his abilities for a long time, not wanting the people around him to find out. Eventually, Villains INC found out despite him never using it in public, and tried to recruit him. He refused for some time, but after a Nasty Break up, he wanted to change his life and shrug off his weak identity.

Superpower: Controls Pressure around him, which he can manipulate into attacks. Moderate ability.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like): Dedicated, Pedestrian, Well-meaning, stressed.

History: For the longest time, he just seemed like an average person. Born and Raised in Ohio, he was wrapped up in petty squabbles and the trials of everyday life until he discovered that he was, ultimately, a freak. He thought he was living in a fairly normal world, that he was a fairly normal person, but this unassuming high schooler one day discovered that he could change the world around him. Specifically the pressure. He first noticed it on an Airplane, of all places. As the Cabin pressurized, his powers slowly awakened, disturbed by the change. As he struggled to adjust, the world around him reacted, eventually leaving the Air pressure around a glass of water to be low enough that the water simply flowed up. After realizing he could change it, he spent the rest of the flight in the bathroom, in shock.

He decided that he would ignore it, that it wouldn't affect his life if he didn't let it. It seemed like he succeeded. However, one day, Villains INC Came to him and tempted him to join. He was just entering college, and was struggling with Bills and his workload. He felt, ironically, that we was unfit in the pressures of the world, but decided that we wanted to try anyways. He refused their offer, and tried to live his life like the 'normal' person he hoped to be. However, his life only got worse, and when he finally hit rock bottom, he rescinded his decision and joined up. In Villains INC, his skills were honed more to offensive capabilities, and he eventually learned to pressurize air to the point of using it as a weapon. He fought in the Battle of Bassey Park, and survived the Coup by joining Brent after it was over. This life, though he feels he is less suited for, is still preferable to a normal one... for the time being.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?: Tries to embrace a Cynical, enlightened, Machiavellian world view, but is too regular of a dude for that on many levels.


[Not Originally my character]

Name: Kira Devanson

Age: 24

Gender/Orientation: Female/straight

Appearance: Kira has Long, Dark red Hair (Past her Shoulders) That she keeps straight and Sharp green eyes. Her face relays an attitude of Confident Distance, of Attractive unapproachability. However, her appearance is not groomed to look anything other than what she thinks is Cool. She has a Solid motif of Red and Black throughout all of her clothing, and always keeps Red fingerless gloves on at all times. She wears Leather jackets or black tank tops, and tight pants. However, her clothing choices are very poorly suited for Combat. She seems more interested in exuding a style of almost Cartoonish punk coolness than in creating an effective field outfit.

Organization: Villain's INC 2.0's #1

How did you Join your Group: While in School with the Heart Keepers, she developed her powers but never fell in with the group. A loner who knew that something big was happening that she should have been a part of, but just hadn't been invited to, She became invested in her identity as the person who wrongfully was excluded from the heroism. Brent came to her, and convinced her that Villains INC was the way to go. He played off of her dark, jealous emotions, and validated her feelings. This inspired a deep and continuing loyalty to Brent, and dedication to the Villain way.

Superpower: High-Powered, Directional-based Telekinesis

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like):

Sadistic - Over her time as a Villain, Kira has grown more and more fond of causing pain in the most Dramatic and fitting of ways. She has come to enjoy taking lives, and is very creative in terms of punishment for her enemies.

Persecuted - Deep in her subconscious, Kira has a desire to be the odd man out, the person left behind, the one treated worse than the others. This has added to her self-perception as a Loner who has suffered more blows than most others.

Loyal - Ultimately, Kira grows attached to anyone who she feels 'Understands her', something that has only happened once or twice. Once someone has shown an understanding of her own inner monologue, she will align herself to them and follow them willingly.

Lonely - Kira has unfortunately Painted herself into a corner with this one. She desperately wants to let people in, but in any situation where it might actually happen, she feels like she'd being patronized.

History: Raised in Heartvale, Kira Devanson was never much of a friendly sort. In Elementary school, she could have easily been considered a bully, and though her behavior changed as she matured, it didn't necessarily improve. Her attitude became worse and worse, causing her to detach completely from other people instead of merely engaging in negative ways with them. Her parents were troubled, but had more important things on their mind than the petty self-indulgence of an egotistical daughter. Unfortunately, they dismissed the wrong kid - Kira turned out to have super Powers.

Long Story Short, like it was said above, Kira got in with the wrong crowd when she decided the right one wouldn't have her. She wasn't particularly shocked to develop powers (she'd always believed she was special, after all), and the realization that she could do anything with them began the slow abandonment of all of her Moral standpoints. Her true turning point was when she proved her worth to Villains INC by killing Theirry, the Boss Man's Son who had turned on the Villains and worked with the Heart Keepers. She was surprised that the act brought her no fear, terror or guilt, only the satisfaction of having done well in the eyes of the people she looked up to. Things were different now. She was no longer the Daughter of two local Worker Bees, she was a person with her own identity, her own story far greater than the ones which were told before her. She was so far away from the things that had seemed so important before. New Priorities and New People were in the front of her mind, and notions like 'Law' and 'Morality' became an ugly memory, like the Logic of a Dream you have just woken up from. Kira was now walking the path.

Brent meant more to her than the Boss Man did, than the Number Two, John or the old 'Number One' who had been missing for months. When he saw the opportunity to save what Kira truly believed was a Sinking ship (By seizing Power and killing or incapacitating the old leaders, no less), She followed him earnestly and with heart. Their Success brought Kira Power and Influence, validating her even further. But when Villains INC Focused on DTI instead of the Heart Keepers, allowing the latter to live (intentionally, it seemed), Kira became bitter. The Chosen Few were given yet another break, while her pull in the Organization was still not enough to punish those who had wronged her. Brent, who was steadily becoming her role model, had practically ignored her protests. In the months that followed, as Kira led missions and commanded bases, she stewed in thought on the subject. Now, it's been three weeks since she last saw Brent, and she's been in command of the Base in New Constantinople, watching as new Villains are trained to be the next her. Slowly, she is beginning to fear that she is about to be replaced.


Name: Crucible

Age: Unknown

Gender/Orientation: Male/Blank

Appearance: Crucible is garbed in Black, angular robes Separated into a segmented look, Most of both arms bare. His skin is a very dark natural tan, and he has a Shaved head that is marked by a harsh scar crossing over top of his head from his right eyebrow to the base of his skull in the back. The robes also come up over his neck and lower face, covering his Mouth and nose in a shawl, but not his Eyes, scalp or ears. One of his Arms is covered to just above the Elbow by a large, complicated looking Mechanical Gauntlet, with a polished, glowing rounded palm. It often bends the fingers into unfortunate angles while working, causing him some measure of pain that he ignores stoically.

Organization: Nemesis Lieutenant

How did you Join your Group: Enforcers make an interesting topic. People don't become enforcers. You don't put 'Enforcer' on your list of Job possibilities in College. You don't some day wake up and find yourself as someone's Right Hand Man, unflinchingly trustworthy and loyal to the last breath. Enforcers simply are. it is impossible to conceive of them as anything other than as they are now, impossible to think that they were ever children, that they had crushes or once dreamed of becoming an investment banker. They are eternal, unknowable and uncompromising. Enforcers simply are, and when a group looks for one, they need not look far. There may not be many enforcers, but what few there are, are easy to find.

Superpower: Oddly, none inherent. However, he used Proxy, something far more Deadly than any Power, something that more or less gives him the Power of Aether Manipulation.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like):

Ruthless - Death comes in his line of work. It is implicit that it will follow him.

Unflinching - Morality and Squeamishness evidently do not enter this man's thoughts or motives.

Duty-bound - When the Mission Parameters are clear and known, he will see them through or die trying.

Enigmatic - You do not Talk to this man about his life. He is incomprehensible. He is A Force of Nature more than a Man... A Force of Nature, More than a Man.

History: It is very much unlike me to do this, but I must opt out of this at this juncture. Perhaps this will be filled in as more is learned of him.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?: To say he is beyond our understanding is one thing, but to say he is emotionless is certainly another. Case in Point - Do not Make him Angry.


Name: Ellie [Redacted]

Age: 23

Gender/Orientation: Female/uhhhh???

Appearance: The only Remarkable trait in Seventeen's Appearance is, surprisingly enough, an extremely odd trait to have at all - distinctly blue hair, vibrant, long and almost elegant. She often keeps it trapped up in a Ponytail or a knot, uncomfortable with leaving it wherever it goes, as it is a complete affront to her personality and the rest of her appearance. It seems that hair is the bright streak inside of her just desperate to get out.

Unfortunately, Seventeen lives in dark times - the era of awkward, of secretly narcissistic young men who become extremely attached to their own identities as 'losers', eventually wearing it as a badge of pride. These men, instead of improving their station, subconsciously become attracted to more bookish, mousey types; Outwardly because they think they would understand each other, and inwardly because they consider such girls 'inside of their league'. It is because of this tragic fact that even Seventeen, who is clearly plain at best, if not homely, could be considered attractive. But rest assured, it is only because of that fact. Her stature is fairly average - she is a little short for a woman her age, but not noticeably so, and has few curves and small (for her size) breasts. Still, she clearly cares about her appearance and aims to be well put together and 'presentable' in any given situation, wearing clean, professional looking clothes. During the rare occurrences when she operates in the field, she wears a suit much like a diving suit, with plenty of bags and the like. She is never seen without her Tablet.

Organization: Villains INC #17 (later 12)

How did you Join your Group: Seventeen was gotten from a very young age. Her powers developed at an extremely early point in her life (Currently the third earliest development of Superpowers in history), and her parents - this being long before the late unpleasantness - used all of their powers to find a place where she could be safe. That place was Villains INC.

Superpower: On-contact Magical Healing, Spontaneous Gravitational shield spawning (Power Field: About Twenty Meters)

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like):

Meek - By nature a Shrinking Violet, who will shy away from any close interaction which is not mandatory.

Dedicated - Uncharitably described as a 'Workhorse', this woman never puts down her work, even for a moment.

Prudish - Totally uninitiated in physical matters, she is still waiting for her first kiss, and finds any sexual talk extremely uncomfortable.

Uncertain - She knows her own limits... she just doesn't know whether they'll still be where she left them last when she's needed.

History: Seventeen - or Just Ellie, then - was raised by the Poor children of Poor Children, last sire of a long line of poverty. Her family had carried on a rich tradition of gathering little, and then spending it all in an effort to make sure their child didn't have the same life. It was a desperate gambit every time, and every time it failed a little less completely. The people in the Nineteenth Century, perhaps Gypsies or some other nomadic people, would save tiny bits of coin, a farm, perhaps a single heirloom to give to their child. Ellie's mother was given a moderate education and enough money to find work, and Ellie was given a real life. Of course, it was only because of the gift that was given to her by fate or genetics - the gift of superhuman powers.

As explained above, their parents spent what little they had - put a second mortgage on their house, took out loans, sold everything - so they could search and search for something they couldn't be sure existed. Luckily it did, and when they found them, Villains INC was more than happy to take in so young a child already showing powers. It was one of their first oppertunities to raise someone with the Villains INC Mindset. Strangely enough, Seventeen is not 'Brainwashed'. She is no more powerless than any child is to their Parents (and Villains INC truly is that to her). She can make her decisions, and is of independent thought. However, she chooses to stay with them, out of her own volition.

While young, Seventeen was of course treated oddly by the other Villains - she couldn't hold her own, but she was still one of them. This led to her having a distant shy outlook on life, and she rarely initiates conversations with other Villains because of it. However, since then many of her comrades have come to see her as the 'little Sister' of the organization, a position which she is not comfortable in but is clearly well suited for her.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?: If you ask her whether her hair color is dyed or natural (or if the curtains match the drapes), she will refuse to answer. To this day, nobody knows.


[Not Originally My Character]

Name: Maryan

Age: 18

Gender/Orientation: Female/Anything

Appearance:Picture an Anime character. She's about as close a human being can be to that. She has weirdly long white-blond hair, often done up in steriotypical styles. She dresses in an extremely provocative manner, showing a great deal of skin while still sticking to moderately childish outfits, twisted beyond recognition.


Organization: Villains INC - Brent's Bodyguard

How did you Join your Group: Maryan first came onto the map at the scene of a Brutal triple Homicide. The Police arrived at the Small-town home where Maryan, her parents and her brother lived, and discovered three neighbors and all of the family but her beaten to death in a horrific, brutal way. Maryan was no older than Six at the time, and as they victims were beaten by hand, the police believed she could not have had the strength to do it. However, they knew she was a victim, and she had nowhere else to go, so they kept her for a short while. She was sitting in a chair in the Sheriff's office, sipping from a cup of Hot Cocoa while the Sheriff attempted to coax an explanation of what happened out of her. Suddenly, the sheriff's Phone rang, and less than a minute later, Maryan was released into the Custody of her 'Uncle', a man she's never met in her life by the name of John Smith.

Superpower: Maryan herself has no Superpower. Strictly speaking, she is just a usual girl. ZED, however, is an extremely powerful spirit that is bound to her for the time being, for reasons unknown even to It. ZED is capable of giving Maryan incredible strength and ferocity not unlike that of someone pumped up on adrenaline, but considerably stronger. His own powers are considerably more complex and indescribable when not related to her, including reality manipulation, breaking the laws of Physics, 'mind melting', Possession, and fearmancy, among other powers.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like): (Two for Maryan, two for ZED.)

Cheerful: She is a bright, happy young woman, who can never be brought to unhappiness and chastises others for pessimism.

Uninhibited: Anything she feels, thinks or wants will inevitably slip out of her mouth - nothing is off limits for her.

Apathetic: ZED's current status has left it extremely unhappy with it's lot in unlife. It has little interest in the events around it.

Maniacal: When pushed to a certain point, It will cease playing nice and simply go mad with Bloodlust, delighting in the use of it's powers.

History: Maryan's history is relatively short and made up of two distinct parts: Before ZED came, and Since It did. Before, Maryan was perfectly ordinary little girl with a slight mean streak and a brother with a worse one. She lived in a small town out in the middle of nowhere and enjoyed her life greatly, being a happy, loving child, who loved spending time with her parents and tried to make her older brother happier about life. The Boy, however, seemed to grow only worse and worse, and in hindsight was likely afflicted by a form of clinical depression. At the time, the young girl had no knowledge, and simply did not understand. He became worse and worse, while she slowly came to realize how disturbed he truly way. Playful behavior slowly became abusive, and she had no choice but to alert her parents and hope that he could be made better. Their efforts only made him worse.

His troubles eventually led to the fateful day where Four adults and one child died brutally are still poorly remembered by Maryan, but it was during that event that ZED first came to her. In that moment, It was connected to her, a bond that since has not been capable of breaking. It was immediately after that Massacre that Villains INC appropriated the young Girl and her Spirit companion into their group, and she has since grown used to the second voice forever in her head. There is little in the world for her, but she has no problem with it, and stays with Villains INC because she enjoys what she does and the people she meets.

ZED's story is much longer, and much less clear. It was existed for some time, centuries at least, but specifically what it is remains unknown. It remembers very little from before it's joining with Maryan, only that it came from somewhere else - a hell on earth, where it was trapped for an eternity. It was somehow called by the bloodshed that occurred in that household, brought by the evil that was done there, feeding off of it even years after. Unfortunately, it still considers itself trapped, as it is still unable to completely leave Maryan, to break the link with her and be free once again.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?: Maryan has a close relationship with Brent, being his bodyguard, but it is unclear if they are anything more than comrades. It seems unlikely that Brent would take advantage of her, however.


Name: Línghún Shī xīn

Age: Over Seventy.

Gender/Orientation: Male/Straight (Widower)

Appearance: Picture a Buddhist monk, infuse that with David Carradine, and add a visible frailty of spirit.

Organization: Villains INC Number 5

How did you Join your Group: Linghun is the only surviving member of Villains INC to have been involved in the group before the Reign of Boss Man. He was born into it, his father and mother the joint 'rulers' (as they were called then) of the West Asia 'Charter'.

Superpower: Shapeshifting and muscular rearrangement.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like):

Wise - he has become very wise, and is still wise beyond his years, even as a man of advanced age.

Ruthless - Linghun has always done what was necessary to protect and provide for his Villains; when the time came, he never balked from evil deeds.

Peace-loving - However, Linghun did everything to avoid the time for evil deed's arrival. He always gave second and third chances, and as a rule would rather live with men than kill them.

Understanding - as a human being, Linghun is extremely Empathetic and tends to be gentle and kind, as he can read the softer meanings behind even the hardest of words.

History: The Child of the rulers of all the Villains in China, Linghun was a soft-spoken, humble child who had a willingness to wait and observe that his parents never had, and suffered for a lack of. Most of his parent's time was spent dealing with upstarts who refused to give them the respect they had no earned, the last and most notable of which was a specific group of Triads, which his Parents were utterly unable to quash. Their rule was comparably short and bloody, and when they died - His mother in battle, his father by complications of wounds taken in battle - the process of Choosing a new leader was very quick. It was during a time of great agony for China - the country was still under the heavy spell of the Japanese invasions, and for the Villains the period was during the turbulence of the Boss Man's original regime change, in days long since forgotten for deeds best left unsaid. He was merely Fifteen at the time of his ascent, an extremely young age to be in charge of anything, but what few of the Villains that protested were dealt with either by an eloquent tongue, or a sharp blade. Linghun, following in the footsteps of the 'Boss Man', the 'Master of Hearts' and 'Dead Space', took the name Lionheart, and spent the next five years showing the truest nature of the Lion: He displayed profound patience, and an Animal Cunning that no other Villain has been known to possess, besides perhaps Brent. He absorbed blow after blow from petty enemies, and watched on silently as they assembled under the banner of that Triad gang. While another Faction was slowly coming to rival the Villains, Shi Xin did nothing. There is a Memorable anecdote still recounted - When a particularly lucrative venture was lost, a Villain could not hold his tongue anymore. He asked Shi Xin why he did not do anything. Shi Xin merely responded that when a Limb is chopped off, one cauterizes the stump, rather than attempts to reattach it in futility. When the Villain continued to protest, asking Why an Organization would worry about such inapplicable wounds, when the Business could truly be reattached, Shi Xin answered with the Now-legendary saying 'Because the Wounds that are left untreated create the ugliest wounds.'

Some say that that Villain was then executed, but that is of course Heresay.

Only in hindsight did anyone realize that Shi Xin was attempting to ensure the Villains Appeared strong, regardless of how weakened they became. The reason for this became evident when, suddenly, the leader of the Triads died, and control of the syndicate fell to his second-born son, Peng Dan. Some say Shi Xin had the leader poisoned; some say he turned the group against his Firstborn... but what seems clear is that Shi Xin merely absorbed the blows and waited for the War-hungry ruler to die after unifying his enemies into one group. Then, when his Peace-loving son rose to power, he simply called together a meeting and assimilated the Triad's organization into his own. It was an extremely patient, dangerous plan, one that would not have worked if his people knew of it and one that risked their loyalty if they did not know. Shi Xin walked that Balance Beam and came across stable, walking the line and averting both danger for his people and death for his potential Allies. With that, Linghun Lionheart entered into the realm of Legend.

In the Decades since, his peace between the two organization that started as tenuous had evolved into a partnership and then a brotherhood. It took decades, but soon enough the two groups were seemingly inseparable. His friendship with the Triad Leader was well known, and it passed beyond simple camaraderie. They became family, when Shi Xin married Peng Dan's sister, and their lives became charmingly domestic despite their great power and their abandonment of Society's rules. Their families grew, their wealth grew, their territory grew, and Asia became their Uncontested Domain.

In the Late Nineties, however, the Golden Age Abruptly ended. Tai Dan Ne, the Son of Peng Dan's older brother, claimed to be the true head of the Triad gang. His Legitimacy was clear - Their father had made it clear that Ne Dan, Tai Dan Ne's father, was to take over the Triad when he died. However, the Chiefs and Enforcers of the organization decided otherwise, and cast him aside. While Ne Dan was a Drunkard and a lout, his Son was Ambitious and driven, wanting nothing more than what had been taken from his father, and thus him. Ultimately he succeed in getting control of a sizable portion of the Triad - people who believed the partnership was pointless, that it led to stagnation and still harbored ill will from the war. Tai Dan Ne's and his People's bloodlust was sated, as a dead, violent war broke out inside the Triad Hierarchy.

Heartbroken, Shi Xin did what he had to do. Protocol dictated it sternly - in a partnership such as this, dissolution of this kind demanded the severing of all ties immediately. Because of this, Shi Xin was separated from his wife, who he learned later was killed in the war. However, at the same time he gained a Daughter - breaking the rules because of it, he adopted a young girl from a Triad Family, all of it's other members having already been killed. This girl, Zheng Xiu Mei, also turned out to have Powers, retroactively justifying his crime years after it was done.

Like the long peace that had followed a blood war, the Triad seperation was followed with another period of quiet. The Triad Gang tore itself apart, Tai Dan Ne taking control of a group only a shadow of it's former self. The Villains immediately crushed what was left of them, though he himself survived and fled. However, the peace that followed, like the one before it, was cut short, this time even sooner, and even quicker than the other had. They were ousted from their base in a flash, and lost a great many men to an unknown enemy. Now, cast down into the forest like petty criminals, Linghun Shi Xin protects his people and waits for his opportunity to reclaim his seat, a patient Legend waiting to grasp on to that next Peace, that next eye of the storm. For what else is there in life?


Name: Lynch

Age: 29

Gender/Orientation: Male/Bisexual

Appearance: Ordinarily, he looks like your average Caucasian male, of normal build with very long Red-blond hair and a fully beard, not specifically ugly but of no real remarkableness. However, thanks to his power he can remove all definition, light and color from his appearance, which he always does, even to the extent of obscuring the dimensions of his body. Basically he becomes a blank silhouette - unless he takes it upon himself to take on a single color or pattern, which he occasionally does..

Organization: Nemesis Lieutenant

How did you Join your Group: He sought out Nemesis after years of Grass roots environmentalist meetings and anarchist demonstrations, hearing of a group who were truly militant and only catered to supers like him.

Superpower: He can block Light completely, remove all Color, definition and texture from anything visible, and even blur the shape of things. His Power field is roughly Ten to Twelve feet.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like):

Excitable - when he becomes involved in something, he will go overboard. He'll always talk a bit longer than he should, even if he knows when he should rightly have stopped.

Irreverent - that Most despicable of persons, who takes the most unimportant things very seriously, and the most important things (like life and death) very lightly.

Lighthearted - feels no hate towards his enemies, and will often give them advantages and 'mulligans' should he feel a fight is unfair to them. In general, he seems to show no real negative emotions to anyone he knows, just vague groups like 'humanity' or 'the corporation'.

Environmentalist - while technically less of a personality trait as it is a character trait, he is so fully defined by his love of and desire to protect nature that it fills much of who he is.

History: Born and Raised in numerous locations, he has stood apart from Consumerist culture since birth. His parents, like him, were hardcore hippies, they more traditional while he has verged further into Hipsterdom. His parents fled from Commune to commune, trying to find a place to 'live the good life' in 'harmony with Mother Earth'. Of course, their every attempt failed, because in general man is not meant to live in harmony with Mother Earth or in reality anything. It is not in man's nature - it is said that any Government would work (Communism, Fascism, Democracy, whatever) were it not for Human nature. The same goes with Earth-friendly living and Hippy communes. He was born in while his family lived with an Indian tribe in Commancheria; he was the third child and the first son of the family, and by the time they left the tribe there was a third daughter with them. From there they went to Cascadia Territory, driving across the country in a convoy of Vans, busking change and dropping by music gathering and poetry readings as they went. From their next pipe dream they went on to the hot lands of Baja California, between Rock and Sea, and from there to Mexico, Panama, The Candian Rockies, and eventually western Oregon Territory, near Big Horn. It was there that his father died of Skin Cancer, and by then Lynch was a man. He left his Mother, his surviving older sister and his two younger siblings alone, heading off on his own.

Being a Hippy, being a Vegan, being a pothead, all of these things weren't part of who he was, they were part of what life was. It was normal to him, and he never considered being anything else. It wasn't that he was born to be a Hippy, like it was who he would have been even if he was born to a banker; he had simply lived in a world where that was how everyone behaved. In reality, his destiny was to be fiercely competitive - very strange for one who preached harmony, peace and Karma. He took up playing his guitar on Street corners and joining in Rallies, walking the world and never stopping, ever Barefoot, his feet ever bleeding. Though he left his family behind, the way he led his life did not change. His competitiveness manifested in a variety of ways; gambling, for one, though he almost never had enough money to do it often. Another manner was drunken brawling. When he was sober, and a little high, his sheen on impassiveness and tranquility was imperceptible, even magnificent. When he had had enough liquor, dropped Acid, maybe taken some pills, it would all fold away. This happened maybe once or twice a week; it was no real problem, it helped him blow off steam and keep himself balanced. There was nothing the police could do, just toss him in the drunk tank and let him go. He had no ID, no papers on him. He lived totally off the Grid, and he never got in fights in the same town twice; he was smart enough to blow away once he'd caught the eye of the local law.

That he had a superpower was of no real importance to him. He saw absolutely nothing absurd about it - he was an especially faithful servant of Karma, so it had seen fit to give him a gift. He used it for the Occasional magic trick, but never to take from his fellow man, only to amuse and inspire. He felt, one year, some many years in, that he had successfully achieved the dream. He was living in harmony - some very minor, unimportant side affairs like bar fights and playing the grifter to the occasional corporate tool notwithstanding. The bite of Anger never appeared in his heart, though righteous pride informed everything he did.

So it would follow naturally that he should consider himself worthy of Nemesis. He was one of the few to seek them out without raising their interests on his own. He had to prove his worth to them, in a manner most un-'peace-and-love'-esque. There was a man who had intended for a major housing development to be built in a very important natural habitat. To prove himself, Lynch had to kill that man and utterly derail his plans. Ultimately, most of his worrying about it occurred before he even began the attack. In the midst of it, he was caught up in the euphoria of a Murder, in the thrill of power and the heroic defense of Mother Nature. His only qualm was that this man did not put up a fight. Though certainly not the most powerful or strong of the Nemesis Supers, Lynch began to prove himself by working his way into the circles of the Leaders of the group, and by sheer tenacity and foolhardiness he earned his place as one of the lower of the top lieutenants. Though he has lived the life in the category of 'Earth Loving hippy', the person that he has become in that category is very violent, very idealistic, and needs to find out who is better than him. It is the only way he will live his life now that he has had a taste of it.


Name: Michael Shi

Age: 30

Gender/Orientation: Male/Identifies as Queer

Appearance: An Asian-American, aside from the giant wings on his back, the most striking thing about Michael is how Emaciated he looks. Not just 'You can see the shadow of his ribcage when he is shirtless', but rather 'His clothes hang off of him like sheets on a clothesline'. Like 'His belly is severely concave'. As in 'His skin looks like it was painted on to his bones'. To offset this necessity, he wears heavier clothes; Jackets, usually coarse, stiff ones, or at least long sleeved heavy shirts. He is so thin because, to perform as a Villain, he often has to actually use his ability - flight. So he has no choice in the matter, and resents it a bit, his thinness ending in a great deal of insecurity.

Although his ancestry is almost entirely Chinese, one of his more recent ancestors was Korean (a marriage that occurred in America, not across the sea), giving him more defined cheekbones than most of his ethnicity would typically have. He has short black hair, combed back gently, to the point where it goes in that manner ordinarily, but is unrestrained. He Naturally has a thin neck and a strong jaw, making him look a bit dashing, but his chin is undefined and his lips are too wide and thin, making it look a bit disjointed. he has a narrow, clear cut nose, with small nostrils. Finally, he has several Tattoos - a Gold and Blue crown on the furthest segment from his fingernail on his left Index Finger, the top of the crown pointing towards his nail; An Eagle rising over his Right Bicep; A quote from a favorite book along one of his Ribs; and a large, complex spiral-type pattern on the right side of his chest.

Of final note is his Wings, large, white-feathered wings branching out of his shoulder blades. They are very large, spreading out to three times the length of his arms when extended, and they reach down to his ankles when not. They look like doves wings, and are very, very soft to the touch.

Organization: Villains INC #51

How did you Join your Group: Faced with Metahuman discrimination, Michael was out of work and desperate when Villains INC contacted him and gave him a chance to help out other people in need, like he was.

Superpower: To say 'Flight' would be technically incorrect. To have the superpower of flight is generally considered merely being able to lift off the ground, defying/denying gravity. Michael overcomes gravity, just as a bird does. On his back are a pair of very large wings which are difficult to hide. Other permutations to his body include hollow bones, a faster metabolism and a more supportive spine. Due to these aberrations, he can, with effort, fly.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like):

Loyalist - First and foremost, a loyal member of Villains INC who follows orders and tries not to question them.

High Spirited - He is surprisingly friendly and upbeat for a Villain, and treats everyone with equal shares of respect and attempts at understanding.

Anxious - He has a history of Panic attacks and chronic anxiety and depression, which he maintains - for the most part - with medication.

Honest - Michael has great difficulty Lying, even white lies, and actually has caused more problems like that than otherwise.

History: From the moment of his Birth, Michael's parents knew that he would be very different. After all, he had his Wings in the womb - a fact that caused some fear in late-term ultrasound visits and a Cesarian section instead of natural birth. This was a long, long time before such things could be ordinary, or even expected. It was a huge shock, and it caused a brief period of sensationalism. Michael was born in Metro Chrysopylae, and so news spread fast - doctors and nurses talking about the Angel baby, the cherub that they saw. It sparked a local media frenzy, but eventually (and luckily for Michael and his family) the whole thing was 'proven' to be a hoax. The lives that they had seen for themselves and their child utterly gone, Michael's parents left their town and moved out to the country where Michael could be raised in safety. He grew up far away from society, and his parents struggled to make him feel normal, despite the constant evidence to the contrary. They had intended to have more children, but since they were afraid of a repeat of Michael's situation, they chose not to, so He didn't have many people his own age to spend time with. His friends had to be vetted extensively for risk of telling others, and so Michael was somewhat... secluded, leading to a more-than-normal amount of growing pains. His budding sexuality was just Icing on the cake.

Luckily for him, the family got word of a School where he could be safe and open about who he was - not fully, but far moreso than he could be there. His family immediately jumped on the opportunity, sending him to the Boarding school in School City, Iroquois. There, he delighted in how hard it was to fit in, because he had trouble due to his awkwardness and naivety, not his wings. He belonged there, and had a unique outlook on just how good it was simply to be around people, which contributed hugely to how he treats people today. He graduated with Honors and remained in School City, it being the only place he knew of where he could feel like that, though he often missed his family.

During the Valentine's Day riots and the following Registration crisis, Michael had mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was now free to walk down the street openly with his Wings spread wide. He could now fly... if he was able to - over the skies of the city, unafraid. On the other hand, anti-meta sentiment was skyrocketing. Michael lost his job, lost his apartment... he lost just about everything. Even in School City, he felt more different than ever. It was then that Villains INC came to him, offering him a way to make a difference in this manic world. He joined eagerly, and for months he fought against the rhetoric and the bias, by manipulating News Stations, Elections and Government proceedings, by fighting oppressors on the front lines of what was growing into a Race war, by giving asylum to Metas and money to Meta organizations. He was a wonderful organizer and Worker, and his wings, once more, were not the thing to not about him, his mind was. But after things calmed down and Metas became more accepted, Michael became restless. He asked the Villains INC upper management for a transfer to his homeland, hoping to reconnect with his roots. He was given that along with a Promotion, and sent over to the Chinese VI HQ immediately. He had trouble fitting in at first, but slowly managed to adjust.

He still enjoyed the work, but he felt like he was making less of a difference. He did not take well to Linghun's leadership or some of the Villains there, feeling that things were done in far too unorthodox a manner. He tried to get along with everyone, but he ended up feeling as if he was only alienating himself. Unfortunately, things got much worse than he could have imagined when Nemesis attacked and took the base. He narrowly survived, almost dying at several points in the assault, and was stranded again. He was reinvigorated by the severity of the situation and was eager to face this new foe, but Linghun was content merely to sit and raid the roads for supplies. Michael was disgusted, and only became more despondent as he waited for things to change.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?: Having faced the way that people will be inclined to treat supers, and having seen that Villains INC is the only people fighting that reaction, Michael has absolute faith in the organization, and believes in their mission statement implicitly. He is also in a romantic dry spell, having gone from frequently-Constantly dating five years ago, to five years of not dating at all. He is agitated by that and seeking actively to change it.

Also, for a time in High School he went by the nickname 'Gabriel', relating to his Angel-like wings. Apparently, it did not occur to him that Michael was also the name of an Angel. However, he tried to drop the name after joining Villains INC, though then would realistically be the time to use it more often.

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Chainsaw Cake

Name: Rikka Ghalyela Nguvu

Age: 30

Gender/Orientation: Female/Pansexual

Appearance: Rikka, to be perfectly frank, is built like a brick shithouse. That's not to say she's completely masculine; she has long legs, full hips, and big tits, but the sex appeal clashes oddly with her incredible musculature and seven-foot-three-inch height. Her face would have a sort of carved-looking beauty to it, with a strong jaw, smooth brow, and high cheekbones, were it not for the ruin of a nose (broken seventeen times) and the missing canine tooth. Her eyes are a queer shade of brown so light it's almost orange. Her hair - the only part of her appearance she's ever really cared for - is thick, black, and shiny, and she keeps it in an almost ridiculously long braid.

Organization: Villains INC

How did you Join your Group: She didn't want to join Nemesis, because they killed regular humans with abandon. She wasn't part of the Heart Keepers' prophecy. Of course, she couldn't join Diamond. But above all, Rikka didn't want to be alone.

Superpower: Super strength, so much so that she can rip a skyscraper from the ground. This strength also means that she can never have physical contact with another human being or other living thing - she'll kill or maim them if she does. The strength comes with "booster powers" of endurance - to keep her heart beating and lungs functioning under a highly condensed power field - and durability - to keep her own muscles from snapping her bones in half. (Power field: What I'm getting at is the radius of power. Telepaths and pyromancers have a range where their powers have to peter out; Rikka's power extends only to her own body, but she also has tremendous power, so her power field is compacted incredibly tightly around and in her body.)

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality (You can go in depth if you like): Sociable: Rikka used to love having people around.

Depressed: but thanks to her power, she literally cannot touch without destroying. Her power forces a great loneliness upon her which has led to serious depression.

Stepford Smiler: she tries to keep up a calm and mild exterior. Lately, though, it's been fraying. Badly.

Afraid: afraid of losing, afraid of being cast aside, afraid of becoming useless, afraid of her own power, afraid to hurt others.

History (Brief or long, up to you, but avoid extremes in either direction, we hate single sentence bios as much as we hate 10 paragraph ones): Before age thirteen (the event that changed everything took place just three days after her thirteenth birthday), Rikka's life was quite normal. Her mother was a banker who still liked to spend a lot of "girly time" with her daughter, pedicures and day spas and whatnot, and her father worked in landscaping. She also had an Uncle Mike, not really an uncle but a close friend of her father's who, in between tours of duty with the military, always made sure to spend time with Rikka. She trusted her Uncle Mike as much as she trusted her own parents.

One day Mike, who had just returned from his last tour of duty, had come over to visit with Rikka's parents. Her father broke out the bourbon while Rikka retreated to the basement to watch movies and give her parents and Uncle Mike some time to themselves. At some point during the middle of the second movie, Rikka became aware of a presence beside her on the couch. Mike was sitting next to her, and he seemed to be at least a little drunk. He started talking to her about how much she'd grown since he'd last seen her, how much she'd filled out, and Rikka was getting uncomfortable, but she trusted her Uncle Mike too much to leave.

Fifteen minutes later he had forced her to strip naked and pose for him, threatening to hurt her if she did not comply. Rikka was a freakishly tall early-blooming teenager; Uncle Mike was a military man. There was no way she could have fought him off, so she simply let him do what he wanted. He never touched her, but the whole experience made Rikka feel so low and dirty, and so helpless, that she never wanted anything like it to happen again - wanted to be able to fight off anyone who ever tried to make her do something like that.

Because of this, Rikka took up boxing. The instructor laughed at her, at first, a soft and lanky thirteen-year-old who was still getting used to such a rapidly-growing body. She persisted, and her instructor quickly learned to take her seriously not only because Rikka had some natural talent, but because of her almost unsettling drive to become a skilled fighter. Rikka herself discovered that she genuinely enjoyed boxing, and not only because every time she fought she was visualizing herself beating the shit out of Uncle Mike. Very soon, she was one of the top students, and by age eighteen she had become good enough that she was seriously considering going pro.

Four years later, Rikka had her first major fight, and it was in the middle of this fight that her power materialized. She blew her opponent's head apart with a single punch and can still remember how one of his teeth bounced off her forehead before landing on the canvas. She ran away, terrified, leaving a wide trail of destruction behind her. Luckily for Rikka, a Villains INC recruiter was part of the audience, and he managed to catch up to Rikka and convince her to join the group, stressing that she would be taught to bring her power under control. Terrified and, at the moment, easily persuadable, Rikka agreed to join Villains INC, who did indeed help her get her powers at least partially in check. Rikka now feels that she owes this organization her life.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?: Rikka is claustrophobic, but this has more to do with her massive size than anything else. Aside from English, she also speaks fluent Finnish, having been raised bilingually by her Finnish mother. Her father is Kenyan-Apache.

Also, in the end, Rikka's just a total mess: a lonely, self-loathing, affection-starved, pent-up mess.


Name: Zheng Xiu Mei

Age: 25

Gender/Orientation: Female/Straight

Appearance: Black hair in a short, choppy cut that frames her face; sharp black eyes; on the short side at 5'5"; favors practical clothes in dark shades, with lots of concealed pockets and hidden armor. If you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't know it was there. Xiu Mei also constantly wears dark, mirrored sunglasses.

Organization: Villains INC

How Did You Join Your Group: Xiu Mei was orphaned in a civil war within her family's branch of the Chinese Mafia. Villains INC, which had an almost friendly partnership with the Triads (at least in that region), took her in and raised her as best as a motely militaresque group largely composed of superhumans could. The fact that she developed the power to manipulate gravity is a bonus.

Superpower: Gravity manipulation. She can alter her own gravity, allowing her to float up into the air or shift it so that she can run up walls and walk on ceilings. She can also alter other people's gravity, making it high enough that they're crushed to death (for example). However, she can't alter other people's gravity if she's in too much pain, which leads to her second power – a power that lets her never get caught by enemies. This isn't a true superpower, but it's damn close. Xiu Mei has incredible stealth abilities; she can disappear into any room, appear right behind you when you didn't even know she was there, vanish when you turn even for a second, and in general be as close to invisible as someone without that power can be. She likes to toy with her enemies in this way, complete with one-liners and, on occasion, slightly sadistic actions. Aside from this, Xiu Mei is skilled in the use of many different weapons, from balisongs to assault rifles, and has attained the liu duan rank in Wushu.

Four Words to Describe Your Character's Personality: Sharp: sharply perceptive, sharply spoken, sharply dressed, you get the point.

Image-centered: Xiu Mei works to cultivate the image of a stealthy, enigmatic agent of the night. She tries to reveal as little about herself as possible, likes to do the stealth hi/bye routine even in everyday situations, prefers to meet with others at night, and wears sunglasses almost constantly.

Collected: it takes a lot to rattle her coolly professional manner.

Solitary: she hasn't let anyone past her Agent exterior in years and years; the real Zheng Xiu Mei is a mystery to much of Villains INC.

History: First, a bit of history to the history. For decades, a branch of the South Chinese Triads warred against the dominant Villains INC for control of the region. However, eventually power in both groups passed from spiteful men to their benevolent succesors, and despite their might and power, Villains INC saw worth in them and chose to bring that Triad branch under their protection and allow them to opperate freely. A system of 'Don't ask, don't tell' prevaled for some time, but occasional alliances became more and more common. Eventually, by the 1970's, the two groups became very close, and the members and leadership were almost like family.

Though her parents were Triads, Xiu Mei grew up around humans and superhumans alike; she went to school with Villains INC group children as well as the sons and daughters of Triad members. She never saw the days when Villains INC fought Triads, or even were not close allies and friends. However, the illegitmatate child of the last Triad Leader during the war - the last remaining person to want the war - claimed ownership of the Triad branch, and sparked a brutal civil war. The Triad branch eventually collapsed, but Xiu Mei's parents died during the struggle. She was left without parents, at a very young age, but there was still hope for her. Despite the strict rules regarding such a situation, the pro-peace Villain decided to adopt her, even as all of the children went to ground and all ties were cut. The fact that she also ended up being a Super was a happy coincidence.

Unfortunately, Xiu Mei's childhood was far from normal. Sure, she was treated nicely - a lot of the Villains viewed her as something of a pet - but she was still going to be an asset to the organization. As soon as she was deemed old enough, she was trained in stealth, the use of weapons, and the martial art Wushu - in fact, she became as close to a real-life version of Batman as one could. When she developed her gravity powers, it was simply an added bonus.

Another none-too-normal aspect of Xiu Mei's new family was that its members tended to die with alarming frequency. Once upon a time, Xiu Mei let herself grow attached to the organization's members, but their deaths always hurt too much, and before long, Xiu Mei closed herself off from that sort of interaction as best she could and created the cold, professional mask that she's worn for her entire adult life. With all but a very few figures from her childhood still alive, there is almost no one out there who knows the real Xiu Mei.

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?: She's very good at poker, mostly because of her utterly unshakable poker face.

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Name: Garris "Ghostly" Hecate


Gender/Orientation:Male, as for sexual orientation he prefers females but he'd screw a guy if he felt like it.

Appearance: Looking at this boy you would shake your head and sigh. His hair is short, choppy and really ****ing dirty. It's dyed white *not bleached blond* which makes him look more like a punk then he already does. His eyes are a bright green color which stands along with his white hair. He stands 5, 10 with a skinny athletic build, most of the muscles being in his legs.

He wears a black track suit with white stripes down the arms and legs. It's a bit old, but since it's made out of a water proof material it doesn't catch the funk he carries from not bathing. The only pair of clothes he changes often are his shoes, preferring running shoes to everything else.

Organization:Villains INC

How did you Join your Group: He didn't have much of a choice, after attempting to rob a Villians INC storehouse with his powers *and getting a freaking car tossed at him* he was hospitalized and offered a deal, join Villians Inc or go to prison and if he didn't stay in prison he'd be killed.


Ghostly Powers-Hecate was a number of powers that are very similar to those of ghosts in movies and legends. It's possible he has more yet to be discovered, but using his powers for any longer then a few minutes wears him down and if he pushes himself too far he can blow blood vessels, educe vomiting, pass out, piss and shit himself uncontrollably and possibly stop his own heart.

Invisibility:Hecate is able to turn invisible. When invisible Hecate cannot be seen by human eyes or scanning devices save for flash photography, EMF dectectors, and barometers *as the tempature tends to drop when he uses his powers). It is quite possible for Hecate to make only a part of his body invisible. Hecate can make other people and objects invisible with him, provided that he is in physical contact with them.

Intangibility: When intangible, Hecate becomes untouchable, allowing him to pass through most objects as if the objects weren't there. He can also make other people and objects intangible when in physical contact with them. It is said to cause a slight tingly sensation. People can see him somewhat when he is intangible unless he turns completely invisible as well *which quickly drains his strength*. Certain materials cannot be passed through such as electrified fences, plasma and other energy oriented things *save for lasers*.

Flight: Hecate can hover and fly through the air, sometimes at considerable speeds and heights, completely ignoring gravity. This however wears him out pretty quickly. He describes it like "Running, only on air"

Overshadowing: Hecate can overshadow and or possess a human being, an animal, or an inanimate object from within by phasing completely into the subject's body, allowing him to completely control that person's actions. When overshadowed, the subject keeps his or her original form, but his or her eyes and voice will often alter. The subject has no memory of what he or she did while overshadowed. This doesn't work on other supers however and people with significant willpower can easily force him out.

Despite having a lot of ability's, Hecate isn't very good in a straight up fight. Anyone with some patience and good eyes can easily knock him out or shoot him if they're fast enough. This means he's better at staying out of sight and supporting others then going all Rambo. He's also significantly weak against electrical and energy based attacks.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality:

Arrogant:Hecate believes highly in his ability's leading him to boast and do stupid, stupid shit. This is mainly due to his crippling fear of failing

Sarcastic & Rebellious: Being a teenager and suffering from a lot of pent up rage, he takes his frustration out by irritating the living hell out of authority figures.

Guilt ridden, guarded and unstable emotionally:Despite his apparent cool, jackass mentality, Hecate feels responsible for the death of his parents but doesn't want to accept that because of a simple mistake he destroyed what he loved the most. This internal clash has lead to hallucination, rampant drug and alcohol abuse and doing anything and everything to try to avoid confronting the issue. He get very defencive when he's blamed for things.

History: Hecate or Garris as he was called by his parents grew up in the mid-western down of George's Glenn a boring, river side town that mainly relied off of tourism. He was a surprisingly boring kid, if surprisingly good natured kid. He went to school, blew off doing his homework to screw around with his friends and wasted the rest of his time on the computer or trying out for the trak team.

His mother worked at a local inn and his dad was a local police officer. He continued on like this until he reached 14 and began experiencing weird sensations which turned out to be super powers. Instead of freaking out or realizing the moral and societal issues he'd be facing, he was very excited and began to use his new found powers to fuck around and commit petty crimes.

He suddenly had more money, better grades and was less stressed about school after getting the jackasses in school expelled by planting drugs, knives and other illegal things in their lockers. After ruining the features of a few problem stricken kids who he happened to dislike it became clear he was no longer the good natured kid he was before.

Garris began abusing his powers more and more and more, becoming more arrogant and rude. One day after using his ability's to cheat on the SAT, his teacher grew suspicious and called his family to meet him at a local restaurant to talk about their son's recent behavior.

Worried that his teacher would lead his parents to discovering his ability's, he attempted to eve drop by entering into the kitchen via invisibility. During his invisible stroll through the kitchen he hip bumped a chef replacing the grease in the fryers. The grease flew onto the open stoves and quickly set the restaurant ablaze due to the fact they hadn't followed fire codes.

In a matter of seconds the whole restaurant was on fire and everyone was trapped inside. Before Hecate could do anything to rescue them the gas-main blew sky high, killing everyone in the building. It was only be turning intangible at the last second did Garris get away with only minor burns.

Unable to accept that he had accidentally killed his teacher, parents and everyone who decided to eat and work at the restaurant, Garris began to wander, being 18 and having super powers he naturally headed to the city, where he got into drugs, heavy drinking, violent fights and other illegal acts.

It was only after breaking into a Villians.Inc warehouse and getting hospitalized has he actually settled down and been forced to do something involving responsibility and discipline. He has only just recovered now that the Villians were Coup'd. He is a Newbie in the organization and has yet to undergo proper training

Anything else about your Character that we need to know?:He's a potty mouth and he really fucking hates carrots.

4/21/2012 . Edited 4/21/2012 #4

Name: Richard Jones

Age: 27

Gender/Orientation: Male, straight

Appearance: He stands possibly some Twelve feet in height. His skin is jet black and his eyes glow blue. His basic appearance is that of a humanoid male, horns protruding from the sides of his head and curving forwards. Two wings protrude from his back, and he is armed with innumerable tentacles.

Organization: Villains INC.

How did you Join your Group: ---

Superpower: Firstly, he is strong beyond what a human can ever produce by natural methods, although not as strong as a human with legitimate Super strength. Likewise are his speed, stamina, durability, regeneration, life-force and senses, although enhanced, are unable to match their equivalents of true superhuman ability. With his wings, he can fly (awkwardly), and his fanged tentacles can tear the average human apart with disturbing ease. As a demon (albeit not a real one) he can give basic mental commands to weak willed vampires and undead in proximity, touch incorporeal things, and has a strong resistance to mind-affecting powers.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality: Arrogant, loud, aggressive,

History: Using occult knowledge, Villians Inc. developed within several humans the potential to use demon-like powers. Richard is the few successes of all time and so far is the only surviving success.

Before that, he was a Janitor at a Theater.


Name: Trevor Walters

Age: 23

Gender/Orientation: Male, straight

Appearance: A man with short black hair, his build is average and has a medium frame, and he stands at about 5'9" in height. His clothing of choice

Organization: Villains INC.

How did you Join your Group: ---

Superpower: Ability replication, the ability to copy abilities of other evolved humans through physical contact. The ability donor neither loses their ability, nor feels anything when their abilities are replicated.

Four Words to describe your Character's Personality: Calm, logical, revenge seeking, -

History: Convicted as a pedophile, he was betrayed by the society that he was brought up to worship and adore. However not wanting for his mundane but still extraordinary skills to go to waste, a recruiter offered Trevor the chance at revenge. Since then, Trevor has been working towards the goal of destroying those who wronged him. He currently serves as a "Minion".

Anything else about your Character that we need to know: ---

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The Villains INC Compound was a Safe Haven in the Harbor district, a cluster of innocent-looking buildings surrounded by a fence to keep out Idiot teenagers or all kinds of prying eyes. To anyone else, it would look like just another Warehouse or shipping yard. To the group, it looked like the safety of a Home. It was still morning, and trainees were practicing with their powers in the interior courtyard, while others taught them. This facility was mainly for training and to be used as safe haven, meaning most of the people there were beginners, their teachers, or in between missions. Their refuge was in the Obscurity of the place - it would be nearly impossible for anyone to find out where they were.

White sat on the sides of the Courtyard watching, smoking a Cigarette and delaying the time when he inevitably considered the things he'd have to do, if any. Finishing his smoke, the young man stood, turning as a teenager, no older than 15, narrowly avoided lighting himself on Fire. White wondered if he'd ever end up being a Teacher, or if he'd have to keep going on Missions until he was useless or killed. He enjoyed his life, but for the last few days he hadn't been able to shake the unfortunate notion that he had no future, only continuance. Turning, he headed inside and down a hallway, heading to his room to grab something.

4/22/2012 . Edited 8/16/2012 #6
Chainsaw Cake

Rikka Nguvu stepped out of her room and narrowly avoided walking into White. Inwardly, she sighed with relief - she was about to break her record for Most Days without an Accidental Murder and didn't want her winning streak to come to a splattery end.

"What's going on, White?" she asked her coworker. "I thought I might head out to the practice yard to try and break my kilotons-per-square-inch record. You got any plans?"

4/22/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #7

"Nice to see the hallway is still the place for long drawn out conversations!" Hecate said snarkily as he turned intangible and walked through White and Rikka on his way to the bathroom, passing through them like a chilly breeze. He had been practicing all morning and had to take a massive piss. Hecate was getting better in terms of Stamina, but his control over his powers seemed to remain the same which irritated him to no end.

4/22/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #8

White ignored the obnoxious Ghost-Brat's little interference, as just about everyone in Villains INC had resigned to do, and turned to face the person who was speaking to him (Like a human being, for starters). Rikka, it seemed. Unintentionally, he took a single step back - certainly safer, and she was a little close, but he wouldn't have done it if he'd been aware of his actions, as it could have come off as hurtful. Nevertheless, he smiled warmly and genuinely, shrugging, "Want me to Tag Along? ...And get the bones pummeled out of me?" He tilted his head thoughtfully, "Sure, why not. Of course, I'll only be peripherally involved in the training. Don't want to turn into Person Soup anytime soon." He smiled, "Just teasing."

4/22/2012 . Edited 8/16/2012 #9
Chainsaw Cake

"Ah, you won't be my target," Rikka said. "What do I look like, an idiot? Actually, I just need someone to keep an eye on the pressure gauge. Would you mind? I requisitioned a new, more durable one made, since I sort of...broke the last one." She gave an uneasy smile. "If you don't want to, I mean, if you've got something important to do, it's fine..."

4/22/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #10

Hecate had grown accustom to being ignored. Something he wished others had done outside of Villains INC. It would have made robbing stores so much easier. At the same time he was very...lonely. "Pricks" he said to himself as he took a quick piss in the urinal, deliberately pissing over the pine scented urinal cake that he swore one of the other 'villains' was eating. "Who needs them anyway? I can take care of myself..." He walked over to the sink to wash his hands.

"Sure you can, that's why you spent a month in a hospital after getting a car tossed on top of you" His reflection mocked back.

Hecate ignored the hallucination and turned on the facet waiting for the water to warm up.

"If it wasn't for the fact you can heal a bit faster then a regular human, you'd still be there. Let's face it, compared to these guys you a weakling" His reflection continued to mock him, smiling as he he combed back his white hair.

Once the water was warm enough Hecate quickly lathered his hands in soup and began to rinse them under the water, rushing to get out of the bathroom.

"The only reason they're keeping you around is because they don't want you in the hands of those Hearts guys or worse, Diamond Trifecta. If they knew what you did to mommy and daddy though they would..." Hecate's reflection was abruptly cut off as the Ghost-Boy pulled one of his hands from under the facet and punched it into the mirror, shattering the cheap bathroom accessory to pieces. The shards hit the floor violently, making enough noise that people out in the hall could easily hear it.

Hecate's breathing was heavy and rushed, his heart raced. He looked down at his hand seeing no pieces of glass had been caught in it. It was a nasty cut along his knuckles, green blood oozing out of it. However it wasn't anything serious. He could live with a cut, he was living with much bigger problems. After washing off his hands he took the first aid kit of the wall and applied a generous portion of disinfectant and guazed his hand up.

Turning intangible, he walked through the bathroom door and out into the hall again. Flexing his injured hand to make sure it wouldn't interfere with his training.

4/22/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #11

"Hey-" He shrugged, "I've got nothing but time. For the time being, at least. When I'm out on assignment, you'll have to find another Gauge watcher guy." he gestured, "Ready?"

4/22/2012 . Edited 8/16/2012 #12

John, the master of Hearts. One would wonder why he was given such a name when he as apathetic as anything came. His power was called Empathic Mimicry, the ability to replicate and reproduce the powers of anyone he came across. Such a power would be devastating in any circumstance. Then that fateful day when his brain vessels ruptured from too many powers being stored inside him would remind everyone that he too was mortal.

Of course, even during the 90 series production, they still could not perfect the replication of his power. The one thing closest to his power was a formula sample stolen by an old telepath, and soon afterward there had been reports that there was a boy who could replicate superpowers by touching someone. That said, they had to start over. It took some tries and failures, but they were finally able to recreate the stolen formula.

John's energy clones that were left even after his death had been captured by various groups. However, they were degenerating in both constitution and intelligence as time went on, making them extremely difficult to interrogate without making them vaporize. They did find that they could use the energy clones' residue to various things though...

Anyway, Trevor had volunteered to be subjected to the experiment of being injected with the recreated formula. And he was to test this power he gained. Poking and prodding didn't seem cause anything, but he was able to use the power of Telekinesis when shaking hands with Kira. Albeit his power was neither as strong or as precise as Kira's, this confirmed that his power worked. After coming into contact with Richard, he took on the ability to heal himself but lost the power of telekinesis.

And so he was in the training grounds, practicing with his power - or rather the power he can use due to his power.

4/22/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 12/18/2012 #13

Going Intangible he flew through Rikka and White. He went through the ceiling and soared over the training grounds in flight. He didn't bother becoming invisible because he just didn't care about the people watching people. Flying felt so good to Hecate, it was the one power he knew he could get better at if he practiced. He wished he could fly for hours but all he could currently managed was 45 minutes. The idea of being able to fly away and never have to look back was so nice to Hecate. It was probably the only thing that kept him going. He did a loop-the-loop high above the training grounds before flying and landing, throwing up his feet as he set down besides Trevor who was in the midst of training.

"You look bright and cheerful as ever Trevor" Hecate smiled at Trevor, mocking his cold apathy. He knew his ability was to copy the power of others. Hecate was itching for a fight and wanted to see just how much of his powers Trevor could copy. "Need any help with your practice? You sure look like you do"

4/22/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #14
Chainsaw Cake

"You know it," Rikka said as they stepped out into the back field. "Okay, in three..." Her breathing grew slower, steadier. "Two..." She shifted into a boxer's stance. "One...are you at the gauge?" Poised and ready, a quarter-ton of pure muscle ready to descend upon the sensor pad.

4/23/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #15

White jogged over to the Pressure gauge as soon as they were outside, stopping in the Safe area and turning to the Meter. "Yeah, I'm clear to go when you are!" He called back. The air crackled around him in anticipation.

4/23/2012 #16
Chainsaw Cake

It was almost eerie how fast Rikka could move despite her size.

One second, there was Rikka in her boxer's stance, fist cocked back, body tense. The next, there were two footprints imprinted deeply into the concrete flooring, there was a huge dent in the once-pristine gauge, and Rikka had barely managed to keep her forward momentum enough in check to keep from hitting the chainlink fence that surrounded the yard.

"Previous record's ten kilotons per square inch," she said to White. "How'd I do?"

4/23/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #17

Trevor looked up at Hecate in minor confusion.

"Really? I'd like to think myself as currently being neutral at the moment," Trevor thought when Hecate said he looked cheerful.

"No, I don't need much help. I'm just trying to test the functions of the Cellular Regeneration quality," he answered. "Not much to practice with when all you can do is heal yourself unconsciously."

4/23/2012 #18

"Wow-..." White said, blinking and turning back to look at Rikka, "Peaked and just a smidge over Thirteen. You must have been practicing... God, I can't imagine being so powerful."

4/23/2012 . Edited 8/16/2012 #19
Chainsaw Cake

"I haven't, that's the scary part. This whole thing kind of supports my hypothesis, that my power still isn't done growing...can you remember how long it took for your powers to settle? I'm getting worried that I might be some sort of mutant, that my power's just going to keep growing until...well, boom is the best word, I guess. I mean, you know how I have to release every so often, right?"

4/23/2012 #20

"Huh." Hecate had misread Trevor's face, assuming the boy would take up after the person he got his powers from. Regardless he was still hard pressed for a fight but decided to push his luck. "Well why we don't test how much of that healing power you really absorbed? Let's have a little spar, just you and me. I promise no low blows or anything, wouldn't want to neuter you thinking they'd just grow back"

The Ghost boy laughed but he seemed to be genuinely trying to make a joke. Trevor was the one person in the camp that he felt comfortable around. Maybe it was because he was the only one who paid him any attention or maybe it was because the only other people he knew by name were White and Rikka, who reminded Hecate far too much of the gorilla of a guy who lobed the car at him.

Rikka was the one person he had specifically stayed away from, for fear of being back-handed in half by the meat slabs she called her arms. He looked over his shoulder, seeing the girl bench over a couple kilotons. He picked up a little on how she thought her powers were still developing.

Hecate could believe that he felt his own powers weren't finished 'growing' yet. If he could do something else, this was the place to try to figure it out.

4/23/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #21

"Well... maybe it's not that your power's still growing, maybe that's just how your Power works. Like Pressure that builds up that you have to let off for time to time." he shrugged. It was easy for White to think in terms of Pressure, not because he had any technical know-how, but merely because it tended to stick on the brain.


From above, through a window that overlooked the Courtyard, Kira was imperceptibly watching the training grounds. Her eyes were narrowed, and from her Chambers she could see everything that was going on, and hear most of it as well.

4/23/2012 . Edited 4/23/2012 #22
Chainsaw Cake

"I'd like to believe that," Rikka said, "but I've asked the data rats to keep my records on file. I check them every few months or so, and the results show a steady increase in kilotons per square inch, and I do use the gauge regularly - at least once a week. I've been thinking about having some sort of limiter fashioned, actually - that would be a temporary solution, at least. Do you know anybody who could make something like that? Something to drain off excess power? Sort of like being bled, I guess."

4/23/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #23

"Tch, fine," Trevor said as he shifted into a basic fighting stance. Although he was almost certain that if he refused then there would be issues started due to the Ghost boy's precieved need to remove his boredom.

4/23/2012 #24

White rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh, "That is some bad news... at least, it seems like it is." He furrowed his brow, glancing back at the now innocent, innocuous Gauge. "Like something that could inhibit your powers? Hmm..." He thought - literally stood there considering it - for a moment or two. "Well, Dead Space had the Power to Nullify other Powers..." he looked down, remembering what happened to that old man, "but He betrayed us to Diamond Trifecta, and then His Grandson, that Heart Keeper Ian, killed him..." He shrugged. He didn't know how much of this Rikka knew, or how much she knew about DTI - he knew from certain rumors that she'd been kept in New Constantinople almost all throughout her 'career'. White, having been around for a while and having fought DTI firsthand, knew a little more than most Villains. All together, your Average Villain might not know about DTI, and certainly wouldn't know any of the Heart Keepers by name, only as a vague group. He tried anyways, "I think the old Number One might have had the same power, and had been able to control how much of the power was nullified... but she went missing years before the Coup."

Another thought came to him, "I've seen some of DTI's Tech firsthand... that Doctor Guy I keep hearing about might be able to do that, but trying to get something from them would be like volunteering to be a Lab Rat, looking to get cut open and killed."

4/23/2012 . Edited 8/16/2012 #25
Chainsaw Cake

"I could take him," Rikka said with a half smile. "Maybe I should try to get the higher-ups to open up some negotiations. I mean, I've got no great love for DTI either, but I'd rather work with them for a bit than accidentally nuke everybody here."

4/23/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #26

"Brent's Out of Town," White started in Response, "But you could bring it up to Number One. But... Kira's not the Nicest type." He tilted his head back and forth in a 'Maybe, maybe not' gesture. "Truth be told, though... you haven't seen DTI up close... have you? I doubt it... if you had, I don't know if you'd be eager to work with them. Think of how the US Army is getting upstaged by Private Military Contractors all the time. Now thing about Those PMCs, times Twenty, with Electrical Guns, and Telepathic Communication." He shrugged, "And you'd never be able to Find that Doctor. He's-..." He paused, turning, "A Ghost. Not like old Ghostly over there, I mean... Try to find him, and you'll only find an empty room with a note mocking your attempts to find him and a greeting card from Singapore. And when you get to Singapore, he'll be in Bangladesh or South Africa or Copenhagen. He's only where he's needed." He rubbed his forehead. Hunting that gut was a pain in the ass.

4/23/2012 #27

"Great! Let's do this!" Hecate put up his fists in a boxing style manner and charged straight at Trevor, throwing a punch to his face. He wasn't aiming on doing any sever damage, he merely needed to blow off some steam. Besides, he sucked at fighting and need all the practice he could get.

4/23/2012 #28
Chainsaw Cake

"Trust me," said Rikka, "I'm not eager. They're sick fuckers, but like I said before, they might be the only ones who could help keep me from blowing this place to kingdom come. Would you be willing to help me find Kira? I don't know where she is, and Villains INC is a big place."

And a lot of its members tend to avoid me, was the unspoken final phrase.

4/23/2012 . Edited by spearofhope, 8/16/2012 #29

"Sure. I fought alongside her once or twice back during the really bad times in Rhode Island. I'm glad we're enjoying some peace, but... I feel like It can't last." White turned, gesturing for them to walk together, so he could lead her to Kira. Truth be told, his previous worries about not having a Future made him hope the bubble burst, as much as he was unnerved by constant fighting. He figured soon enough he'd get used to 'being at war', but so far, no dice. "Who knows, maybe you'll get along with her." He glanced over at her, Curious, "Hey, have you ever actually fought with the group so far?"

4/23/2012 #30
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