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Hello! I haven't been on the forums on much so please bare with me if I make any mistakes! Now for the roleplay.

Premis: Do you ever wish you where someone else? A celebrity, a character from a book, or someone that you have imagined. Here you can be whom ever you want to be. You can be human, witch, wizard, vampire, werewolf, or anything that you want to be. You can do anything that you want to do; fall in love, make friends, be successful, lazy about, anything.

Rule: Do not bash anyone







Bio:(brief please)

5/7/2012 #1

Name: Keladry (nickname Kel)

Age: 22

Appearance: 5'6", slim waisted with curves in the right places, ivory skin, black hair that brushes the tailbone with a natural gold streak near the front, gold eyes.

Occupation: Owner of a high class salon/spa in New York City.

Powers: Control over the five elements, earth, air, water, fire, spirt.

Bio: Grew up in an ordinary home, but found out that I was adopted the day before my sixteen birthday and that I was actually an elemental that would inherit my powers when the clock struck midnight on my sixteenth birthday. That was when my plain dark brown hair became pitch black with the gold streak, and my brown eyes turned gold as well. I learned how to control my powers and moved from suburbia mid-California, to New York City after cosmetology school and built up my salon using my powers to make the salon a healing and beautifying place for everyone.

5/7/2012 #2

Name: Jaccs Rosencaster

Age: 21

Appearance: Dark red shaggy hair that covere his crimson hues, a Demon that sucks on the life force of others out of love or lust (incubi) tall and in a range between slim and muscled or buff has tribal tattooed on his arms that glow when using his powers. and when angry or forced into a fight he summons red dark metal guantlet that cover his arms whole and increase his abilities, the Gauntlets are known to be indestructable.

Occupation: a black smith/cook

Powers: his fire bending is as if the fire has a mind of its own, bends the earth, summons Gauntlets, bends fire and earth to make object mainly weapon, armor, and jewelry each with separate powers or abilities.

Bio: a nomad who has a second persona who act like his opposite who some times appears above his head as a soundless shadow that only Jaccs can understand and hear leaving others clueless

5/7/2012 #3

Accepted! But lets wait to start till there are at least seven people if thats ok

5/7/2012 #4
Count Garnet

Name:Rya Stargrove

Age:Appears to be in his late teens.

Appearance: (Just the white haired one)

Occupation:Guardian of the Path of Forgotten Stars/Earth job:Keeper of a sweets shop called SugarCube Corner.

Powers:Stellar Manipulation. Rya, has the ability to wield the energy generated by stars, along with the electromagnetic, gravitational, ethereal, and radiational energies produced.

Bio:In the darkest voids of space and time, there is a place. A place where all the Stars come from. This place is where the Stars are ''Born'' simple as that. In that place it is a boy, he was born many, many years ago to guard and keep that place. He was given his name by the very Stars themselves. He was free to leave at anytime, free to travel among the cosmos. He had recently made his home on the planet called, Earth.

5/7/2012 . Edited 5/7/2012 #5


5/8/2012 #6
Avii Sohen

Name: Violet Sohen

Age: 14

Apearance: wavy waist length blonde hair. Dark blue eyes. Only 5 feet tall

Occupation: student

Powers: can communicate with animals and plants. Also can do some mind reading but it takes a lot of energy

Bio: Violet has no memories of her past. She is very soft spoken. She radiates innocence and has a light airy voice.

7/9/2012 #7

can I make a character to?

7/11/2012 #8

Name: Katy Moonway

Age: 24

Appearance: Long brown hair, grey/blue eyes

Occupation: Vampire Hunter

Powers:(optional) Enternal dark (so no one can see something)

Bio:(brief please) She always hunt and hunt, she never stop. The vampires must die, so is life!

Yeah a bit a weird character, but I create one!!

7/11/2012 #9

Both of you who posted last are accepted!

Lets still wait for a few more!

7/11/2012 #10

how much more???

7/11/2012 #11
Avii Sohen
I think 3.
7/19/2012 #12

That will cost very much time...

7/19/2012 #13
Avii Sohen
I know. I wish we could start sooner.
7/21/2012 #14

Is this a closed session or can my crisply dressed self join?

7/21/2012 #15
You can join And for all of you asking I already said when there are seven people I will start it but I am a student so it may take up to 24hrs from the 7th person joining I hope that is ok with everyone
7/21/2012 #16

Say it me when we begin....

By the way, hoe does it work?

Can just anyone send a part or only a part that goes over your own caracter??

IM NOT ENGLISH, sorry for my bad langueance..

7/22/2012 #17
Avii Sohen
That's fine!
7/23/2012 #18

I hope we begin soon!!!

7/24/2012 #19
Willful Day
Name: Essa Nightingale Age: 21 Appearance: She's petite, at 5'4". She has curly brown hair, and light hazel eyes, that could called yellow. She usually wears a graphic tee, skinny jeans, and ballet flats. Occupation: Mystique: Herbs & Scents Powers: Basic witchcraft. Bio: She had a lucky childhood, with loving parents. Nothing really happened until she turned 12, and her powers matured. As it turns out, her mother comes from a long line of witches. Now she works at Mystique with her mother everyday.
7/24/2012 #20
Willful Day
(( ARRRRRGH! I'll fix my post later, my computer is down. ))
7/24/2012 #21
Alistar McCoy

Name: Samuel Frey (sam)

Age: 26

Appearance: 6' 1" Brown hair, dark green eyes, wiry build, thin scar from the far corner of his right eye to the base of his ear

Occupation: Warden and a private investigator as well as a consultant for the local police

Powers: Samuel is a wizard capable of Arcane magic however he is especially good at tracking and locating magic as well as water based magics

Bio: Sam was raised from birth to be a warden of the White council after his parents were murdered he has no known family and has been shuffled from city to city all his life as he attempts to help the normal world by defending who he can from the things that go bump in the night (see The books The Dresden Files for additional lore about the White Council and the Wardens)

7/27/2012 #22
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