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Alright, let's begin again.

Welcome to Earth, well not your Earth, our Earth. This Earth is connected to many other worlds, realms, dimensions, time eras etc. etc. This world holds many beings, vampires, ninjas, samurais from different times, androids, saiyans, beasts, gods, demons, the real and unreal call this place home. Now your probably wondering, how the hell do we keep order, well, we don't, chaos is pretty much normal here, you can't go around without seeing a giant robot walk by, a riot starting, or an overlord trying to take control of the place, but don't worry, the multiverse usually sorts itself out, there are heroes too. In this world, there exists a school where beings all alike come to learn, this school is called Haken High. This institution has bred many types of people, from mad scientists, great heroes, amazing overlords, or dirty hobos, this place has it all. Haken High is a school that supports all grades, from the moment you enter kindergaten to college, you can always find a home here, heck, you can leave whenever you want to. Beings of all ages come to this school to not just gain knowledge, but to also fight against strong opponents, that's right, you can fight to your hearts content here, but there are still authority figures who are here ready to stop you. With that said, Haken High has all classes to teach, kendo, usage of guns, overlord 101, how to be a samurai, and many more. Just remember, have fun, enjoy the full experience Haken High has to offer, now without further delay, welcome to our world, welcome, TO HAKEN HIGH.

Now here's some rules

1. NO GODMODDING. With that said, I would like to inform you that there are going to be omnipotent beings in this, but don't be worried, most of them are either lazy, insane, perverted, or just down right weird, so they will probably get someone else to do their work.

2. Try to be creative. This is a world that is connected to to all sorts of places, you can be a god, demon, cylon, robot, some type of humanoid beast, whatever you mind can think of, let you imagination roam free.

3. Try to have fun. Remember, this world is quite chaotic and random things do tend to happen a lot, so if you see a evil being of immenent doom, don't worry, it'll probably find this world interesting and get distracted or be hit by something three seconds into its evil ranting.

4. There is a clan system in this, you can join it if you want, but you can also be by yourself, but I would recommend being with allies.

5. There isn't a set plot, more like mini plots set out in periods of time, this world has more than one crazy person, so try to keep sharp.

6. Be creative with your character. I don't want to see the usual, "He's a demon", or, "His father killed his family and now he wants revenge", try to be creative and fun with this, it's all about what type of person you are in this.

7. This place is in the current time period, sorta, so you can use guns, swords, magic, super technology, giant robots, anything you can think of.

8. No switching to new schools, had a problem with that last time and it kinda ruined the next plot I was gonna make.

Let me explain this next part. Clans are like groups of people with common interests and goals. From conquering the world, to finding a forbidden treasure, or to just lazing around, your clan if like your family. There is a clan leader and vice-leader, they are either the strongest in the clan, or have been here the longest, it's usually the first one. You don't have to join clans, you can be a regular student (Even if there are normal students here, doubt it though) and not join a clan. You don't have to be the same species to be in a clan, usually the ones who are are stuck up bastards trying to reserve there purity (Stuck up bastards), so don't be worried. The clan will be like your family, or you can all hate each others guts, either way, have fun.


Omnislash: This clan if formed up of many people, many personalities, a lot of diversity, and a LOT of fights, (Think Fairy Tail), but has always be known to be a family. It's always been Omnislashes idea to pursue your dreams and to seek everlasting freedom, it is pretty wild though, espicially with it's parties and fights.

Clan Leader: Ryo Ishitaki (Me)

Vice-Leader: Denmura Ryuusei

Mauvais:This Guild is rather high-class, fancy Guild. Though being rather high-class, they are anything but rude, snooty, and or carry any hate towards lower class Guilds. Despite the exquisite air of the Guild, they are some of the most interesting people one would ever meet. They daily have shows, concerts, and parties of all types. They approve of all kinds of people, from Gods to Witches.

Clan Leader: Rya Starbreaker

Vice-Leader: None as of yet. But Rya has been running it pretty good for the years it's been around

Character Sheet:









Special Ability(Your power if you have one):

Weapon(If you use one):


5/7/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #1
The one and only Den

(thank god for no limitations)

Name: Denmura Ryuusei (Den)

Nickname(Optional): Demon King

Species: Asurian Dragon God

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Den is 6'2 tall with dark brown hair that extends just past his eyebrows, covering his ears and extending halfway down his neck. He has a very nice muscular build. He wears a white t-shirt and black sweat pants with a pair of black sneaker (he fights shirtless). His left eye is 1/2 gold 1/2 blue, and his right eye is Just gold. He has a small scar on his right cheek from fight from the past year at Haken. He also wears white bandages around his forearms and hands.

Personality: Den is lighthearted, much more even tempered now than he was the previous year and a lot nicer to people, but when he does get angry he still turns very violent.

Background: Den has been at Haken one year less than Ryo, him and Ryo have been the self proclaimed 'dynamic duo' of the school since they met. Last year Den went through many fights with Ryo and his other friends. During this long break Den has spent a lot of time working on his anger problems, becoming a little more in control than he has been in the past. The hot headed fight addict from last year has turned into someone who prefers making friends as opposed to enemies.

During the break Den visited his father, where he killed him and thus gaining the title "King of the Dragons", beating his father granted him as the Dragon God and one of the most powerful, he's the last of the Dragons in his blood line, the rest of his immediate family has died.

Special Ability(Your power if you have one):

Super Strength: He can still lift anything he damn well pleases

Durability: Den has an incredibly high pain tolerence

Adrenaline Rush: Den's Strength is tripled, if he is in this state he can rip planets in half, this state only lasts 1 minute after that his strength is halved

Kurokami: Den's entire body is encased in black flames, his speed and strength is doubled

Calm Mind: During Dens anger control training he unlocked this ability, he calms down and becomes MUCH more aware of whats happening around him, reading attacks better and countering better.

Drago Stage: Den's strength speed and killer instincts are tripled

Black Dragon: Den's ultimate form he only uses in battle as a last resort, its otherwise used for transportation (appearance) Den's strength and speed are equal to that of a dragon, but his killer instincts go through the roof.

Abyssal Flames: Den can manipulate fire, when he chooses to he can make the fire black and in that form it nears the temperature of the sun (thats how hot it can get and someone survive in this rp)

Inferno's Armor: Den can grow his scales at will, not his kurokami form but he can grow them and then set the scales on fire. He learned this through his training as well.

Apocalyptic Bomb: If Den see's it fit he will throw a giant fireball, black and about half the size of Earth down towards his opponent, this is his absolute last resort, if this attack fails then Den becomes incredibly weak and is much easier to fight (think spirit bomb from DBZ but with fire instead)

Dragon Jets: Den has adopted this new thing that he does where he glides around the battle area on two jet like flames

Flame copies: Den can make flame clones of himself, that look exactly like him

Weapon(If you use one): Den normally uses his fists and martial arts training but he does have a claymore sword he uses if his fists aren't working (Jet black blade with Blood Red handle)

Other: Now that Den and Ryo are both Gods Den tries to keep Ryo from using his power for his perverted pleasures.

5/7/2012 . Edited 5/10/2012 #2
Prosecutor Godot

Name: Mark and Caleb Jaworski

Species: Shape-shifter

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Varies; default appearance is human--Mark is 6' 3" tall, medium-length dark brown hair, navy blue eyes, light skin, athletic build, usually wears a t-shirt of some sort, jeans and white tennis shoes. Caleb is 6' 1", has dirty blonde hair down to his shoulders, lime green eyes, slightly tan skin, a little more muscular than Mark and usually wears a long-sleeve shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Personality: Mark loves to play tricks on other people, especially some of his closer friends since he knows they can take it better than total strangers or people barely acquainted with him. Caleb is a bit more serious and prefers to use his power only when necessary.

Background: Mark and Caleb grew up in a seemingly stable and normal home to a human mother and a shape-shifting father, though he kept that part about himself a secret. He had peacefully negotiated with his tribe to leave them in order to live in the human realm and befriend a woman, who he eventually married. They had the boys and were able to settle on an apartment in Manhattan, New York City. Their father worked in the police force and his mother stayed at home caring for him and his brother. One day, when the boys were 10, as part of revenge for busting a huge operation, the mob kidnapped their father, sedated him and buried him alive. While the boys were at school, they also murdered their mother. Before they arrived home, their father escaped what would have been his grave and fled with them.

They escaped NYC to wherever they could go. They finally settled for the community that surrounds Haken High and were able to enroll. They have attended for 7 years at this point in time.

Special Ability(Your power if you have one): Both can alter their individual forms to that of another creature, whether supernatural or just plain natural (though they have to know what it is first and what it looks like) as well as the size of the form (from 1/16" to about 200 feet tall for anything with a human-like skeletal structure). They can change their own forms indefinitely, though they cannot change others for more than a few hours at a time.

Weapon(If you use one): None

Other: Mark secretly wants to impress a nice girl to go out with. Caleb would prefer to handle that in a more straightforward manner when he wants to. Not now, but soon enough.

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Sage of the White Sands
((On mobile give me a day.))
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Count Garnet

(Dropped Out)

5/7/2012 . Edited 6/3/2012 #5
The one and only Den

(^fuck that shit, i'm not fightin him)

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Count Garnet

(Should Edits be made?)

5/7/2012 #7
Sage of the White Sands

((Guess who is returning to the Omnislash Trio soon? after I make a few adjustments.))

5/7/2012 #8
The one and only Den

(Nah your character is fine here, here theres no limitations, i'm still making adjustments to Dens page to give him all the powers he should have, he'll be able to go toe to toe with Rya...maybe not as succesfully as he's used to but toe to toe none the less)

5/7/2012 #9
Count Garnet

(Hm, Okay. Wanna hear Rya's Theme song?)

5/7/2012 #10

Name: Ryo Ishitaki

Nickname(Optional): Godfist, The Saviour, God of Storms.

Species: Shurian/God

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Ryo is 5'8 with black hair that spikes in different directions, with bangs covering the top half of his orange eyes. He wears baggy black pants and black shoes, red fingerless gloves adorn his hands, he doesn't wear a shirt, saying that they're overrated. Ryo has black tribal markings covering his body, circling his arms, legs, and making fang marks that go from his cheeks to his eyes.

Personality: Ryo is light hearted, carefree, and lazy. Ryo would sooner die than betray his friends, always willing to put their lives before his as the leader of Omnislash. Ryo is perverted, often times peeking on the girls locker, bathrooms, and bathouse, often times getting his ass kicked for peeking. Ryo will fight anyone he finds interesting, meaning that strong opponents will always be fought by him. Ryo is extremely lazy, often times falling asleep on the roof of the Omnislash clan house's roof. Ryo loves to have fun, often times getting into crazy situations and pulling pranks, he's pretty wild.

Background: Ryo is a descendant of an ancient warrior race know as the Shura, who's fighting skills were said to equal that of the demons and even gods, each Shurian is born with a unique ability. Ryo's father is a shurian while his mother is the goddess of harmony. Ryo grew up in the celestial palace with his mother and father, but was soon trained in martial arts by his master, the previous leader of Omnislash. Ryo was in Haken High since he was six, living in the clan of Omnislash being trained by the previous clan leader. Ryo had surpassed the last clan leader, defeating him when he graduated. Ryo is known as one of the strongest in the school, and many of the students fear him, respect him, hate him, and down right want to kick his ass. Ryo is also know as the pervert king around school due to his perverted nature and antics.

After the two years have passed since the last adventures of Omnislash, Ryo had attained true godhood. By defeating Aeon (God of darkness) he was granted the title of Storm god, controlling the power of wind, lightning, and water. However, he still attends Haken High, just for the fun of it and to make sure that he doesn't lose sight of where he came from.

Special Ability(Your power if you have one):

Martial art skills- Ryo was trained in many styles. He has given up the teachings of God Fist, and decided to use a mixture of the Martial Arts he has learned.

Chi manipulation- Ryo has the ability to use inner energy known as Chi and turn it into physical form and use it to power his attacks and to shoot beams of energy.

Regeneration- Ryo has slight regeneration power, but only slightly, he can't heal extremely fatal wounds.

Stamina- Ryo has a LOT of stamina, being able to fight on for days.

Storm God: Ryo had the ability to control the power of stroms themselves. Lightning is his weapon, Wind is his tool, and Water is his shield.

Raijin: In turn for given up his Titan Body ability, Ryo gained the ability to use the form of Raijin. All that is in the sky, belongs to him in this form.

Weapon(If you use one): Fists.

Other: Ever since becoming a full god, he has a HUGE love of freedom and like to relax in peaceful and windy places

5/7/2012 . Edited 5/7/2012 #11
Count Garnet

(Darnit, Ika! You took my God of Darkness! I was gonna use him later. Blast!)

5/7/2012 #12

(Sorry, but Aeon is a big rival of Ryo's and the god of darkness, but there are more than one set of gods, so you can make another if you like. Remember, this universe is enless and there are numerous beings yet to be seen. Oh and all are accepted.)

5/7/2012 #13
Count Garnet

(Oh, sorry then. Got confused. Sorry about all that. ^^;;; Don't i feel dumb....)

5/7/2012 #14

(:D Naw, it's cool, people often forget that this rp is a free for all sort of thing, anyone can be anything.)

5/7/2012 #15
The one and only Den

(Den is done editing Den)

5/7/2012 #16
Count Garnet

(He seems......Strong. ^^)

5/7/2012 #17
The one and only Den

(I sense sarcasm but oh well, what were you saying about Rya's themesong?)

5/7/2012 #18
Count Garnet

(Did you want to see it?)

5/7/2012 #19
The one and only Den

(yeah sure)

5/7/2012 #20
Count Garnet

(And no sarcasm here. Just saying that he seems Strong.)

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Sage of the White Sands

((This will be troublesome...)

5/7/2012 #22
Count Garnet


5/7/2012 #23
The one and only Den

(why's that?)

5/7/2012 #24
The one and only Den

(Pretty cool, but i'm not a huge dubstep fan this is more my type of music )

5/7/2012 . Edited 5/7/2012 #25
The one and only Den

5/7/2012 #26
Sage of the White Sands

((Michelles growth is huge in terms of power and personality.))

5/7/2012 #27
The one and only Den

(so is Den's i didn't know how to explain it in the character page but he's way stronger than that page makes him out to be)

5/7/2012 #28
Count Garnet

(Yesh, nice song, Den. I didn't want to add too much detail on Rya's abilities either.)

5/7/2012 #29

(Ryo is basically......still Ryo, just with more power.....We need more people.....I want to hurry up and start this.)

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