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"He's your Uncle?"

5/12/2012 #271
The one and only Den

Den shuddered "such a gay guard, so many penis jokes...AHHH!" he yelled as he held his head

5/12/2012 #272

Gwen walked over and put her arm around Den to comfort him during his flashbacks

5/12/2012 #273
Count Garnet

Rya threw his legs over the side of the bike, getting to his feet as he gazed at the ruins. "Where are we?" Rya asked to them.

5/12/2012 #274

(anyone there?)

5/12/2012 #275
"Ancient Chinese temple," Connor said "More then likely seeped from the human plane of existense." He grabbed his bag as Desa got out three flashlights from his mesenger bag "Let's do it," Desa said as he lead the three into the darkness.
5/12/2012 #276
Count Garnet

(I is Here)

5/12/2012 #277

(I think they all just kind of got up and left me XD)

5/12/2012 #278
The one and only Den

(i'm done for the night, goodnight guys)

5/12/2012 #279
Count Garnet

Rya held his flashlight as his hand was covered in green plasma. The flashlight somehow charging up to max, letting loose an almost blinding light.

5/12/2012 #280

(night! I think I am too)

5/12/2012 #281
"Turn it down moron!" Connor growled knocking the flashlight out of Rya's hand. "We only need enough light to see nothing more. The Chinese were a brilliant people and had strong touches to the spiritual realm, meaning we have no idea what kind of traps could be waiting for us and more the likely there are light traps."
5/12/2012 #282
Count Garnet

Rya narrowed his eyes slightly at Conner, oh no this thief did not just knock his flashlight out his hand! But. He hid his rage at the other male. See how he's not killing him right now?

"Oh! Darn it! Sorry!" Rya fake sweat-dropped, rubbing the back of his neck. He wasn't sorry, are light traps even a thing?

5/12/2012 #283
Connor looked at Rya "I'm not a theif." He glared before turning around and walking further into the darkness.
5/12/2012 #284
Count Garnet

Rya raised a eyebrow at this. "I didn't say anything about a thief." Rya said, he really didn't. Unless this wolf had the power to read minds. Which he highly doubted. "I'm getting the feeling you don't like me."

5/12/2012 #285
"I can feel emotions and sometimes tap into the thoughts that come with them." Connor said not turning around "That's why I can tell when somethings evil. And It's not that I don't like you. Nobody calls me a theif. I am a treasure hunter and nothing less." Suddenly he ran down the stairs. Desa sighed and turned to Rya "When Connor was a kid he lived with his tribal family. When he came to the school he didn't know how to do anything so he became a well known theif. He tried to replace the thrill of being a theif by being a treasure hunter and that's how he created the clan. He hates it when anybody calls him or considers him a theif," The little Tanuki anthro said.
5/12/2012 #286
Count Garnet

"Yeah, he hates being called a thief, and he hates me. And trust me. You haven't even begun to see the evil in me...Let's keep moving!" Rya pipped happily as he walked down the steps. Following after Conner.

5/12/2012 #287
"By the way do you belong to any other clans?" Desa asked as they finally ended up in a long hallway.
5/12/2012 #288
Count Garnet

Rya nodded shortly at this, his hand glowing with plasma, but not as blinding as last time. "Yes, i'm the leader of Mauvais." Rya said as he began to walk before he stopped. "Yes...Mauvais..."

5/12/2012 #289
The one and only Den

Den walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a water

5/13/2012 #290
Sage of the White Sands

Michelle was reclining in a chair, eyes closed with headphones in her ears, after eating her share of pizza she decided to take it easy for a bit.

5/13/2012 #291
"So what is your clan for then anyways?" Connor asked looking at some type of inscription in the wall.
5/13/2012 #292

After seeing people begin to relax Gwen put on her big speaker earphones and laid down in a ball on the ground. she looked quit dog like

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #293
Count Garnet

"We're about, well. Living the high-life. It's not like we're mean or anything. But we are quite weird around the corners. Though, we are fun to be around. If you know how to move around. But...We have a odd history...What's is yours about?" Rya asked looking around, waving his hand across the walls.

5/13/2012 #294
"treasure Hunting," Connor said "Goldtooth Clan's only reason of existense is for Adventurers, Treasure Hunters, and so called theives. It's about going to never before seen places meeting new people and most importantly digging your way to fortune."
5/13/2012 #295
Count Garnet

(Wait....I thought Conner ran off. Isn't this Desa?)

Rya inwardly grinned and laughed at this. He knew it! They were thieves! Well, he knew he was right on that one. "..Good for you. But there is such thing as too much of a good thing."

5/13/2012 #296
(He ran down the stairs but Connor was reading an inscription at the bottom so he;s there. "I'm not a theif." Connor growled "Let's just get that clear. I used to be a theif and the only reason I let theives in is because I know they can become great treasure hunters. Don't mussy things up by being a follower."
5/13/2012 #297
Count Garnet

Rya inwardly glared at the boy. Before he tap his back, giving him another touch of his energy seeing power. "Well, this has been fun and all. And you have the power. So i'll just be going now." Rya waved his hand as his star flew down the steps, Rya jumping slightly into the air as he landed on it. Waving to the boys limply, he began floating above the steps on his star.

(I want to see how they react to this. LOLTROLOL)

5/13/2012 #298

Connor took out his rope and hook and threw it around Rya. "You're not going anywhere." He said "You called me a thief about three times now and as punishment you're going to be our mirror detector until we get our treasure." he told him pulling him back.

5/13/2012 #299
Count Garnet

Rya deeply frowned at the rope around his body, feeling himself be pulled towards the boy. He narrowed his eyes at the boy as he felt blood run down his back. "You stabbed me in the back...And you dare try to give me punishment? And now your a kidnapper, get this rope off of me before i lose my temper." Rya said in a oddly calm voice.

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #300
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