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"Sure it is... when the carnival comes every year." Angelo replied as he crossed behind the male and then around and in front of him. "Beg my pardon, but I couldn't see where I was going." He gave a partial bow. "I'm sure you understand."

He pushed the button on the old but classic elevator and waited for the shaft, which you could clearly see, to make its way down. Several minutes later Angelo was sticking a key into room 1121 and stepping aside to let the male in. "For you Sir."

The room was much like Seroni's in architect but totally different in decor. The room was an assortment of forest green, brown, and red or a blue carpet. Much suited to fit a male figure such as the one entering now. (Suggestive Image:

"Your room number is 1121. Please enjoy your stay. If you should need anything dial one and I'll be on my way. The young brunette is a floor below you, while the other is a single floor up. I trust you all will get along well. Good day." Angelo mad his exit and headed out on break.

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #91

Tarragon dropped his case on the ground.

"carnival? What carniv....." He looked around for Angelo, but the man had gone. Tarragon sighed loudly. He shut the door and began to wander the room and unpack his things. He pulled the heavy green curtains shut, even though it hadn't gotten dark yet.

A new town. Things were looking up.

He took out his red contact lenses and pulled a tuft of his hair up in front of the mirror, scowling at the blonde roots.

He made a mental note to ask somewhere where he could buy purple hair dye.

6/18/2012 #92

As the others settled in their respected rooms, Carinna settled into a diner's brown leather chair. She had long since changed her clothes and was now wearing a canary yellow baby doll dress. It was short sleeved, tucked in at the waist, and flaring out like that of an umbrella. She wore a worn brown buckskin bracelet (made for men) on her arm while the brown boots Angelo had given her shielded her feet. She was surveying her menu by the wide window at the glassed round table when she heard at tap on the pane.

She glanced up and smiled. Angelo. No doubt he would be coming in to see how she was fairing.

6/18/2012 #93

Name: Angelo Michael Davids

Age: 22

Gender/Orientation: Male. Straight.

Appearance/clothing preferences: Angelo is 5'8 with a slender build at first glance but actually has medium sized muscles claiming his arms, legs, and thighs, while a six-pack and sharp "V" crowns his abdomen and lower torso. The skin that gets exposed from behind his standard red velvet hotel uniform holds a sexy tan from the earth's beating sun while short black curls cover his head and stop at the nape of his neck. A squared jaw, soft medium sized pale pink lips, and somewhat high cheeks bones compliments his green eyes. His hotel uniform is the one in the middle, red velvet of course, with a small square topped hat and a gold tassle on the side. ( Outside of the unform Angelo wears an assortment of jeans, t-shirts, and boots.

Four Adjectives to describe their personalities: Cheerful, optimistic, understanding, submissive.

History: Growing up in a minimum wage family, Angelo often did the best with what he had. He received good morals and values from his mother and learned how to save for better from his father. Thouh sometimes the roads were tough he and his family conquered nearly every obstacle thrown at them; except for the loss of his older and younger siblings. The first died in a train wreck while the other two died from a bad case of yellow fever 4 years ago. It was because of the death of his two sisters and little brother that his parents decided to move to a town smaller than their last. They figured, though false, the smaller the town, the safer the child. Since then Angelo and his parents have built a life around their hurting hearts and are still working to heal.

I have Faith in: Angelo's people skills. He knows how to talk to people and how to defuse an arguement even if he has to bow down when he knows he's right. His ability to smile in adversity and his positive attitude has kept him at the front desk since the age of 19. There is no doubt that Angelo's ability to simply talk to people in a cordial manner (no matter what the day) will have him on a steady road to success.

I can't help but Doubt: The optimistic attitude that runs through Angelo's core. He's someone who believes in good so much that it kills him to see the weaker side of things. To put so much faith in such a thing as peace, good, and unity is a dangerous line to walk. My fear isn't that he'll go crazy from relaizing the truth of things but that once he does he'll be too hurt to ever believe in his beliefs again.

Random Memory from this person's life: Many Christmases ago Angelo's father purchased him a golden retriever. The pup was female and was named "Miracle" since Angelo had felt very much in the christmas spirit. Not a week had passed before Angelo's family discovered that their first family pet had been taken right from up under their noses. After being told the news Angelo face had been sad then managed to produce a smile. "That's okay." Angelo said. "Whoever took her will realize what they've done and give her back." His parents had shared a doubtful look but allowed their son to believe because he needed to. A week, then a month, then two months passed before Angelo realized that his dog was never returning. And every day of those three months Angelo had waited at the kitchen window faithfully. "I don't understand." Angelo told his mother. "Why didn't they bring her back?" His eyes searched the floor for an asnwer; for he genuinely was confused. "Why didn't they bring back Miracle? I was nice enough...I let them borrow her. I didn't even call the police." His father patted his knee and drew Angelo up unto it. "Son, sometimes bad people do bad things...and then sometimes they aren't bad at all; they just do things because they feel they have no choice. It's a hard lesson to learn, but sometimes the person who takes your dog just doesn't bring them back. There'll be a lot of dog taking, Angelo, and a lot of other things too; but it's up to you to know who to keep the faith in and who to simply let go." Angelo remained silent for several moments. "But Dad... I..." He swallowed, lifting his eyes from the floor and looking at his father. "Dad I have faith in everybody." His father looked at his wife then adjusted himself. "Well then Son, you'll have a long hard road to travel; but you'll make it."

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Actually Sasori


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Actually Sasori

(.: )

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Actually Sasori
( I am going to get off anyway ... So let my mistake sit here like an ugly lump untilll I am able to fix it... )
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Tarragon worked quickly when he needed to. He stood proudly in the centre of his room, down at his now-empty suitcase. With the task complete, he now allowed his mind to wander on what to do next. At that moment, a thought came to his mind- hadn't Angelo said earlier that "the young brunette is a floor below you, while the other is a single floor up"?

Maybe what he needed in this town was new friends. Or new acquaintances at least - it wouldn't hurt to find out a little more about the carnival. He snatched up his key, left the room, and jumped into the old-fashioned looking elevator. the second that the doors opened, Tarragon could see that he wouldn't have to look far for someone to talk to - the brunette was there on the floor, crouched down, and staring blankly at the white wall.

"Are you okay?" He asked gently, approaching the woman. She looked so small and innocent, huddled up in a ball like that.

6/19/2012 #98

Essy heard the man before she saw him and looked up, her eyes wider than normal from being startled. After the initial shock though, she relaxed. She was back on familiar ground and no longer alone so she felt safe.

"Oh, I'm fine," she said softly, smiling up at him. She knew she must look odd, kneeling there with her skirt splayed around her and her hair probably a mess and her cheeks flushed and...


"The room was too tidy, you see," she said with a small, helpless laugh at how silly she was being.

6/19/2012 #99

Tarragon couldn't help but laugh, a loud and silly laugh.

"Too tidy? If you like messy things, you'll love me" he chuckled, trying to be friendly to the woman. "My name is Tarragon, by the way. I was meaning to catch yours earlier but everyone seemed to run off."

Without thinking, he reached out a hand to help her up. As he did so, he met eyes with her. Big and brown, framed by long lashes. The light seemed to glint off of them as she looked up. beautiful, he thought to himself.

6/19/2012 #100

Essy placed her hand in his and stood up, brushing her skirt off lightly. The man - Tarragon - looked kind and she already felt safe with him.

"I'm Essy," she said with a bright smile, shaking the hand that was still in hers. The look in his eyes was familiar, she thought, blushing.

6/19/2012 #101

Angelo lifted his hat off his head and placed it back down in a courteous manner toward Carinna before winking and leaving the window. Carinna turned her attention back to the menu only to be interrupted again by Angelo sliding into the seat across from her. He removed his hat and placed it on the floor. He ran a hand through his curls. "Carinna." He said smiling and breathlessly. "I had a feeling you might be here."

He took a menu for himself from the waiter and order two glasses of water. Carinna only stared. Angelo returned his attention to the woman in front of him and smiled once more. "So, did you read the invitation?" Carinna blinked. "Um, yeah-" She pulled it out and laid in on the table. "It's right here, but, what are you doing?" She asked in a perplexed way.

"Having lunch with my friend." Angelo replied in a small laugh. "Why, is there something wrong with that?" Carinna put her menu down. "Angelo-" She started. "Oh, come on, Carinna." He interrupted. "Relax, alright? Tell me your answer about the carnival. Can you be a planner? It's next week so I need an answer."

6/19/2012 . Edited 6/19/2012 #102

"Essy! A beautiful name for a beautiful girl" Tarragon said, smiling warmly at her. "Are you new in town like me, or just wanting a change in scenery?" he asked, referring to her stay in the hotel.

It was only after saying this that he realised he still had her hand gripped in his. He let go quickly, embarrassed.

6/19/2012 #103

Essy relaxed as she laughed, looking up at him from under her lashes. She had been right, he did think she was pretty. It was all she could do not to sigh with relief as she eased into the familiar situation.

At his question she looked down, biting her lip as she thought. What did she want?

"I'm new," she said after a moment, looking back up at him, "I just arrived this morning and this seemed like a nice place."

She smiled as he dropped her hand like it was a hot coal; she hadn't noticed.

6/19/2012 #104

Tarragon leaned against the wall, watching Essy bite her lip in thought at his question. When she answered, he felt a little flutter of warmth about the town he'd chosen. If she thought it was a nice place, it must be.

"I'm in the same boat really. I don't like being in the same place for too long - thought it was time for a change. But every town I passed looked so dull. Then look at this one! All decorated and colourful...then again, I suppose that's only because of the carnival." He spoke eagerly, hoping she might know something about the carnival.

For one reason or another, hearing about this event from Angelo had excited him a lot.

6/19/2012 #105

Essy just stopped herself from saying 'neither do I' when Tarragon said he disliked being in the same place for long. You'll come across as flighty. Just smile.

Her slightly distant smile brightened to a genuine one, though, as he mentioned a carnival.

"I wondered what was happening," she breathed, her clear eyes lighting up. "That sounds exciting!"

Big events like that had always appealed to her. You could see new things, meet new people under the glossy cover of bright lights. You could escape from whatever mundane reality had chased you to the entrance.

6/19/2012 . Edited 6/19/2012 #106

"Do you know when it is? Or where it is?" He asked hopefully. His eyes widened at Essy and his grin did, too.

"It really does sound exciting!"

The last time he'd been to a carnival he was young, about 5 or 6. He could hardly remember anything about it, but somehow he knew it was a happy memory. The only thing he could remember about the time, however, was his mother scooping him into her arms and lifting him onto her shoulders so he could catch a glimpse of the colourfully dressed parade marching through the streets. He remembered how much he'd loved being so high up.

6/19/2012 #107

Essy moved back half a pace so her back was against her door and pressed her palms onto the cool wood. She couldn't help but blink rather rapidly, feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights at the questions. Her laugh was breathless as she gave a small shrug.

"I don't know, I'm afraid. I'm not one for noticing such things," she said softly. Times and dates and places and...people. In the middle of it all: People.

6/19/2012 #108

Tarragon couldn't help but feel his spirits drop when he noticed Essy back away. He composed himself.

"Oh, well. Maybe I'll ask Angelo or...oh, I don't know the name of the woman who was behind the desk at first. In any case, I'm very glad I met you, Essy. Promise me you'll be at the carnival?" He begged, flashing her a shy smile.

6/19/2012 #109

Seeing she'd hurt his feelings slightly Essy smiled warmly, moving to rest one small hand on his shoulder.

"I promise," she said, looking him in the eyes with a gentle smile. She let her hand drop, fingers trailing lightly down his arm before she clasped her hands in front of her. "And I'm gad I met you too."

6/19/2012 #110

Tarragon's breath caught for a second and his face flushed the brightest red it could. He stammered, unsure what to say, then finally managed to find his voice.

"thank, well I suppose I'll see you at breakfast tomorrow if this hotel serves it?" He asked, hoping he'd made a friend

6/19/2012 #111

"Absolutely," Essy said, her cheeks dimpling as she smiled at him. "If it's eggs, I'll be the one crying in the corner," she said lightly, half laughing, half deadly serious. She hated eggs...The smell.

6/19/2012 #112

Tarragon laughed, relaxed again. He turned to leave, realising what he failed to earlier; he needed a shower and a change of clothes after his long journey.

"well, let's just hope thing's aren't too tidy, eh?" He joked cheekily

6/19/2012 #113

"Oh I live in hope for that," Essy replied with a sudden smile as she turned the door handle and walked back into her room, waving at Tarragon before turning away. The tidness of the room was more bearable now, she realized, she felt herself again.

Catching sight of herself in the large mirror she stopped and smoothed out her dress, inspecting it to make sure nothing from the corridor floor had made its way onto the full skirt. Inspection complete she sat down on the bed, absently playing with the soft duvet as she thought through the days events.

6/19/2012 #114

Tarragon smiled at the encounter with Essy. He walked towards the stairway, deciding to stretch his legs on his way back to his room. Maybe tomorrow he could probe Angelo for details about the carnival

6/19/2012 #115

Seroni, quickly having grown bored exploring the various things within her room, moved to throw on her jeans and pull the red shirt over her head, hat and all. Pulling her head through, she idly walked to the door, kicking the blue jacket back into the room so the door could close behind her. It was too hot to wear it anyway, and as much as she loved the apparel, some of the... Modifications she'd done to it rendered it somewhat heavier than she really wished to wear right now.

Rushing out barefooted, she ran to the stairs, her energy rejuvinated after the cold shower. With a grin, she jumped down the entire flight, landing softly at the bottom. She continued to do that for another few flights of stairs, moving down to the floor currently occupied by the other two.

6/19/2012 #116

Tarragon wandered absent-mindedly up the stairs. He had only managed four or five steps when the younger girl he had seen talking to Essy earlier came flying towards him, with an excitable look in her eyes. He quickly backed up in shock, into the corridor again.

6/19/2012 #117

To her surprise, Seroni realised that she was heading very rapidly towards the man, footfirst. Though he backed away, the action was not sufficient to remove himself from her path, and she promptly smashed an unintended kick straight into his chest, sending them both down to the floor heavily, with her on top. To the girl's idle smugness, she managed to keep her balance despite the unconventional landing, and ended up crouching carefully on top of the man.

After a moment it occured to her that she'd just kicked the man straight into the floor, and looked down at him with trepidation, though she couldn't help but keep grinning. A nervous giggle escaped her lips as she stared.

"Ah... Oops. You alright, Mister?"

6/19/2012 . Edited 6/19/2012 #118

Shock wasn't quite the word for what Tarragon was feeling at that moment...the situation he'd found himself in was bizarre to say the least!

After the initial yelp of surprise Tarragon made as he'd fallen, the girl had knocked the very breath from his chest, resulting in the low wheeze that he produced in reply to the girl's question.He spluttered, and blinked in surprise at the strange image before him - the girl crouched, with no apparent intentions to move, above his upper body.

6/19/2012 #119

Seroni simply stared at the man with a vague frown. Rather than move from her perch, she reached down and promptly covered the man's eyes with a hand for a brief second, before removing it again, watching him closely. "Hmm..? No concussion. Can you speak?" She said slowly to the man, inadvertently driving her heels into his chest as she leaned forward.

6/19/2012 #120
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