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"s...speak?" tarragon gasped, frowning in confusion, as if he'd heard some strange foreign word. He quickly struggled to get out from under the girl, realising what had happened.

"Are you okay?" He asked, concerned. "Did you fall?"

6/19/2012 #121

"Yeah, onto you!" The girl exclaimed, scooting off of him. "You got in the way. You should look where you're going you know." She chastized him, still crouching. The hypocrisy of her words was entirely lost on her as she got up and started jumping on the balls of her feet.

"Well, if you're ok, then I'll see ya. Got things to do and all!" She said in farewell, not giving the man a chance to get a word in edgeways before running off down the corridor to the hotel entrance.

6/19/2012 #122

Carinna hesitated. "Well, I don't know. A carnival really isn't my cup of rum, Davids. You know that." Angelo laughed and moved to rest a hand over Carinna's. "Come on, it'll be fun. Lighten up alittle. My mother needs new people. I promised her. Please?"

Carinna stared at Angelo's hand on her's. The gesture was foreign to her. Odd. Wrong. She balled her hand into a fist and slid it from up under him. Angelo allowed his hand to fall to the table lightly. "Carinna?" He asked leaning to catch her eyes. She looked up. "Alright. Fine, I'll do it; just -don't invite me to anything else, alright?"

Angelo leaned back relieved. "Alright." His laugh once again filled her ears. "You have a deal."

6/19/2012 #123

(@Angelo's Bio: Train Wreck? Yellow Fever? Lol, Old Timey Much? Haha, accepted.)

(I'm liking the progress so far, everyone posting is doing very well.)

Here it was, at last - the mugginess was breaking into yet another Storm. The Wind was blowing so that the leaves were flipping up onto themselves, their concave underbellies pointed upwards as they flailed; Likewise, thicker clouds of Grey instead of White were rolling in, bloated and Precipitous, on the edge of release. By the time the rain began to pour - and it did pour, in no uncertain terms - A man perhaps in his Sixties but with hair that has not greyed was running down the sidewalk, umbrella over his head. He had been charged with a duty and had Charged others with it as well, and time was of the essence. By his ways, such as they are, he managed to find the Particular Thai restaurant that the man he was looking for was occupying, and approached it with haste. His umbrella protected him partially, but as he rushed into the building he was glad to be out of the damp.

Closing the umbrella, he scanned the somewhat Dim establishment, in search of Angelo Davids.

6/19/2012 #124

By the time the storm hit Carinna and Angelo were enjoying a spread of food; both of them having healthy appetites. Each of them had soup, salad, and hearty portions of their entrees: Ginger friend chicken with walnuts and Thai beef grilled stir fry.

Carinna was staring out the window at the storm while Angelo spooned another mouth full of soup. He was in the middle of sneaking a bit of beef off of her plate when he spotted the older gentleman. Angelo paused, beef poised between his chopsticks. "Hm?"

Carinna looked at Angelo. "What?" She glanced down at her plate and his position. "Heeey!" She protested childishly. She slapped his hand which intern caused him to drop the beef back on her plate. "Put that back. Theif." Angelo looked at Carinna. "Wha?" His eyes cut back to the gent. "Uh, pardon me, but I must excuse myself. You'll be fine here?"

Carinna snorted. "I'm a grown woman in a restaraunt, not a kid in a canady shop." Angelo stared, then blinked, then smiled bashfully. "Oh. Right. I'll be back shortly." He scooted away from the table and headed over to the male.

6/19/2012 #125

As the rain began to build itself into a storm, Essy made her way over to the window. She rested one hand on the clear, cool glass, watching the sky darknen. She soon realized that she could see the entrance to the hotel and smiled, her eyes scanning the street.

It was then that she saw it. Just outside the door - a sodden, pastel pile. Her dresses! She mut have dropped them...

"No!" Essy wailed, turning without thinking and rushing out of her room. Her full skirt billowed around her as she ran down the stairs and into the lobby. WIthout giving herself time to think she was out of the door and the rain was beating down on her. Gasping, she bent down and gathered up her clothes, pushing her soaking hair out of her face as she ran back inside and collapsed onto one of the seats.

Her dress was clinging to her and decidedly see-through and her hair was curling from the rain, lack of its normal volume making Essy's eyes appear even bigger than normal.

6/19/2012 #126

The late-middle-aged man flapped his arms studiously to shake off water, and ran a hand through his short black-brown hair to half-brush, half-wipe off some of the water droplets in it. He was dressed properly, will a well-appointed yet subdued suit (certainly not off the rack, but rather tailored) with a thin black peacoat over it; everything was adorned with a fair amount of wetness despite the umbrella, but he seemed to take it in stride. He turned to Angelo as the man approached, the slight out-of-breathness of a man running to get out of the Storm, and he rubbed his face before at last becoming accustomed to the dryness and smiling at the younger man. He put his hand forward to shake Angelo's hand, a gesture not of polite respectability but a warm gesture of greeting between two adult equals.

"Hello Angelo," He said, in the voice of a man who's known the person he is talking to since they were born, "Enough rain for you?" He smiled.

6/19/2012 #127

Connor was in the area of the others, napping on a bench. He was getting soaked from the rain but he didn't really care. He felt that life was a jerk to him ,and he really deserved it for whatever reason. Now utterly soaked from head to toe, the boy slowly awoke as he stretched, only accomplishing in finally noticing how sopping wet he was.

6/20/2012 #128

(Apologies, everyone, but my electricity went out twice in two days. Vicious storms up here.)

"Fourteen forty four," Nick Maneski mumbled to himself, flipping through receipts somewhat frantically. He glanced up and gave a quick smile, nodding his head swiftly before looking back down to the slips of printer paper in his hand. They were a bit crinkled, and he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand as he flipped through them again. He must've just misplaced one, that's all. It was in the pile, right there, probably beneath the vegetables.

"Look, buddy, ah'm sure you keep a tight store an' all, but ah'm gonna need tha' receipt before this storm hits," the man across the counter said slowly, drawing out his words to hide his impatience. Nick didn't blame him. He'd been looking for this shipping receipt for five minutes now.

"Actually, uh, word is the storm's gonna pass," Nick jumbled out, stuffing the wad of receipts under the counter as he popped open the cash register. Probably fell in a crack. "Gonna hop on over to the next town. It's been raining a lot, so in my opinion-"

Tap. Tap. Tapapatpatpatpatpatpat- A drumline of rain crashed down on the street outside of Nick's store. Both Nick and the shipment's truck driver slowly looked out at it. The truck driver slowly looked back at Nick, the annoyance apparent on his face now.

Nick smiled quickly, laughing without mirth. "Right here, here it is, found it," he blurted out in relief, pulling last month's shipment receipt out and handing it to him. With any luck, he'd just ask for the right one the next time he came. The driver just gave him a look, grabbed one of the mints off of Nick's counter, and hurried out into the rain. He still had to load up his carts, and now he had to do it in the rain.

Nick, on the other hand, just sighed, slumped back, and was glad the Carnival would start soon. Business was business, and a Carnival meant it'd go well.

6/20/2012 #129

"Plenty Sir."

Angelo clasped his old friend's hand without hesitation; as if it would fall off if he waited any longer. He brought his other hand up to cover the exposed skin from the handshake. He squeezed and gave his companion a firm warm shake. "Samuel." Angelo called the older gent by name with much joy, pleasure, and surprise. His smile was genuine, as always, but bigger this time; causing young attractive crinkles to show at the sides of his eyes.

"What a pleasure, Sir." He released Samuel's hand and ran a hand through his on hair; an obvious gesture he's picked up from the vibrant astute standing in front of him. "What brings you here?"

6/20/2012 #130

Essy sighed, pushing her wet ringlets out of her eyes as she looked down on her appearance with distaste. She stood up and crossed to the open door of the hotel, almost entranced by the heavy rain. Her eyes flitted from place to place before widening as they saw a young man sleeping on a bench.There was absolutely no cover and he was soaked!

Cautiously, she peeked round the door, wondering if she should wake him, but just as she was about to he woke up and looked round, seemingly surprised. She hesitated, considering offering him shelter in the hotel but not wanting to impose. Also...her dress...she must look a sight...

6/20/2012 #131
Chainsaw Cake

Rikka had finished her food and was delighted to see the rain that was pouring down so heavily. She loved when it rained like this - she wouldn't have been able to tell you why, but it was one of her greatest pleasures in life to get soaked under heavy rainfall. It gave her an almost childlike feeling of freedom and happiness, and Rikka smiled as she stepped out into the downpour.

As she made her way home, she saw a young woman who was evidently trying to save a pile of clothing from the rain. If only she weren't so young, she would have been exactly Rikka's type - that kind of helpless, fragile beauty, especially in this rain, that said "protect me," was one of Rikka's biggest turn-ons. But no, she couldn't have been a day over twenty, and that was too young for Rikka.

Still, just because this girl wasn't take-home material didn't mean that Rikka had to eschew common decency.

"Hi there!" she said with a smile, hoping that her height and musculature weren't too intimidating. She was all too aware of the effect her appearance could have on people. "You need any help with that?" She gestured to the pile of dripping-wet clothing.

6/20/2012 #132

(Smooth move Cake. Lol. What happened to my character coming to "save" you? You really do forget stuff lol.)

6/20/2012 #133
Chainsaw Cake

(Yeah, but your character just didn't seem to be doing anything that might relate to mine. Also I really wanted to do something because I was afraid that I'd end up getting left out of the RP, so... D:)

6/20/2012 #134

(Ah, missed out there it seems. :P)

6/20/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #135

(What? Nooooo. No one can forget the awesome Cake and her charry Rikka, but I understand. She better stay clear of Carinna though. If she finds out her weakness and needs Rikka for something she'll seduce her.)

6/20/2012 #136
Chainsaw Cake

(Ah, but your character's too young for Rikka. XD Like I said in her profile, Rikka doesn't go after anyone who's more than a year or two younger than her.)

6/20/2012 #137

(She safe then :D)

6/20/2012 #138

Essy jumped, startled by he new voice as she hadn't heard anyone approach. The top dress slipped from her arms at the movement and she sighed, smiling apologetically as she bent to pick it up. It was only a she stood back up and locked eyes with the woman that she noticed her imposing physique and blinked, having to tilt her head back just slightly to meet the womans eyes.

Then she realized she still had to reply. Stupid...

"Oh! I'll be fine - I think. I was going to take these up in the lift but I got distracted," she said, balancing the clothes momentarily on her knee to brush a few curls out of her face. She smiled, hoping she hadn't seemed rude.

"I would shake hands but..." she gave a small laugh, nodding to the pile of clothes that had stolen her hands.

6/20/2012 #139
Chainsaw Cake

"Please, let me," Rikka said, holding out her own huge hands to receive the clothes. "You look like you're about to fall over. My name's Rikka, by the way. Are you new in town, or just having a little vacation?"

6/20/2012 #140

Not far from Connor, Seroni was staring up at the sky with a look of pure joy. The unexpected onslaught of rain poured down onto her and soaked her clothings through, not that the barefooted girl noticed aside from a slight shiver making it's way through her body. She was more focused on the rain itself, and the ecstatic feeling running through her from it. After a minute or two, she noticed the man arise from the bench, a downcast look on his face.

Unpeturbed by the expression, Seroni padded over to him, smiling happily. "Dance with me!" She exclaimed with an excited look, a giggle making its way through her as she reached for his hand, pulling at him insistently. "Come, come!"

6/20/2012 #141

"Thank you," Essy said, looking up at Rikka with a smile, "that's very kind." Laughing a bit she took advantage of her newly freed hands to wring her long hair out, her smile fading a bit as she realized what she must look like.

"I'm Essy," she told the other woman, letting her hair fall and clasping her hands behind her back. Inwardly she began thinking of reasons to be in town other than 'I couldn't cope with commitment so I ran away and now here I am', but before she could answer she saw the young girl from before accost the man on the bench, pulling him up to dance with her.

"Oh -" she giggled, putting a hand to her mouth, "look!"

6/20/2012 #142
Chainsaw Cake

Rikka laughed at the sight of the young girl forcing the man to dance with her. "I guess I'm not the only person who loves rainstorms," she said, noticing the joyful expression on the younger girl's face. "So are you here because you heard about our town's carnival? We usually get quite a few tourists who come here for it."

6/20/2012 #143

"No. In fact I only heard about that a minute ago," Essy said, "although it does sound exciting so...I'm glad I'm here. No, I'm just wandering I suppose."

She looked down, playing with the hem of her sodden skirt and sighing at the state the material was in.

"Do you live here?" she wondered, glancing back up at the strong-looking woman.

6/20/2012 #144
Chainsaw Cake

"Oh, yeah," Rikka said. "I've lived here my whole life, though I don't really get to spend much time at home. But I've got some off-time coming my way, so I thought I might stick around this year and try to help with the carnival, if they'll have me. Anyway, we should probably get your clothes inside, eh?"

6/20/2012 #145

Essy listened to her, nodding slightly.

"I'm sure they will," she said, dimpling. Then she startled, shaking her head at her own confusion. "I almost forgot - yes, if you wouldn't mind," she said somewhat helplessly as she held the door open for the woman.

6/20/2012 #146
Chainsaw Cake

It would be nice to be able to help out this year, Rikka thought as she brought the clothes inside. Hopefully I don't get called about a match for a month or two.

I'm not booking anything myself, not for a while, she decided. Mother and Father will just have to understand.

"So where should I bring these?" she asked Essy. The clothes were dripping rainwater onto the lobby's plushly carpeted floor.

6/20/2012 #147

unlucky, unlucky

At the very moment Tarragon had done with his shower, changed into a grey t-shirt and light blue jeans, and set out to find a shop that sold purple hair dye, the storm had started.

and I left my jacket back at the hotel.

Despite this, Tarragon had still wandered into shop after shop searching for the dye. Only now did he decide the search was hopeless. Only now that he was soaked through to his skin, and shivering in the freezing wind. He plodded back miserably towards the hotel, looking to get back inside where it was dry.

6/20/2012 #148

"The lift's over here I - I think," Essy said, frowning slightly as she tried to remember. Her face brightened as they turned a corner and came face to face with the elevator. Glancing back, she smiled gratefully at Rikka, pressing the lift button.

"I really do appreciate your help," she said.

6/20/2012 #149
Chainsaw Cake

"It's no problem," Rikka said again with a smile.

Shit. Elevator. And to Rikka, elevator plus claustrophobia equaled not a fun time. Still, she could deal. She'd have to. She stepped into the elevator, bowing over a bit so as not to knock her head on the top of the door. She was aware of how silly she looked, bowed over in the corner of an elevator designed for normal-size people, holding an armful of elegant dresses that anyone could see were about ten sizes too small.

6/20/2012 #150
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