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Rikka's discomfort passed over Essy's head along with most other things in her life and she stepped into the lift. She bit her lip for a second as her fingers hovered over the buttons but she remembered the floor number after a moment. The number was pressed oh so carefully, so as not to break a nail, and then the lift started moving up.

"When is the carnival?" Essy asked, remembering that Tarragon had wanted to know.

6/20/2012 #151
Chainsaw Cake

"I don't think there's a set date yet," Rikka said, trying to remain calm in the elevator, "but I'm guessing that it'd take place sometime in, like...mid-to-late summer, maybe? We'd need a couple of months to plan and everything, after all." She tried to keep breathing normally, to not let her breath get too shallow, too quick, too irregular. Shit. She hated spaces like this.

6/20/2012 #152

"I see. A friend was asking, is all," Essy said, making a note to tell Tarragon. It was highly unlikely that she'd remember, of course, but that was by the by. After a moment of silence she finally noticed that Rikka didn't look very comfortable at all.

"Are you alright?" she asked, concern showing in her wide eyes. Inwardly she noted the strangeness of the situation - she was always the one being asked that question, it seemed.

6/20/2012 #153
Chainsaw Cake

"No, it's fine, it's fine," Rikka said unconvincingly. She was a poor liar, except for when she was in the ring, and even then it was different. In the ring, she lied with her body, with feints and faked exhaustion and hidden strength. She was a terrible liar when it came to words.

A light sweat was breaking out on her forehead. What floor was this girl on?

6/20/2012 #154

Essy knew very well that it wasn't fine but was quite at a loss as to what to do about it. Thankfully at that point there was a ping and the elevator came to a smooth halt. As the doors opened Essy stepped quickly out onto her corridor so that Rikka could follow immediately. It didn't seem like she was too fond of lifts.

"Um, this is my floor," Essy said, fiddling with the various rings on her fingers and looking at Rikka worriedly. "Do you need to sit down?"

6/20/2012 #155
Chainsaw Cake

"It's fine," Rikka said as she stepped out of the lift, but this time she was telling the truth. It felt like there had been a lead ball sitting in the pit of her stomach, and the walls of the lift had felt like they were closing in on her - though they'd receded every time she'd looked directly at them, of course. Like an optical illusion.

"It's just that. Um. I think I might be a little claustrophobic. But we're not in the elevator any more, so it's fine." She smiled, trying to close the subject. "So do you think you'll still be around when the carnival starts?"

6/20/2012 #156

"Oh! Richard was claustrophobic," Essy said, looking at Rikka sympathetically and forgetting that she wouldn't have a clue who Richard was. "I feel awful that you had to go through that, all because of my stupid dresses."

She smiled tentatively as Rikka brought up the carnival. "Oh, I think I'll stick around, yes," she said. And she did want to. Whether she would end up staying in the end was another matter and depended entirely on circumstance did sound nice.

6/20/2012 #157
Chainsaw Cake

"No, no, it's not your fault," Rikka said, wondering who this "Richard" was. "You'd think a pro boxer would be able to keep herself under control - I should've been able to remain calm. I just don't get how I can remain calm after having my jaw broken but freak out in a harmless elevator. It's stupid."

6/20/2012 #158

Essy blinked in surprise, her lips parting slightly as she thought this over.

"You're a boxer?" she said, a sudden respect for this woman coming over her. She herself would die within seconds in the ring, she was sure.

6/20/2012 #159
Chainsaw Cake

"Well...yeah," Rikka said, looking a little embarrassed. "Super heavyweight champion, well, look at the size of me, what other category could I possibly be in? Zero losses, fifty-two wins; forty of those were KOs. They let me fight men because of my size, I think I might be the only official co-ed boxer out there. It''s a living," she finished.

6/20/2012 #160

It took a while for Essy to digest this but once she had a bright smile spread over her face.

" very impressive!" she said warmly. "Some living! Is it exciting?"She was genuinely curious, never having tried or tought about trying anything of the sort.

(I must be off now!)

6/20/2012 #161
Chainsaw Cake

(Aww, bye-bye! D:)

"Oh, ah, well, it''s a family thing," Rikka said. "It can be a little painful sometimes, I mean, breaking your jaw's no fun and I had to live on smoothies for a couple months but there wasn't any permanent damage and I still won so it's all good...sorry, I'm rambling. It's, I guess it is exciting, I'm just trying to make my parents proud of me, but I guess I'm okay at it so I'll probably keep doing it. I...huh. Maybe I'll try to set up a self-defense booth at the carnival, I've always wanted to get into teaching..."

6/20/2012 #162
Athena Amore

Carinna stared out the window; seeing but not really seeing what was going on outside. Everything was a blur in vision, but alive in sound; for every rain drop spoke to Carinna's heart and with every patter came another piece of memory.

It had been three months of drugs, basements, and ships before Carinna was set to be bid on like some common animal. Most times she had been forced to where a bag on her head; to be shut out from the world and the locations she traveled to.

Carinna sighed and lowered her head to her plate now, picking at her beef. She wouldn't love. Not ever. Those men who had..done things to her...had ruined that for her. She closed her eyes and tried not to cry.

Stop it Carinna. She told herself roughly. Don't cry. She placed her hands to her face and breathed in, which caused the tears to swell more as she fought with her tear ducts. "Please...please.." She whispered out loud. She opened her eyes; big droplets pooling. "Don't cry."

She shut her eyelids once more and a single tear pooled over.

6/20/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #163

Quickly, Tarragon shut the front door behind him. All at once the warmth of being inside enveloped him, and he sighed aloud happily. Large droplets of rainwater slid from the ends of his messy purple hair and onto his face. His T-shirt, which clung tightly to his skin, felt a lot more uncomfortable now that he was inside. He wiped his feet on the doormat anyway despite the puddles of water and flecks of mud he had already caused in the entrance of the hotel.

Tarragon glanced out of the window, and laughed quietly at the storm as if to mock it that he was inside and dry now.

6/21/2012 #164

"That's a wonderful idea," Essy said softly about the self defence booth. She recognized something in this woman - the need to make your parents proud, to please them. It had plagued her all her life, after all! Who wanted to look like a doll all the time and get treated like one too. Like you were made out of china...

Stop it Essy. What would you be if you weren't pretty? You'd have nothing and no-one.

"Have you considered leaving the ring and teaching full time? I'd imagine you'd get injured less?" Essy laugheda bit self conciously, running a hand through her drying curls. "Not that I know anything about it."

6/21/2012 #165
Chainsaw Cake

"No," said Rikka, eyes widening. "No, I could never do that...I'm sorry," she said, putting the clothes down and making to leave. "I'm sorry, I have to go..."

6/21/2012 #166

Essy looked stricken. What had she said to cause offence? Before she could help it tears sprung into her wide eyes but she made sure they didn't fall, focusing intently on the carpet. This wasn't how things were supposed to be.

"I -" she tried to say that she hadn't meant to offend but she couldn't seem to get that far. So she said nothing. As she had always said nothing when it came to the crunch.

6/21/2012 #167
Chainsaw Cake

Well, you managed to fuck that up nicely, didn't you? Why do you have to be so oversensitive?

Rikka tried to ignore the headvoice and left - down the stairs, this time.

She decided that it would be best not to stop anywhere else, and to just go home.

6/21/2012 #168

As Rikka left Essy blinked away the tears and sat down, crossing her legs. She slowly began to pick up her dresses but her body suddenly seemed ten times heavier, every movement harder. It was not normal for people to walk away from her, much less normal to leave because of something she'd said. As she picked up her favorite dress and pulled it onto her lap she glanced down at it and, seeing that the rain had caused the stitching to fray, burst into silent tears.

Stop it Essy, for goodness' sake!

At her own internal reprimand a memory worked its way into her mind, her mothers voice booming in her head as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"I really don't know why all those boys are so taken with you. All you do is pry into other people's lives and let them open doors for you. Ever think that you might step too far one day? Where will you be then, after living on the edge of chaos all thse years? Pitched into hell itself - and it would serve you right for meddling."

Quickly Essy gathered up the rest of her clothes and stood up shakily, thankful at least that the tears had stopped. She knew she was being silly but she could never help it.

6/21/2012 #169

Tarragon turned swiftly on the balls of his heels, with a quickness that was induced by how nice it was to be home again, no matter how temporary that home may be. It was still home. Or rather not. Tarragon had in fact walked into another store, not the hotel. Easy enough mistake really - first day in a new city, he was bound to get lost every now and then. But since he had been expecting a warm cosy hotel room and (another) change of clothes, he couldn't help but curse out loud.

oh well. Maybe they sell the hair dye in here

Tarragon walked, much more slowly now, to the counter. The man slouched in the chair behind it looked about 19 or 20, and looked tired.

"Hello!" Tarragon chirped with false cheeriness, "nice day for it" he added with a smile.

6/21/2012 #170

"Your Mother brings me here." Samuel answered Angelo's question, casually and coolly, as if in no rush now that he'd found him. "'Dragged me by the Ear', more like, if I had to choose an Analogy. She seems to think that, despite my protests, you don't Know enough people to bring into the Planning committee." He shrugged with a sigh, "I know, I know. But, I let her twist my arm into making me come here, but I'm doing it for her reason. She's just fussing, so don't pay her any mind. Still, I thought I'd come by to give you a hand."

6/21/2012 #171
Athena Amore

Angelo rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he gave Samuel a sheepish smile. "Well any help is needed, Sir. I just managed to get Carinna over there to join." He turned his body at a small twisted angle to acknowledge his friend without turning his back on Sam. "She gave me a hard tine." It wasn't untill after his sentence that Anglo notice her changed composure. He lowered his arm and the half smile on his face slowly faded to a curious worry.

"Though I would like to know what's giving her a hard time." Angelo's voice was full of an emotion that told Samuel he wished he knew a lot more about Carinna but she never gave him the chance. He turned his back fully on Samuel now; lost and distracted in his thoughts. "She never tells me anything." He said now; his mood a fraction of a fifth drooped. There was a pause as Angelo squinted. After a moment he was horrified.

"Is she crying!?" He took an instinctive step forward but went no further. "Aww, Carinna don't cry." He said as if she could hear him. "Please don't cry." He watched a second more before muttering something under his breath and sighing; running that hand through his hair.

6/22/2012 #172

"Hey the- woah, hey." Nick blinked a few times, leaning back on his chair.. He nearly fell back, slapping his hands down on the counter in order to keep himself from sliding back onto the floor. The jolt of adrenaline raced up his spine, ensuring that he was sleepy no more. "Close one," he laughed, looking across the counter to the strange looking man who'd walked in.

"Nice day for what?" he asked, glancing outside. It had been pouring out there, and apparently this guy didn't have an umbrella.

6/22/2012 #173

Tarragon chuckled inadvertently when as the man struggled to keep his balance. He leaned forward onto the counter, shifting his weight on it to give his feet a rest.

"For ducks I suppose." He said, chuckling again.

"By any chance do you sell hair dye, by the way? I'm new in town and don't know the stores very well. the others were very unhelpful." Tarragon pulled a lock of his hair up to indicate the colour he needed.

6/22/2012 #174

"I've...I've got hair dye, but...uh..." Nick didn't really know what to say. He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, glancing away. To be honest, he wasn't totally sure where purple hair dye could even be found. He had exactly three colors just for this occasion- blond, black, and brown. And they were all women's hair dye.

Purple hair dye, in a town like this, wasn't going to be the easiest thing to find. Nick rolled his shoulders, shrugging. "Sorry, man. I don't really...carry that color," he said uselessly.

"My name's Nick," he tacked on, offering a handshake as he did. "I think I might know where you can find some, though. The storm the way it is, I don't expect there'll be any more customers today anyways." He could afford to take a break or two.

6/22/2012 #175
Athena Amore


6/23/2012 #176
Chainsaw Cake

(I wish we could just make it the next day...)

6/23/2012 #177
Athena Amore

(We could.. or maybe a few hours later like dinner time... but Samuel and Angelo have to finish this conversation first. Maybe we can talk to Spear.)

6/23/2012 #178
Chainsaw Cake

(Yeah...what I really want to do is have it be the next morning so that Rikka can find an invitation to help prepare for the festival, and it tells her to go to the Town Hall at so-and-so o'clock...ah, whatever. Something'll work out. XD)

6/23/2012 #179
Athena Amore

(Trust me, I'm way ahead of you. It's just this one dialogue is holding me back.")

6/24/2012 #180
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