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Alistar McCoy

This is going to be a rather open Rp the only limitations are going to be on technology. Keep it medieval. Characters can be human or a wide range of supernatural creatures some ideas include the classic: vampire, werewolf, Fae, undead, angel, demon. No all powerful characters, And have fun with it most importantly.

Background: Korvan is a city plagued with constant problems everything from bandit raids on it's outlying hamlets to demons attempting to seize control of the city. The only thing that has kept Korvan alive and kicking is the strength of her people who are a hardy breed who have grown tough through constantly having to defend themselves from creatures of the night and others who would take advantage of them. Korvan is also home to slayers, knights, paladins, priests, wizards and the occasional angel who help to defend against the dark. The outlying hamlets help to produce the raw materials that allow Korvan to stay afloat as an export center for raw materials. The lands surrounding Korvan and it's hamlets are home to dark creatures and those that seek to exploit and use the people of Korvan.

Character Sheet











5/29/2012 . Edited 5/29/2012 #1
Alistar McCoy

Name: Thomas Pavaine

Age: 24

Race: human

Appearance: 6' 2" wiry with red hair, distinguishable markings or tattoos. Pale skinned like his brothers he is by far the most good looking of all his brothers. Wears wizards robes over chain mail

Family: Jeremiah, Michael

Occupation: Wizard of Korvan who helps his brother as part of the guard.

Weapons: Wizards staff and Rapier

Bio/history: Thomas is the fun loving roguish member of the family. He is sarcastic and runs his mouth with little to no filter. After the death of his parents he was indoctrinated into the wizards order of Korvan after his talents emerged at a young age. He has spent his life pursuing powerful magics and artifacts to help his brother in the defense of Korvan. Recently he has devoted much of his time to studying in the chantry's grand library to what end he has yet to reveal. Abilities: Thomas is an incredibly powerful Mage capable of incredible feats of elemental and arcane magic in addition to his mastery of alchemy and chemistry.

Other: Thomas previous teacher was found to be a necromancer after his apprenticeship and Thomas helped to bring him down however Thomas is also an accomplished necromancer however as the craft is banned in Korvan he does not practice the craft.

5/29/2012 . Edited 5/29/2012 #2
Alistar McCoy

Name: Jerimiah Pavaine

Age: 29

Race: human

Appearance: 5' 9" stocky, incredibly strong for a human. Black hair, one eye, jagged scarring around the left side of his face where he is missing the eye. Tattoo of the bible verse Revelations 1:8 on his right hand

. Family: Thomas Pavaine, older brother Michael Pavaine, younger brother

Occupation: Captain of the Guard for Korvan.

Weapons: Amoracchius, the Holy blade. Double edged European broadsword carried in a cross back sheath.

Bio/history: the Pavaine brothers were raised by the guilds of Korvan after their parents were killed by vampires from the near by covens. He is incredibly loyal to his brothers and the city additionally he has a dry sense of humor and a stubborn streak. After being raised as a Paladin by Korvan's chantry Jeremiah spent the early years of his life hunting vampires and dark creatures in and around Korvan before finally succeeding the old Captain of the guard after his death at the hands of a loup garou. He has devoted his life to the defense of the city with the help of his brothers he hopes to keep Korvan a beacon of light and hope in the dark.

Abilities: Jeremiah has the ability to burn creatures of the dark with holy fire. His sword turns the undead and he has the ability to heal his companions and even bring those wounded to death back from the brink.

5/29/2012 . Edited 5/29/2012 #3
Alistar McCoy

Name: Michael Pavaine

Age: 31

Race: human Appearance: 6' even with black hair, hard jaw medium build with lean muscle. He has a series of enchantments tattooed acrossed his back as well as his chest, legs and arms. Additionally he has heavy caluses all acrossed his knuckles and the insides of his hands. In addition he has a crooked nose due to it being broken early in life. Michael wears traditional monk robes over a leather vest. Additionally he wears metal vambraces which he uses to block bladed weaponry used against him.

Family: Thomas and Jeremiah Occupation: Monk of the Chantry Weapons: wrist blades or his bare fists

Bio/history: Michael is the oldest and took the death of his parents the hardest. He is a troubled man and his work as a monk of the chantry is all that keeps him from hunting creatures if the night constantly. After his brother was taken into the paladins order and Thomas became a wizard he request admittance into the order of monks that serve the chantry as body guards, spies and emissaries.

Abilities: Michael is a normal human however he is an accomplished martial artist and an expert healer using mundane means.

5/29/2012 . Edited 5/29/2012 #4
x-X-The D'Arch Angel-X-x

Name: Artemis (Arty) Phantomhive

Age: 17

Race: half-demon

Appearance: 5 foot 4 with pale skin, golden eyes, long black hair tied into a braid down her back. Fingernails long and sharp like claws, fang-like teeth, and pointed ears. Nasty clawmark scars on both of her wrists. Wears heavy leather boots with black trousers and a grey tunic with a hood to hide her ears.

Family: Her father, though she doesn't know who or where he is.

Occupation: Hunter, does whatever she can to survive and hide.

Weapons: Bow and arrows, a small dagger that used to be her father's, her claws and fangs.

Bio/history: Her mother Saya was a young village girl who had an affair with a young demon male. They only knew each other for several months before he was forced to run for his life by the angry people from her village. Neither knew Saya was pregnant until months later, but he never returned. Saya gave birth to Artemis within the village but they both were forced to hide her demon blood. Because of her strained upbringing, Arty has trouble with her powers and often looses control. Saya was killed by bandits attacking the village not too long ago, and Arty was forced to run away. Recently, people have been telling rumors of how the whole village was burned to the ground in a day. No one has found any survivors . . .

Abilities: Reality distortion, but it's more likely to backfire on her than to be used as a weapon.

Other: Came to Korvan simply because she had no where else to go. Has a habit of accidentally turning her powers against herself and causing mental meltdowns. Terrified of small spaces and storms.

(This isn't going to be one of those roleplays where all anyone does is talk about their characters, right?)

6/3/2012 #5
(( Sounds like Innistrad to me. Perhaps I should make a Wolfir Silverheart, or perhaps Griselbrand?))
6/4/2012 #6
Alistar McCoy

((Innistrad is a good likeness to this, and i sincerely hope it doesnt turn into an rp like that as soon as we have a few more people we'll start btw the character is accepted))

6/4/2012 #7
x-X-The D'Arch Angel-X-x

((How many characters are we thinking? And are they going to be in their own separate stories or will they be together?))

6/4/2012 #8

((Since you two seem to be new at this, here's a few pointers. An Open End RP, like the way this sounds to be, is hard monitor. Another is that RP's are all the same, no matter what. People will talk about their OC's, and how they perform certain things. It's why it's called an RP. On top of that, if it is all action, then it's not an RP, it's a Dungen Crawl. Dungeon Crawls a good RP does not make.

Not bashing, just simply informing.

As a heads up, I am one of thse who likes to write things out, an take my time in posting. I like to try and post at least a paragraph, if I can. it adds more flavor))

6/4/2012 #9

Name: Cer Kamber

Age: 20

Race: Werewolf

Appearance: Cer is about 5'3 with long black hair and blood red eyes, which are half covered by her long bangs. She usually wears man's clothing due to her dislike of the female clothes. Her body is marred with thin white scars from her battles in wolf form. As a wolf, she reaches about 7 feet on two legs. She has thick black fur, beady glowing red eyes, and long razor sharp teeth. Her tail is about 2.5 feet long with shaggy black fur, like the rest of her well muscled body. As a wolf its very hard to tell that she is in fact a female.

Family: All her family died the day she was turned.

Occupation: She acts as a hunter to save her own skin. When reports of a werewolf come around, she tries to cover them up.

Weapons: An ash bow and stone tipped, oak arrows. She also has a stone dagger.

Bio/history: Not much is known about how her family died. She has only told one person about what she truly is, and he ended up dead anyway. The wolf who turned her was a pure blooded silver back werewolf with glassy blue eyes. For now, she is stuck living with him. She's a sarcastic woman with a knack for getting into trouble sometimes.

Abilities: Unlike most werewolves, she can turn at any time she wishes. She is still forced to turn under a full moon and has to deal with the blood lust but this is only a minor setback.

Other: Her aim is amazing. She is able to shoot a squirrel in the eye fifty yards away.

6/4/2012 #10

Name: Jareth Moore

Age: unknown, looks about 27

Race: pure blood werewolf

Appearance: He's about 6'3 with longish silver hair and glassy blue eyes. He wears nice clothing for someone who keeps away from people mostly. As a wolf he's tall with sliver shaggy fur, rippling muscles, and long claws. He is the one who turned Cer,and one of the only pure bloods able to create more werewolves within the area.

Family: unknown

Occupation: none, where he gets his money from is unknown

Weapons: mostly his teeth and claws, he can use a sword when he needs to however

Bio/history: unknown

Abilities: Can change into his wolf form at any time and can turn others.

Other: He treats Cer as if she were a younger sister.

6/4/2012 #11

(I agree with Chimera here, minus the paragraphing bit, which I do off and on. Cased on the possibility that this will go well, somebody else pick which character they want me to use: a warlock, a spider-based shapeshifter, or a reaver, who uses blood to fuel magic. I'm not giving more information until I make a sheet; just pick one based only on that.

And whichever one I use, yes, they will be there to protect the town, not destroy it.)

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #12
Alistar McCoy

((im not saying that people wont talk about their characters, thats half the fun, what im saying is this is an rp too, that's the other half of the fun. But thank you for the advise its always appreciated. my opinion warlock or the reaver and we could use a bad guy or two so you don't have to limit yourself to protecting the town.))

6/5/2012 #13
Alistar McCoy

((Cer yours are good))

6/5/2012 #14
x-X-The D'Arch Angel-X-x

((I didn't mean to sound rude or anything . . . all I meant was that I've seen some so called rps where its just a bunch of people joining and nobody actually buckling down to start.))

6/5/2012 #15
Alistar McCoy

((that was just a response to chimera, i'm hoping for like one more person then we can start. no body was rude it was just an exchange of perspectives and opinions))

6/5/2012 #16

(I'll start with the warlock, maybe throw in the reaver later.)

Name: Onyx Kiefer.

Age: 34.

Race: Human.

Appearance: Onyx is tall and thin, with gray eyes and long black hair. There's nothing special about his eyes; they just happen to be gray. Although he looks somewhat fragile in physical terms, he also seems menacing, especially when angered.

Family: None that he's aware of.

Occupation: Warlock. No actual job yet.

Weapons: Onyx doesn't usually carry any weapons, preferring to rely on his abilities as a warlock.

Bio/history: Who would name their kid Onyx? As it happens, Onyx wouldn't know. Several years ago, he lost his memory, and in tracking himself down, found that it seemed to literally be his real name. That, however, was about as much as he wanted to find out about his old self. Rather than obsessing over his past life, he discarded it, and has been searching for a place to start a new one – the further from his old city, the better.

Abilities: As a warlock, Onyx draws upon an inner source of power to fuel his magic, while most spellcasters use part of their own and most from an outside source. He is one of the few warlocks who has this power naturally, while most gain it from a pact with some powerful creature. He has quite a long list of powers, though many of them revolve around his primary power: an energy blast that can be modified in many ways.

Other: Onyx has dabbled in most other forms of magic, but only in the basics. He's only powerful as a warlock.

6/5/2012 #17
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Naamah Rasek

Age: 23

Race: Gravity manipulator; a creation by a mad wizard who wanted to create new monsters.

Appearance: The wizard considers Naamah a failure because she looks completely human, with light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an average height and weight. He wanted something that looked cooler.

Family: None. The wizard threw her out when it was clear that there weren't going to be any magical seventeenth-birthday transformations.

Occupation: Currently a drifter.

Weapons: Aside from the gravity manipulation, Naamah knows how to use daggers in close-range combat. She always carries at least two.

Bio/history: The wizard who made her stole as an infant from a random family, and she spent the first few years of her life basically being marinated in magic as he figured out how to create her powers. After that, she was raised as his assistant and trained in her powers. Because the wizard had no freaking clue how to raise a kid, he only gave her orders and made sure she got enough to eat. He never fostered any kind of emotional development in her, with the result that she doesn't know how to express or respond to emotion.

Abilities: Gravity manipulation, whether it be her own, that of others, or that of the things around her. The gravity manipulation functions within a thirty-foot radius of her, and she can reduce it so much that motion becomes impossible, or increase it so much that her opponents are crushed. The wizard also trained her to be quite physically fit, and because she was raised as his assistant, Naamah has more than a passing knowledge of the workings of magic. She is also capable of making basic/low-level potions.

Other: Naamah used to try to imitate others' emotions, but it never seemed to work out well, so she just gave up.

6/5/2012 #18

(You can't reduce gravity to the point of immobility, Cake :P You can only reduce it to the point of zero gravity. At that point, moving becomes effortless - the opposite of motion being impossible - which humans can't move in properly without special training.)

6/5/2012 #19
Chainsaw Cake

(Whoops. Well, it still becomes impossible in very high-gravity zones, right?)

6/5/2012 #20

(Yeah, high enough gravity could prevent movement, and crush pretty much anything.)

6/5/2012 #21
Chainsaw Cake

(Hey, as long as it's still a kick-ass power XD)

6/5/2012 #22
Alistar McCoy

((warlock is good, the manipulated is interesting but also good. Hopefully we can find ourselves someone on the evil side but until then lets get moving))

Jeremiah stood over the last bandit, there leader was in bad shape with a deep cut down his right side and an eye that was quickly running to black. What to do, the others were dead or on there way to Korvan's dungeons and now for their leader. With a heavy sigh he gestured for the guards to take him away, best to let the court take care of this one. As he made his way through the strewn corpses back towards his horse he mulled over the day, the hamlet was about a days ride outside of Korvan where his guards had finally ran the damn bandits to ground hiding out in the cellar of an abandoned mansion that he had cleared a brood of vampires out of 3 months before. That wouldn't be a problem anymore as they had burned the damn place to the ground, sheathing his sword he walked back over to his horse. It had been a slaughter after the villagers had tipped them off to the bandits. He heaved himself into the saddle of the horse and fell into the back of the line formed by his men on foot and mounted. A few wounded but nothing the Chantry's healers couldn't fix. It was about an hours trek back to Korvan, hopefully nothing nasty took the opportunity to attack them or Korvan in his absence. Of course his brothers would most creatures of the night alive in conjunction with the Chantry's paladins. Giving the horse a kick he headed to the front of the line, off in the distance he noted smoke on the horizon, this was going to be a long day.

6/5/2012 #23

A swarm of bats appeared on the horizon, heading in the direction of Jermiah's guards. They flew unusually close together for bats, making no noise; and it wasn't close enough to night for them to be out. Ten feet away from the guards, they swooped down to the road and seemed to melt together. Within seconds, they had shifted into Onyx. it wasn't a power he used often -being a whole swarm of bats was rather disorienting - but he'd done it before. It was the only transformation he could pull off, and not very often at that.

"Found those cultists, right where your informant said they'd be," the warlock called. "They were working on summoning some kind of demon. They'd already crucified some kid, started draining blood. I couldn't save him, but I made the cultists into charcoal before they could finish."

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #24

Name: Vitani Shire

Age: 19

Race: Faerie

Appearance: Long brown hair wih olive skin. She's about 6 inches tall in faerie form, but she often walks around the villagers. In human form shes 5 foot 4. she has large purple eyes and is petite she has an italian earie about her.

Family: comes from a long line of worshippers of the faerie queen.

Occupation: Faerie spy O.o

Weapons: magic

Bio/history: Vitani was born and was almost immediatly taught magic. She showed ordinary skill in the art and was considered average, however due to her natural manipulation skills she was assigned to spy on the humans whos land was being pushed far to close to her village. Her main job is to disorient people who know too much or dont care enough.

Abilities: Morphing others, manipulation, and other light forms of magic.

Other: can be considered evil

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #25
Alistar McCoy

((ok the fae is good))

Jeremiah sighed "alright good work, do you know who they were trying to summon?" Dismounting he lead his horse alongside the warlock as the line of men continued back toward Korvan. Best to have Thomas go over the site when he got back and Thomas returned.

6/5/2012 #26

"I know it was demonic and nasty," Onyx said with a shrug. "But I think one sacrifice was all they needed, so the upshot is, it couldn't have been too terrible. The more blood and death is needed, the more powerful the thing is. Probably could've handled it, but it wouldn't have been easy. Anyway, from what I could make out of their scriptures - the writing was all messed up - they were a secular group; it's not likely anyone else will be trying to raise that same demon."

6/5/2012 #27

Disguised as a simple handmaiden Vitani heard all that was being said. However her curiosity got the best of her and she walked up to the warlock. "Are you sure no implication was given on who the summoners were?" She asked glancing up only slightly from the hood of her cloak. Warlocks were just as full of information as humans were.

6/5/2012 #28

(He IS a human.)

Onyx turned very, very slowly to face the girl. Not because he was afraid, but because he couldn't stand the stupid.

"Excuse me?' he demanded. "Do you think that some girl, some innocent, uneducated random little girl from a little bitty hamlet is going to walk right on up to the captain of the guard and a man who was a bunch of bats less than a minute ago, and casually ask if 'no implication was given'? How idiotic do you think we are?"

6/5/2012 #29

shrinking farther back into her cloak. "Pardon me sir that was not my place" She bows. "Forgive my ignorance, and I shall forgive yours." (sorry misread the character chart for him)

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #30
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