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The world did not end as the Mayan calendar said it would. In 2042, WWIII started at first it seemed the US was at the top in military warfare. Three years later a catastrophic event happened. A nuclear war breaks out killing millions of people. The few survivors repopulated and after many generations they became immune to the radiation levels and could live on the surface once again. Now it's 2175, over a hundred years have passed and the planet has still not recovered from that horrible event. Over half of the planet is a barron waste land, it has gone back to something like feudal times. Many cultures were lost in time, and each race has merged into one race. There are still a few other races left but they're very few. There is one king in charge of the six lands each having a single feudal lord, and it's own military power. The lands are known as The land of Sand (desert), The land of Stones (mountains), The land of the Sea (A large gulf and many islands), The land of Trees (forest), The land of Nobles(plains and oasis), and The land of Savage (sandy waste lands and swamps) each one very known well. Normal civilain are not slaves or workers for the feudal lords. Due to the radiation the humans DNA has had mutation, giving the special abilities. Some people use these abilities for bounty hunting, some for crimes, and others are recruited into the military. Not all people are gifted with abilities some take it to be normal shop owners or are jealous and wish to eliminate as many as possible.

Rules: There can be only six feudal lords, each must be accepted of course like others. No godlike abilities. Can have up to three persona's, but can not be two feudal lords. Can have up to seven abilities. Can have three guns, and two bladed weapons (no scythes).







Land Origin:







Name: Tarick Sinboen

Gender: Male

Age: 29


Weapons: A sword with an inscription on the blade

Land Origin: The land of Nobles

Bio: He is the the son of the late king and inherit the throne. His mother was ill when he was born, and she died only half an hour after birth.

Abilities: can sense danger before its near, can use a power called divine light, and can freeze time for an instant

Occupation: The King

Personality: Noble, kind, gentle, protective to his people which he see's as his children

Other: Wishes that the lands and all its people would come to peace


Name: Micheal Taven

Gender: Male

Age: 31


Weapons: a triple barrel, twin side arms, a machete, and a sword

Land Origin: The land of Stone

Bio: served in the military for a few years, then retired

Abilities: creates fissure in the earth, can forge a good blade from anything, has enhanced instincts

Occupation: Bounty hunter

Personality: bold, mysterious

Other: is looking for a partner to catch a certain bounty

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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Name: Haruka Asahara

Gender: Female

Age: 18


Weapons: Ruger American Rifle, chambered in .270 Win., a sawed-off 12 gauge pump shotgun with a pistol grip wrapped in athletic tape, a Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Magnum, and a machete with a gut-hook.

Land Origin: The land of Trees

Bio: Haruka's parents were murdered by raiders when she was a young girl. She wandered the wastes for about a month, close to death, until she found a house in the middle of the woods. The house wasn't too big nor too small, but it appeared to have been the scene of a large skirmish. The skeletal remains of people who appeared to have been from some sort of military scattered the surrounding woods and were more concentrated by the house. As she continued further into the house the bodies became more concentrated. Finally, she reached the basement and found the skeletal remains of a man laying in a storage room. In his hand, she found weathered, but still working Ruger American Rifle. In his other hand, she found a note, reading:

This is the last thing I will ever write. Those bastards thought they could take me and they did, but first I wanted them to remember who they fucked with. To whomever finds my body, you can have my gun and whatever guns that belonged to my father before me. There's some food and bottled water in the pantry. I'm not going to need it. I'm off to see my wife again.


Roger Gulisky

Haruka heeded the dead man's note and took his gun and a couple other guns that he had. She later found the men that killed her parents and decided that she would become a mercenary.

Abilities: She really doesn't have any except she knows how to effectively take down mutants.

Occupation: Mercenary

Personality: Rather quiet and solemn. She tends to keep to herself. She holds no hatred towards mutants, but does find them to a bit conceited about their abilities.

Other: N/A

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Chainsaw Cake

Name: Rana Balakrishnan

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: Short and curvy, with dark brown skin and plenty of good muscle. Has sharp black eyes, very short black hair, and often wears a tank top/cargo pants combo, along with combat boots.

Weapons: Bowie knife, .38 revolver, a stiletto dagger hidden in each boot, and a Taser.

Land Origin: the Land of the Sea

Bio: A mostly normal life. Nice dad, two little brothers, and a mom who baked cinnamon rolls every Saturday morning. She became a traveling merchant because she wanted to see more of the world, but she also loves the place she grew up in.

Abilities: Her power lets her transform her body into any substance she's touched before. She can turn into anything from water to granite to fire to hydrochloric acid if she wanted to. She has to have touched the substance before she can turn into it, so her fingers and hands are kind of heavily scarred. She is also able to move and hold her form no matter what substance she's transformed into. This means that Granite-Rana is as flexible and quick as Normal-Rana. Rana is also quite a good hand-to-hand combatant, since her job means that she's attacked by bandits and the like from time to time.

Occupation: Traveling merchant.

Personality: Rana is highly creative and a good outside-the-box thinker. She loves to socialize and meet new people, which helps a lot in her job as a traveling merchant. She also loves to travel - it lets her search the world for new substances that she might not have run across yet. Rana is also a highly curious individual.

Other: She's an excellent swimmer, and her favorite food is cinnamon rolls because they remind her of home.

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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I'm going to change my character's occupation if that's alright.)

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(Okay, still accepted)

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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(Thanks :) )

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Name: Cayden Crimson

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance: Tall male at 6.3 has a fade with a slant scar on his cheek. Tanned skin due to always being in the sun. wears a black tank and saggy torn at the knee caps replaced by old feudal metal guards. boots with sewn on armor and his arms replaced with biotics along with his left leg.

Weapons: Two assault Rifles, a long Broadsword on his back. pistol in his leg acting like a holster (left). His arms (arms are equipped with heavy piston hydraulics used for punching holes in weak and cement walls, and some metals if hammered on continuously)

Land Origin: Barren wasteland, Sorin Village

Bio: fought in the WW3 and lost both his arms, his leg and part of his chest. He was classified as a war hero and so because of it scientist replaced his missing limbs with machinery, as the years went by the radiation did not give him any abilities except an immunity to aging (is not immortal just can not age) lived through the century, only to see the world for what it is now.

Abilities: none just athletic

Occupation: traveling Vagrant

Personality: silent. keeps to himself.

Other: his Robotic arms comes with a special ability that allows him to Dual two handed weapons for the arms have another skinny are in each to help him with his life. since he lives in this world it is used to help him reload both of his guns at the same time.

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(Accepted, but specify the land origin.)
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(Accepted, but specify the land origin.)
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Name: Sheira Hayman

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Appearance: Tall and muscular, she has the appearance of a fighter, flexible and agile. She has sandy coloured hair, intensely blue eyes, and a pale tanned tone. Her clothing consists of a man's black cotton shirt, and a sleeveless reinforced jacket over it. Along with this she wears a pair of light army pants, and sandles.

Weapons: She carries an assault rifle and a pistol. Along with this, she also has a large blade at the small of her back across her waist, and a smaller knife concealed by her leg. She also has a more practical knife on her right thigh, below her pistol holster.

Land of Origin: The Land of Sand

Bio: She grew up in the rougher parts of one of the larger Desert Cities, as an orphan. Much of her young life was spent simply surviving in the streets. Eventually however, she got lucky and was picked up by a private hire Mercenary business. They put her through education and training, and taught her nearly all the skills she needed to actually make something of her life. She worked for them for a number of years, travelling all over the world in her job, before the company finally disbanded. After that she went freelance, mostly taking on various guard jobs, and gained something of a reputation for herself.

Eventually, she was hired by a young merchant called Rana as a Caravan guard. Though she had only ever intended for the job to be for a few months, she never really found the will to leave, quickly becoming friends with the girl. Two years passed since she was picked up by Rana, and during that time she gradually ended up considering herself more of a companion than a simple gun-for-hire, though she still took on all the duties her title asked of her.

Abilities: She has a subtle 6th sense, that warns her of an immediate danger. It is not a noticable thing, and could be considered merely a strong instinct, but it is what has kept her alive for so long given the dangers of her career.

Occupation: Merchant Guard

Personality: Gruff and quiet, Sheira has a reserved nature, and has some trouble with interacting with others. She is fiercly protective of those she considers friends though, and loyal to a fault. She considers herself close to Rana, despite their percieved differences, and has found travelling with her to be an experience unlike anything she has done before. Though she is somewhat untrusting of strangers, she has a good heart, and would help a stranger if she possibly could. She also has something of a soft spot for children.

Other: Growing up in the desert, she's very resistant to heat. She is unable to swim, however, and steadfastly refuses to drink alcohol. She is highly trained in weapons usage, and in both hand-to-hand combat and the effective use of her blade.

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Chainsaw Cake

How? Please give us proof for once in your life instead of lobbing poorly-worded abuse at us.

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Count Garnet

(You are really set on doing this, aren't you? It's not working, just leave dude. It's better.)

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Count Garnet

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(First, accepeted on the persona. Second, I need the feudal lords spots filled before we can begin.)

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Name: Patricia Kent

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: (All of her weapons are hidden from view.)

Weapons: For firearms, she carries two Glocks (both armed with a silencers). For bladed weapons, she wields two Ninjato.

Land Origin: Savage

Bio: She severed in the army for two months before quitting.

Abilities: Supernatural Condition, Element manipulation, Hypnotic eyes, Darkness, Flight (via wings), prehensile tail, energy-draining kiss

Occupation: Translator, works part time jobs and sometimes as a mercenary.

Personality: Mysterious, deceptive, dislikes authority and loves reading.

Other: The book she carries changes her element manipulation ability from being weak with poor control (thus her least effective power) to powerful with great precision (thus her most effective power).

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U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

(I can be a Lord if you want.)

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(I'm unsure if I'm good enough to play more than one character, but I'll have a go too. Roku, are you going to be Narrating by the way?)


Name: Marcus Shestas'deum

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Sandy blonde hair, and hazel eyes, he has a small and relatively weak frame. Though he is by no means weak, he has yet to grow into a body that most would consider appropriate for a ruler. He is good looking though, and wears relatively simple attire for his position. His clothing consists of sandles and jeans, and a long, robe-like jacket, all in the royal colours of Black on White.

Weapons: None

Land Origin: Land of Sand

Bio: The son of the previous Lord, he was given the throne when he was 12 due to his father's untimely death. His mother is not someone he has ever met, and the only stable person in his life has been Lila, his bodyguard. Soon after he had taken his father's throne, his maid, a servant whom had attended him for several years, suddenly and without warning attempted to assassinate him. Though the plot was thwarted by Lila, the event led him to become untrusting of anyone other than his bodyguard, and he refuses to allow anyone other than her to serve him because of that.

Abilities: He can nullify the powers of others at will, and render their abilities useless. In extension to this, he is also immune to most powers.

Occupation: Fuedal Lord of the Sand

Personality: To most he is an arrogant and cocky character, though it is generally evident that he is quite intelligent. Though he does not seem it, he does take his position as a Lord quite seriously, and cares for his people. He is untrusting of most people, especially so when it comes to his servants. That said, he does hold a strong bond with Lila, who has been by his side for much of his life, and has protected him many times over. She is possibly the only person he really trusts, and though he is not great at expressing such things, treating her as though she were just another servant, he does care for her, and freely allows her liberties no others can claim.


Name: Lila Dalren

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: With dark brown hair and greenish-blue eyes, she often appears somewhat out of place within the Sand culture. Her clothing consists of a dark grey set of shirt and trousers, with a formal looking white tie over it. She also wears a black blaiser done up over this, and wears a pair of boots rather than sandles. A machine gun lies on her back, with an automatic pistol by her side.

Weapons: A small but powerful machine gun, an automatic pistol, and a concealed knife.

Land of Origin: Unknown - Loyal to the Land of Sand

Bio: Her history is not really known before she joined the Sand's army. What is known is that she was an orphan that entered the country at around the age of six as a freeloader upon a caravan, then when she was eight she was picked up by the military, who had heard rumours of her abilities. From there she was trained and taught to use her abilities to their full potential. She quickly became very distinct, and rumours of her power travelled all over. Eventually, she was approached and asked if she would like to join the royal guard. Though she was aware that it was a lifelong job, the idea of not having to slaughter others as she would in the army appealed to her, and she quickly confirmed the offer.

From there she was placed in a special training program, where she was taught and educated in everything a royal guard was expected to know. This took nearly two years, but she was eventually granted the role. When she was fifteen, she singlehandedly saved the life of the previous Lord. The action prompted him to promote her to the personal bodyguard of his son, Marcus.

Abilities: She has the ability to create and control hellfire, a deadly and destructive flame. The pinnicle of this ability is to release everything she can, in which she completely obliterates anything within a 10 meter range, filling it all with her hellfire. It is a tiring task for her, but one which has saved both her and Marcus's lives many times over the years.

Occupation: Royal Bodyguard

Personality: She is a quiet and loyal person, with a kind outlook on life. She is quite willing to kill however, and has done so many times in the past. To others, she appears subservant to Marcus, and is often reluctant to cause arguments if she can help it. She does not particularly enjoy responsibility over the actions of others, but when it coincides with her main job she is quite capable of being commanding and forceful. She can be seen in a vastly different number of ways, from quiet and soft to dangerous and deadly, but all her moods and character traits generally revolve around her position as bodyguard to Marcus.

Other: She takes on most of the duties that would normally be taken on by servants, such as dressing Marcus and cooking for him, due to his paranoia over trusting others. She is secretly proud of the trust he places in him, and regards him as something between a friend, a child, and an idol. How exactly she regards him is something she has issue with, but she would never say so to anyone else.

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