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It's the 89th Hunger Games and the rebellion is long past. The games haven't ended and as you can see, the Capitol is as strong as ever. 24 tributes will battle it out in the games for the chance to win their life. If there is more than 24 people, then they can be mentors if they wish. You cannot be one of the 24 tributes of the 74th Hunger Games, nor the Victors from the 75th. Try and be creative, keep to the forum rules and try to keep it K.





Age: (Between 12 and 18)

District: (Only two from each)





You know what to do. Just make sure we know a bit about you before it starts. Roleplay starts after the countdown. The countdown will begin when there are enough tributes.

6/6/2012 #1

Sorry if I have seemed to confused you in what I meant by the guidelines. Yes, I meant as in the language used. Of course I've read the books. Suzanne keeps it far from graphic, and thats what I meant by K.

Name: Niall Trueheart

Age: 14

District: 4 (Fishing District)

Skills: He's pretty decent with the trident and at knife throwing. Can use a spear to bring down absolutely anything.

Looks: Niall is your average looking district 4 boy, with bleach blonde hair and sea green eyes, he's quite the sight. He has a light build, not very muscular.

Personality: Never thought he'd have to kill another human, really sweet, childish in many ways, but sensible at the same time. Not much of a leader, but doesn't like to be bossed around aimlessly.

Other: An optimist who likes to tell stories that are past down from his friends and family to cheer people up.

6/6/2012 #2
crypt cutie

Name: Felicity Beilhart

Age: 18

District: 1 (Luxury)

Skills: Skilled medic and some proficiency as a swordswoman

Looks: Thick, long, wavy blonde hair that is usually tied into a ponytail/bun, large hazel eyes, bow lips, and a heart-shaped face. About 5'7 and a possesses a slim figure and smooth complexion

Personality: Felicity's personality is conflicted in a way, she genuinely has a good heart and care for others, but her desire for survival and unceasing need of control often leads her to making decisions that may not reflect her character. She has been known to use her looks and charms to persuade people into joining her cause and doing her bidding. One may accuse her of being a "wolf in sheep's clothing".

Other: Very proficient ballerina

6/6/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #3
crypt cutie

(if this is directed at me, then sure! i don't mind in the least.)

6/6/2012 #4

You are both accepted. Just wait for a couple more people and we'll begin...

6/7/2012 #5
Caesar Flickerman

Name: Randall Plythintire

Age: 16

District: 3 (Electronics)

Skills: Very good at camoflauging and making/repairing stuff, especially traps and new inventions. He is said to have built his first xyloxynthopobium laser before he even learned to talk. He can make the most complex of stuff out of only stuff like bricks and wood.

Personality: Short for his age (Only around 5' 3.5") yet very smart (He has reached an IQ of 192, an aspiring 65 points above President Snow's 127.) He is a bit plump (Weight: 152 pounds) and is bald sporting glasses (Note: Looks a bit like the present-day Jamie from Mythbusters, except he has no beard or any facial hair in that matter.) Has brown eyes. Is single.

Other: Graduated from the Capitol Institute of Mechanics with a Masters Degree in Engineering at age 15. He is also a very good mathematician and has pioneered around 10 theories based on the works of Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking.

This guy is very smart, so watch out for him on the arena.

6/15/2012 . Edited 6/15/2012 #6

Name: Aster Rosa

Age: 15

District: 11 (Agriculture)

Skills: She is fairly good with animals, and foraging. She is a decent cook and can tell when different foods are posionous or not. She can do hand-to-hand combat faily well and can also use small to medium sized weapons. She is smart (can smarts be a skill?)

Looks: She is lighter in skin colour than most of the other district 11 occupants, her skin is a dark tanned colour. Her eyes are a deep brown. Her hair is mid-back length, thick, curly and black. She has decent muscle tone, as she has spent most of her life helping her family with work. She is also a little bit short for her age.

Personality: She is kind and caring, to humans and animals alike. She is very hardworking and loyal. She's quiet when she has to be. She is usually cheerful and friendly towards everyone. She doesn't want to hurt anyone and doesn't even know if she will be able to kill any of the other tributes.

Other: She really enjoys spending time with all sorts of people, and likes to make food to eat with others.

6/18/2012 #7
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(Yay, Hunger Games!)

Name: Quinn Smith

Age: (Between 12 and 18) 16

District: (Only two from each) 7 (Lumber)

Skills: Great upper body strength, knows her way around trees and forests. Her best bet at a weapon would be a knife, akin to the one she uses for her job.

Looks: Long brown hair that she ties back in a loose bun. Grey-green eyes, cat-like. Average height and weight, fairly muscular. She has a face that looks like she'd rip your limbs off if you got too close. Pretty in a dangerous way.

Personality: Quinn isn't dangerous, she's just rough around the edges. What may seem rude to others is normal for her and her family, as well as the tough as nails residents of District 7. Her tough exterior is balanced by a soft center, one that is fiercely loyal to friends and the people she loves. She likes girls.

Other: She hasn't fully accepted the very good chance of death awaiting her in the arena, but she has accepted that if her time will come, it will come. She will still fight for her life, but she is adamant to not let herself get lost in it. When she faces her mortality, she will face it head on, as she does for all of her problems.

6/19/2012 . Edited 6/19/2012 #8

Name: Encael Icesong (Sorry. Suck at names)

Age: (Between 12 and 18) 17

District: (Only two from each) 2 (Masonry)

Skills: Hand to Hand combat, proficient with a spear, rudimentary knowledge of other weapons, and upper body strength

Looks: Enceal has a large scar down the right side of his face from a rock that struck him when he was younger. His sky-blue eyes are usually narrowed watching everything. Long brown hair covers the top of his head and is usually swept to one side kept out of his eyes. His body is muscled from years of training and work in the mines. Various scars cover his entire body. (Don't know if we're allowed to have tattoos so this can be emitted if needed.) A dragon tattoo coils around his neck, it's head resting on his collarbone.

Personality: Silent (Tongue was cut out), Rebellious to a point, quick to anger. Enceal does his best to not be close to anybody as a result from both his training and losing almost everyone when he was younger. He's not afraid to die.

Other: Even though he knows how, Enceal refuses to kill anyone in the Games unless forced to. He has already seen enough death to last a lifetime and the only person that will mourn him is his sister. He only joined the Games to prevent any suffering in another family.

7/23/2012 #9
Tsubasa Utari

Name: Tsubasa Hanawa

Age: 17

District: 1

Skills: Is skilled with almost any kind of blade and can easily "adapt" to surroundings. He's very fast and agile but isn't very brawny

Looks: About 6ft2in in height, Lightweight, somewhat skinny, light brown skin

Personality: He hates the Capitol more than anything. He would rather try to evade everyone then when the last 2 or 3 are left kill them off one by one. If he forms an alliance however, he will fight for them

Other: He's deadly in combat, as he's very fast, however if you manage to catch him he can't take much physical pain and will die quickly

8/29/2012 #10

Yeah, no, this died before it could even take off. The last post was in July, nearly a month ago

8/29/2012 #11

Can we be kids of past tributes and avengers mixed i was thinking Cato and Black Widows daughter?

9/1/2012 #12

First off, no, you can't.

Second off, read the post above yours. This thread, this idea, is dead and gone. Take your universe-breaking idea and broken grammar somehwere else.

9/1/2012 . Edited 9/1/2012 #13
Chainsaw Cake
Can we be kids of past tributes and avengers

All of my wat.

Yes, yes, posting on a dead thread and all, but still...just...wat.

9/1/2012 #14

Right; I should've said 'universe-breaking, completely idiotic idea'. This isn't a crossover, stupid.

9/1/2012 . Edited 9/1/2012 #15
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