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'Come little children, I'll take thee away. Into a land of enchantment.

Come little children, the times come to play. Here in my garden of shadows...'

These were the words that you heard, drifting through the air one warm summer night when you just couldn't sleep. Slowly you got up, perhaps you got dressed, perhaps you didn't. You may of gotten a flashlight or some type of item to help you see. Maybe even a pet.

Soon you found yourself in the street looking for who had sung those words. When suddenly from nowhere you saw a gate, and without thinking, you and whoever else had heard the song slowly entered it.

Suddenly you know you found out you made a terrible mistake as the gate locks behind you, trapping you in a nightmarish world where only the things you brought, and possibly one or two items you find may help you get the key to the gate where you can escape.

But the horrors still await you in this world. Horror's that only the mind of a child could ever find real.

Character Sheet



Age (Please under 18):




Items you brought with you:


Name: Connor Lannes

Gender: Male

Age (Please under 18): 14


Personality: Connor is very shy. He doesn't talk that much and usually tries to get lost in his music.

History: Connor was an only child that lived a pretty lonely life. His parents worked a lot to give them a good life, and he knew they meant well but he was still lonely.

Items you brought with you: Headphones & Ipod, Flashlight, Cell Phone.

Other: N/A

6/6/2012 #1
Chainsaw Cake

Name: Cherie Deauxmas

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Apperance: Tall and skinny, with a good tan and long, very curly black hair. She also has blue eyes and a few faint freckles.

Personality: She's a somewhat dreamy, spacey type who's often thinking about something other than the situation at hand. This tendency also lets her remain serene in disastrous situations. Despite the spaciness, she's also a kind and caring person whenever she actually notices that someone else is having a problem. She's also good with animals.

History: Cherie has three little sisters and one older brother, thanks to her Catholic parents, and a lot of pets: three cats, two birds, a goldfish, a hedgehog, and two dogs. She grew up babysitting her younger siblings and going to Catholic school, and all in all she lived quite a normal life - until now.

Items you brought with you: Flashlight, a light jacket, her rosary, and a German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix named Bear, who followed her when she left because she's his favorite.

Other: N/A

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(Wow, this idea... is actually pretty awesome. I might join.)

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(Please do! A mod joining never hurt! XD)
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Name: Raven VonTrapp

Gender: Female

Age (Please under 18): 14


(except with longer black hair, down to her shoulder blades I believe.)

Personality: dark, twisted yet shy, manipulative, intelligent

History: Nothing's happened at school to make her this way. It all starts - and ends - at the home. Her parents make fun of her and occasionally hit her, and she's been gathering evidence that proves that her parents may or may not have killed her older brother. She enjoys nightmares.

Items you brought with you: her guitar, phone(yet she doesnt really use it), headphones(not for music, for tuning people out) and a notebook. Sometimes a stray cat follows her, and this is one of those times.

6/6/2012 . Edited 6/7/2012 #6
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(I thought you'd start :P)

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Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Name: Emily Hale

Gender: Female

Age (Please under 18): 16

Appearance: Long light brown hair that she ties back in a loose bun. Green eyes, a pretty face. She's average height and weight.

Personality: Emily is kind and easy going. She has a very laid back view towards life, but in serious situations, she can be quite intense. Even if the situation isn't serious, she can be intense. Just randomly. She's kind of bipolar.

History: She lived a relatively normal life; parents divorced when she was young, alternated her between Chigago in the fall and New York in the Spring. She got into a decent amount of trouble in both cities, but still maintained a 3.9 GPA. Hearing the song that brought her from her room and into the street the night after a big lacrosse game (lost), she entered the gate and plunged into the unknown.

Items you brought with you: She's clad in a pair of spandex, lacrosse kilt (the skirt worn in the game of girls lacrosse), and a black sports bra. Yes, she wishes she brought more. No, there is nothing she can do about her unfortunate bareness, but at least its a sports bra (as you may know, they aren't as frowned upon in public if one is an athlete).

Other: Emily is gay. Also, she is hoping for a shirt.

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Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(Woot woot! So, waiting for more people?)

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(Nah we can start :3)

The song drifted through the air, one warm summer night. Everywhere people could imagine it could be heard. But not everyone could hear it. Only children.

Connor had been awake reading a novel, when he heard the song. His quiet small town was completely average, so where could this song be coming from then?

6/22/2012 #13
Chainsaw Cake

Walking Bear through the warm firefly air of the night, Cherie could hear a sweet song drifting through the darkness and floating into her ears.

"Let's go check it out, Bear!" she told the enormous German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix, pulling on his leash. Bear uttered a low whine of protest, but followed without much of a struggle - he didn't like to be separated from Cherie for too long.

"Wonder where it's coming from..." Cherie whispered to herself, cutting quietly across an empty field.

6/22/2012 #14
Name: Beatrice (goes by Bea or Trixie) Gender: Female Age: 6 Appearance: Pretty blue eyes, meduim long light brown hair tied in two curling pigtails. Personaility: Especially resourceful for her age. Smart, mildly cautious. Impulsive. History: Was born to Sophia and Aaron Caul, both loaded. Is of Spanish, Italian, and American descent. Not particularly spoiled, although she does keep her toys close to her. Items Bought With: Dying Flashlight, Xavier Cornelius (stuffed rabbit), Blanket adorned with Teddy Bears.
6/22/2012 #15


Connor had gotten dressed, grabbed his ipod and flashlight, and quietly tiptoed through his house into the empty street. He looked around looking for where the song was coming from when he noticed something that wasn't there before. A large metal gate in the middle of a large brick wall that was there before he was even born.

6/23/2012 #16
Chainsaw Cake

"A gate...?" Cherie said, running her fingertips up and down the cold, smooth metal. Bear whined and strained at his leash, but Cherie was a world away. "I wonder if it'll open..."

6/23/2012 #17
Beatrice lied in bed with Xavier Cornelius, her trusty bunny bear, eyeing the closet monster (which was just a coat distorted by Bea's lack of sleep and the lack of light in the room), daring it to come out. When suddenly, a pleasant noise drifted through the air. A pretty song. Half of Bea was telling her to go and find where the song was coming from and the other half told her to stay back. She went anyway. She grabbed a flashlight, her bunny bear, and her blankie. She made sure that her parents and her siblings were still asleep and opened the door slowly. Bea closed the door at the same speed. Now it was time to find the song. It lead her to a big tall gate that she couldn't help but stare at. She forced it open, thinking that maybe the songer singer would give her candy for all her effort. Then the gate shut itsself and Beatrice got chills all up and down her arms. Something was not right here...
6/23/2012 #18
(Can't edit on mobile verison. So Edit: The gate gave away without much force.)
6/23/2012 #19
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Emily was caught in a sort of trance by the song. Crawling out of bed and yawning widely, she slept-walk over to the door and, after struggling for a good few minutes to open it, she crossed the threshold. Her lacrosse stick was being gripped loosely in her hands. She always slept with it; the equivalent of sleeping with a baseball bat for protection. It comforted her in some ways. As she left her apartment, she made her way slowly down the street.

6/23/2012 #20
Connor opened the gate a silently went through the large metal door. suddenly from behind him it banged shut and locked itself. He tried to turn and climb when all of a sudden vines with huge thorns grew around the bars. He wasn't climbing anytime soon.
6/23/2012 #21
Bea sat down beside the gate and stared at Connor. "Um...hi?" She managed to squeak out.
6/23/2012 #22
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Emily stepped through the gate and it slammed shut. Her lacrosse stick had fallen from her grasp as she entered the gate, and the sudden sound of it closing woke her up with a jolt and a cry of "I'M UP I'M UP!". She looked around frantically, wondering where the hell she was. Looking back at the large gate behind her, "What the what?" was all she had to say. She saw a boy near the gate as well. He had tried to climb the gate, but crazy flora had stopped his ascent.

"Um... where am I?" she asked him.

6/23/2012 #23

(Room for another? Younger kid, between 4-6?)

6/23/2012 #24
(The more the merrier is what I always say. Actually I don't say that very often, but whatever.)
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A 14-year-old girl, with jet black hair and nearly-white skin sat up in her wooden bed. She had slept for two hours but woke up 45 minutes ago. Her blankets fell to the floor and she just sat, concentrating. Her beady silver eyes staring at the wall. She had heard the faint sound of someone..was that singing?.. and had been trying to figure it out for the past half an hour. It became louder and louder. She thought this was like one of her nightmares, but had the sense to know it wasn't. And like the nightmares which she enjoyed, she followed the petrifying sound. She had grabbed headphones, her guitar, her phone and her notebook as she went out the door. Soon she had found a gate that was the same as the others had seen, yet she didn't live near them. She traced the outside of it and she taps it. There had to be a key to get in there. When she approached the gate she knew it had gotten piercingly loud, so she had to enter. It suddenly opened and she ran in. The gate locks behind her.

She glances back at it. No big deal. The real problem here was the people she suddenly saw. She watched their mouths, searching for the singer. Nobody. She never met their eyes. One of her safety phobias. She soon found herself humming the same song she had heard what seemed like days ago, yet it was only five minutes. She watched the others and slowly slunk backwards.

6/23/2012 #26
Chainsaw Cake

Cherie gave the gate a little push; it swung open with a long creak.

Bear had given up trying to get his mistress away from the gate; now he could only follow her in and try to protect her. Cherie stepped lightly through the iron gate, Bear's red nylon leash clutched between her fingers.

She didn't notice when the gates slammed shut behind her; she was focusing (in her own dreamy way) on the garden, and the other kids. None of them had dogs, which made her a little sad. Nobody for Bear to play with.

6/23/2012 #27

A hiss erupted from the cat that was weaving in and out of Raven's legs. Little did she know that the cat followed her into the gate right before it locked.

The cat stood straight, tail up, staring daggers at Bear.

6/23/2012 #28
Chainsaw Cake

Bear noticed the cat and immediately went into a position that Cherie had long ago dubbed Play!?: head down, butt up, tail wagging furiously and mouth open in a happy, dopey, panting grin.

"Whatcha see, Bear?" Cherie asked, then gasped: "A kitty! You want to be friends, Bear? But we should find her owner first..."

6/23/2012 #29

The cat went into a protective position, blocking any view of Raven's ankles.

6/23/2012 #30
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