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Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

"Hi, Bea." Emily glanced around at the other people present. "Uh, as much fun as this is, maybe we should start thinking about a plan of action, if there is any action to plan...?"

6/23/2012 #61
Chainsaw Cake

"This has got to be supernatural, right?" Cherie said. "If so, I'm sure God will see us through it, if I pray for everyone. I know it's a big request, but if Mom and Dad were telling the truth when they said how good I was then it just might work."

6/23/2012 #62
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Emily smiled at her slightly. "God is always with us, watching over and such, so I'm sure it doesn't take much praying to get his attention. We might need to think up something like an escape plan, with his guidance of course."

6/23/2012 #63
Chainsaw Cake

"I'd rather look around!" Cherie said brightly, forgetting her momentary seriousness. "Who knows what we might find here?"

6/23/2012 #64
Bea nodded. "I agree with the half-naked girl. Sitting around in a prayer circle isn't gonna do much. " Bea looked at the vines intertwining the gate. "So climbing is a no no. Are there any other exits?"
6/23/2012 #65
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Emily heard various noises in the forested area surrounding them. It was dense. Dense and dark. She smiled towards Bea. The girl seemed to be fairly smart for her age, the way she spoke. She shrugged off the jacket and handed it towards Cherie. "Uh, thanks, but I'm fine now." she didn't want to make it more awkward than it already was.

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #66
Chainsaw Cake

"No, no, you need it more than I do," Cherie said. "I've already got a sweater on, but you've only got sports clothes. Hey," she said, her thoughts swerving into a new direction, "does anybody know how to make a campfire?"

6/23/2012 #67
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Emily blinked and tugged the jacket on again, also tugging the legs of her spandex down.

6/23/2012 #68
Bea raised her hand. "I do. Can you find me some dry leaves and branches? The less green the be- Oh wait! We could send out a smoke signal! Find dry leaves and branhes that are green inside! " She motioned for them to leave.
6/23/2012 #69
Chainsaw Cake

"Got it!" Cherie said, dashing into the forest.

6/23/2012 #70

Raven had heard this conversation through her headphones and removed them. Silently, she left, hoping the others would think she's looking for leaves. The cat followed her. Hearing its small footsteps, Raven shooed it off. The cat pranced off to rest near to Connor.

6/23/2012 #71
"You realise god isn;t real right?" Connor told the girls, not looking up from his book.
6/24/2012 #72
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Emily glanced at him. "He may be real, may not be. Nobody can really know." she focused on gathering the leaves and twigs.

6/24/2012 #73
Connor sat on the ground and petted the cat, as he continued reading that book of his. It was obviously a horror story, as seen from the cover art.
6/24/2012 #74

Raven opened her notebook while she was isolated from the others, reading the words on the page. It had drawings of leaves and plants, describing each. She had to spend a lot of time in the forest before this, so she needed to know what was poisonous. She examined a picture of an edible plant that tasted quite good. She scoured the forest looking for them. She hadn't noticed how hungry she was. Thorns tore at her shirt, causing small rips in the stomach area. She didn't notice. Once she had finished, she went back to the others, despite the protesting in her brain.

The cat, curled up beside Connor, tensed and stood once it saw Raven emerge with some cuts.

6/24/2012 #75
Chainsaw Cake

Cherie and Bear emerged from the woods, Cherie bearing an armload of branches.

"Are these good?" she asked, placing them on the ground in front of Emily.

6/24/2012 #76

Raven had forgotten to bring something. Before anyone noticed her besides the cat, she darted back to the forest and pulled out a bunch of poisonous leaves. Better eliminate the competition now, right? She sped back and rested them on the pile.

6/24/2012 #77
Bea spilt a couple of the branches that Cheri had brought. "Yeah these'll work." She lifted up one of the poisonous leaves Raven had brought, it took her a minute to recognize it but when she did she threw it to the ground. "But these...would not be good to burn. " She quietly started the fire and ocassionally scowled and Raven.
6/24/2012 #78
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(So, any plot device coming soon? :D)

Emily felt a sudden wave of reality wash over her. There was a strange, magic gate that grew vines to halt any efforts of scaling and escaping it. There was a dark, dense forest behind them, with God-knows-what lurking inside. She felt the sudden urge to sit down, and did. "Damn. Damn. Where are we?"

6/24/2012 #79
Chainsaw Cake

(I think that's Horror's job, since he's the mod of this RP. XD)

"I don't know!" Cherie said cheerfully, giving Bear a good scratch behind the ears. "I just hope the fire gets started soon, it's getting a little chilly out here."

6/24/2012 #80
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

(True, true)

"Yeah. But... is it just me, or is that forest giving off some weird vibes? Weird, negative vibes." She shivered, not necessarily from the cold, and piled the various timber she had collected.

6/24/2012 #81

Bea managed to light the fire after a couple of tries. She tossed a couple of green branches in the fire. "Other than it being a dense dark forest I don't see anything weird about it."

6/24/2012 #82
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

Emily raised an eyebrow. "Well, what about that song? And this weird Gate? It's not that likely that we all had the same dream or whatever and ended up here. This shit cray."

6/24/2012 #83

Bea's mouth made a small 'o'. "Oooooh, you said a bad word!"

6/24/2012 #84
Chainsaw Cake

"Well, what if I'm dreaming all of you?" Cherie asked, tossing a handful of grass into the fire and watching it burn up.

6/24/2012 #85

"I'm pretty sure that I'm not a dream." Bea said defensively.

6/24/2012 #86
Yellow Fluffy Cloud of Doom

"Oops. Sorry." She said, not really meaning it but not wanting to sound rude to a young child. "Well, that could be said for anyone here, right?"

6/24/2012 #87
Chainsaw Cake

"I've never seen any of you before," Cherie said, rubbing the silver cross of her rosary between her fingers. It was a long-running nervous habit of hers; the finer details on the crucifix were worn almost completely away. "Just because a dream says it's not a dream doesn't mean it isn't a dream, y'know?"

6/24/2012 #88

Bea's head hurt. "I guess...but why would your mind take the time to make people that you've never seen before? "

6/24/2012 #89
Chainsaw Cake

"How should I know?" Cherie said, cocking her head to one side. "I mean, I'm not a psychologist."

6/24/2012 #90
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