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Count Garnet

Yes..That time has come. Over the years we have seen our simple ideas grow into something great. But..With all great things comes a great responsibility, some might not get into due to their own reasons, some have the heart to go against what is endangering the world as we know it..

Sender Unknown

People of this world, we must all live within this world, though most of you have another realm to freely go to, but..We have seen the powers you have released to the open, some of you would kill anybody who came in the way of you..

But for those who don't..Thank you. You might not have known it..But the things you as People do..Empower us, the energy we live off of..But something is about to change all of that...As i write this letter to you i hear the alarms echoing though my chambers, they are coming..

...Something strong, beings that shouldn't even belong in the darkest of nightmares...They bring nothing but chaos where ever they go, we tried to halt them...We are weakening...The power you have..Please..Help us..We all know you have it.. Because..

The Ultimate Battle is about to begin..

This letter suddenly appeared to you, bloody fingerprints litter the paper..Where did it come from..What is coming?..What?

(Based off of MVC, well. You're probably what is this, why did you make this..Oh, you're not?..Okay..Well, join by just making your first post, don't worry about posting the list of OC you're going to use. But..You can use the sheet i put down there. Have fun! This can be seen as a fight Thread, it kinda is. But with a little more story.

Oh and..Try to help out, not just go your own way, i'm lookin' at you! *Points everywhere*...


1)I'm giving you pretty much free-reign with your OCs, but take a hit once in a while. 'K?

2)You must get the letter somehow, no matter where you are, in a castle, a car. Heck, even on the street, it has to appear to you somehow.

3)If you need to up-date your OC, tell me! Simply post:Up-dated OC. That's best. But you really shouldn't have too unless you messed up during making the OC.

4)..You guys aren't gonna kill me right? Oh, yeah! Don't kill OCs that aren't yours! Plus, death isn't going to be permanent in this Rp.

5)Have fun! Come up with a snappy quote! Battle of the beasts of the depths of space! Water your garden...I mean fight! Yeah..

6)Don't just pop in the RP without getting app'd. Just app! It doesn't take long.




Alias:(If you have one)



Species:(Doesn't have to be a real race!)




Theme Song:(...Don't ask..)



Bio(If you don't want to that's fine.)


Bye now!)

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #1
Athena Amore

(I don't get it.)

6/13/2012 #2
Count Garnet

(Do i need to put more detail? What's wrong?)

6/13/2012 #3
Athena Amore

(I'm missing the concept of it. We're fighting, right? Why? Who's coming?)

6/13/2012 #4
Count Garnet

(Well..Maybe i should had put that another way. You can go against another if you want, but you should be focusing the fighting on those who are coming. Cuex. They are making their way to earth, who are they? Dark, twisted beings that live of agony and destruction of all, growing stronger with each battle, they make their way to our planet...

..Need more?)

6/13/2012 #5
Athena Amore

(Oh. Okay. um, I don't think I do.)

6/13/2012 #6
Count Garnet


6/13/2012 #7

(I'm not quite clear on one thing: Do I need an OC sheet, or not?)

6/13/2012 #8
Count Garnet

(If you want, fill out a sheet, it'll help me a-lot. But you don't have too, that's no problem either. :) )

6/13/2012 #9
Chainsaw Cake

(This sounds interesting, but I'm still not sure what the actual plot is. Could you post some clarifying details?)

(Anyway, here goes! XD)

Name: Rikka Nguvu

Alias: Her stage name is "The Juggernaut."

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Demonfighter, both Field and Popular.

Appearance: Seven feet tall; eyes so light brown that they're almost orange; shiny black hair in a long, long braid; a handsomely carved-looking face, almost Native American in appearance (it's possible that she's got some Native American blood); teak-colored skin; big tits, long legs, and full hips. The sex appeal clashes oddly with her very muscular body and her battle-scarred appearance.

Personality: A placid, well-mannered mask hides a clinically depressed woman with a cripplingly low amount of self-worth. The mask also hides a ferocious and insatiable love for combat; it's the only area in which she feels that she excels, and it's the only way she feels she can repay her government, who saved her from herself.

Theme Song:

Powers/Abilities: She was captured and experimented on with demon technology at a very young age. The scientist performing the experiments used technology with too high a power output and no shunt mechanism, and the extra power ended up manifesting itself in Rikka as strength. In a belief that Rikka would be able to metabolize more energy as she grew older, the scientist implanted a sort of "slow burn" technology in her, so that it kept putting out more and more energy and Rikka grew stronger and stronger. She grew so strong that she became incapable of touching without destroying. She can barely even walk because of her own strength, which wants to send her rocketing into the air and hitting groundwater with each stride. Rikka became an extremely powerful demonfighter, thanks to this.

When a demonfighter becomes significantly powerful, they develop a Presence. This is a field of energy that surrounds skilled fighters, and in powerful enough demonfighters the Presence can actually cause damage to enemies.

Rikka's Presence is powerful enough that it can cause the heads of low-level demons within a five-foot radius to explode. Same goes for weak people with a sixth sense. In stronger individuals, Rikka's Presence can cause intense headaches, disorientation, vomiting, and nosebleeds. The stronger the individual is, the less affected they are by Rikka's Presence.

Hey, what was the original intent of the demon technology, anyway? It was to give Rikka a regenerative ability. Did it work?

Holy fuck, yes.

Weapons: Her strength and Presence, and her healing ability.

Bio: Rikka was implanted with the technology at age thirteen. She left an enormous trail of destruction until the government brought her under their control, trained her to control her own power (a five-year process), and provided her with a home and a team of servants to feed, bathe, dress her - take care of everything for her, because her strength wouldn't let her. This caused Rikka to feel utterly worthless - apart from combat, at which she excelled. After becoming so strong that she couldn't even touch other people without maiming them, Rikka sank into a black depression lightened only by combat. This depression grew even worse after Rikka developed her Presence - now people couldn't even come within five feet of her. By the time she turned thirty, Rikka lived only for combat. She fought both on the field, in solo missions, and as a Popular fighter - one who fights against demons in arenas to please the crowds and earn money for the government.

Other: If the technology is removed from Rikka's body, she'd die. It's intertwined so deeply and completely with her muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous systems that extraction would be all but impossible in the first place.

6/13/2012 #10
Count Garnet

(Heh, i mean! Approved! And, what would you like to know about?)

6/13/2012 #11
Chainsaw Cake

(What's the setting like? How do they find out about the enemies (as in, what they are, not that they exist)? How do the OC's know where to go so that they meet?)

6/13/2012 #12
Athena Amore

(Yeah, what Cake said.)

6/13/2012 #13

High up in a solid black tower surrounded by hundreds of smaller black buildings, Bane sat behind his desk. He tapped the letter against the edge of his desk, then leaned back in his chair. Who still sent letters, anyway?

From this exact spot, he could see the entirety of Legion's presence on this planet. Actually, they'd only recently finished moving the last of the troops in. They hadn't even removed concealment shields yet. Nobody knew they were here. For that matter, his own troops didn't know he was here. Sure, he had the tower, but every Legion base had an exact replica of it. And while he could see them, they couldn't see him.

"Avina," he said, and a hologram appeared opposite his desk: a physical representation of the AI that ran this facility, outside of his commands. "Send Legion back. All of them. I want everyone and everything out in three days."

Naturally, Avina looked startled. before she could speak, though, he added, "There's a problem, and I'm going to handle it on my own. I don't want to to establish a presence here until I know what's going on, and the risk for discovery is too high; we don't know what their full technological limits are. There's always fringe groups or secret agencies with higher tech. Put everyone back in the last dimension."

Avina opened her mouth, then closed it, nodded, and dissipated. Bane got up out of his chair and headed for the main elevator, rubbing the silver-black cars along his cheeks. Where would he even begin with this?

6/13/2012 #14
Count Garnet

(What's the setting like?

Modern time, but a little more technologically advanced, no flying cars or anything like that, just a little advanced. Advanced city-wise, easier to alert the cops if something is up, but not everything is what it seems.

How do they find out about the enemies (as in, what they are, not that they exist)?

Easy, some of these beings shall attack the city shortly, just a little amount of them, but more than enough to overwhelm the local cops. But remember, destruction only makes them stronger.

How do the OC's know where to go so that they meet?

Uh....Help me out on that one. *Sweat-drops*)

6/13/2012 #15

Modern time, but a little more technologically advanced, no flying cars or anything like that, just a little advanced. Advanced city-wise, easier to alert the cops if something is up, but not everything is what it seems.

(Thus, I avoided directly saying what the tech was, and pulled Legion out before they could do anything. They're very high tech.)

How do the OC's know where to go so that they meet?

(Looks like we'll all have to end up in the same city by chance.)

6/13/2012 #16
Athena Amore

"One day I assume that thing will replace me." A thin caramel woman, with long hair, purple eyes and pink full lips stepped up next to Bane; holding a blood stained letter as well. She was dressed in casual business attire - black skirt, red blouse, black blazer, and red pumps. "What do you make of this?" Her voice was strong and steady but still feminine; she held up her own letter as if he didn't have one. "What will you do?"

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #17

"Since you still have yet to replace it..." Bane set the elevator to start moving down again. "If you have one, then you're coming with. There's that city nearby; we'll start there, see what we can dig up. You ready to fight whatever shows up?"

6/13/2012 #18
Chainsaw Cake

"Rikka," one of her helpers called through the door as another bathed her, "you got a letter. Want me to read it?"

"Yes, please," Rikka replied, lifting her braid aside so that the other helper could scrub her shoulderblades.

"Oh, god..." The helper outside the door muttered, wrinkling her nose. Rikka got some pretty weird mail sometimes; at least this letter wasn't a paper-thin sheet of radon disguised as a note of thanks.

This letter was smudged with dried-blood fingerprints.

"Here goes," the helper called through the door, and she began to read.


"A battle?" Rikka said. She was sitting at the counter, being fed eggs and toast by a helper. Her hair had been washed and rebraided, and the long cable of black coiled once or twice on the ground where she sat. "A big battle?" She swallowed another bite of egg put into her mouth by the helper. "When? Where?"

"All the note said was soon," the helper who had read the letter told her. "And it's in this very city. The letter says to meet at the town square, in front of the fountain, as soon as you can. Don't worry, we'll call the military and tell them to clear a route and evacuate the square."

Rikka was glad that she had gotten so good at not-flinching whenever she heard things like that. "No time like the present," she said quietly, with a half-smile.


A couple hours later, Rikka and a helper arrived at the town square. It was completely deserted, except for the requisite pigeons scratching at the tiled ground. The gurgling of the fountain was easily audible.

All the windows had shutters drawn, or blinds down. All the doors were shut. It was only Rikka and her helper, at least so far.

6/13/2012 #19
Athena Amore

Christine looked down at her appearance briefly before tapping a button on her watch. Her red and black business attire turned into a black body suit with red streaks going up the sides. The red pumps remained. Christine pulled out a red pair of shades and placed them on her face just as the elevator dinged and opened. She cleared her throat and adjusted herself. "I am now."

(Appearance for Christine: 5"4 Caramel toned African American with straight brown hair to the middle of her back. She has a slender build and smooth skin. The most attractive parts of her body are her legs and eyes, but mostly her eyes because of their black pupils and purple irises. Age: 24.)

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #20
Count Garnet

(Umm..Cake? Sorry if i sound like an ass..But i really don't like the couple hours later thing..Could you change that?)

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #21

(Umm..Cake? Sorry if i sound like an ass..But i really don't like the couple hours later thing..Could you change that?)

(It's a self-time-skip. It only affects her character, because she started earlier. It'll synchronize out, and everyone will end up at the same place and time.)

"You always did like that thing," Bane muttered, and went for the door. "Let's go kill something."

Once outside, he pulled out a pair of short black metal rods from a pocket in his black jacket, and held them out in front of him, almost as if they were handlebars. Within moments, they were: a one-man motorcycle had formed around them, putting Bane on the seat in the process. It was solid, black but plain aside form the Legion symbol. Best of all, at least to him, it needed no outside energy source.

And off he rode, outside the Legion compound and then through the desert to the bordering city.

(Told you Legion was high tech. However, all he has this, armor, and guns. And the other Bane, but he's low tech. That's the sad price you pay for telling us to pick an OC before establishing a tech limit.)

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #22
Chainsaw Cake

(Why don't you like it? I mean, the government's gotta come through and warn people that Rikka's coming so that she doesn't kill anybody with a sixth sense just by walking past. It'll take them a while to mobilize, and then some time to go through and warn everybody, and then Rikka's gotta come through very carefully so that she doesn't cause too much accidental destruction. It'd all take a while, is what I'm saying.)

6/13/2012 #23
Count Garnet

(Oh, okay. Nevermind.)

6/13/2012 #24
Count Garnet

Inside of the city, down almost to the middle of the place, a colorful place was there, almost seeming to explode with colors out the very seems of them, the vibrant place had three floors, the bottom floor was packed with people, two people at the counter, handing out many kinds of sweets and candies to those how payed for them.

The second floor was much more docile, that floor sold flowers and things that should only be taken out around Valentine's day, a dark green-haired girl sat on the counter there. Passing out many things at once, almost at a inhuman speed..

The very last third floor was...Silent, nothing there but a dark pink-haired boy...Standing at a freshly painted pink wall, his palm lightly coated in the pink paint. The pink wall had a single orange spot in it...Where Rya had touched it..In his other hand was a bloody letter, it scared him..To the very core.

"....." The boy said nothing as he looked at the floor, covered in protective plastic so it wouldn't be stained by the paint. The boy's name was Rya Aimen, and he was confused.

The letter...What did it mean?

6/13/2012 #25
Athena Amore


Christine smirked as Bane road off and removed the same device from her suit. She took a running start and threw it out in front of her as she jumped into the air; the bike appearing just as her body gave in to gravity. She switched gears on her red bike and hauled ass to catch up with her boss.

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #26
Count Garnet

(And, you know what? I'm changing the tech thing, the normal folk of the city have only low-grade tech while the higher up people have much better tech. They can pretty much either buy or build what they need, plus the money factor comes into thought. One can only imagine what they have.)

6/13/2012 #27
Athena Amore

(Guess Bane and I are higher ups *grins* Cool idea P. Swear.)

6/13/2012 #28


(You noticed! Yeah, the most recent movie gave me the inspiration. Okay, it ripped it off the movie, but still...)

Bane switched to steering one-handed while he dug out what looked like a Bluetooth earpiece, with a vertical visor positioned over his eye. He got it into place, and eyed the distance to the city. At this rate, they were already a good portion of the distance there.

"Avina. While you're still here, scan the city for anything unusual," he suggested.

(Sorry, gotta cook. Posting will be slow and scattered at best.)

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #29
Count Garnet

(Yes, most indeededly. *Strokes beard*)

6/13/2012 #30
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